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1. *hylian*sakura*+
2. .Silence
3. Baromega
4. mai d.
5. Miniryu+
6. Misty4Life+
7. Reverb
8. Voice Of The Voiceless
9. xXI JOE IXx
10. ~Momo Uchiha~+

1. Someone who competes with me for DLTMSA dominance >:3
2. Someone who will experience a guilt trip
3. Someone who I knew longer than I thought
4. Digital Mage! Probably the only one who remembers me clearly from back then.
5. I don't know who you are, but BinaryPeaches is a jerk, isn't she?
6. My new Clannad buddy T~T
7. Quis es?
8. Damn you. Get active or we're unpairing! >:O
9. Someone who Mist is currently recruiting for Clannad.
10. Wants me to join her clan :3
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