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This seems to be fun, so I'd like to do this with:

Please xD

I'm gonna start on FR/LG instead of R/B btw
And so, I started:
-Started game and named myself: Carchar and rival: Carnot.
-Received Bulbasaur.
-Defeated Carnot with Bulbasaur.
-Received a Pokedex.
-Caught a wild Weedle.
-Caught a wild Rattata and Pidgey as HM slaves.
-Weedle evolved into Kakuna.
-Kakuna evolved into Beedrill.
-Defeated Carnot the second time with Beedrill.
-Defeated Brock and received the badge.
-Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur.


~Sleep Powder
~Poison Powder
~Vine Whip

~Poison Sting
~String Shot
~Fury Attack

No need to add Pidgey and Rattata.

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