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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
How are the Pokemon submenu items (potions, berries, stones, TM's) organized, so we can create more of the above items;
I trace two potions for days and got some useful information.

There is a group of pointers stored at 0x2528BC in the ROM,about items,which includes potions.
These pointers are just base pointers.
Trace with you debugger at 0x08126C9C.
There is a algorithm about pointers.
And finally,the HP points the potion can restore is store in 0x03007D68 which will be a pointer in SP when run at 0x08041C58.
BTW,as a little hack profit,change the value at 0x2526F2 in ROM can change the value that normal potion restored.

This is for now.
Sorry the routine is so complex that I can't figure it out...

The key point around different potions is at 0x08126C68.
When run to here,this is what happened:
08126C68 b530 push {r4,r5,lr}
08126C6A 0400 lsl r0, r0, #0x10
08126C6C 0c01 lsr r1, r0, #0x10
08126C6E 1c0a add r2, r1, #0x0
08126C70 3a0d sub r2, #0xd
08126C72 0410 lsl r0, r2, #0x10
08126C74 0c00 lsr r0, r0, #0x10
08126C76 28a5 cmp r0, #0xa5
08126C78 d900 bls $08126c7c
08126C7C 29af cmp r1, #0xaf
08126C7E d109 bne $08126c94
08126C94 490b ldr r1, [$08126cc4] (=$082528bc)
08126C96 0090 lsl r0, r2, #0x02
08126C98 1840 add r0, r0, r1
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