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Here are all the special evolutions (found via a hacking tool)

Politoed = Poliwhirl with Sun Stone
Alakazam = Lv60
Machamp = Lv45
Golem = Lv45
Slowking = Slowpoke with Sun Stone
Gengar = Using Blackglasses
Steelix = Max Happiness
Kingdra = Using Dragon Scale
Scizor = Lv40
Porygon2 = Max Happiness
Jynx/Electrabuzz/Magmar = Lv30 Smoochum/Elekid/Magby respectively (was happiness in the original I think)
Huntail = Using Deepseatooth
Gorebyss = trading (seems LaZ forgot to edit this one)

I think this covers them all. I dont't know if you actually "use" the items like Blackglasses as a stone or if the pokemon needs it as a hold item.... I suspect the latter.
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