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Originally Posted by Bay View Post
Congrats on winning second place! :D
Woo! Thankies!

Originally Posted by Bay View Post
I tried, but can’t find any grammar mistakes or at least ones that distract me. ; Well, just one part where you put “your” instead of “you’re,” but that’s minor.
No. Freaking. Way. Where did I do that? I knew I made some grammar mistakes, but that? D:

EDIT: I found it. Bah!

Originally Posted by Bay
There’s one thing I want to mention, though. Even though I love this loads, it’s a bit weird having the battle described fully as if I’m watching a battle from the anime show when it’s about a boy losing his interest in playing the Pokemon game and the Pidgeot feeling lonely and unwanted. For instance, even though I said I like the emotions you put there, the part after Pidgeot said about the trainer using the gameboy took me by surprise. Like seriously, how is a Pidgeot able to read his trainer’s reaction if he’s actually playing the gameboy?
I do believe I mentioned somewhere around the third paragraph that Pidgeot could "see" through the screen. On that note, I admittedly cheated a bit here and there in terms of staying true to game mechanics.

...Okay, I cheated a lot. But it wouldn't have been much of a story if I couldn't personify Pidgeot. And who knows, perhaps the pokémon really are alive...

Originally Posted by Bay
I actually almost cried at the end. Seriously, no one is too old for Pokemon! XD; Great, now you’re making me feel sorry I haven’t played my Pokemon games in a long time!
Yes, wallow in shame, you horrible horrible person! Really, that was my intent. I wanted to take the nostalgia for the older games that a lot of people have and stab it through their heart use it to construct a story that would make them a bit sad, yes, but also help them fondly recall and possibly even replay the oldies. I know I am: I'm working through Crystal again at this very moment.