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Started by daniilS June 29th, 2015 7:24 AM
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The purpose of this thread is researching weather effects and updating them to the way they are in later generations. So far this only contains the overworld snow effect but I hope to post more in the future.

Spoiler: Three snow flakes, FR
So yeah, LU-HO can't count. There's 16 of them. There are three things that need to happen for the snow to behave like the light snow in gen IV/V:
  • At 0x07C23E, put 4B E0 to stop the snowflakes from melting
  • Edit the byte at 0x07BE56 to change the number of snowflakes. I suggest something around 0x20
  • Copy 041CE1F732F80D4AD921C900885C to 0x079DBE to fix the spawning of snowflakes when returning to the overworld
  • To stop the screen from becoming darker: 805C03280DDB04280BD0062803DD0D2807DC0B2805DB012204E0 at 0x07A85E, 00 at 0x07BE46, 6CA1 at 0x07A0D0
That's it! And here's a patch that does all of this in case you're really lazy.

Spoiler: Underground flashes, FR
I don't know what could possibly make LU-HO call it this. It's obviously the harsh sunlight from Ruby. Mr.Pkmn was kind enough to share the way he fixed it:
  • pal_fade_2 doesn't allow the screen to be brightened in FR. To make it work, insert this extension of the routine anywhere and put 014887460000XXXXXXXX at 0x07A2AA (XXXXXXXX is a reversed pointer to where you inserted the routine), and 20220270 at 0x07AC2A.
    	mov r9, r1
    	lsl r2, r2, #0x18
    	asr r0, r2, #0x18
    	cmp r0, #0x0
    	ble redirect2
    	ldr r2, return2
    	mov pc, r2
    	cmp r0, #0x0
    	blt start
    	ldr r1, return3
    	mov pc, r1  
    	mvn r0, r0
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x18
    	lsr r0, r0, #0x18
    	str r0, [sp, #0x0]
    	lsl r6, r3, #0x04
    	add r0, r1, r3
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x18
    	lsr r0, r0, #0x18
    	mov r9, r0
    	add r4, r3, #0x0
    	cmp r4, r9
    	bcs returnstack
    	ldr r0, allowed
    	ldr r0, [r0, #0x0]
    	add r0, r0, r4
    	ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0]
    	cmp r0, #0x0
    	bne continue
    	lsl r1, r6, #0x01
    	ldr r0, palette1
    	add r0, r1, r0
    	ldr r2, palette2
    	add r1, r1, r2
    	mov r2, #0x8
    	swi #0xC
    	add r0, r6, #0x0
    	add r0, #0x10
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    	lsr r6, r0, #0x10
    	mov r3, r9
    	lsl r3, r3, #0x10
    	mov r8, r3
    	add r4, #0x1
    	mov r12, r4
    	b resume
    	mov r7, #0x0
    	mov r0, r9
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    	mov r8, r0
    	add r4, #0x1
    	mov r12, r4
    	adr r1, table
    	mov r10, r1
    	ldr r2, [sp, #0x0]
    	lsl r0, r2, #0x18
    	asr r5, r0, #0x0b
    	lsl r0, r6, #0x01
    	ldr r3, palette2
    	add r4, r0, r3
    	ldr r1, palette1
    	add r0, r0, r1
    	ldrh r3, [r0, #0x0]
    	lsl r3, r3, #0x10
    	lsr r0, r3, #0x11
    	mov r1, #0xf
    	and r0, r1
    	lsr r1, r3, #0x12
    	mov r2, #0xf0
    	and r1, r2
    	orr r0, r1
    	lsr r3, r3, #0x13
    	mov r2, #0xf0
    	lsl r2, r2, #0x04
    	add r1, r2, #0x0
    	and r3, r1
    	orr r0, r3
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x01
    	add r0, r0, r5
    	add r0, r10
    	ldrh r0, [r0, #0x0]
    	strh r0, [r4, #0x0]
    	add r0, r6, #0x1
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    	lsr r6, r0, #0x10
    	add r0, r7, #0x1
    	lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    	lsr r7, r0, #0x10
    	cmp r7, #0xf
    	bls loop
    	mov r3, r12
    	lsl r0, r3, #0x10
    	lsr r4, r0, #0x10
    	cmp r0, r8
    	bcc start2
    	ldr r0, return
    	mov pc, r0
    .align 2
    return:		.word 0x0807A3B6
    return2:	.word 0x0807A2B4
    return3:	.word 0x0807A3A4
    allowed:	.word 0x020386A4
    palette1:	.word 0x020371F8
    palette2:	.word 0x020375F8
    	.short 0x421, 0x423, 0x425, 0x427, 0x429, 0x42B, 0x42D
    	.short 0x11, 0x13, 0x15, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1D, 0x1F
    	.short 0xC7F, 0x461, 0x463, 0x465, 0x467, 0x469, 0x46B
    	.short 0x46D, 0x51, 0x53, 0x55, 0x57, 0x59, 0x5B, 0x5D
    	.short 0x5F, 0xC9F, 0x4A1, 0x4A3, 0x4A5, 0x4A7, 0x4A9
    	.short 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xB1, 0xB3, 0x95, 0x97, 0x99, 0x9B
    	.short 0x9D, 0x9F, 0xCDF, 0x4E1, 0x4E3, 0x4E5, 0x4E7, 0x4E9
    	.short 0x4EB, 0x4ED, 0xF1, 0xF3, 0xF5, 0xD7, 0xF9, 0xFB
    	.short 0xDD, 0xDF, 0xD1F, 0x521, 0x523, 0x525, 0x527, 0x529
    	.short 0x52B, 0x52D, 0x131, 0x133, 0x135, 0x137, 0x139
    	.short 0x11B, 0x13D, 0x13F, 0xD5F, 0x561, 0x563, 0x565
    	.short 0x567, 0x569, 0x56B, 0x56D, 0x191, 0x193, 0x175
    	.short 0x177, 0x179, 0x17B, 0x17D, 0x17F, 0xD9F, 0x5A1
    	.short 0x5A3, 0x5A5, 0x5A7, 0x5A9, 0x5AB, 0x5AD, 0x1D1
    	.short 0x1D3, 0x1D5, 0x1B7, 0x1B9, 0x1DB, 0x1BD, 0x1BF
    	.short 0xDDF, 0x220, 0x223, 0x225, 0x227, 0x22A, 0x22C
    	.short 0x22E, 0x231, 0x213, 0x215, 0x217, 0x1F9, 0x1FB
    	.short 0x21D, 0x21F, 0xE1F, 0x260, 0x263, 0x265, 0x267
    	.short 0x269, 0x26C, 0x26E, 0x271, 0x273, 0x255, 0x257
    	.short 0x259, 0x25B, 0x25D, 0x25F, 0xE5F, 0x2A0, 0x2A2
    	.short 0x2A5, 0x2A7, 0x2A9, 0x2AC, 0x2AE, 0x2B0, 0x2B3
    	.short 0x2B5, 0x297, 0x299, 0x29B, 0x29D, 0x29F, 0xE9F
    	.short 0x2E0, 0x2E2, 0x2E5, 0x2E7, 0x2E9, 0x2EB, 0x2EE
    	.short 0x2F0, 0x2F2, 0x2F5, 0x2F7, 0x2F9, 0x2DB, 0x2DD
    	.short 0x2DF, 0xEDF, 0x320, 0x322, 0x324, 0x327, 0x329
    	.short 0x32C, 0x32E, 0x330, 0x332, 0x335, 0x337, 0x339
    	.short 0x33B, 0x31D, 0x33F, 0xEFF, 0x360, 0x362, 0x364
    	.short 0x367, 0x369, 0x36B, 0x36E, 0x370, 0x372, 0x374
    	.short 0x377, 0x379, 0x37B, 0x37D, 0x37F, 0xF3F, 0x3A0
    	.short 0x3A2, 0x3A5, 0x3A7, 0x3A9, 0x3AB, 0x3AE, 0x3B0
    	.short 0x3B2, 0x3B5, 0x3B7, 0x3B9, 0x3BB, 0x3BD, 0x3BF
    	.short 0xF7F, 0x3E0, 0x3E2, 0x3E5, 0x3E7, 0x3E9, 0x3EB
    	.short 0x3ED, 0x3F0, 0x3F2, 0x3F4, 0x3F6, 0x3F9, 0x3FB
    	.short 0x3FD, 0x3FF, 0xFBF, 0xFE3, 0xFE5, 0xFE7, 0xFE9
    	.short 0xFEB, 0xFED, 0xFEE, 0xFF0, 0xFF2, 0xFF4, 0xFF6
    	.short 0xFF8, 0xFFA, 0xFFC, 0xFFE, 0xFFF, 0xC21, 0xC23
    	.short 0xC25, 0xC27, 0xC29, 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC11, 0xC13
    	.short 0x815, 0x817, 0x819, 0x81B, 0x81D, 0x81F, 0x147F
    	.short 0xC61, 0xC63, 0xC65, 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0x84E
    	.short 0x850, 0x853, 0x855, 0x857, 0x859, 0x85B, 0x85D
    	.short 0x109E, 0x14BF, 0xCA1, 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9
    	.short 0xCAB, 0x8AE, 0x8B0, 0x8B3, 0x895, 0x897, 0x899
    	.short 0x89B, 0x89D, 0x10DE, 0x14FF, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5
    	.short 0xCE7, 0xCE9, 0xCEB, 0x8EE, 0x8F0, 0x8F3, 0x8F5
    	.short 0x8F7, 0x8D9, 0x8DB, 0x8DD, 0x111E, 0x153F, 0xD21
    	.short 0xD23, 0xD25, 0xD27, 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0x92E, 0x930
    	.short 0x933, 0x935, 0x937, 0x919, 0x93B, 0x93D, 0x115E
    	.short 0x155F, 0xD61, 0xD63, 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B
    	.short 0x98E, 0x990, 0x993, 0x975, 0x977, 0x979, 0x97B
    	.short 0x97D, 0x119E, 0x15BF, 0xDA1, 0x9C2, 0x9C5, 0x9C7
    	.short 0x9CA, 0x9CC, 0x9CE, 0x9D0, 0x9D3, 0x9D5, 0x9D7
    	.short 0x9D9, 0x9BB, 0x9BD, 0x11DE, 0x15DF, 0xA20, 0xA02
    	.short 0xA05, 0xA07, 0xA09, 0xA0C, 0xA0E, 0xA10, 0xA13
    	.short 0xA15, 0xA17, 0x9F9, 0x9FB, 0xA1D, 0x121E, 0x161F
    	.short 0xA60, 0xA62, 0xA65, 0xA67, 0xA69, 0xA6C, 0xA6E
    	.short 0xA70, 0xA73, 0xA55, 0xA57, 0xA59, 0xA5B, 0xA3D
    	.short 0x125E, 0x165F, 0xAA0, 0xAA2, 0xAA5, 0xAA7, 0xAA9
    	.short 0xAAB, 0xAAE, 0xAB0, 0xAB3, 0xAB5, 0xAB7, 0xA99
    	.short 0xA9B, 0xA9D, 0x129E, 0x169F, 0xAE0, 0xAE2, 0xAE4
    	.short 0xAE7, 0xAE9, 0xAEB, 0xAEE, 0xAF0, 0xAF2, 0xAF5
    	.short 0xAF7, 0xAD9, 0xADB, 0xADD, 0x12DE, 0x16DF, 0xB20
    	.short 0xB22, 0xB24, 0xB27, 0xB29, 0xB2B, 0xB2E, 0xB30
    	.short 0xB32, 0xB35, 0xB37, 0xB39, 0xB3B, 0xB1D, 0x131E
    	.short 0x171F, 0xB60, 0xB62, 0xB64, 0xB67, 0xB69, 0xB6B
    	.short 0xB6E, 0xB70, 0xB72, 0xB75, 0xB77, 0xB79, 0xB7B
    	.short 0xB7D, 0x135E, 0x175F, 0xBA0, 0xBA2, 0xBA4, 0xBA7
    	.short 0xBA9, 0xBAB, 0xBAD, 0xBB0, 0xBB2, 0xBB4, 0xBB6
    	.short 0xBB9, 0xBBB, 0xBBD, 0x139E, 0x179F, 0xBE0, 0x13C4
    	.short 0x13C6, 0x13C8, 0x13CA, 0x13CC, 0x13CE, 0x13D0
    	.short 0x13D3, 0x13D4, 0x13D7, 0x13D8, 0x13DA, 0x13DD
    	.short 0x13DE, 0x17BF, 0x13E3, 0x17E5, 0x17E7, 0x17E9
    	.short 0x17EB, 0x17ED, 0x17EF, 0x17F1, 0x17F2, 0x17F4
    	.short 0x17F6, 0x17F8, 0x17FA, 0x17FC, 0x17FE, 0x17FF
    	.short 0x1421, 0x1423, 0x1425, 0x1427, 0x1429, 0x142B
    	.short 0x142D, 0x1411, 0x1413, 0x1415, 0x1417, 0x1019
    	.short 0x101B, 0x141D, 0x141F, 0x1C7F, 0x1461, 0x1463
    	.short 0x1465, 0x1467, 0x1469, 0x146B, 0x144E, 0x1450
    	.short 0x1453, 0x1455, 0x1057, 0x1059, 0x105B, 0x105D
    	.short 0x189E, 0x1CBF, 0x14A1, 0x14A3, 0x14A5, 0x14A7
    	.short 0x14A9, 0x14AC, 0x14AE, 0x14B0, 0x1092, 0x1095
    	.short 0x1097, 0x1099, 0x109B, 0x18DC, 0x18DE, 0x1CFF
    	.short 0x14E1, 0x14E3, 0x14E5, 0x14E7, 0x14E9, 0x14EC
    	.short 0x14EE, 0x14F0, 0x10F2, 0x10F5, 0x10D7, 0x10D9
    	.short 0x10DB, 0x191C, 0x191E, 0x1D3F, 0x1521, 0x1523
    	.short 0x1525, 0x1527, 0x1529, 0x152C, 0x152E, 0x1530
    	.short 0x1132, 0x1135, 0x1137, 0x1139, 0x111B, 0x195C
    	.short 0x195E, 0x1D7F, 0x1561, 0x1563, 0x1585, 0x1587
    	.short 0x158A, 0x158C, 0x158E, 0x1570, 0x1172, 0x1175
    	.short 0x1177, 0x1179, 0x117B, 0x199C, 0x199E, 0x1D9F
    	.short 0x15A1, 0x15C2, 0x15C5, 0x15C7, 0x15C9, 0x15CC
    	.short 0x15CE, 0x15D0, 0x11D2, 0x11D5, 0x11D7, 0x11B9
    	.short 0x11BB, 0x19DC, 0x19DE, 0x1DDF, 0x1620, 0x1602
    	.short 0x1605, 0x1607, 0x1609, 0x160C, 0x160E, 0x1610
    	.short 0x1212, 0x1215, 0x1217, 0x1219, 0x121B, 0x1A1C
    	.short 0x1A1E, 0x1E1F, 0x1660, 0x1662, 0x1244, 0x1247
    	.short 0x1249, 0x124B, 0x124E, 0x1250, 0x1252, 0x1255
    	.short 0x1257, 0x1259, 0x123B, 0x1A5C, 0x1A5E, 0x1E5F
    	.short 0x12A0, 0x12A2, 0x12A4, 0x12A7, 0x12A9, 0x12AB
    	.short 0x12AE, 0x12B0, 0x12B2, 0x12B5, 0x1297, 0x1299
    	.short 0x129B, 0x1A9C, 0x1A9E, 0x1E9F, 0x12E0, 0x12E2
    	.short 0x12E4, 0x12E7, 0x12E9, 0x12EB, 0x12EE, 0x12F0
    	.short 0x12F2, 0x12F5, 0x12F7, 0x12D9, 0x12DB, 0x1ADC
    	.short 0x1ADE, 0x1EDF, 0x1320, 0x1322, 0x1324, 0x1327
    	.short 0x1329, 0x132B, 0x132E, 0x1330, 0x1332, 0x1334
    	.short 0x1337, 0x1339, 0x131B, 0x1B1C, 0x1B1E, 0x1F1F
    	.short 0x1360, 0x1362, 0x1364, 0x1367, 0x1369, 0x136B
    	.short 0x136D, 0x1370, 0x1372, 0x1374, 0x1376, 0x1379
    	.short 0x137B, 0x1B5C, 0x1B5E, 0x1F3F, 0x13A0, 0x13A2
    	.short 0x1B86, 0x1B88, 0x1B8A, 0x1B8D, 0x1B8E, 0x1B91
    	.short 0x1B92, 0x1B94, 0x1B96, 0x1B98, 0x1B9A, 0x1B9C
    	.short 0x1B9E, 0x1F7F, 0x13E0, 0x1BC4, 0x1BC6, 0x1BC8
    	.short 0x1BCA, 0x1BCC, 0x1BCE, 0x1BD0, 0x1BD2, 0x1BD4
    	.short 0x1BD6, 0x1BD8, 0x1BDA, 0x1BDC, 0x1BDE, 0x1FBF
    	.short 0x1BE3, 0x1FE5, 0x1FE7, 0x1FE9, 0x1FEB, 0x1FED
    	.short 0x1FEF, 0x1FF0, 0x1FF3, 0x1FF5, 0x1FF6, 0x1FF8
    	.short 0x1FFA, 0x1FFC, 0x1FFE, 0x1FFF, 0x1C21, 0x1C23
    	.short 0x1C25, 0x1C27, 0x1C29, 0x1C2B, 0x1C2D, 0x1C11
    	.short 0x1C13, 0x1C15, 0x1C17, 0x1C19, 0x1C1B, 0x1C1D
    	.short 0x1C1F, 0x247F, 0x1C61, 0x1C63, 0x1C65, 0x1C67
    	.short 0x1C69, 0x1C6B, 0x1C4E, 0x1C50, 0x1C53, 0x1C55
    	.short 0x1C57, 0x1C59, 0x1C5B, 0x1C5D, 0x209E, 0x24BF
    	.short 0x1CA1, 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5, 0x1CA7, 0x1CA9, 0x1CAC
    	.short 0x1CAE, 0x1CB0, 0x1C92, 0x1C95, 0x1C97, 0x1C99
    	.short 0x1C9B, 0x20DC, 0x20DE, 0x24FF, 0x1CE1, 0x1CE3
    	.short 0x1CE5, 0x1CE7, 0x1CE9, 0x1CEC, 0x1CEE, 0x1CF0
    	.short 0x1CF2, 0x1CF4, 0x18D7, 0x1CF9, 0x211A, 0x211C
    	.short 0x211E, 0x253F, 0x1D21, 0x1D23, 0x1D25, 0x1D27
    	.short 0x1D29, 0x1D2C, 0x1D2E, 0x1D30, 0x1D32, 0x1D34
    	.short 0x1937, 0x1D39, 0x215A, 0x215C, 0x215E, 0x257F
    	.short 0x1D61, 0x1D63, 0x1D85, 0x1D87, 0x1D89, 0x1D8C
    	.short 0x1D6E, 0x1D70, 0x1D72, 0x1D74, 0x1977, 0x1D79
    	.short 0x219A, 0x219C, 0x219E, 0x25BF, 0x1DA1, 0x1DC2
    	.short 0x1DC5, 0x1DC7, 0x1DC9, 0x1DCC, 0x1DCE, 0x1DD0
    	.short 0x1DB2, 0x1DD4, 0x19B7, 0x1DB9, 0x21DA, 0x21DC
    	.short 0x21DE, 0x25FF, 0x1E20, 0x1E02, 0x1E05, 0x1E07
    	.short 0x1E09, 0x1E0B, 0x1E0E, 0x1E10, 0x1E12, 0x1E14
    	.short 0x1A17, 0x1E19, 0x221A, 0x221C, 0x221E, 0x261F
    	.short 0x1E60, 0x1E62, 0x1E44, 0x1E47, 0x1E49, 0x1E4B
    	.short 0x1E4E, 0x1E50, 0x1E52, 0x1E54, 0x1A57, 0x1E59
    	.short 0x225A, 0x225C, 0x225E, 0x265F, 0x1EA0, 0x1EA2
    	.short 0x1EA4, 0x1E87, 0x1E89, 0x1E8B, 0x1E8E, 0x1E90
    	.short 0x1E92, 0x1E94, 0x1A97, 0x1E99, 0x229A, 0x229C
    	.short 0x229E, 0x269F, 0x1AE0, 0x1EE2, 0x1AE4, 0x1AE6
    	.short 0x1AE9, 0x1AEB, 0x1AED, 0x1AF0, 0x1AF2, 0x1AF5
    	.short 0x1AF7, 0x1ED9, 0x22DA, 0x22DC, 0x22DE, 0x26DF
    	.short 0x1F20, 0x1B22, 0x1B24, 0x1F27, 0x1F29, 0x1F2B
    	.short 0x1F2D, 0x1F30, 0x1F32, 0x1F34, 0x1F37, 0x1F39
    	.short 0x231A, 0x231C, 0x231E, 0x271F, 0x1F60, 0x1B62
    	.short 0x1B64, 0x2348, 0x234A, 0x234C, 0x234E, 0x2350
    	.short 0x2352, 0x2354, 0x2356, 0x2359, 0x235A, 0x235C
    	.short 0x235E, 0x275F, 0x1BA0, 0x1BA2, 0x2386, 0x2388
    	.short 0x238A, 0x238C, 0x238E, 0x2390, 0x2392, 0x2394
    	.short 0x2396, 0x2398, 0x239A, 0x239C, 0x239E, 0x277F
    	.short 0x1BE0, 0x23C4, 0x23C6, 0x23C8, 0x23CB, 0x23CC
    	.short 0x23CF, 0x23D0, 0x23D3, 0x23D4, 0x23D6, 0x23D8
    	.short 0x23DA, 0x23DD, 0x23DE, 0x27BF, 0x23E3, 0x27E5
    	.short 0x27E7, 0x27E9, 0x27EB, 0x27ED, 0x27EF, 0x27F1
    	.short 0x27F3, 0x27F4, 0x27F6, 0x27F8, 0x27FA, 0x27FC
    	.short 0x27FE, 0x27FF, 0x2421, 0x2423, 0x2425, 0x2427
    	.short 0x2429, 0x242B, 0x242D, 0x2811, 0x2413, 0x2415
    	.short 0x2417, 0x2419, 0x241B, 0x241D, 0x241F, 0x2C7F
    	.short 0x2461, 0x2463, 0x2465, 0x2467, 0x2469, 0x246B
    	.short 0x284E, 0x2450, 0x2453, 0x2455, 0x2457, 0x2459
    	.short 0x245B, 0x245D, 0x289E, 0x2CBF, 0x24A1, 0x24A3
    	.short 0x24A5, 0x24A7, 0x24A9, 0x28AC, 0x24AE, 0x24B0
    	.short 0x2492, 0x2495, 0x2497, 0x2499, 0x249B, 0x28DC
    	.short 0x28DE, 0x2CFF, 0x24E1, 0x24E3, 0x24E5, 0x24E7
    	.short 0x24E9, 0x24EC, 0x24EE, 0x24F0, 0x24F2, 0x24F4
    	.short 0x24D7, 0x24F9, 0x291A, 0x291C, 0x2D1E, 0x2D3F
    	.short 0x2521, 0x2523, 0x2525, 0x2527, 0x2529, 0x252C
    	.short 0x252E, 0x2530, 0x2532, 0x2534, 0x2536, 0x2958
    	.short 0x295A, 0x295C, 0x295E, 0x2D7F, 0x2561, 0x2563
    	.short 0x2585, 0x2587, 0x2589, 0x258C, 0x256E, 0x2570
    	.short 0x2572, 0x2574, 0x2576, 0x2998, 0x299A, 0x299C
    	.short 0x299E, 0x2DBF, 0x25A1, 0x25C2, 0x25C5, 0x25C7
    	.short 0x25C9, 0x25CB, 0x25CE, 0x25D0, 0x25D2, 0x25B4
    	.short 0x25B6, 0x29D8, 0x29DA, 0x29DC, 0x29DE, 0x2DFF
    	.short 0x2620, 0x2602, 0x2605, 0x2607, 0x2609, 0x260B
    	.short 0x260E, 0x2610, 0x2612, 0x2614, 0x2616, 0x2A18
    	.short 0x2A1A, 0x2A1C, 0x2A1E, 0x2E3F, 0x2660, 0x2662
    	.short 0x2644, 0x2647, 0x2649, 0x264B, 0x264E, 0x2650
    	.short 0x2652, 0x2654, 0x2656, 0x2A58, 0x2A5A, 0x2A5C
    	.short 0x2A5E, 0x2E5F, 0x26A0, 0x26A2, 0x26A4, 0x2687
    	.short 0x2689, 0x268B, 0x268D, 0x2690, 0x2692, 0x2694
    	.short 0x2696, 0x2A98, 0x2A9A, 0x2A9C, 0x2A9E, 0x2E9F
    	.short 0x26E0, 0x26E2, 0x26E4, 0x26E6, 0x26C9, 0x26CB
    	.short 0x26CD, 0x26D0, 0x26D2, 0x26D4, 0x26D6, 0x2AD8
    	.short 0x2ADA, 0x2ADC, 0x2ADE, 0x2EDF, 0x2720, 0x2322
    	.short 0x2724, 0x2727, 0x2B0A, 0x2B0C, 0x2B0E, 0x2B10
    	.short 0x2B12, 0x2B14, 0x2B16, 0x2B18, 0x2B1A, 0x2B1C
    	.short 0x2B1E, 0x2F1F, 0x2360, 0x2762, 0x2364, 0x2B48
    	.short 0x2B4A, 0x2B4C, 0x2B4E, 0x2B50, 0x2B52, 0x2B54
    	.short 0x2B56, 0x2B58, 0x2B5A, 0x2B5C, 0x2B5E, 0x2F5F
    	.short 0x27A0, 0x27A2, 0x2B86, 0x2B88, 0x2B8A, 0x2B8C
    	.short 0x2B8F, 0x2B90, 0x2B92, 0x2B95, 0x2B96, 0x2B98
    	.short 0x2B9A, 0x2B9C, 0x2B9E, 0x2F7F, 0x27E0, 0x2BC4
    	.short 0x2BC6, 0x2BC8, 0x2BCA, 0x2BCC, 0x2BCE, 0x2BD0
    	.short 0x2BD2, 0x2BD4, 0x2BD6, 0x2BD8, 0x2BDA, 0x2BDC
    	.short 0x2BDE, 0x2FBF, 0x2BE3, 0x2BE5, 0x2FE7, 0x2FE9
    	.short 0x2FEB, 0x2FED, 0x2FEF, 0x2FF1, 0x2FF3, 0x2FF5
    	.short 0x2FF6, 0x2FF8, 0x2FFA, 0x2FFC, 0x2FFE, 0x2FFF
    	.short 0x2C21, 0x2C23, 0x2C25, 0x2C27, 0x2C29, 0x2C2B
    	.short 0x2C2D, 0x3011, 0x3013, 0x3015, 0x2C17, 0x3019
    	.short 0x2C1B, 0x2C1D, 0x2C1F, 0x347F, 0x2C61, 0x2C63
    	.short 0x2C65, 0x2C67, 0x2C69, 0x2C6B, 0x304E, 0x3050
    	.short 0x3053, 0x2C55, 0x2C57, 0x2C59, 0x2C5B, 0x2C5D
    	.short 0x309E, 0x34BF, 0x2CA1, 0x2CA3, 0x30A5, 0x30A7
    	.short 0x30A9, 0x30AC, 0x30AE, 0x30B0, 0x2C92, 0x2C95
    	.short 0x2C97, 0x2C99, 0x2C9B, 0x34DC, 0x30DE, 0x34FF
    	.short 0x2CE1, 0x2CE3, 0x30E5, 0x30E7, 0x30E9, 0x30EC
    	.short 0x30EE, 0x2CF0, 0x2CF2, 0x2CF4, 0x2CD7, 0x2CF9
    	.short 0x311A, 0x311C, 0x311E, 0x353F, 0x2D21, 0x2D23
    	.short 0x3145, 0x3127, 0x3129, 0x312C, 0x2D2E, 0x2D30
    	.short 0x2D32, 0x2D34, 0x2D36, 0x3158, 0x315A, 0x315C
    	.short 0x315E, 0x357F, 0x2D61, 0x2D63, 0x3185, 0x3187
    	.short 0x3189, 0x2D6B, 0x2D6E, 0x2D70, 0x2D72, 0x2D74
    	.short 0x3196, 0x3198, 0x319A, 0x319C, 0x35BE, 0x35BF
    	.short 0x2DA1, 0x31C2, 0x31C5, 0x2DC7, 0x2DC9, 0x2DCB
    	.short 0x2DCE, 0x2DD0, 0x2DB2, 0x2DB4, 0x31D6, 0x31D8
    	.short 0x31DA, 0x31DC, 0x35DE, 0x35FF, 0x3220, 0x3202
    	.short 0x2E05, 0x2E07, 0x2E09, 0x2E0B, 0x2E0E, 0x2E10
    	.short 0x2E12, 0x2E14, 0x3216, 0x3218, 0x321A, 0x321C
    	.short 0x361E, 0x363F, 0x3260, 0x3262, 0x2E44, 0x2E47
    	.short 0x2E49, 0x2E4B, 0x2E4D, 0x2E50, 0x2E52, 0x2E54
    	.short 0x3256, 0x3258, 0x325A, 0x325C, 0x365E, 0x365F
    	.short 0x2EA0, 0x2EA2, 0x2EA4, 0x2E87, 0x2E89, 0x2E8B
    	.short 0x2E8D, 0x2E90, 0x2E92, 0x2E94, 0x3296, 0x3298
    	.short 0x329A, 0x329C, 0x369E, 0x369F, 0x2EE0, 0x2EE2
    	.short 0x2EE4, 0x2EE6, 0x2EC9, 0x32CC, 0x32CE, 0x32D0
    	.short 0x32D2, 0x32D4, 0x32D6, 0x32D8, 0x32DA, 0x32DC
    	.short 0x36DE, 0x36DF, 0x2F20, 0x2F22, 0x2F24, 0x2F27
    	.short 0x330A, 0x330C, 0x330E, 0x3310, 0x3312, 0x3314
    	.short 0x3316, 0x3318, 0x331A, 0x331C, 0x371E, 0x371F
    	.short 0x2F60, 0x2F62, 0x2F64, 0x3348, 0x334A, 0x334C
    	.short 0x334E, 0x3351, 0x3352, 0x3354, 0x3356, 0x3358
    	.short 0x335A, 0x335C, 0x375E, 0x375F, 0x2FA0, 0x2FA2
    	.short 0x3386, 0x3388, 0x338A, 0x338C, 0x338F, 0x3390
    	.short 0x3393, 0x3394, 0x3396, 0x3398, 0x339A, 0x339C
    	.short 0x379E, 0x379F, 0x2FE0, 0x33C4, 0x33C6, 0x33C8
    	.short 0x33CA, 0x37CD, 0x37CF, 0x37D1, 0x37D2, 0x37D5
    	.short 0x37D7, 0x37D8, 0x37DA, 0x37DC, 0x37DE, 0x37BF
    	.short 0x33E3, 0x37E5, 0x33E7, 0x37E9, 0x37EB, 0x37ED
    	.short 0x37EF, 0x37F1, 0x37F3, 0x37F5, 0x37F6, 0x37F8
    	.short 0x37FA, 0x37FC, 0x37FE, 0x37FF, 0x3421, 0x3423
    	.short 0x3425, 0x3427, 0x3429, 0x342B, 0x342D, 0x3811
    	.short 0x3813, 0x3815, 0x3817, 0x3819, 0x381B, 0x381D
    	.short 0x341F, 0x387F, 0x3461, 0x3842, 0x3845, 0x3847
    	.short 0x3849, 0x384C, 0x384E, 0x3850, 0x3853, 0x3855
    	.short 0x3857, 0x3859, 0x385B, 0x345D, 0x389E, 0x3CBF
    	.short 0x34A1, 0x38A2, 0x38A5, 0x38A7, 0x38A9, 0x38AC
    	.short 0x38AE, 0x38B0, 0x3892, 0x3895, 0x3897, 0x3899
    	.short 0x349B, 0x38DC, 0x38DE, 0x3CFF, 0x34E1, 0x38E2
    	.short 0x38E5, 0x38E7, 0x38E9, 0x38EB, 0x38EE, 0x38F0
    	.short 0x38F2, 0x38F4, 0x34D7, 0x34F9, 0x391A, 0x391C
    	.short 0x3D1E, 0x3D3F, 0x3521, 0x3942, 0x3925, 0x3927
    	.short 0x3929, 0x392B, 0x392E, 0x3930, 0x3932, 0x3534
    	.short 0x3536, 0x3958, 0x395A, 0x3D5C, 0x395E, 0x3D7F
    	.short 0x3561, 0x3982, 0x3985, 0x3987, 0x3969, 0x396B
    	.short 0x396E, 0x3970, 0x3572, 0x3574, 0x3996, 0x3998
    	.short 0x399A, 0x3D9C, 0x3DBE, 0x3DBF, 0x35A1, 0x39C2
    	.short 0x39C5, 0x39C7, 0x39C9, 0x39CB, 0x39CE, 0x35B0
    	.short 0x35B2, 0x39D4, 0x39D6, 0x39D8, 0x39DA, 0x3DFC
    	.short 0x3DFE, 0x3DFF, 0x3A20, 0x3A02, 0x3A05, 0x3A07
    	.short 0x3A09, 0x3A0B, 0x360D, 0x3610, 0x3612, 0x3A14
    	.short 0x3A16, 0x3A18, 0x3A1A, 0x3E1C, 0x3E1E, 0x3E3F
    	.short 0x3A60, 0x3A62, 0x3A44, 0x3647, 0x3A49, 0x364B
    	.short 0x364D, 0x3650, 0x3652, 0x3A54, 0x3A56, 0x3A58
    	.short 0x3A5A, 0x3E5C, 0x3E7E, 0x3E7F, 0x3AA0, 0x3AA2
    	.short 0x3AA4, 0x3A87, 0x3689, 0x368B, 0x3A8E, 0x3A90
    	.short 0x3A92, 0x3A94, 0x3A96, 0x3A98, 0x3A9A, 0x3E9C
    	.short 0x3E9E, 0x3EBF, 0x36E0, 0x3AE2, 0x3AE4, 0x36E6
    	.short 0x36C9, 0x3ACC, 0x3ACE, 0x3AD0, 0x3AD2, 0x3AD4
    	.short 0x3AD6, 0x3AD8, 0x3ADA, 0x3EDC, 0x3EDE, 0x3EDF
    	.short 0x3720, 0x3B22, 0x3724, 0x3727, 0x3B0A, 0x3B0C
    	.short 0x3B0E, 0x3B10, 0x3B12, 0x3B14, 0x3B16, 0x3B18
    	.short 0x3B1A, 0x3F1C, 0x3F1E, 0x3F1F, 0x3B60, 0x3762
    	.short 0x3764, 0x3B48, 0x3B4A, 0x3B4C, 0x3B4E, 0x3B50
    	.short 0x3B52, 0x3B54, 0x3B56, 0x3B58, 0x3B5A, 0x3F5C
    	.short 0x3F5E, 0x3F5F, 0x37A0, 0x37A2, 0x3B86, 0x3B88
    	.short 0x3B8A, 0x3B8C, 0x3F8F, 0x3F91, 0x3F93, 0x3F94
    	.short 0x3F97, 0x3F98, 0x3F9A, 0x3F9C, 0x3F9E, 0x3F9F
    	.short 0x37E0, 0x3BC4, 0x3BC6, 0x3BC8, 0x3BCA, 0x3BCD
    	.short 0x3FCF, 0x3FD1, 0x3FD3, 0x3FD5, 0x3FD6, 0x3FD8
    	.short 0x3FDA, 0x3FDC, 0x3FDE, 0x3FDF, 0x3BE3, 0x3BE5
    	.short 0x3BE7, 0x3FE9, 0x3FEB, 0x3FED, 0x3FEF, 0x3FF1
    	.short 0x3FF3, 0x3FF5, 0x3FF7, 0x3FF9, 0x3FFA, 0x3FFC
    	.short 0x3FFE, 0x3FFF, 0x4400, 0x4402, 0x4405, 0x4407
    	.short 0x4409, 0x440C, 0x440E, 0x4411, 0x4413, 0x4015
    	.short 0x4017, 0x4019, 0x401B, 0x401D, 0x401F, 0x407F
    	.short 0x4460, 0x4042, 0x4045, 0x4047, 0x4049, 0x404C
    	.short 0x404E, 0x4050, 0x4053, 0x4055, 0x4057, 0x4059
    	.short 0x405B, 0x405D, 0x409E, 0x44BF, 0x44A0, 0x40A2
    	.short 0x40A5, 0x40A7, 0x40A9, 0x40AB, 0x40AE, 0x40B0
    	.short 0x4092, 0x4095, 0x4097, 0x4099, 0x409B, 0x44DC
    	.short 0x40DE, 0x40FF, 0x44E0, 0x40E2, 0x40E5, 0x40E7
    	.short 0x40E9, 0x40EB, 0x40EE, 0x40F0, 0x40F2, 0x40F4
    	.short 0x40D7, 0x40F9, 0x411A, 0x411C, 0x411E, 0x453F
    	.short 0x4540, 0x4122, 0x4125, 0x4127, 0x4129, 0x412B
    	.short 0x412E, 0x4130, 0x4132, 0x4134, 0x4136, 0x4158
    	.short 0x415A, 0x415C, 0x415E, 0x457F, 0x4580, 0x4182
    	.short 0x4185, 0x4167, 0x4169, 0x416B, 0x416E, 0x4170
    	.short 0x4172, 0x4174, 0x4196, 0x4198, 0x459A, 0x419C
    	.short 0x45BE, 0x45BF, 0x45C0, 0x41C2, 0x41C5, 0x41C7
    	.short 0x41C9, 0x41CB, 0x41AD, 0x41B0, 0x41B2, 0x41D4
    	.short 0x41D6, 0x41D8, 0x41DA, 0x45FC, 0x45FE, 0x45FF
    	.short 0x4620, 0x4202, 0x4205, 0x4207, 0x4209, 0x420B
    	.short 0x420D, 0x4210, 0x4212, 0x4214, 0x4636, 0x4218
    	.short 0x463A, 0x463C, 0x463E, 0x463F, 0x4260, 0x4262
    	.short 0x4244, 0x4247, 0x4249, 0x424B, 0x424D, 0x4250
    	.short 0x4252, 0x4254, 0x4656, 0x4258, 0x465A, 0x465C
    	.short 0x467E, 0x467F, 0x42A0, 0x42A2, 0x42A4, 0x4287
    	.short 0x4289, 0x428B, 0x428E, 0x4290, 0x4292, 0x4294
    	.short 0x4696, 0x4298, 0x469A, 0x469C, 0x46BE, 0x46BF
    	.short 0x42E0, 0x42E2, 0x42E4, 0x42E6, 0x42C9, 0x42CC
    	.short 0x42CE, 0x46D1, 0x46D2, 0x46D4, 0x46D6, 0x42D8
    	.short 0x46DA, 0x46DC, 0x46DE, 0x46FF, 0x3F20, 0x3F22
    	.short 0x4324, 0x4327, 0x430A, 0x430C, 0x430E, 0x4310
    	.short 0x4312, 0x4314, 0x4316, 0x4318, 0x471A, 0x471C
    	.short 0x471E, 0x471F, 0x3F60, 0x3F62, 0x4364, 0x4348
    	.short 0x434A, 0x434C, 0x434E, 0x4751, 0x4753, 0x4754
    	.short 0x4756, 0x4758, 0x475A, 0x475C, 0x475E, 0x475F
    	.short 0x43A0, 0x43A2, 0x4386, 0x4388, 0x438A, 0x438C
    	.short 0x438F, 0x4791, 0x4793, 0x4794, 0x4796, 0x4798
    	.short 0x479A, 0x479C, 0x479E, 0x479F, 0x43E0, 0x43C4
    	.short 0x43C6, 0x43C8, 0x43CA, 0x43CD, 0x43CF, 0x47D1
    	.short 0x47D3, 0x47D5, 0x47D7, 0x47D9, 0x47DA, 0x47DC
    	.short 0x47DE, 0x47DF, 0x43E3, 0x43E5, 0x43E7, 0x43E9
    	.short 0x47EB, 0x47ED, 0x47EF, 0x47F1, 0x47F3, 0x47F5
    	.short 0x47F7, 0x47F8, 0x47FA, 0x47FC, 0x47FE, 0x47FF
    	.short 0x4C00, 0x4C02, 0x4C05, 0x4C07, 0x4C09, 0x4C0C
    	.short 0x4C0E, 0x4C10, 0x4C13, 0x4C15, 0x4817, 0x4819
    	.short 0x481B, 0x481D, 0x481F, 0x487F, 0x4C60, 0x4C42
    	.short 0x4C45, 0x4C47, 0x4C49, 0x4C4C, 0x4C4E, 0x4C50
    	.short 0x4C53, 0x4C55, 0x4857, 0x4859, 0x485B, 0x485D
    	.short 0x4C9E, 0x48BF, 0x4CA0, 0x4CA2, 0x4884, 0x4887
    	.short 0x4889, 0x488B, 0x488E, 0x4890, 0x4892, 0x4895
    	.short 0x4897, 0x4899, 0x489B, 0x48DC, 0x48DE, 0x4CFF
    	.short 0x4CE0, 0x4CE2, 0x48E4, 0x48E7, 0x48E9, 0x48EB
    	.short 0x48ED, 0x48F0, 0x48F2, 0x48F4, 0x48D7, 0x48F9
    	.short 0x491A, 0x491C, 0x4D1E, 0x4D3F, 0x4D20, 0x4D22
    	.short 0x4924, 0x4927, 0x4929, 0x492B, 0x492E, 0x4930
    	.short 0x4932, 0x4934, 0x4936, 0x4958, 0x495A, 0x495C
    	.short 0x495E, 0x4D7F, 0x4D80, 0x4D82, 0x4964, 0x4967
    	.short 0x4969, 0x496B, 0x496D, 0x4970, 0x4972, 0x4974
    	.short 0x4996, 0x4998, 0x499A, 0x4D9C, 0x49BE, 0x4DBF
    	.short 0x4DC0, 0x4DC2, 0x49C4, 0x49C7, 0x49C9, 0x49AB
    	.short 0x49AD, 0x49B0, 0x49B2, 0x49D4, 0x49D6, 0x49D8
    	.short 0x49DA, 0x4DFC, 0x4DFE, 0x4DFF, 0x4E20, 0x4E02
    	.short 0x4A04, 0x4A07, 0x4A09, 0x4A0B, 0x4A0D, 0x4A10
    	.short 0x4A12, 0x4A14, 0x4A36, 0x4A18, 0x4E3A, 0x4E3C
    	.short 0x4E3E, 0x4E3F, 0x4E60, 0x4E62, 0x4A44, 0x4A47
    	.short 0x4A49, 0x4A4B, 0x4A4D, 0x4A50, 0x4A52, 0x4A54
    	.short 0x4E76, 0x4A58, 0x4E7A, 0x4E7C, 0x4E7E, 0x56BF
    	.short 0x4AA0, 0x4AA2, 0x4AA4, 0x4A87, 0x4A89, 0x4A8B
    	.short 0x4A8E, 0x4A90, 0x4A92, 0x4A94, 0x4E96, 0x4A98
    	.short 0x4EBA, 0x4E9C, 0x4EBE, 0x56DF, 0x4AE0, 0x4AE2
    	.short 0x4AE4, 0x4AE6, 0x4AC9, 0x4ACC, 0x4ACE, 0x4AD1
    	.short 0x4ED3, 0x4ED4, 0x4ED6, 0x4AD8, 0x4EDA, 0x4EDC
    	.short 0x4EDE, 0x571F, 0x4B20, 0x4B22, 0x4B24, 0x4B27
    	.short 0x4B0A, 0x4B0C, 0x4B0E, 0x4B10, 0x4B12, 0x4B14
    	.short 0x4B16, 0x4B18, 0x4F1A, 0x4F1C, 0x4F1E, 0x573F
    	.short 0x4B60, 0x4B62, 0x4764, 0x4B48, 0x4B4A, 0x4B4C
    	.short 0x4B4E, 0x4B51, 0x4F53, 0x4F55, 0x4F56, 0x4F58
    	.short 0x4F5A, 0x4F5C, 0x4F5E, 0x577F, 0x4BA0, 0x47A2
    	.short 0x4B86, 0x4B88, 0x4B8A, 0x4B8C, 0x4B8F, 0x4B91
    	.short 0x4F93, 0x4F95, 0x4F96, 0x4F98, 0x4F9A, 0x4F9C
    	.short 0x4F9E, 0x579F, 0x4BE0, 0x4BC4, 0x4BC6, 0x4BC8
    	.short 0x4BCA, 0x4BCD, 0x4FCF, 0x4FD1, 0x4FD3, 0x4FD5
    	.short 0x4FD7, 0x4FD8, 0x4FDA, 0x4FDC, 0x4FDE, 0x57DF
    	.short 0x4BE3, 0x4BE5, 0x4BE7, 0x4BE9, 0x4BEB, 0x4BED
    	.short 0x4FEF, 0x4FF1, 0x57F5, 0x57F6, 0x57F8, 0x57F9
    	.short 0x57FB, 0x57FC, 0x57FE, 0x57FF, 0x5400, 0x5402
    	.short 0x5404, 0x5407, 0x5409, 0x540B, 0x540E, 0x5410
    	.short 0x5412, 0x5415, 0x5417, 0x5419, 0x501B, 0x541D
    	.short 0x501F, 0x507F, 0x5440, 0x5442, 0x5444, 0x5447
    	.short 0x5449, 0x544B, 0x544E, 0x5450, 0x5452, 0x5455
    	.short 0x5457, 0x5459, 0x545B, 0x505D, 0x509E, 0x50BF
    	.short 0x54A0, 0x54A2, 0x5484, 0x5487, 0x5489, 0x548B
    	.short 0x548E, 0x5490, 0x5492, 0x5495, 0x5497, 0x5099
    	.short 0x509B, 0x50DC, 0x50DE, 0x54FF, 0x54E0, 0x54E2
    	.short 0x54E4, 0x50E7, 0x50E9, 0x50EB, 0x50EE, 0x50F0
    	.short 0x50F2, 0x50F4, 0x54D7, 0x50F9, 0x511A, 0x511C
    	.short 0x511E, 0x513F, 0x5520, 0x5522, 0x5524, 0x5127
    	.short 0x5129, 0x512B, 0x512D, 0x5130, 0x5132, 0x5134
    	.short 0x5136, 0x5158, 0x515A, 0x555C, 0x515E, 0x557F
    	.short 0x5580, 0x5562, 0x5564, 0x5167, 0x5169, 0x516B
    	.short 0x516D, 0x5170, 0x5172, 0x5174, 0x5196, 0x5198
    	.short 0x519A, 0x519C, 0x55BE, 0x55BF, 0x55C0, 0x55C2
    	.short 0x55C4, 0x51C7, 0x51A9, 0x51AB, 0x51CE, 0x51D0
    	.short 0x51D2, 0x51D4, 0x51D6, 0x51D8, 0x51DA, 0x51FC
    	.short 0x55FE, 0x55FF, 0x5600, 0x5602, 0x5604, 0x5207
    	.short 0x5209, 0x520B, 0x520E, 0x5210, 0x5212, 0x5214
    	.short 0x5236, 0x5218, 0x523A, 0x523C, 0x563E, 0x563F
    	.short 0x5660, 0x5662, 0x5644, 0x5247, 0x5249, 0x524B
    	.short 0x524E, 0x5250, 0x5252, 0x5254, 0x5276, 0x5258
    	.short 0x567A, 0x567C, 0x567E, 0x5ABF, 0x56A0, 0x56A2
    	.short 0x56A4, 0x5287, 0x5289, 0x528B, 0x528E, 0x5290
    	.short 0x5292, 0x5294, 0x5296, 0x56B8, 0x56BA, 0x56BC
    	.short 0x5ADE, 0x5EFF, 0x52E0, 0x56E2, 0x52E4, 0x52E6
    	.short 0x52C9, 0x52CC, 0x52CE, 0x52D1, 0x52D3, 0x52D4
    	.short 0x52D6, 0x56D8, 0x56DA, 0x56FC, 0x5B1E, 0x5F1F
    	.short 0x5320, 0x5322, 0x5324, 0x5327, 0x530A, 0x530C
    	.short 0x530E, 0x5310, 0x5312, 0x5715, 0x5716, 0x5718
    	.short 0x571A, 0x571C, 0x5B3E, 0x5F5F, 0x5360, 0x5362
    	.short 0x5364, 0x5348, 0x534A, 0x534C, 0x534E, 0x5351
    	.short 0x5753, 0x5755, 0x5757, 0x5758, 0x575A, 0x575C
    	.short 0x5B7E, 0x5F7F, 0x53A0, 0x53A2, 0x5386, 0x5388
    	.short 0x538A, 0x538C, 0x538F, 0x5391, 0x5393, 0x5795
    	.short 0x5797, 0x5798, 0x579A, 0x579C, 0x5B9E, 0x5F9F
    	.short 0x53E0, 0x53C4, 0x53C6, 0x53C8, 0x53CA, 0x53CD
    	.short 0x53CF, 0x57D1, 0x57D3, 0x5BD6, 0x5BD8, 0x5BD9
    	.short 0x5BDB, 0x5BDD, 0x5BDE, 0x5FDF, 0x53E3, 0x53E5
    	.short 0x53E7, 0x53E9, 0x53EB, 0x53ED, 0x57EF, 0x57F1
    	.short 0x5BF5, 0x5FF7, 0x5FF8, 0x5FFA, 0x5FFB, 0x5FFD
    	.short 0x5FFE, 0x5FFF, 0x5C00, 0x5C02, 0x5C04, 0x5C06
    	.short 0x5C09, 0x5C0B, 0x5C0D, 0x5C10, 0x5C12, 0x5C14
    	.short 0x5C17, 0x5C19, 0x5C1B, 0x5C1D, 0x581F, 0x587F
    	.short 0x5C40, 0x5C42, 0x5C44, 0x5C47, 0x5C49, 0x5C4B
    	.short 0x5C4E, 0x5C50, 0x5C52, 0x5C55, 0x5C57, 0x5C59
    	.short 0x5C5B, 0x585D, 0x5C9E, 0x58BF, 0x5CA0, 0x5C82
    	.short 0x5C84, 0x5C86, 0x5C89, 0x5C8B, 0x5C8E, 0x5C90
    	.short 0x5C92, 0x5C94, 0x5C97, 0x5C99, 0x589B, 0x58DC
    	.short 0x58DE, 0x58FF, 0x5CE0, 0x5CE2, 0x5CE4, 0x5CC6
    	.short 0x5CC9, 0x5CCB, 0x5CCD, 0x5CD0, 0x5CD2, 0x5CD4
    	.short 0x5CD7, 0x5CF9, 0x591A, 0x591C, 0x591E, 0x593F
    	.short 0x5D20, 0x5D22, 0x5D24, 0x5D26, 0x5929, 0x592B
    	.short 0x592D, 0x5930, 0x5932, 0x5934, 0x5936, 0x5958
    	.short 0x595A, 0x595C, 0x595E, 0x597F, 0x5D60, 0x5D62
    	.short 0x5D64, 0x5D66, 0x5969, 0x598C, 0x598E, 0x5990
    	.short 0x5992, 0x5994, 0x5996, 0x5998, 0x599A, 0x599C
    	.short 0x5DBE, 0x59BF, 0x5DC0, 0x5DC2, 0x5DC4, 0x5DA6
    	.short 0x59A9, 0x59CC, 0x59CE, 0x59D0, 0x59D2, 0x59D4
    	.short 0x59D6, 0x59D8, 0x59DA, 0x5DFC, 0x59FE, 0x5DFF
    	.short 0x5E00, 0x5E02, 0x5E04, 0x5E06, 0x5A09, 0x5A0C
    	.short 0x5A0E, 0x5A31, 0x5A32, 0x5A34, 0x5A36, 0x5A18
    	.short 0x5A3A, 0x5A3C, 0x5E3E, 0x5E3F, 0x5E40, 0x5E42
    	.short 0x5E44, 0x5E46, 0x5A49, 0x5A4C, 0x5A4E, 0x5A51
    	.short 0x5A73, 0x5A74, 0x5A76, 0x5A58, 0x5A7A, 0x5A7C
    	.short 0x5E7E, 0x62BF, 0x5EA0, 0x5EA2, 0x5EA4, 0x5EA6
    	.short 0x5A89, 0x5A8C, 0x5A8E, 0x5A91, 0x5A93, 0x5A94
    	.short 0x5A96, 0x5AB8, 0x5EBA, 0x5EBC, 0x62DE, 0x62FF
    	.short 0x5EE0, 0x5EE2, 0x5EE4, 0x5EE6, 0x5AC9, 0x5ACC
    	.short 0x5ACE, 0x5AD1, 0x5AD3, 0x5AD4, 0x5AD6, 0x5EF8
    	.short 0x5EFA, 0x631D, 0x631E, 0x673F, 0x5F20, 0x5B22
    	.short 0x5B24, 0x5B27, 0x5B0A, 0x5B0C, 0x5B0E, 0x5B10
    	.short 0x5B12, 0x5B15, 0x5F17, 0x5F18, 0x5F1A, 0x633D
    	.short 0x635E, 0x675F, 0x5B60, 0x5B62, 0x5B64, 0x5B48
    	.short 0x5B4A, 0x5B4C, 0x5B4E, 0x5B51, 0x5B53, 0x5B55
    	.short 0x5F57, 0x5F58, 0x5F5A, 0x637D, 0x637E, 0x677F
    	.short 0x5BA0, 0x5BA2, 0x5B86, 0x5B88, 0x5B8A, 0x5B8C
    	.short 0x5B8F, 0x5B91, 0x5B93, 0x5F95, 0x63B8, 0x63B9
    	.short 0x63BB, 0x63BD, 0x63BE, 0x67BF, 0x5BE0, 0x5BC4
    	.short 0x5BC6, 0x5BC8, 0x5BCA, 0x5BCD, 0x5BCF, 0x5BD1
    	.short 0x5BD3, 0x63D6, 0x63D8, 0x63DA, 0x63DB, 0x63DD
    	.short 0x63DE, 0x67DF, 0x5BE3, 0x5BE5, 0x5BE7, 0x5BE9
    	.short 0x5BEB, 0x5BED, 0x5BEF, 0x5FF1, 0x63F5, 0x63F7
    	.short 0x67F9, 0x67FA, 0x67FC, 0x67FD, 0x67FE, 0x67FF
    	.short 0x6400, 0x6402, 0x6404, 0x6407, 0x6409, 0x640B
    	.short 0x640D, 0x640F, 0x6412, 0x6414, 0x6417, 0x6419
    	.short 0x641B, 0x641D, 0x641F, 0x607F, 0x6440, 0x6442
    	.short 0x6444, 0x6446, 0x6448, 0x644B, 0x644E, 0x644F
    	.short 0x6452, 0x6454, 0x6456, 0x6459, 0x645B, 0x645D
    	.short 0x609E, 0x60BF, 0x6480, 0x6482, 0x6484, 0x6486
    	.short 0x6489, 0x648B, 0x648D, 0x6490, 0x6492, 0x6494
    	.short 0x6496, 0x6499, 0x649B, 0x60DC, 0x60DE, 0x60FF
    	.short 0x64E0, 0x64E2, 0x64E4, 0x64E7, 0x64E9, 0x64EB
    	.short 0x64ED, 0x64F0, 0x64F2, 0x64F4, 0x64F6, 0x64F9
    	.short 0x651A, 0x611C, 0x611E, 0x613F, 0x6520, 0x6522
    	.short 0x6524, 0x6527, 0x614A, 0x614C, 0x614E, 0x6150
    	.short 0x6152, 0x6154, 0x6156, 0x6158, 0x615A, 0x615C
    	.short 0x615E, 0x617F, 0x6580, 0x6562, 0x6564, 0x6567
    	.short 0x618A, 0x618C, 0x618E, 0x6190, 0x6192, 0x6194
    	.short 0x6196, 0x6198, 0x619A, 0x619C, 0x61BE, 0x61BF
    	.short 0x65C0, 0x65C2, 0x65C4, 0x65A7, 0x61CA, 0x61CC
    	.short 0x61CE, 0x61D0, 0x61D2, 0x61D4, 0x61D6, 0x61D8
    	.short 0x61DA, 0x61FC, 0x61FE, 0x65FF, 0x6600, 0x6602
    	.short 0x6604, 0x6607, 0x620A, 0x620C, 0x620E, 0x6210
    	.short 0x6212, 0x6214, 0x6216, 0x6218, 0x623A, 0x623C
    	.short 0x663E, 0x623F, 0x6640, 0x6642, 0x6644, 0x6647
    	.short 0x624A, 0x624C, 0x624E, 0x6250, 0x6252, 0x6254
    	.short 0x6256, 0x6258, 0x627A, 0x627C, 0x627E, 0x66BF
    	.short 0x66A0, 0x66A2, 0x6684, 0x6687, 0x628A, 0x628C
    	.short 0x628E, 0x6290, 0x6292, 0x62B5, 0x62B6, 0x62B8
    	.short 0x62BA, 0x62BC, 0x66DE, 0x6AFF, 0x66E0, 0x66E2
    	.short 0x66E4, 0x66E7, 0x62CA, 0x62CC, 0x62CE, 0x62D0
    	.short 0x62D2, 0x62D5, 0x62F7, 0x62F8, 0x62FA, 0x671D
    	.short 0x6B1E, 0x6B3F, 0x6720, 0x6722, 0x6724, 0x6727
    	.short 0x630A, 0x630C, 0x630E, 0x6310, 0x6312, 0x6315
    	.short 0x6317, 0x6318, 0x673B, 0x6B5D, 0x6B5E, 0x6F7F
    	.short 0x6760, 0x6762, 0x6364, 0x6348, 0x634A, 0x634C
    	.short 0x634E, 0x6351, 0x6353, 0x6355, 0x6357, 0x6779
    	.short 0x677B, 0x6B7D, 0x6B7E, 0x6F9F, 0x63A0, 0x63A2
    	.short 0x6386, 0x6388, 0x638A, 0x638C, 0x638F, 0x6391
    	.short 0x6393, 0x6395, 0x67B8, 0x6BBA, 0x6BBB, 0x6BBD
    	.short 0x6BBE, 0x6FBF, 0x67E0, 0x63C4, 0x63C6, 0x63C8
    	.short 0x63CA, 0x63CD, 0x63CF, 0x63D1, 0x63D3, 0x67D6
    	.short 0x6BD8, 0x6BDA, 0x6BDC, 0x6BDD, 0x6BDE, 0x6FDF
    	.short 0x5FE3, 0x63E5, 0x63E7, 0x63E9, 0x63EB, 0x63ED
    	.short 0x63EF, 0x63F1, 0x67F5, 0x6BF7, 0x6BF9, 0x6FFB
    	.short 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD, 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF, 0x6C00, 0x6C02
    	.short 0x6C04, 0x6C07, 0x6C08, 0x6C0B, 0x6C0E, 0x6C0F
    	.short 0x6C12, 0x6C14, 0x6C16, 0x6C19, 0x6C1B, 0x6C1D
    	.short 0x6C1F, 0x687F, 0x6C40, 0x6C42, 0x6C44, 0x6C46
    	.short 0x6C49, 0x6C4B, 0x6C4D, 0x6C4F, 0x6C52, 0x6C54
    	.short 0x6C56, 0x6C59, 0x6C5B, 0x6C5D, 0x689E, 0x68BF
    	.short 0x6C80, 0x6C82, 0x6C84, 0x6C86, 0x6C88, 0x6C8B
    	.short 0x6C8D, 0x6C90, 0x6C91, 0x6C94, 0x6C96, 0x6C98
    	.short 0x6C9B, 0x68DC, 0x68DE, 0x68FF, 0x6CE0, 0x6CE2
    	.short 0x6CE4, 0x6908, 0x690A, 0x690C, 0x690E, 0x6910
    	.short 0x6912, 0x6914, 0x6916, 0x6918, 0x691A, 0x691C
    	.short 0x691E, 0x693F, 0x6D20, 0x6D22, 0x6D24, 0x6948
    	.short 0x694A, 0x694C, 0x694E, 0x6950, 0x6952, 0x6954
    	.short 0x6956, 0x6958, 0x695A, 0x695C, 0x695E, 0x697F
    	.short 0x6D60, 0x6D62, 0x6D64, 0x6988, 0x698A, 0x698C
    	.short 0x698E, 0x6990, 0x6992, 0x6994, 0x6996, 0x6998
    	.short 0x699A, 0x699C, 0x69BE, 0x69BF, 0x6DC0, 0x6DC2
    	.short 0x6DA4, 0x69C8, 0x69CA, 0x69CC, 0x69CE, 0x69D0
    	.short 0x69D2, 0x69D4, 0x69D6, 0x69D8, 0x69DA, 0x69FC
    	.short 0x69FE, 0x69FF, 0x6E00, 0x6E02, 0x6E04, 0x6A08
    	.short 0x6A0A, 0x6A2C, 0x6A0E, 0x6A31, 0x6A32, 0x6A34
    	.short 0x6A36, 0x6A38, 0x6A3A, 0x6A3C, 0x6A3E, 0x6A3F
    	.short 0x6E40, 0x6E42, 0x6E44, 0x6A48, 0x6A4A, 0x6A4C
    	.short 0x6A4E, 0x6A71, 0x6A73, 0x6A75, 0x6A76, 0x6A78
    	.short 0x6A7A, 0x6A7C, 0x6A7E, 0x6EBF, 0x6E80, 0x6EA2
    	.short 0x6E84, 0x6A88, 0x6A8A, 0x6A8C, 0x6A8E, 0x6A91
    	.short 0x6AB3, 0x6AB5, 0x6AB6, 0x6AB8, 0x6ABA, 0x6ABC
    	.short 0x6EDE, 0x6EFF, 0x6EE0, 0x6EE2, 0x6EC4, 0x6AC8
    	.short 0x6ACA, 0x6ACC, 0x6ACE, 0x6AD1, 0x6AD3, 0x6AF5
    	.short 0x6AF7, 0x6AF8, 0x6AFA, 0x6F1D, 0x6F1E, 0x733F
    	.short 0x6F20, 0x6F22, 0x6F24, 0x6B28, 0x6B0A, 0x6B0C
    	.short 0x6B0E, 0x6B11, 0x6B13, 0x6B15, 0x6B17, 0x6F39
    	.short 0x6F3B, 0x6F5D, 0x735E, 0x737F, 0x6F60, 0x6F62
    	.short 0x6F64, 0x6B48, 0x6B4A, 0x6B4C, 0x6B4E, 0x6B51
    	.short 0x6B53, 0x6B55, 0x6B57, 0x6F79, 0x6F7B, 0x739D
    	.short 0x739E, 0x77BF, 0x6FA0, 0x6FA2, 0x6B86, 0x6B88
    	.short 0x6B8A, 0x6B8C, 0x6B8F, 0x6B91, 0x6B93, 0x6B95
    	.short 0x6FB8, 0x6FBA, 0x73BC, 0x73BD, 0x73BE, 0x77DF
    	.short 0x6FE0, 0x6BC4, 0x6BC6, 0x6BC8, 0x6BCA, 0x6BCD
    	.short 0x6BCF, 0x6BD1, 0x6BD3, 0x6FD6, 0x6FD8, 0x6FDA
    	.short 0x73DC, 0x73DD, 0x73DE, 0x77FF, 0x67E3, 0x6BE5
    	.short 0x67E7, 0x6BE9, 0x6BEB, 0x6BED, 0x6BEF, 0x6BF1
    	.short 0x6FF5, 0x6FF7, 0x6FF9, 0x73FB, 0x77FD, 0x77FE
    	.short 0x77FF, 0x77FF, 0x7400, 0x7402, 0x7404, 0x7406
    	.short 0x7409, 0x740B, 0x740D, 0x7410, 0x7412, 0x7414
    	.short 0x7416, 0x7418, 0x741B, 0x741D, 0x741F, 0x707F
    	.short 0x7440, 0x7442, 0x7444, 0x7446, 0x7449, 0x744B
    	.short 0x744D, 0x7450, 0x7451, 0x7454, 0x7456, 0x7458
    	.short 0x745B, 0x745D, 0x749E, 0x70BF, 0x74A0, 0x7482
    	.short 0x70C6, 0x70C8, 0x70CA, 0x70CC, 0x70CE, 0x70D0
    	.short 0x70D2, 0x70D4, 0x70D6, 0x70D8, 0x70DA, 0x70DC
    	.short 0x70DE, 0x70FF, 0x74E0, 0x74E2, 0x7106, 0x7108
    	.short 0x710A, 0x710C, 0x710E, 0x7110, 0x7112, 0x7114
    	.short 0x7116, 0x7118, 0x711A, 0x711C, 0x751E, 0x713F
    	.short 0x7520, 0x7522, 0x7146, 0x7148, 0x714A, 0x714C
    	.short 0x714E, 0x7150, 0x7152, 0x7154, 0x7156, 0x7158
    	.short 0x715A, 0x715C, 0x715E, 0x717F, 0x7560, 0x7562
    	.short 0x71A6, 0x7188, 0x718A, 0x718C, 0x718E, 0x7190
    	.short 0x7192, 0x7194, 0x7196, 0x7198, 0x719A, 0x719C
    	.short 0x71BE, 0x71BF, 0x75C0, 0x75A2, 0x71C6, 0x71C8
    	.short 0x71EA, 0x71EC, 0x71EF, 0x71F0, 0x71F2, 0x71F4
    	.short 0x71F6, 0x71F8, 0x71FA, 0x71FC, 0x71FE, 0x71FF
    	.short 0x7600, 0x7602, 0x7226, 0x7208, 0x720A, 0x720C
    	.short 0x722F, 0x7231, 0x7232, 0x7234, 0x7236, 0x7238
    	.short 0x723A, 0x723C, 0x723E, 0x723F, 0x7640, 0x7642
    	.short 0x7246, 0x7248, 0x724A, 0x726C, 0x726F, 0x7271
    	.short 0x7273, 0x7274, 0x7276, 0x7278, 0x727A, 0x727C
    	.short 0x727E, 0x72BF, 0x76A0, 0x7682, 0x7286, 0x7288
    	.short 0x72AA, 0x728C, 0x728F, 0x7291, 0x72B3, 0x72B5
    	.short 0x72B7, 0x72B8, 0x72BA, 0x72BC, 0x76DE, 0x76FF
    	.short 0x76E0, 0x76C2, 0x72C6, 0x72C8, 0x72CA, 0x72CC
    	.short 0x72EF, 0x72D1, 0x72D3, 0x72F5, 0x7718, 0x7719
    	.short 0x771B, 0x771D, 0x771E, 0x773F, 0x7720, 0x7722
    	.short 0x7306, 0x7308, 0x730A, 0x730C, 0x730F, 0x7311
    	.short 0x7313, 0x7315, 0x7738, 0x775A, 0x775B, 0x775D
    	.short 0x775E, 0x777F, 0x7760, 0x7762, 0x7346, 0x7348
    	.short 0x734A, 0x734C, 0x734F, 0x7351, 0x7353, 0x7355
    	.short 0x7778, 0x777A, 0x779C, 0x779D, 0x779E, 0x7BBF
    	.short 0x77A0, 0x77A2, 0x7386, 0x7388, 0x738A, 0x738C
    	.short 0x738F, 0x7391, 0x7393, 0x7395, 0x77B8, 0x77BA
    	.short 0x77BC, 0x77BD, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E0, 0x73C4
    	.short 0x73C6, 0x73C8, 0x73CA, 0x73CD, 0x73CF, 0x73D1
    	.short 0x73D3, 0x73D6, 0x77D8, 0x77DA, 0x77DC, 0x7BFE
    	.short 0x7BFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6FE3, 0x73E5, 0x6FE7, 0x6FE9
    	.short 0x6FEB, 0x73ED, 0x73EF, 0x73F1, 0x73F5, 0x73F7
    	.short 0x77F9, 0x77FB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7C00, 0x7C02, 0x7C04, 0x7C06, 0x7C09, 0x7C0B
    	.short 0x7C0D, 0x7C10, 0x7C12, 0x7C14, 0x7C16, 0x7C19
    	.short 0x7C1B, 0x7C1D, 0x7C1F, 0x787F, 0x7C40, 0x7884
    	.short 0x7886, 0x7888, 0x788A, 0x788C, 0x788E, 0x7890
    	.short 0x7892, 0x7894, 0x7896, 0x7898, 0x789A, 0x789C
    	.short 0x789E, 0x78BF, 0x7CA0, 0x78C4, 0x78C6, 0x78C8
    	.short 0x78CA, 0x78CC, 0x78CE, 0x78D0, 0x78D2, 0x78D4
    	.short 0x78D6, 0x78D8, 0x78DA, 0x78DC, 0x78DE, 0x78FF
    	.short 0x7CE0, 0x7904, 0x7906, 0x7908, 0x790A, 0x790C
    	.short 0x790E, 0x7910, 0x7912, 0x7914, 0x7916, 0x7918
    	.short 0x791A, 0x791C, 0x791E, 0x793F, 0x7D20, 0x7944
    	.short 0x7946, 0x7968, 0x794A, 0x794C, 0x794E, 0x7950
    	.short 0x7952, 0x7954, 0x7956, 0x7958, 0x795A, 0x795C
    	.short 0x795E, 0x797F, 0x7D60, 0x7984, 0x7986, 0x7988
    	.short 0x798A, 0x79AD, 0x79AE, 0x79B0, 0x79B2, 0x79B4
    	.short 0x79B6, 0x79B8, 0x79BA, 0x79BC, 0x79BE, 0x79BF
    	.short 0x7DA0, 0x79C4, 0x79C6, 0x79E8, 0x79CA, 0x79ED
    	.short 0x79EF, 0x79F0, 0x79F3, 0x79F4, 0x79F6, 0x79F8
    	.short 0x79FA, 0x79FC, 0x79FE, 0x79FF, 0x7E00, 0x7A04
    	.short 0x7A06, 0x7A08, 0x7A0A, 0x7A2D, 0x7A2F, 0x7A31
    	.short 0x7A33, 0x7A35, 0x7A36, 0x7A38, 0x7A3A, 0x7A3C
    	.short 0x7A3E, 0x7A3F, 0x7E40, 0x7A64, 0x7A46, 0x7A68
    	.short 0x7A4A, 0x7A4D, 0x7A6F, 0x7A71, 0x7A73, 0x7A75
    	.short 0x7A76, 0x7A78, 0x7A7A, 0x7A7C, 0x7A7E, 0x7ABF
    	.short 0x7E80, 0x7A84, 0x7A86, 0x7A88, 0x7A8A, 0x7AAD
    	.short 0x7AAF, 0x7AB1, 0x7AB3, 0x7AD6, 0x7AD8, 0x7AD9
    	.short 0x7ADB, 0x7ADC, 0x7ADE, 0x7AFF, 0x7EC0, 0x7AE4
    	.short 0x7AC6, 0x7AC8, 0x7ACA, 0x7AED, 0x7ACF, 0x7AF1
    	.short 0x7AF3, 0x7B16, 0x7B18, 0x7B1A, 0x7B1B, 0x7B1D
    	.short 0x7B1E, 0x7B3F, 0x7F20, 0x7B04, 0x7B06, 0x7B08
    	.short 0x7B0A, 0x7B0D, 0x7B0F, 0x7B31, 0x7B13, 0x7B36
    	.short 0x7B58, 0x7B5A, 0x7B5B, 0x7B5D, 0x7B5E, 0x7B7F
    	.short 0x7F60, 0x7B44, 0x7B46, 0x7B48, 0x7B4A, 0x7B4D
    	.short 0x7B4F, 0x7B51, 0x7B53, 0x7B76, 0x7B78, 0x7B9A
    	.short 0x7B9C, 0x7B9D, 0x7B9E, 0x7FBF, 0x7FA0, 0x7BA4
    	.short 0x7B86, 0x7BA8, 0x7B8A, 0x7B8D, 0x7B8F, 0x7B91
    	.short 0x7B93, 0x7BB6, 0x7BB8, 0x7BBA, 0x7BBC, 0x7FDE
    	.short 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE0, 0x7BC4, 0x7BC6, 0x7BC8
    	.short 0x7BCA, 0x7BCD, 0x7BCF, 0x7BD1, 0x7BD3, 0x7BD6
    	.short 0x7BD8, 0x7BDA, 0x7BDC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x77E3, 0x77E5, 0x77E7, 0x77E9, 0x77EB, 0x77ED
    	.short 0x7BEF, 0x7BF1, 0x7BF5, 0x7BF7, 0x7BF9, 0x7BFB
    	.short 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C63, 0x7C64
    	.short 0x7C66, 0x7C68, 0x7C6A, 0x7C6C, 0x7C6E, 0x7C70
    	.short 0x7C72, 0x7C74, 0x7C76, 0x7C77, 0x7C79, 0x7C7B
    	.short 0x7C7D, 0x7C7F, 0x7CA3, 0x7CA5, 0x7CA7, 0x7CA9
    	.short 0x7CAA, 0x7CAD, 0x7CAE, 0x7CB0, 0x7CB2, 0x7CB4
    	.short 0x7CB6, 0x7CB8, 0x7CBA, 0x7CBC, 0x7CBD, 0x7CBF
    	.short 0x7CE3, 0x7CE5, 0x7CE7, 0x7CE9, 0x7CEB, 0x7CEC
    	.short 0x7CEE, 0x7CF0, 0x7CF2, 0x7CF4, 0x7CF6, 0x7CF8
    	.short 0x7CF9, 0x7CFB, 0x7CFD, 0x7CFF, 0x7D23, 0x7D25
    	.short 0x7D27, 0x7D29, 0x7D2B, 0x7D2D, 0x7D2F, 0x7D30
    	.short 0x7D32, 0x7D34, 0x7D36, 0x7D38, 0x7D3A, 0x7D3B
    	.short 0x7D3D, 0x7D3F, 0x7D63, 0x7D65, 0x7D67, 0x7D69
    	.short 0x7D6B, 0x7D6D, 0x7D6F, 0x7D71, 0x7D72, 0x7D74
    	.short 0x7D76, 0x7D78, 0x7D7A, 0x7D7B, 0x7D7D, 0x7D7F
    	.short 0x7DA3, 0x7DA5, 0x7DA7, 0x7DA9, 0x7DAB, 0x7DAD
    	.short 0x7DAF, 0x7DB1, 0x7DB2, 0x7DB4, 0x7DB6, 0x7DB8
    	.short 0x7DBA, 0x7DBC, 0x7DBD, 0x7DBF, 0x7DC3, 0x7DE5
    	.short 0x7DE7, 0x7DE9, 0x7DEB, 0x7DED, 0x7DEF, 0x7DF1
    	.short 0x7DF3, 0x7DF5, 0x7DF6, 0x7DF8, 0x7DFA, 0x7DFC
    	.short 0x7DFE, 0x7DFF, 0x7E03, 0x7E25, 0x7E07, 0x7E29
    	.short 0x7E2B, 0x7E2D, 0x7E2F, 0x7E31, 0x7E33, 0x7E35
    	.short 0x7E37, 0x7E38, 0x7E3A, 0x7E3C, 0x7E3E, 0x7E3F
    	.short 0x7E43, 0x7E45, 0x7E67, 0x7E69, 0x7E6B, 0x7E6D
    	.short 0x7E6F, 0x7E71, 0x7EB5, 0x7EB6, 0x7EB8, 0x7EB9
    	.short 0x7EBB, 0x7EBC, 0x7EBE, 0x7EBF, 0x7E83, 0x7E85
    	.short 0x7EA7, 0x7E89, 0x7EAB, 0x7EAD, 0x7EAF, 0x7EB1
    	.short 0x7ED5, 0x7EF7, 0x7EF8, 0x7EFA, 0x7EFB, 0x7EFC
    	.short 0x7EFE, 0x7EFF, 0x7EC3, 0x7EC5, 0x7EC7, 0x7EC9
    	.short 0x7ECB, 0x7ECD, 0x7EEF, 0x7EF1, 0x7F15, 0x7F17
    	.short 0x7F39, 0x7F3A, 0x7F3B, 0x7F3D, 0x7F3E, 0x7F3F
    	.short 0x7F03, 0x7F05, 0x7F07, 0x7F09, 0x7F0B, 0x7F0D
    	.short 0x7F2F, 0x7F11, 0x7F35, 0x7F57, 0x7F59, 0x7F7B
    	.short 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D, 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F, 0x7F43, 0x7F45
    	.short 0x7F47, 0x7F49, 0x7F4B, 0x7F4D, 0x7F4F, 0x7F51
    	.short 0x7F75, 0x7F77, 0x7F99, 0x7F9B, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE
    	.short 0x7FBF, 0x7FBF, 0x7F83, 0x7F85, 0x7F87, 0x7F89
    	.short 0x7F8B, 0x7F8D, 0x7F8F, 0x7F91, 0x7F95, 0x7FB7
    	.short 0x7FB9, 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FC3, 0x7FC5, 0x7FC7, 0x7FC9, 0x7FCB, 0x7FCD
    	.short 0x7FCF, 0x7FD1, 0x7FD5, 0x7FD7, 0x7FD9, 0x7FDB
    	.short 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE3, 0x7FE5
    	.short 0x7FE7, 0x7FE9, 0x7FEB, 0x7FED, 0x7FEF, 0x7FF1
    	.short 0x7FF5, 0x7FF7, 0x7FF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x421, 0x423, 0x425, 0x427, 0x429
    	.short 0x42B, 0x42D, 0x12, 0x14, 0x16, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1D
    	.short 0x1F, 0x43F, 0x109F, 0x461, 0x463, 0x465, 0x467
    	.short 0x469, 0x46B, 0x46D, 0x52, 0x54, 0x56, 0x59, 0x5B
    	.short 0x3D, 0x5F, 0x47F, 0x10DF, 0x4A1, 0x4A3, 0x4A5
    	.short 0x4A7, 0x4A9, 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xB2, 0xB4, 0xB6, 0x99
    	.short 0x9B, 0x9D, 0x9F, 0x4BF, 0x10FF, 0x4E1, 0x4E3, 0x4E5
    	.short 0x4E7, 0x4E9, 0x4EB, 0x4ED, 0xF2, 0xF4, 0xF6, 0xF9
    	.short 0xFB, 0xFD, 0xDF, 0x4FF, 0x113F, 0x521, 0x523, 0x525
    	.short 0x527, 0x529, 0x52B, 0x52D, 0x152, 0x154, 0x156
    	.short 0x139, 0x13B, 0x13D, 0x13F, 0x55F, 0x117F, 0x561
    	.short 0x563, 0x565, 0x567, 0x569, 0x56B, 0x56D, 0x1B2
    	.short 0x194, 0x196, 0x199, 0x19B, 0x17D, 0x17F, 0x59F
    	.short 0x11BF, 0x5A1, 0x5A3, 0x5A5, 0x5A7, 0x5A9, 0x5AB
    	.short 0x5AD, 0x1F2, 0x1F4, 0x1D6, 0x1D9, 0x1DB, 0x1DD
    	.short 0x1DF, 0x5DF, 0x11FF, 0x240, 0x243, 0x245, 0x248
    	.short 0x24B, 0x24D, 0x250, 0x252, 0x254, 0x236, 0x239
    	.short 0x21B, 0x21D, 0x21F, 0x61F, 0x123F, 0x280, 0x283
    	.short 0x285, 0x288, 0x28A, 0x28D, 0x28F, 0x292, 0x294
    	.short 0x296, 0x279, 0x27B, 0x27D, 0x25F, 0x65F, 0x125F
    	.short 0x2C0, 0x2C2, 0x2C5, 0x2C7, 0x2CA, 0x2CD, 0x2CF
    	.short 0x2D1, 0x2D4, 0x2D6, 0x2D9, 0x2BB, 0x2BD, 0x2BF
    	.short 0x69F, 0x129F, 0x320, 0x322, 0x325, 0x327, 0x32A
    	.short 0x32C, 0x32F, 0x331, 0x334, 0x336, 0x339, 0x31B
    	.short 0x2FD, 0x2FF, 0x6DF, 0x12DF, 0x360, 0x362, 0x365
    	.short 0x367, 0x36A, 0x36C, 0x36E, 0x371, 0x373, 0x376
    	.short 0x378, 0x37B, 0x35D, 0x35F, 0x73F, 0x131F, 0x3A0
    	.short 0x3A2, 0x3A4, 0x3A7, 0x3A9, 0x3AC, 0x3AE, 0x3B1
    	.short 0x3B3, 0x3B5, 0x3B8, 0x3BA, 0x3BD, 0x39F, 0x77F
    	.short 0x135F, 0x3E0, 0x3E2, 0x3E5, 0x3E7, 0x3E9, 0x3EC
    	.short 0x3EE, 0x3F1, 0x3F3, 0x3F5, 0x3F8, 0x3FA, 0x3FD
    	.short 0x3FF, 0x7BF, 0x137F, 0x7E1, 0x7E3, 0x7E6, 0x7E8
    	.short 0x7EA, 0x7EC, 0x7EE, 0x7F0, 0x7F3, 0x7F5, 0x7F7
    	.short 0x7F9, 0x7FB, 0x7FD, 0x7FF, 0x13BF, 0x13E4, 0x13E6
    	.short 0x13E8, 0x13EA, 0x13EC, 0x13ED, 0x13EF, 0x13F1
    	.short 0x13F3, 0x13F5, 0x13F6, 0x13F8, 0x13FA, 0x13FC
    	.short 0x13FE, 0x13FF, 0xC21, 0xC23, 0xC25, 0xC27, 0xC29
    	.short 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC12, 0xC14, 0x816, 0x819, 0x81B
    	.short 0x81D, 0x81F, 0xC3F, 0x189F, 0xC61, 0xC63, 0xC65
    	.short 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0xC70, 0x852, 0x854, 0x856
    	.short 0x858, 0x85B, 0x85D, 0xC7E, 0x14BF, 0x18DF, 0xCA1
    	.short 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9, 0xCAB, 0xCB0, 0x8B2
    	.short 0x8B4, 0x8B6, 0x898, 0x89B, 0x89D, 0xCBE, 0x14FF
    	.short 0x191F, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5, 0xCE7, 0xCE9, 0xCEB
    	.short 0xCF0, 0x8F2, 0x8F4, 0x8F6, 0x8F8, 0x8DB, 0x8DD
    	.short 0xCFE, 0x153F, 0x195F, 0xD21, 0xD23, 0xD25, 0xD27
    	.short 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0xD50, 0x952, 0x954, 0x936, 0x938
    	.short 0x93B, 0x93D, 0xD5E, 0x157F, 0x197F, 0xD61, 0xD63
    	.short 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B, 0xDB0, 0x992, 0x994
    	.short 0x996, 0x998, 0x97B, 0x97D, 0xD7E, 0x15BF, 0x19BF
    	.short 0xDA1, 0xE03, 0xE05, 0xE08, 0xE0A, 0xE0D, 0xE10
    	.short 0x9F2, 0x9F4, 0x9D6, 0x9D8, 0x9DB, 0x9DD, 0xDDE
    	.short 0x15DF, 0x19FF, 0xA40, 0xA42, 0xA45, 0xA47, 0xA4A
    	.short 0xA4D, 0xA4F, 0xA52, 0xA34, 0xA36, 0xA38, 0xA1B
    	.short 0xA1D, 0xE1E, 0x163F, 0x1A3F, 0xA80, 0xA82, 0xA85
    	.short 0xA88, 0xA8A, 0xA8D, 0xA8F, 0xA92, 0xA94, 0xA76
    	.short 0xA78, 0xA7B, 0xA5D, 0xE5E, 0x167F, 0x1A7F, 0xAC0
    	.short 0xAC2, 0xAC5, 0xAC7, 0xACA, 0xACC, 0xACF, 0xAD1
    	.short 0xAD4, 0xAD6, 0xAD8, 0xABB, 0xABD, 0xE9E, 0x169F
    	.short 0x1ABF, 0xB20, 0xB02, 0xB04, 0xB07, 0xB09, 0xB0C
    	.short 0xB0F, 0xB11, 0xB14, 0xB16, 0xB18, 0xB1B, 0xAFD
    	.short 0xEFE, 0x16FF, 0x1ADF, 0xB60, 0xB62, 0xB64, 0xB67
    	.short 0xB69, 0xB6C, 0xB6E, 0xB71, 0xB73, 0xB76, 0xB78
    	.short 0xB7B, 0xB5D, 0xF3E, 0x171F, 0x1B1F, 0x7A0, 0xBA2
    	.short 0xBA4, 0xBA7, 0xBA9, 0xBAC, 0xBAE, 0xBB1, 0xBB3
    	.short 0xBB6, 0xBB8, 0xBBA, 0xBBD, 0xF7E, 0x175F, 0x1B5F
    	.short 0xBE0, 0xFC3, 0xFC5, 0xFC7, 0xFCA, 0xFCC, 0xFCE
    	.short 0xFD0, 0xFD2, 0xFD5, 0xFD7, 0xFD9, 0xFDB, 0xFDE
    	.short 0x17BF, 0x1B9F, 0xFE1, 0x17E5, 0x17E7, 0x17E9, 0x17EB
    	.short 0x17ED, 0x17EF, 0x17F1, 0x17F3, 0x17F5, 0x17F7
    	.short 0x17F9, 0x17FB, 0x17FD, 0x17FF, 0x1BBF, 0x1BE4
    	.short 0x1BE6, 0x1BE8, 0x1BEA, 0x1BEC, 0x1BEE, 0x1BF0
    	.short 0x1BF1, 0x1BF3, 0x1BF5, 0x1BF7, 0x1BF8, 0x1BFA
    	.short 0x1BFC, 0x1BFE, 0x1BFF, 0x1421, 0x1423, 0x1425
    	.short 0x1427, 0x1429, 0x142B, 0x142D, 0x1412, 0x1414
    	.short 0x1416, 0x1419, 0x141B, 0x101D, 0x141F, 0x183F
    	.short 0x209F, 0x1461, 0x1463, 0x1465, 0x1467, 0x1469
    	.short 0x146B, 0x1470, 0x1452, 0x1454, 0x1456, 0x1058
    	.short 0x105B, 0x105D, 0x147E, 0x1CBF, 0x20DF, 0x14A1
    	.short 0x14A3, 0x14A5, 0x14A7, 0x14A9, 0x14AD, 0x14AF
    	.short 0x14B2, 0x1094, 0x1096, 0x1098, 0x109A, 0x14BB
    	.short 0x1CFD, 0x1CFF, 0x211F, 0x14E1, 0x14E3, 0x14E5
    	.short 0x14E7, 0x14E9, 0x150D, 0x14EF, 0x14F2, 0x10F4
    	.short 0x10F6, 0x10F8, 0x10DA, 0x14FB, 0x1D3D, 0x1D3F
    	.short 0x215F, 0x1521, 0x1523, 0x1525, 0x1527, 0x1529
    	.short 0x154D, 0x154F, 0x1552, 0x1134, 0x1136, 0x1138
    	.short 0x113A, 0x153B, 0x1D7D, 0x1D7F, 0x219F, 0x1561
    	.short 0x1563, 0x15A5, 0x15A8, 0x15AA, 0x15AD, 0x15AF
    	.short 0x1592, 0x1194, 0x1196, 0x1198, 0x117A, 0x157B
    	.short 0x1DBD, 0x1DBF, 0x21BF, 0x15A1, 0x1603, 0x15E5
    	.short 0x15E7, 0x15EA, 0x15ED, 0x15EF, 0x15F2, 0x11D4
    	.short 0x11D6, 0x11D8, 0x11DA, 0x15DB, 0x1DFD, 0x1DFF
    	.short 0x21FF, 0x1640, 0x1642, 0x1645, 0x1647, 0x164A
    	.short 0x164C, 0x164F, 0x1652, 0x1234, 0x1236, 0x1218
    	.short 0x121A, 0x161B, 0x1E3D, 0x1E3F, 0x223F, 0x1680
    	.short 0x1682, 0x1284, 0x1287, 0x128A, 0x128C, 0x128F
    	.short 0x1291, 0x1294, 0x1276, 0x1278, 0x125A, 0x165B
    	.short 0x1E7D, 0x1E7F, 0x227F, 0x16C0, 0x16C2, 0x12C4
    	.short 0x12C7, 0x12CA, 0x12CC, 0x12CF, 0x12D1, 0x12D4
    	.short 0x12D6, 0x12B8, 0x12BA, 0x169B, 0x1E9D, 0x1E9F
    	.short 0x22BF, 0x1320, 0x1302, 0x1304, 0x1307, 0x1309
    	.short 0x130C, 0x130E, 0x1311, 0x1313, 0x1316, 0x1318
    	.short 0x131A, 0x16DB, 0x1EFD, 0x1EDF, 0x22DF, 0x1360
    	.short 0x1362, 0x1344, 0x1347, 0x1349, 0x134C, 0x134E
    	.short 0x1351, 0x1353, 0x1355, 0x1358, 0x135A, 0x173B
    	.short 0x1F1D, 0x1F3F, 0x231F, 0x13A0, 0x13A2, 0x1765
    	.short 0x1767, 0x176A, 0x176C, 0x176E, 0x1770, 0x1772
    	.short 0x1775, 0x1777, 0x1779, 0x177B, 0x1F7D, 0x1F5F
    	.short 0x235F, 0x13E0, 0x17C3, 0x1FA7, 0x1FA9, 0x1FAB
    	.short 0x1FAD, 0x1FAF, 0x1FB1, 0x1FB3, 0x1FB5, 0x1FB7
    	.short 0x1FB9, 0x1FBB, 0x1FBD, 0x1F9F, 0x239F, 0x17E1
    	.short 0x1FE5, 0x1FE7, 0x1FE9, 0x1FEB, 0x1FED, 0x1FEF
    	.short 0x1FF1, 0x1FF3, 0x1FF5, 0x1FF7, 0x1FF9, 0x1FFB
    	.short 0x1FFD, 0x1FFF, 0x23DF, 0x1FE4, 0x23E6, 0x23E8
    	.short 0x23EA, 0x23EC, 0x23EE, 0x23F0, 0x23F1, 0x23F3
    	.short 0x23F5, 0x23F7, 0x23F9, 0x23FA, 0x23FC, 0x23FE
    	.short 0x23FF, 0x1C21, 0x1C23, 0x1C25, 0x1C27, 0x1C29
    	.short 0x1C2B, 0x1C2D, 0x2012, 0x2014, 0x1C16, 0x1C19
    	.short 0x1C1B, 0x1C1D, 0x1C1F, 0x203F, 0x289F, 0x1C61
    	.short 0x1C63, 0x1C65, 0x1C67, 0x1C69, 0x1C6B, 0x2070
    	.short 0x1C52, 0x2054, 0x1C56, 0x1C58, 0x1C5B, 0x1C5D
    	.short 0x1C7E, 0x24BF, 0x28DF, 0x1CA1, 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5
    	.short 0x1CA7, 0x1CA9, 0x20AD, 0x1CAF, 0x1CB2, 0x1C94
    	.short 0x1C96, 0x1C98, 0x1C9A, 0x1CBB, 0x24FD, 0x24FF
    	.short 0x291F, 0x1CE1, 0x1CE3, 0x1CE5, 0x1CE7, 0x210A
    	.short 0x1CED, 0x1CEF, 0x1CF1, 0x1CF3, 0x1CF6, 0x18D8
    	.short 0x1CF9, 0x253B, 0x253D, 0x253F, 0x295F, 0x1D21
    	.short 0x1D23, 0x1D25, 0x2148, 0x214A, 0x1D4D, 0x1D4F
    	.short 0x1D51, 0x1D33, 0x1D36, 0x1938, 0x1D39, 0x257B
    	.short 0x257D, 0x257F, 0x299F, 0x1D61, 0x1D63, 0x21A5
    	.short 0x1DA7, 0x1DAA, 0x1DAD, 0x1D8F, 0x1D91, 0x1D93
    	.short 0x1D76, 0x1978, 0x1D99, 0x25BB, 0x25BD, 0x25BF
    	.short 0x29DF, 0x1DA1, 0x1E03, 0x1DE5, 0x1DE7, 0x1DEA
    	.short 0x1DEC, 0x1DEF, 0x1DF1, 0x1DD3, 0x1DD6, 0x19D8
    	.short 0x1DD9, 0x25FB, 0x25FD, 0x25FF, 0x2A1F, 0x1E40
    	.short 0x1E42, 0x1E45, 0x1E27, 0x1E2A, 0x1E2C, 0x1E2F
    	.short 0x1E31, 0x1E33, 0x1E16, 0x1A18, 0x1E19, 0x263B
    	.short 0x263D, 0x263F, 0x2A3F, 0x1E80, 0x1E82, 0x1E84
    	.short 0x1E67, 0x1E69, 0x1E6C, 0x1E6E, 0x1E71, 0x1E73
    	.short 0x1E76, 0x1A78, 0x1E59, 0x267B, 0x267D, 0x267F
    	.short 0x2A7F, 0x1EC0, 0x1EC2, 0x1EC4, 0x1EC7, 0x1EC9
    	.short 0x1ECC, 0x1ECE, 0x1ED1, 0x1ED3, 0x1ED6, 0x1AB8
    	.short 0x1EB9, 0x26BB, 0x26BD, 0x26BF, 0x2ABF, 0x1F20
    	.short 0x1F02, 0x1F04, 0x1B06, 0x1B09, 0x1B0C, 0x1B0E
    	.short 0x1B11, 0x1B13, 0x1B16, 0x1B18, 0x1EF9, 0x26FB
    	.short 0x26DD, 0x26DF, 0x2ADF, 0x1F60, 0x1B62, 0x1B44
    	.short 0x1F27, 0x1F2A, 0x1F2C, 0x1F2E, 0x1F30, 0x1F33
    	.short 0x1F35, 0x1F37, 0x1F39, 0x273B, 0x271D, 0x273F
    	.short 0x2B1F, 0x1FA0, 0x1BA2, 0x1F65, 0x2769, 0x276B
    	.short 0x276D, 0x276F, 0x2771, 0x2773, 0x2775, 0x2777
    	.short 0x2779, 0x277B, 0x275D, 0x275F, 0x2B5F, 0x1BE0
    	.short 0x1FC3, 0x27A7, 0x27A9, 0x27AB, 0x27AD, 0x27AF
    	.short 0x27B1, 0x27B3, 0x27B5, 0x27B7, 0x27B9, 0x27BB
    	.short 0x27BD, 0x279F, 0x2B9F, 0x1FE1, 0x27E5, 0x27E7
    	.short 0x27E9, 0x27EB, 0x27ED, 0x27EF, 0x27F1, 0x27F3
    	.short 0x27F5, 0x27F7, 0x27F9, 0x27FB, 0x27FD, 0x27FF
    	.short 0x2BBF, 0x27E4, 0x2BE6, 0x2BE8, 0x2BEA, 0x2BEC
    	.short 0x2BEE, 0x2BF0, 0x2BF1, 0x2BF3, 0x2BF5, 0x2BF7
    	.short 0x2BF8, 0x2BFA, 0x2BFC, 0x2BFE, 0x2BFF, 0x2421
    	.short 0x2423, 0x2425, 0x2427, 0x2429, 0x242B, 0x242D
    	.short 0x2C12, 0x2814, 0x2816, 0x2819, 0x281B, 0x241D
    	.short 0x241F, 0x283F, 0x309F, 0x2461, 0x2463, 0x2465
    	.short 0x2467, 0x2469, 0x246B, 0x2870, 0x2852, 0x2854
    	.short 0x2856, 0x2458, 0x245B, 0x245D, 0x287E, 0x2CBF
    	.short 0x30DF, 0x24A1, 0x24A3, 0x24A5, 0x24A7, 0x24A9
    	.short 0x28AD, 0x28AF, 0x28B2, 0x2894, 0x2896, 0x2498
    	.short 0x249A, 0x28BB, 0x2CFD, 0x2CFF, 0x311F, 0x24E1
    	.short 0x24E3, 0x24E5, 0x2908, 0x290A, 0x28ED, 0x28EF
    	.short 0x28F1, 0x24F3, 0x24F6, 0x24D8, 0x28F9, 0x2D3B
    	.short 0x2D3D, 0x2D3F, 0x315F, 0x2521, 0x2523, 0x2525
    	.short 0x2948, 0x294A, 0x294C, 0x294F, 0x2531, 0x2533
    	.short 0x2535, 0x2957, 0x2D79, 0x2D7B, 0x2D7D, 0x2D7F
    	.short 0x35BF, 0x2561, 0x2563, 0x29A5, 0x29A7, 0x298A
    	.short 0x298C, 0x298F, 0x2591, 0x2593, 0x2575, 0x2997
    	.short 0x2DB9, 0x2DBB, 0x2DBD, 0x2DBF, 0x35DF, 0x25A1
    	.short 0x2A03, 0x29E5, 0x29E7, 0x29EA, 0x29EC, 0x29EF
    	.short 0x25D1, 0x25D3, 0x25D5, 0x29D7, 0x2DF9, 0x2DFB
    	.short 0x2DFD, 0x2DFF, 0x361F, 0x2A40, 0x2A42, 0x2A45
    	.short 0x2A27, 0x2629, 0x262C, 0x262E, 0x2631, 0x2633
    	.short 0x2615, 0x2A17, 0x2E39, 0x2E3B, 0x2E3D, 0x2E3F
    	.short 0x365F, 0x2A80, 0x2A82, 0x2684, 0x2667, 0x2669
    	.short 0x266C, 0x266E, 0x2671, 0x2673, 0x2675, 0x2A57
    	.short 0x2E79, 0x2E7B, 0x2E7D, 0x2E7F, 0x367F, 0x2AC0
    	.short 0x26C2, 0x26C4, 0x26C7, 0x26A9, 0x26AB, 0x26AE
    	.short 0x26B0, 0x26B3, 0x26B5, 0x2A97, 0x2EB9, 0x2EBB
    	.short 0x2EBD, 0x2EBF, 0x36BF, 0x2720, 0x2702, 0x2704
    	.short 0x2706, 0x2AEA, 0x2AEC, 0x2AEE, 0x2AF0, 0x2AF2
    	.short 0x2AF5, 0x2AF7, 0x2EF9, 0x2EFB, 0x2EFD, 0x2EFF
    	.short 0x36FF, 0x2760, 0x2762, 0x2744, 0x2727, 0x2F2B
    	.short 0x2F2D, 0x2F2F, 0x2F31, 0x2F33, 0x2F35, 0x2F37
    	.short 0x2F39, 0x2F3B, 0x2F3D, 0x2F1F, 0x371F, 0x27A0
    	.short 0x27A2, 0x2765, 0x2F69, 0x2F6B, 0x2F6D, 0x2F6F
    	.short 0x2F71, 0x2F73, 0x2F75, 0x2F77, 0x2F79, 0x2F7B
    	.short 0x2F7D, 0x2F5F, 0x375F, 0x27E0, 0x2BC3, 0x2FA7
    	.short 0x2FA9, 0x2FAB, 0x2FAD, 0x2FAF, 0x2FB1, 0x2FB3
    	.short 0x2FB5, 0x2FB7, 0x2FB9, 0x2FBB, 0x2FBD, 0x2F9F
    	.short 0x379F, 0x2BE1, 0x2FE5, 0x2FE7, 0x2FE9, 0x2FEB
    	.short 0x2FED, 0x2FEF, 0x2FF1, 0x2FF3, 0x2FF5, 0x2FF7
    	.short 0x2FF9, 0x2FFB, 0x2FFD, 0x2FFF, 0x37DF, 0x2FE4
    	.short 0x2FE6, 0x33E8, 0x33EA, 0x37ED, 0x37EE, 0x37F0
    	.short 0x37F2, 0x37F3, 0x37F5, 0x37F7, 0x37F9, 0x37FA
    	.short 0x37FC, 0x37FE, 0x37FF, 0x2C21, 0x2C23, 0x2C25
    	.short 0x2C27, 0x2C29, 0x2C2B, 0x2C2D, 0x3412, 0x3414
    	.short 0x3416, 0x3019, 0x301B, 0x301D, 0x301F, 0x303F
    	.short 0x349F, 0x2C61, 0x2C63, 0x2C65, 0x2C67, 0x2C69
    	.short 0x2C6B, 0x3470, 0x3452, 0x3454, 0x3056, 0x3058
    	.short 0x305B, 0x305D, 0x307E, 0x34BF, 0x38DF, 0x2CA1
    	.short 0x2CA3, 0x34A5, 0x34A8, 0x34AA, 0x34AD, 0x34AF
    	.short 0x30B2, 0x3094, 0x3096, 0x3098, 0x309A, 0x30BB
    	.short 0x34FD, 0x34FF, 0x391F, 0x2CE1, 0x2CE3, 0x3505
    	.short 0x34E7, 0x34EA, 0x34ED, 0x30EF, 0x30F1, 0x30F3
    	.short 0x30F6, 0x30D8, 0x30F9, 0x353B, 0x353D, 0x353F
    	.short 0x395F, 0x2D21, 0x2D23, 0x3545, 0x3547, 0x314A
    	.short 0x314C, 0x314F, 0x3131, 0x3133, 0x2D35, 0x3157
    	.short 0x3579, 0x357B, 0x357D, 0x357F, 0x39BF, 0x2D61
    	.short 0x2D63, 0x35A5, 0x35A7, 0x318A, 0x318C, 0x318F
    	.short 0x3191, 0x3193, 0x3195, 0x35B7, 0x35B9, 0x35BB
    	.short 0x35BD, 0x39DF, 0x3DFF, 0x2DA1, 0x3603, 0x35E5
    	.short 0x31E7, 0x31EA, 0x31EC, 0x31EF, 0x31D1, 0x31D3
    	.short 0x31D5, 0x35F7, 0x35F9, 0x35FB, 0x35FD, 0x39FF
    	.short 0x3E1F, 0x3640, 0x3242, 0x3245, 0x3227, 0x3229
    	.short 0x322C, 0x322E, 0x3231, 0x3213, 0x3215, 0x3637
    	.short 0x3639, 0x363B, 0x363D, 0x3A3F, 0x3E5F, 0x3280
    	.short 0x3282, 0x3284, 0x3267, 0x3269, 0x326C, 0x326E
    	.short 0x3270, 0x3273, 0x3275, 0x3677, 0x3679, 0x367B
    	.short 0x367D, 0x3A7F, 0x3E7F, 0x32C0, 0x32C2, 0x32C4
    	.short 0x2EC7, 0x2EA9, 0x32AC, 0x32AE, 0x32B0, 0x32B3
    	.short 0x32B5, 0x36B7, 0x36B9, 0x36BB, 0x36BD, 0x3ABF
    	.short 0x3EBF, 0x3320, 0x3302, 0x3304, 0x2F06, 0x32EA
    	.short 0x36ED, 0x36EF, 0x36F1, 0x36F3, 0x36F5, 0x36F7
    	.short 0x36F9, 0x36FB, 0x36FD, 0x3AFF, 0x3EFF, 0x3360
    	.short 0x2F62, 0x2F44, 0x3327, 0x372B, 0x372D, 0x372F
    	.short 0x3731, 0x3733, 0x3735, 0x3737, 0x3739, 0x373B
    	.short 0x373D, 0x3B3F, 0x3F1F, 0x2FA0, 0x2FA2, 0x2F65
    	.short 0x3769, 0x376B, 0x376D, 0x376F, 0x3771, 0x3773
    	.short 0x3775, 0x3777, 0x3779, 0x377B, 0x377D, 0x3B7F
    	.short 0x3F5F, 0x2FE0, 0x2FC3, 0x37A7, 0x37A9, 0x37AB
    	.short 0x37AD, 0x37AF, 0x37B1, 0x37B3, 0x37B5, 0x37B7
    	.short 0x37B9, 0x37BB, 0x37BD, 0x3BBF, 0x3F9F, 0x33E1
    	.short 0x37E5, 0x37E7, 0x37E9, 0x37EB, 0x3BEE, 0x3BEF
    	.short 0x3BF1, 0x3BF3, 0x3BF5, 0x3BF7, 0x3BF9, 0x3BFB
    	.short 0x3BFD, 0x3BFF, 0x3FDF, 0x37E4, 0x37E6, 0x37E8
    	.short 0x3BEA, 0x3BED, 0x3FEF, 0x3FF0, 0x3FF2, 0x3FF4
    	.short 0x3FF5, 0x3FF7, 0x3FF9, 0x3FFA, 0x3FFC, 0x3FFE
    	.short 0x3FFF, 0x3421, 0x3423, 0x3425, 0x3427, 0x3429
    	.short 0x342B, 0x342D, 0x4012, 0x3C14, 0x3C16, 0x3C19
    	.short 0x381B, 0x381D, 0x381F, 0x383F, 0x3C9F, 0x3461
    	.short 0x4063, 0x4065, 0x4067, 0x406A, 0x406D, 0x4070
    	.short 0x3C52, 0x3C54, 0x3C56, 0x3C58, 0x385B, 0x385D
    	.short 0x387E, 0x3CBF, 0x40DF, 0x34A1, 0x40A3, 0x3CA5
    	.short 0x3CA7, 0x3CAA, 0x3CAD, 0x3CAF, 0x3CB2, 0x3C94
    	.short 0x3C96, 0x3898, 0x389A, 0x38BB, 0x3CFD, 0x3CFF
    	.short 0x411F, 0x34E1, 0x4103, 0x3CE5, 0x3CE7, 0x3CEA
    	.short 0x3CEC, 0x3CEF, 0x3CF1, 0x38F3, 0x38F6, 0x38D8
    	.short 0x38F9, 0x3D3B, 0x3D3D, 0x3D3F, 0x415F, 0x3521
    	.short 0x4143, 0x3D45, 0x3D47, 0x3D4A, 0x3D4C, 0x3D4F
    	.short 0x3931, 0x3933, 0x3935, 0x3957, 0x3D79, 0x3D7B
    	.short 0x3D7D, 0x3D7F, 0x41BF, 0x3561, 0x41A3, 0x3DA5
    	.short 0x3D87, 0x3D8A, 0x3D8C, 0x3D8F, 0x3991, 0x3993
    	.short 0x3995, 0x3DB7, 0x3DB9, 0x3DBB, 0x3DBD, 0x3DDF
    	.short 0x41FF, 0x35A1, 0x4203, 0x3DE5, 0x3DE7, 0x3DEA
    	.short 0x3DEC, 0x39CE, 0x39D1, 0x39D3, 0x3DF5, 0x3DF7
    	.short 0x3DF9, 0x3DFB, 0x3DFD, 0x421E, 0x463F, 0x3E40
    	.short 0x3E42, 0x3E45, 0x3E27, 0x3A29, 0x3A2C, 0x3A2E
    	.short 0x3A31, 0x3A13, 0x3E35, 0x3E37, 0x3E39, 0x3E3B
    	.short 0x3E3D, 0x423E, 0x465F, 0x3E80, 0x3E82, 0x3A84
    	.short 0x3A67, 0x3A69, 0x3A6C, 0x3A6E, 0x3A70, 0x3A73
    	.short 0x3E75, 0x3E77, 0x3E79, 0x3E7B, 0x3E7D, 0x427E
    	.short 0x469F, 0x3AC0, 0x3AC2, 0x3AC4, 0x3AC7, 0x3AA9
    	.short 0x3AAC, 0x3EAF, 0x3EB1, 0x3EB3, 0x3EB5, 0x3EB7
    	.short 0x3EB9, 0x3EBB, 0x3EBD, 0x42BE, 0x46BF, 0x3B20
    	.short 0x3B02, 0x3B04, 0x3B06, 0x3AEA, 0x3EED, 0x3EEF
    	.short 0x3EF1, 0x3EF3, 0x3EF5, 0x3EF7, 0x3EF9, 0x3EFB
    	.short 0x3EFD, 0x42FE, 0x46FF, 0x3B60, 0x3B62, 0x3B44
    	.short 0x3B27, 0x3F2B, 0x3F2D, 0x3F2F, 0x3F31, 0x3F33
    	.short 0x3F35, 0x3F37, 0x3F39, 0x3F3B, 0x3F3D, 0x433E
    	.short 0x473F, 0x3BA0, 0x3BA2, 0x3B65, 0x3F69, 0x3F6B
    	.short 0x3F6D, 0x3F6F, 0x3F71, 0x3F73, 0x3F75, 0x3F77
    	.short 0x3F79, 0x3F7B, 0x3F7D, 0x437E, 0x475F, 0x3BE0
    	.short 0x3BC3, 0x3FA7, 0x3FA9, 0x3FAB, 0x3FAD, 0x3FAF
    	.short 0x3FB1, 0x3FB3, 0x3FB5, 0x3FB7, 0x3FB9, 0x3FBB
    	.short 0x3FBD, 0x439E, 0x479F, 0x3BE1, 0x3BE5, 0x3FE7
    	.short 0x3FE9, 0x3FEB, 0x3FEE, 0x43D0, 0x43D2, 0x43D3
    	.short 0x43D5, 0x43D7, 0x43D9, 0x43DB, 0x43DD, 0x43DE
    	.short 0x47DF, 0x3FE4, 0x3FE6, 0x3FE8, 0x43EA, 0x43ED
    	.short 0x43EF, 0x47F1, 0x47F2, 0x47F4, 0x47F6, 0x47F7
    	.short 0x47F9, 0x47FB, 0x47FC, 0x47FE, 0x47FF, 0x4800
    	.short 0x4802, 0x4805, 0x4807, 0x480A, 0x480D, 0x480F
    	.short 0x4812, 0x4814, 0x4416, 0x4419, 0x441B, 0x441D
    	.short 0x441F, 0x403F, 0x449F, 0x4860, 0x4842, 0x4845
    	.short 0x4847, 0x484A, 0x484C, 0x484F, 0x4852, 0x4854
    	.short 0x4456, 0x4458, 0x445B, 0x445D, 0x407E, 0x44BF
    	.short 0x44DF, 0x48A0, 0x48A2, 0x48A5, 0x48A7, 0x48AA
    	.short 0x48AC, 0x48AF, 0x48B2, 0x4494, 0x4496, 0x4498
    	.short 0x449A, 0x40BB, 0x44FD, 0x44FF, 0x451F, 0x4900
    	.short 0x48E2, 0x48E5, 0x44E7, 0x44EA, 0x44EC, 0x44EF
    	.short 0x44F1, 0x44F3, 0x44F6, 0x44D8, 0x40F9, 0x453B
    	.short 0x453D, 0x453F, 0x455F, 0x4960, 0x4942, 0x4945
    	.short 0x4547, 0x4529, 0x452C, 0x452E, 0x4531, 0x4533
    	.short 0x4135, 0x4157, 0x4579, 0x457B, 0x457D, 0x457F
    	.short 0x49BF, 0x49A0, 0x49A2, 0x4985, 0x4587, 0x4589
    	.short 0x458C, 0x458E, 0x4591, 0x4193, 0x4195, 0x45B7
    	.short 0x45B9, 0x45BB, 0x45BD, 0x45DF, 0x49FF, 0x4A00
    	.short 0x49E2, 0x49E5, 0x45E7, 0x45C9, 0x45CC, 0x45CE
    	.short 0x45D1, 0x41D3, 0x45F5, 0x45F7, 0x45F9, 0x45FB
    	.short 0x45FD, 0x4A1E, 0x4A3F, 0x4A40, 0x4A42, 0x4A45
    	.short 0x4627, 0x4629, 0x462C, 0x462E, 0x4211, 0x4633
    	.short 0x4635, 0x4637, 0x4639, 0x463B, 0x463D, 0x4A5E
    	.short 0x4E7F, 0x4A80, 0x4682, 0x4684, 0x4667, 0x4669
    	.short 0x426C, 0x426E, 0x4671, 0x4673, 0x4675, 0x4677
    	.short 0x4679, 0x467B, 0x467D, 0x4A7E, 0x4E9F, 0x46C0
    	.short 0x46C2, 0x46C4, 0x42C7, 0x42A9, 0x42AC, 0x46AF
    	.short 0x46B1, 0x46B3, 0x46B5, 0x46B7, 0x46B9, 0x46BB
    	.short 0x46BD, 0x4ABE, 0x4EDF, 0x4720, 0x4702, 0x4304
    	.short 0x4306, 0x42EA, 0x46ED, 0x46EF, 0x46F1, 0x46F3
    	.short 0x46F5, 0x46F7, 0x46F9, 0x46FB, 0x46FD, 0x4AFE
    	.short 0x4EFF, 0x4360, 0x4362, 0x4344, 0x4327, 0x472B
    	.short 0x472D, 0x472F, 0x4731, 0x4733, 0x4735, 0x4737
    	.short 0x4739, 0x473B, 0x473D, 0x4B3E, 0x4F3F, 0x43A0
    	.short 0x43A2, 0x4365, 0x4769, 0x476B, 0x476D, 0x476F
    	.short 0x4771, 0x4773, 0x4775, 0x4777, 0x4779, 0x477B
    	.short 0x477D, 0x4B7E, 0x4F7F, 0x43E0, 0x43C3, 0x47A7
    	.short 0x47A9, 0x47AB, 0x47AD, 0x47AF, 0x47B1, 0x47B3
    	.short 0x47B5, 0x47B7, 0x47B9, 0x47BB, 0x47BD, 0x4BBE
    	.short 0x4F9F, 0x43E1, 0x47E5, 0x47E7, 0x47E9, 0x47EB
    	.short 0x47EE, 0x47D0, 0x4BD2, 0x4BD4, 0x4BD6, 0x4BD7
    	.short 0x4BD9, 0x4BDB, 0x4BDD, 0x4BDE, 0x4FDF, 0x47E4
    	.short 0x47E6, 0x47E8, 0x47EA, 0x4BED, 0x4BEF, 0x4BF1
    	.short 0x4FF3, 0x4FF4, 0x4FF6, 0x4FF8, 0x4FF9, 0x4FFB
    	.short 0x4FFC, 0x4FFE, 0x4FFF, 0x5000, 0x5002, 0x5005
    	.short 0x5007, 0x500A, 0x500C, 0x500F, 0x5012, 0x5014
    	.short 0x5016, 0x5019, 0x4C1B, 0x4C1D, 0x4C1F, 0x4C3F
    	.short 0x4C9F, 0x5060, 0x5042, 0x5045, 0x5047, 0x504A
    	.short 0x504C, 0x504F, 0x5051, 0x5054, 0x5056, 0x5058
    	.short 0x4C5B, 0x4C5D, 0x487E, 0x4CBF, 0x4CDF, 0x50A0
    	.short 0x50A2, 0x5084, 0x5087, 0x5089, 0x508C, 0x508E
    	.short 0x5091, 0x5094, 0x5096, 0x4C98, 0x4C9A, 0x48BB
    	.short 0x4CFD, 0x4CFF, 0x4D1F, 0x5100, 0x5102, 0x50E4
    	.short 0x4CE7, 0x4CE9, 0x4CEC, 0x4CEE, 0x4CF1, 0x4CF3
    	.short 0x4CF6, 0x4CD8, 0x4CF9, 0x4D3B, 0x4D3D, 0x4D3F
    	.short 0x4D5F, 0x5140, 0x5142, 0x5144, 0x4D27, 0x4D29
    	.short 0x4D2C, 0x4D2E, 0x4D31, 0x4D33, 0x4D35, 0x4957
    	.short 0x4D79, 0x4D7B, 0x4D7D, 0x4D7F, 0x4DBF, 0x51A0
    	.short 0x51A2, 0x5184, 0x4D87, 0x4D89, 0x4D8C, 0x4D8E
    	.short 0x4D90, 0x4D93, 0x4D95, 0x4DB7, 0x4DB9, 0x4DBB
    	.short 0x4DBD, 0x4DDF, 0x51FF, 0x51E0, 0x51E2, 0x51E4
    	.short 0x4DC7, 0x4DC9, 0x4DCC, 0x4DCE, 0x4DD0, 0x4DD3
    	.short 0x4DF5, 0x4DF7, 0x4DF9, 0x4DFB, 0x4DFD, 0x4E1E
    	.short 0x523F, 0x5240, 0x5242, 0x5224, 0x4E27, 0x4E29
    	.short 0x4E0C, 0x4E0E, 0x4E31, 0x4E33, 0x4E35, 0x4E37
    	.short 0x4E39, 0x4E3B, 0x4E3D, 0x525E, 0x527F, 0x5280
    	.short 0x5282, 0x5284, 0x4E67, 0x4E69, 0x4E6C, 0x4E6E
    	.short 0x4E71, 0x4E73, 0x4E75, 0x4E77, 0x4E79, 0x4E7B
    	.short 0x529D, 0x529E, 0x5ADF, 0x52C0, 0x4EC2, 0x4EC4
    	.short 0x4EC7, 0x4EA9, 0x4EAC, 0x4EAF, 0x4EB1, 0x4EB3
    	.short 0x4EB5, 0x4EB7, 0x4EB9, 0x4EBB, 0x52BD, 0x52BE
    	.short 0x5AFF, 0x4F20, 0x4F02, 0x4F04, 0x4F06, 0x4AEA
    	.short 0x4EED, 0x4EEF, 0x4EF1, 0x4EF3, 0x4EF5, 0x4EF7
    	.short 0x4EF9, 0x4EFB, 0x52FD, 0x52FE, 0x5B3F, 0x4F60
    	.short 0x4F62, 0x4B44, 0x4B27, 0x4F2B, 0x4F2D, 0x4F2F
    	.short 0x4F31, 0x4F33, 0x4F35, 0x4F37, 0x4F39, 0x4F3B
    	.short 0x533D, 0x533E, 0x5B5F, 0x4FA0, 0x4BA2, 0x4B65
    	.short 0x4F69, 0x4F6B, 0x4F6D, 0x4F6F, 0x4F71, 0x4F73
    	.short 0x4F75, 0x4F77, 0x4F79, 0x4F7B, 0x537D, 0x537E
    	.short 0x5B7F, 0x4BE0, 0x4BC3, 0x4FA7, 0x4FA9, 0x4FAB
    	.short 0x4FAD, 0x4FAF, 0x4FB1, 0x53B4, 0x53B5, 0x53B7
    	.short 0x53B9, 0x53BB, 0x53BD, 0x539E, 0x5BBF, 0x4BE1
    	.short 0x4FE5, 0x4FE7, 0x4FE9, 0x4FEB, 0x4FEE, 0x4FD0
    	.short 0x4FD2, 0x53D4, 0x53D6, 0x53D7, 0x53D9, 0x53DB
    	.short 0x53DD, 0x53DE, 0x5BDF, 0x4BE4, 0x4FE6, 0x4FE8
    	.short 0x4FEA, 0x4FED, 0x4FEF, 0x53F1, 0x53F3, 0x5BF6
    	.short 0x5BF7, 0x5BF9, 0x5BFA, 0x5BFC, 0x5BFD, 0x5BFE
    	.short 0x5BFF, 0x5800, 0x5802, 0x5805, 0x5807, 0x580A
    	.short 0x580C, 0x580E, 0x5811, 0x5814, 0x5816, 0x5819
    	.short 0x581B, 0x541D, 0x541F, 0x543F, 0x549F, 0x5840
    	.short 0x5842, 0x5845, 0x5847, 0x5849, 0x584C, 0x584E
    	.short 0x5851, 0x5853, 0x5856, 0x5858, 0x585B, 0x585D
    	.short 0x547E, 0x54BF, 0x54DF, 0x58A0, 0x58A2, 0x5884
    	.short 0x5887, 0x5889, 0x588C, 0x588E, 0x5891, 0x5893
    	.short 0x5896, 0x5898, 0x549A, 0x54BB, 0x54FD, 0x54FF
    	.short 0x551F, 0x58E0, 0x58E2, 0x58E4, 0x58E7, 0x58E9
    	.short 0x58EB, 0x58EE, 0x58F0, 0x58F3, 0x58F6, 0x58D8
    	.short 0x54F9, 0x553B, 0x553D, 0x553F, 0x555F, 0x5940
    	.short 0x5942, 0x5944, 0x5927, 0x5529, 0x552B, 0x552E
    	.short 0x5530, 0x5533, 0x5535, 0x5557, 0x5579, 0x557B
    	.short 0x557D, 0x557F, 0x55BF, 0x59A0, 0x5982, 0x5984
    	.short 0x5987, 0x5569, 0x558C, 0x558E, 0x5590, 0x5593
    	.short 0x5595, 0x55B7, 0x55B9, 0x55BB, 0x55BD, 0x55DF
    	.short 0x55FF, 0x59E0, 0x59E2, 0x59E4, 0x59C7, 0x55C9
    	.short 0x55CC, 0x55EF, 0x55F1, 0x55F3, 0x55F5, 0x55F7
    	.short 0x55F9, 0x55FB, 0x55FD, 0x561E, 0x5A3F, 0x5A20
    	.short 0x5A22, 0x5A24, 0x5A27, 0x5609, 0x560C, 0x562F
    	.short 0x5631, 0x5633, 0x5635, 0x5637, 0x5639, 0x563B
    	.short 0x563D, 0x5A5E, 0x5A7F, 0x5A80, 0x5A82, 0x5A84
    	.short 0x5A67, 0x5669, 0x566C, 0x566F, 0x5671, 0x5673
    	.short 0x5675, 0x5677, 0x5679, 0x567B, 0x569D, 0x5A9E
    	.short 0x5EDF, 0x5AC0, 0x5AC2, 0x5AC4, 0x5AC7, 0x56A9
    	.short 0x56AC, 0x56AF, 0x56B1, 0x56B3, 0x56B5, 0x56B7
    	.short 0x56B9, 0x56BB, 0x5ADD, 0x5EFE, 0x631F, 0x5B20
    	.short 0x5B02, 0x5704, 0x5706, 0x52EA, 0x56ED, 0x56EF
    	.short 0x56F1, 0x56F3, 0x56F5, 0x56F7, 0x56F9, 0x56FB
    	.short 0x5AFD, 0x5F1E, 0x633F, 0x5760, 0x5762, 0x5744
    	.short 0x5727, 0x572B, 0x572D, 0x572F, 0x5731, 0x5733
    	.short 0x5735, 0x5737, 0x5739, 0x573B, 0x5B3D, 0x5F5E
    	.short 0x635F, 0x57A0, 0x57A2, 0x5365, 0x5769, 0x576B
    	.short 0x576D, 0x576F, 0x5771, 0x5773, 0x5775, 0x5777
    	.short 0x5779, 0x577B, 0x5B7D, 0x5F7E, 0x639F, 0x57E0
    	.short 0x53C3, 0x53A7, 0x57A9, 0x57AB, 0x57AD, 0x57AF
    	.short 0x57B1, 0x57B4, 0x5BB6, 0x5BB7, 0x5BB9, 0x5BBB
    	.short 0x5BBD, 0x5FBE, 0x63BF, 0x53E1, 0x53E5, 0x53E7
    	.short 0x57E9, 0x57EB, 0x57EE, 0x57D0, 0x57D2, 0x57D4
    	.short 0x5FD7, 0x5FD9, 0x5FDA, 0x5FDC, 0x5FDD, 0x5FDE
    	.short 0x63DF, 0x53E4, 0x57E6, 0x57E8, 0x57EA, 0x57ED
    	.short 0x57EF, 0x57F1, 0x5BF3, 0x5FF6, 0x63F8, 0x63F9
    	.short 0x63FB, 0x63FC, 0x63FD, 0x63FE, 0x63FF, 0x6400
    	.short 0x6402, 0x6404, 0x6407, 0x6409, 0x640C, 0x640E
    	.short 0x6411, 0x6413, 0x6416, 0x6419, 0x601B, 0x601D
    	.short 0x601F, 0x5C3F, 0x589F, 0x6440, 0x6042, 0x6044
    	.short 0x6047, 0x6049, 0x604C, 0x604E, 0x6051, 0x6053
    	.short 0x6056, 0x6058, 0x605B, 0x605D, 0x5C7E, 0x5CBF
    	.short 0x5CDF, 0x64A0, 0x6082, 0x6084, 0x6087, 0x6089
    	.short 0x608C, 0x608E, 0x6090, 0x6093, 0x6095, 0x6098
    	.short 0x609A, 0x5CBB, 0x5CFD, 0x5CFF, 0x5D1F, 0x64E0
    	.short 0x60E2, 0x60E4, 0x60C6, 0x60C9, 0x60CB, 0x60CE
    	.short 0x60D0, 0x60D3, 0x60D5, 0x60D8, 0x5CF9, 0x5D3B
    	.short 0x5D3D, 0x5D3F, 0x5D5F, 0x6540, 0x6122, 0x6124
    	.short 0x6126, 0x5D4A, 0x5D4C, 0x5D4E, 0x5D50, 0x5D52
    	.short 0x5D54, 0x5D57, 0x5D79, 0x5D7B, 0x5D7D, 0x5D7F
    	.short 0x5DBF, 0x6580, 0x6182, 0x6184, 0x6186, 0x5D8A
    	.short 0x5DAD, 0x5DAF, 0x5DB1, 0x5DB3, 0x5DB5, 0x5DB7
    	.short 0x5DB9, 0x5DBB, 0x5DBD, 0x5DDF, 0x5DFF, 0x65E0
    	.short 0x61E2, 0x61C4, 0x61C6, 0x5DCA, 0x5DED, 0x5DEF
    	.short 0x5DF1, 0x5DF3, 0x5DF5, 0x5DF7, 0x5DF9, 0x5DFB
    	.short 0x5DFD, 0x5E1E, 0x5E3F, 0x6620, 0x6222, 0x6224
    	.short 0x6226, 0x5E0A, 0x5E2D, 0x5E2F, 0x5E31, 0x5E33
    	.short 0x5E35, 0x5E37, 0x5E39, 0x5E3B, 0x5E3D, 0x5E5E
    	.short 0x627F, 0x6680, 0x6282, 0x6264, 0x6266, 0x5E4A
    	.short 0x5E6D, 0x5E6F, 0x5E71, 0x5E73, 0x5E75, 0x5E77
    	.short 0x5E79, 0x5E7B, 0x5E9D, 0x5E9E, 0x66DF, 0x66C0
    	.short 0x62C2, 0x62C4, 0x62C6, 0x5EAA, 0x5EAD, 0x5EAF
    	.short 0x5EB1, 0x5EB3, 0x5EB5, 0x5EB7, 0x5EB9, 0x5EBB
    	.short 0x5EDD, 0x66FE, 0x671F, 0x6720, 0x6302, 0x6304
    	.short 0x6306, 0x5EEA, 0x5EED, 0x5EEF, 0x5EF1, 0x5EF3
    	.short 0x5EF5, 0x5EF7, 0x5EF9, 0x5EFB, 0x673D, 0x673E
    	.short 0x6B5F, 0x6360, 0x6362, 0x6344, 0x5F27, 0x5F2B
    	.short 0x5F2D, 0x5F2F, 0x5F31, 0x5F33, 0x5F35, 0x5F37
    	.short 0x5F39, 0x5F3B, 0x675D, 0x675E, 0x6B7F, 0x5FA0
    	.short 0x5FA2, 0x5B65, 0x5F69, 0x5F6B, 0x5F6D, 0x5F6F
    	.short 0x5F71, 0x5F73, 0x5F75, 0x5F77, 0x5F79, 0x5F7B
    	.short 0x677D, 0x679E, 0x6B9F, 0x5FE0, 0x5FC3, 0x5FA7
    	.short 0x5BA9, 0x5FAB, 0x5FAD, 0x5FAF, 0x5FB1, 0x5FB4
    	.short 0x5FB6, 0x67B9, 0x67BA, 0x67BC, 0x67BD, 0x67BE
    	.short 0x6BBF, 0x5BE1, 0x5FE5, 0x5BE7, 0x5BE9, 0x5FEB
    	.short 0x5FEE, 0x5FD0, 0x5FD2, 0x5FD4, 0x63D7, 0x67D9
    	.short 0x67DA, 0x67DC, 0x67DD, 0x67DE, 0x6BDF, 0x5BE4
    	.short 0x5BE6, 0x5BE8, 0x5BEA, 0x5FED, 0x5FEF, 0x5FF1
    	.short 0x5FF3, 0x67F6, 0x67F8, 0x6BFA, 0x6BFB, 0x6BFC
    	.short 0x6BFD, 0x6BFE, 0x6BFF, 0x6C00, 0x6C02, 0x6C04
    	.short 0x6C07, 0x6C09, 0x6C0C, 0x6C0E, 0x6C10, 0x6C13
    	.short 0x6C15, 0x6C18, 0x6C1B, 0x681D, 0x681F, 0x643F
    	.short 0x609F, 0x6C40, 0x6C42, 0x6C44, 0x6C46, 0x6C49
    	.short 0x6C4B, 0x6C4E, 0x6C50, 0x6C53, 0x6C55, 0x6C58
    	.short 0x6C5B, 0x685D, 0x647E, 0x64BF, 0x60DF, 0x6CA0
    	.short 0x6C82, 0x6884, 0x6886, 0x6889, 0x688B, 0x688E
    	.short 0x6890, 0x6892, 0x6895, 0x6898, 0x689A, 0x64BB
    	.short 0x64FD, 0x64FF, 0x651F, 0x6CE0, 0x6CE2, 0x68E4
    	.short 0x64E7, 0x64E9, 0x64EC, 0x64EE, 0x64F0, 0x64F2
    	.short 0x64F5, 0x64F7, 0x64F9, 0x653B, 0x653D, 0x653F
    	.short 0x615F, 0x6D40, 0x6D22, 0x6924, 0x6547, 0x656B
    	.short 0x656D, 0x656F, 0x6571, 0x6573, 0x6575, 0x6577
    	.short 0x6579, 0x657B, 0x657D, 0x657F, 0x65BF, 0x6D80
    	.short 0x6D82, 0x6984, 0x6587, 0x65AB, 0x65AD, 0x65AF
    	.short 0x65B1, 0x65B3, 0x65B5, 0x65B7, 0x65B9, 0x65BB
    	.short 0x65BD, 0x65DF, 0x65FF, 0x6DC0, 0x6DC2, 0x69C4
    	.short 0x65C7, 0x65EB, 0x65ED, 0x65EF, 0x65F1, 0x65F3
    	.short 0x65F5, 0x65F7, 0x65F9, 0x65FB, 0x65FD, 0x661E
    	.short 0x663F, 0x6E20, 0x6E22, 0x6A24, 0x6607, 0x662B
    	.short 0x662D, 0x662F, 0x6631, 0x6633, 0x6635, 0x6637
    	.short 0x6639, 0x663B, 0x663D, 0x665E, 0x667F, 0x6E60
    	.short 0x6E62, 0x6A64, 0x6667, 0x666B, 0x666D, 0x666F
    	.short 0x6671, 0x6673, 0x6675, 0x6677, 0x6679, 0x667B
    	.short 0x669D, 0x669E, 0x6ADF, 0x6EC0, 0x6EC2, 0x6AA4
    	.short 0x66A7, 0x66AB, 0x66AD, 0x66AF, 0x66B1, 0x66B3
    	.short 0x66B5, 0x66B7, 0x66B9, 0x66BB, 0x66DD, 0x6AFE
    	.short 0x6F1F, 0x6F00, 0x6F02, 0x6B04, 0x66E7, 0x66EB
    	.short 0x66ED, 0x66EF, 0x66F1, 0x66F3, 0x66F5, 0x66F7
    	.short 0x66F9, 0x66FB, 0x6B3D, 0x6B3E, 0x6F5F, 0x6F60
    	.short 0x6F62, 0x6B44, 0x6727, 0x672B, 0x672D, 0x672F
    	.short 0x6731, 0x6733, 0x6735, 0x6737, 0x6739, 0x6B5C
    	.short 0x6B5D, 0x6F7F, 0x739F, 0x6BA0, 0x6BA2, 0x6765
    	.short 0x6769, 0x676B, 0x676D, 0x676F, 0x6771, 0x6773
    	.short 0x6775, 0x6777, 0x6B9A, 0x6B9C, 0x6B9D, 0x6F9F
    	.short 0x73BF, 0x6BE0, 0x67C3, 0x63A7, 0x63A9, 0x67AB
    	.short 0x67AD, 0x67AF, 0x67B1, 0x67B4, 0x67B6, 0x6BB9
    	.short 0x6BBA, 0x6BBC, 0x6BBD, 0x6FBF, 0x73DF, 0x67E1
    	.short 0x63E5, 0x67E7, 0x67E9, 0x63EB, 0x67EE, 0x67D0
    	.short 0x67D2, 0x67D4, 0x6BD7, 0x6BD9, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC
    	.short 0x6FFD, 0x6FFF, 0x73FF, 0x63E4, 0x63E6, 0x63E8
    	.short 0x63EA, 0x63ED, 0x63EF, 0x67F1, 0x67F3, 0x6BF6
    	.short 0x6BF8, 0x6FFA, 0x73FC, 0x73FD, 0x73FE, 0x73FF
    	.short 0x73FF, 0x7400, 0x7401, 0x7404, 0x7407, 0x7409
    	.short 0x740B, 0x740E, 0x7410, 0x7413, 0x7415, 0x7417
    	.short 0x741A, 0x741D, 0x741F, 0x6C3F, 0x689F, 0x7440
    	.short 0x7442, 0x7444, 0x7446, 0x7449, 0x744B, 0x744E
    	.short 0x7450, 0x7452, 0x7455, 0x7457, 0x745A, 0x745D
    	.short 0x6C7E, 0x6CBF, 0x68DF, 0x7480, 0x7482, 0x6CA5
    	.short 0x6CA7, 0x6CA9, 0x6CAB, 0x6CAE, 0x6CB0, 0x6CB2
    	.short 0x6CB4, 0x6CB6, 0x6CB9, 0x6CBB, 0x6CFD, 0x6CFF
    	.short 0x691F, 0x74E0, 0x74E2, 0x6CE5, 0x6D29, 0x6D2B
    	.short 0x6D2D, 0x6D2F, 0x6D31, 0x6D33, 0x6D35, 0x6D37
    	.short 0x6D39, 0x6D3B, 0x6D3D, 0x6D3F, 0x695F, 0x7520
    	.short 0x7522, 0x6D45, 0x6D69, 0x6D6B, 0x6D6D, 0x6D6F
    	.short 0x6D71, 0x6D73, 0x6D75, 0x6D77, 0x6D79, 0x6D7B
    	.short 0x6D7D, 0x6D7F, 0x69BF, 0x7580, 0x7582, 0x6D85
    	.short 0x6DA9, 0x6DAB, 0x6DAD, 0x6DAF, 0x6DB1, 0x6DB3
    	.short 0x6DB5, 0x6DB7, 0x6DB9, 0x6DBB, 0x6DBD, 0x6DDF
    	.short 0x69FF, 0x75C0, 0x75C2, 0x6DC5, 0x6DE9, 0x6DEB
    	.short 0x6DED, 0x6DEF, 0x6DF1, 0x6DF3, 0x6DF5, 0x6DF7
    	.short 0x6DF9, 0x6DFB, 0x6DFD, 0x6E1E, 0x6E3F, 0x7620
    	.short 0x7622, 0x6E05, 0x6E29, 0x6E2B, 0x6E2D, 0x6E2F
    	.short 0x6E31, 0x6E33, 0x6E35, 0x6E37, 0x6E39, 0x6E3B
    	.short 0x6E3D, 0x6E5E, 0x6E7F, 0x7660, 0x7662, 0x6E45
    	.short 0x6E69, 0x6E6B, 0x6E6D, 0x6E6F, 0x6E71, 0x6E73
    	.short 0x6E75, 0x6E77, 0x6E79, 0x6E7B, 0x6E9D, 0x6E9E
    	.short 0x72DF, 0x76A0, 0x76C2, 0x6EA5, 0x6EA9, 0x6EAB
    	.short 0x6EAD, 0x6EAF, 0x6EB1, 0x6EB3, 0x6EB5, 0x6EB7
    	.short 0x6EB9, 0x6EBB, 0x6EDD, 0x72FE, 0x731F, 0x7700
    	.short 0x7702, 0x6EE5, 0x6EE9, 0x6EEB, 0x6EED, 0x6EEF
    	.short 0x6EF1, 0x6EF3, 0x6EF5, 0x6EF7, 0x6EF9, 0x6EFB
    	.short 0x733D, 0x733E, 0x735F, 0x7740, 0x7742, 0x6F25
    	.short 0x6F29, 0x6F2B, 0x6F2D, 0x6F2F, 0x6F31, 0x6F33
    	.short 0x6F35, 0x6F37, 0x735A, 0x735C, 0x735D, 0x737F
    	.short 0x779F, 0x77A0, 0x77A2, 0x6F65, 0x6F69, 0x6F6B
    	.short 0x6F6D, 0x6F6F, 0x6F71, 0x6F73, 0x6F75, 0x6F77
    	.short 0x739A, 0x739C, 0x739D, 0x77BF, 0x7BDF, 0x73E0
    	.short 0x6FC3, 0x6FA7, 0x6BA9, 0x6FAB, 0x6FAD, 0x6FAF
    	.short 0x6FB1, 0x6FB4, 0x6FB6, 0x6FB9, 0x73BA, 0x73BC
    	.short 0x73BD, 0x77DF, 0x7BFF, 0x6FE1, 0x6BE5, 0x6BE7
    	.short 0x6BE9, 0x6BEB, 0x6FEE, 0x6FD0, 0x6FD2, 0x6FD4
    	.short 0x6FD7, 0x73D9, 0x73FB, 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FF
    	.short 0x7BFF, 0x6BE4, 0x6BE6, 0x6BE8, 0x6BEA, 0x6BED
    	.short 0x6BEF, 0x6BF1, 0x6FF3, 0x6FF6, 0x73F8, 0x73FA
    	.short 0x77FC, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF, 0x7BFF, 0x7BFF, 0x7C00
    	.short 0x7C02, 0x7C04, 0x7C06, 0x7C09, 0x7C0B, 0x7C0E
    	.short 0x7C10, 0x7C12, 0x7C15, 0x7C17, 0x7C1A, 0x7C1C
    	.short 0x7C1F, 0x743F, 0x709F, 0x7C40, 0x7863, 0x7865
    	.short 0x7867, 0x786A, 0x786B, 0x786E, 0x7870, 0x7872
    	.short 0x7874, 0x7877, 0x7879, 0x787B, 0x787E, 0x74BF
    	.short 0x70DF, 0x7CA0, 0x78A3, 0x74E7, 0x74E9, 0x74EB
    	.short 0x74ED, 0x74EF, 0x74F1, 0x74F3, 0x74F4, 0x74F7
    	.short 0x74F8, 0x74FB, 0x74FD, 0x74FF, 0x711F, 0x7CE0
    	.short 0x78E3, 0x7527, 0x7529, 0x752B, 0x752D, 0x752F
    	.short 0x7531, 0x7533, 0x7535, 0x7536, 0x7538, 0x753A
    	.short 0x753D, 0x753F, 0x715F, 0x7D20, 0x7943, 0x7567
    	.short 0x7569, 0x756B, 0x756D, 0x756F, 0x7571, 0x7573
    	.short 0x7575, 0x7577, 0x7579, 0x757B, 0x757D, 0x757F
    	.short 0x71BF, 0x7D80, 0x7983, 0x75A7, 0x75A9, 0x75AB
    	.short 0x75AD, 0x75AF, 0x75B1, 0x75B3, 0x75B5, 0x75B7
    	.short 0x75B9, 0x75BB, 0x75BD, 0x75DF, 0x71FF, 0x7DC0
    	.short 0x79C3, 0x75E7, 0x75E9, 0x75EB, 0x75ED, 0x75EF
    	.short 0x75F1, 0x75F3, 0x75F5, 0x75F7, 0x75F9, 0x75FB
    	.short 0x75FD, 0x761E, 0x723F, 0x7E20, 0x7A03, 0x7627
    	.short 0x7629, 0x762B, 0x762D, 0x762F, 0x7631, 0x7633
    	.short 0x7635, 0x7637, 0x7639, 0x763B, 0x763D, 0x765E
    	.short 0x727F, 0x7E60, 0x7A43, 0x7667, 0x7669, 0x766B
    	.short 0x766D, 0x766F, 0x7671, 0x7694, 0x7695, 0x7697
    	.short 0x7699, 0x769B, 0x769D, 0x769E, 0x76DF, 0x7EA0
    	.short 0x7AA3, 0x76A7, 0x76A9, 0x76AB, 0x76AD, 0x76AF
    	.short 0x76B1, 0x76B4, 0x76D6, 0x76D7, 0x76D9, 0x76DB
    	.short 0x76DD, 0x76FE, 0x771F, 0x7F00, 0x7AE3, 0x76E7
    	.short 0x76E9, 0x76EB, 0x76ED, 0x76EF, 0x76F1, 0x76F4
    	.short 0x76F6, 0x7739, 0x773A, 0x773B, 0x773D, 0x773E
    	.short 0x775F, 0x7F40, 0x7B23, 0x7727, 0x7729, 0x772B
    	.short 0x772D, 0x772F, 0x7731, 0x7734, 0x7736, 0x7759
    	.short 0x775A, 0x775C, 0x775D, 0x777F, 0x7B9F, 0x7FA0
    	.short 0x7B63, 0x7767, 0x7769, 0x776B, 0x776D, 0x776F
    	.short 0x7771, 0x7774, 0x7776, 0x7799, 0x779A, 0x779C
    	.short 0x779D, 0x7BBF, 0x7FDF, 0x7FE0, 0x7BC3, 0x77A7
    	.short 0x77A9, 0x77AB, 0x77AD, 0x77AF, 0x77B1, 0x77B4
    	.short 0x77B6, 0x77B9, 0x77BA, 0x77BC, 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x77E1, 0x77E5, 0x73E7, 0x73E9, 0x73EB
    	.short 0x77EE, 0x73D0, 0x77D2, 0x73D4, 0x77D7, 0x77D9
    	.short 0x77FB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6FE4
    	.short 0x73E6, 0x73E8, 0x73EA, 0x73ED, 0x73EF, 0x73F1
    	.short 0x73F3, 0x77F6, 0x77F8, 0x77FA, 0x7BFC, 0x7FFE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C21, 0x7C23, 0x7C25
    	.short 0x7C27, 0x7C2A, 0x7C2C, 0x7C2E, 0x7C30, 0x7C32
    	.short 0x7C34, 0x7C36, 0x7C39, 0x7C3B, 0x7C3D, 0x7C3F
    	.short 0x789F, 0x7C61, 0x7CA5, 0x7CA7, 0x7CA9, 0x7CAB
    	.short 0x7CAD, 0x7CAE, 0x7CB1, 0x7CB3, 0x7CB4, 0x7CB7
    	.short 0x7CB8, 0x7CBA, 0x7CBD, 0x7CBF, 0x78DF, 0x7CC1
    	.short 0x7CE5, 0x7CE7, 0x7CE9, 0x7CEB, 0x7CED, 0x7CEF
    	.short 0x7CF1, 0x7CF3, 0x7CF4, 0x7CF6, 0x7CF9, 0x7CFA
    	.short 0x7CFC, 0x7CFF, 0x791F, 0x7D01, 0x7D25, 0x7D27
    	.short 0x7D29, 0x7D2B, 0x7D2D, 0x7D2F, 0x7D31, 0x7D33
    	.short 0x7D35, 0x7D36, 0x7D39, 0x7D3A, 0x7D3C, 0x7D3F
    	.short 0x795F, 0x7D41, 0x7D65, 0x7D67, 0x7D69, 0x7D6B
    	.short 0x7D6D, 0x7D6F, 0x7D71, 0x7D73, 0x7D75, 0x7D77
    	.short 0x7D78, 0x7D7A, 0x7D7C, 0x7D7F, 0x79BF, 0x7D81
    	.short 0x7DA5, 0x7DA7, 0x7DA9, 0x7DAB, 0x7DCE, 0x7DCF
    	.short 0x7DD1, 0x7DD3, 0x7DD5, 0x7DD7, 0x7DD9, 0x7DDB
    	.short 0x7DDD, 0x7DDF, 0x79FF, 0x7DC1, 0x7DE5, 0x7DE7
    	.short 0x7DE9, 0x7DEB, 0x7DEE, 0x7A10, 0x7A11, 0x7A13
    	.short 0x7A15, 0x7A17, 0x7A19, 0x7A1B, 0x7A1C, 0x7A1E
    	.short 0x7A3F, 0x7E01, 0x7E25, 0x7E27, 0x7E29, 0x7E2B
    	.short 0x7E2E, 0x7A50, 0x7A52, 0x7A53, 0x7A55, 0x7A57
    	.short 0x7A59, 0x7A5B, 0x7A5D, 0x7A5E, 0x7A7F, 0x7E61
    	.short 0x7E65, 0x7E67, 0x7E69, 0x7E6B, 0x7E6E, 0x7A70
    	.short 0x7A92, 0x7A94, 0x7A95, 0x7A97, 0x7A99, 0x7A9B
    	.short 0x7A9C, 0x7A9E, 0x7ADF, 0x7EA1, 0x7EA5, 0x7EA7
    	.short 0x7EA9, 0x7EAB, 0x7EAE, 0x7AB0, 0x7AD2, 0x7AD4
    	.short 0x7AF7, 0x7AF8, 0x7AFA, 0x7AFB, 0x7AFD, 0x7AFE
    	.short 0x7B1F, 0x7EE1, 0x7EE5, 0x7EE7, 0x7EE9, 0x7EEB
    	.short 0x7EEE, 0x7AF0, 0x7AF2, 0x7AF4, 0x7B37, 0x7B39
    	.short 0x7B3A, 0x7B3C, 0x7B3D, 0x7B3E, 0x7B5F, 0x7F21
    	.short 0x7F25, 0x7F27, 0x7F29, 0x7F2B, 0x7F2E, 0x7B30
    	.short 0x7B32, 0x7B34, 0x7B57, 0x7B59, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C
    	.short 0x7F7D, 0x7F7F, 0x7F9F, 0x7F61, 0x7F65, 0x7F67
    	.short 0x7F69, 0x7F6B, 0x7F6E, 0x7B70, 0x7B72, 0x7B74
    	.short 0x7B97, 0x7B99, 0x7F9B, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF
    	.short 0x7FDF, 0x7FA1, 0x7FA5, 0x7FA7, 0x7FA9, 0x7FAB
    	.short 0x7FAE, 0x7BB0, 0x7BB2, 0x7BB4, 0x7BB7, 0x7BB9
    	.short 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE1
    	.short 0x7FE5, 0x7FE7, 0x7FE9, 0x7FEB, 0x7FEE, 0x7BD0
    	.short 0x7BD2, 0x7BD4, 0x7BD7, 0x7BD9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E4, 0x77E6, 0x7BE8
    	.short 0x77EA, 0x7BED, 0x7BEF, 0x7BF1, 0x7BF3, 0x7BF6
    	.short 0x7BF8, 0x7BFA, 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7C84, 0x7C86, 0x7C87, 0x7C89, 0x7C8B
    	.short 0x7C8D, 0x7C8F, 0x7C91, 0x7C92, 0x7C94, 0x7C96
    	.short 0x7C98, 0x7C9A, 0x7C9B, 0x7C9D, 0x7C9F, 0x7CC4
    	.short 0x7CC6, 0x7CC8, 0x7CCA, 0x7CCB, 0x7CCD, 0x7CCF
    	.short 0x7CD1, 0x7CD3, 0x7CD5, 0x7CD6, 0x7CD8, 0x7CDA
    	.short 0x7CDC, 0x7CDD, 0x7CDF, 0x7D04, 0x7D06, 0x7D08
    	.short 0x7D0A, 0x7D0C, 0x7D0D, 0x7D0F, 0x7D11, 0x7D13
    	.short 0x7D15, 0x7D16, 0x7D18, 0x7D1A, 0x7D1C, 0x7D1E
    	.short 0x7D1F, 0x7D44, 0x7D46, 0x7D48, 0x7D4A, 0x7D4C
    	.short 0x7D4E, 0x7D50, 0x7D51, 0x7D53, 0x7D55, 0x7D56
    	.short 0x7D58, 0x7D5A, 0x7D5C, 0x7D5D, 0x7D5F, 0x7D84
    	.short 0x7D86, 0x7D88, 0x7D8A, 0x7DAD, 0x7DAE, 0x7DB0
    	.short 0x7DB2, 0x7DB3, 0x7DB5, 0x7DB7, 0x7DB8, 0x7DBA
    	.short 0x7DBC, 0x7DBE, 0x7DBF, 0x7DA4, 0x7DC6, 0x7DC8
    	.short 0x7DCA, 0x7DCD, 0x7DEF, 0x7DF0, 0x7DF2, 0x7DF3
    	.short 0x7DF5, 0x7DF7, 0x7DF8, 0x7DFA, 0x7DFC, 0x7DFE
    	.short 0x7DFF, 0x7DE4, 0x7E06, 0x7E08, 0x7E0A, 0x7E0D
    	.short 0x7E0F, 0x7E31, 0x7E32, 0x7E34, 0x7E35, 0x7E37
    	.short 0x7E39, 0x7E3A, 0x7E3C, 0x7E3E, 0x7E3F, 0x7E24
    	.short 0x7E26, 0x7E28, 0x7E2A, 0x7E4D, 0x7E4F, 0x7E51
    	.short 0x7E73, 0x7E74, 0x7E76, 0x7E77, 0x7E79, 0x7E7B
    	.short 0x7E7C, 0x7E7E, 0x7E7F, 0x7E64, 0x7E66, 0x7E68
    	.short 0x7E6A, 0x7E6D, 0x7E8F, 0x7E91, 0x7E93, 0x7ED6
    	.short 0x7ED7, 0x7ED9, 0x7EDA, 0x7EDB, 0x7EDD, 0x7EDE
    	.short 0x7EDF, 0x7EA4, 0x7EA6, 0x7EA8, 0x7EAA, 0x7EAD
    	.short 0x7EAF, 0x7ED1, 0x7ED3, 0x7EF6, 0x7F18, 0x7F19
    	.short 0x7F1A, 0x7F1C, 0x7F1D, 0x7F1E, 0x7F1F, 0x7EC4
    	.short 0x7EE6, 0x7EE8, 0x7EEA, 0x7EED, 0x7EEF, 0x7EF1
    	.short 0x7F13, 0x7F36, 0x7F38, 0x7F5A, 0x7F5B, 0x7F5C
    	.short 0x7F5D, 0x7F5E, 0x7F5F, 0x7F04, 0x7F06, 0x7F28
    	.short 0x7F0A, 0x7F2D, 0x7F2F, 0x7F31, 0x7F33, 0x7F56
    	.short 0x7F78, 0x7F7A, 0x7F9C, 0x7F9D, 0x7F9E, 0x7F9F
    	.short 0x7F9F, 0x7F44, 0x7F46, 0x7F48, 0x7F4A, 0x7F4D
    	.short 0x7F4F, 0x7F71, 0x7F73, 0x7F96, 0x7F98, 0x7F9A
    	.short 0x7FBC, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FDF, 0x7FDF, 0x7F84
    	.short 0x7F86, 0x7F88, 0x7F8A, 0x7F8D, 0x7F8F, 0x7F91
    	.short 0x7F93, 0x7FB6, 0x7FB8, 0x7FBA, 0x7FDC, 0x7FFE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC4, 0x7FC6, 0x7FC8
    	.short 0x7FCA, 0x7FCD, 0x7FCF, 0x7FD1, 0x7FD3, 0x7FD6
    	.short 0x7FD8, 0x7FDA, 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FE4, 0x7FE6, 0x7FE8, 0x7FEA, 0x7FED
    	.short 0x7FEF, 0x7FF1, 0x7FF3, 0x7FF6, 0x7FF8, 0x7FFA
    	.short 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x421, 0x423
    	.short 0x425, 0x427, 0x429, 0x42B, 0x42D, 0x13, 0x16, 0x18
    	.short 0x1A, 0x1C, 0x1E, 0x1F, 0x85F, 0x18DF, 0x461, 0x463
    	.short 0x465, 0x467, 0x469, 0x46B, 0x46D, 0x53, 0x56, 0x58
    	.short 0x5A, 0x5C, 0x5E, 0x5F, 0x89F, 0x18FF, 0x4A1, 0x4A3
    	.short 0x4A5, 0x4A7, 0x4A9, 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xB3, 0xB6, 0xB8
    	.short 0x9A, 0x9C, 0x9E, 0xBF, 0x8DF, 0x193F, 0x4E1, 0x4E3
    	.short 0x4E5, 0x4E7, 0x4E9, 0x4EB, 0x4ED, 0x113, 0x116
    	.short 0xF8, 0xFA, 0xFC, 0xFE, 0xFF, 0x91F, 0x195F, 0x521
    	.short 0x523, 0x525, 0x527, 0x529, 0x52B, 0x52D, 0x173
    	.short 0x176, 0x158, 0x15A, 0x13C, 0x13E, 0x15F, 0x97F
    	.short 0x199F, 0x561, 0x563, 0x565, 0x567, 0x569, 0x56B
    	.short 0x56D, 0x1D3, 0x1B6, 0x1B8, 0x1BA, 0x19C, 0x19E
    	.short 0x19F, 0x99F, 0x19DF, 0x5A1, 0x5A3, 0x5A5, 0x5A7
    	.short 0x5A9, 0x5AB, 0x5AD, 0x233, 0x216, 0x1F8, 0x1FA
    	.short 0x1FC, 0x1FE, 0x1DF, 0x9DF, 0x19FF, 0x260, 0x263
    	.short 0x266, 0x268, 0x26B, 0x26E, 0x271, 0x273, 0x276
    	.short 0x258, 0x25A, 0x23C, 0x23E, 0x23F, 0xA3F, 0x1A3F
    	.short 0x2C0, 0x2C3, 0x2C5, 0x2C8, 0x2CB, 0x2CE, 0x2D0
    	.short 0x2D3, 0x2D6, 0x2B8, 0x29A, 0x29C, 0x27E, 0x27F
    	.short 0xA7F, 0x1A7F, 0x300, 0x302, 0x305, 0x308, 0x30A
    	.short 0x30D, 0x310, 0x313, 0x315, 0x318, 0x2FA, 0x2DC
    	.short 0x2DE, 0x2DF, 0xABF, 0x1ABF, 0x340, 0x342, 0x345
    	.short 0x347, 0x34A, 0x34D, 0x34F, 0x352, 0x355, 0x357
    	.short 0x35A, 0x33C, 0x31E, 0x31F, 0xAFF, 0x1ADF, 0x380
    	.short 0x382, 0x385, 0x388, 0x38A, 0x38D, 0x38F, 0x392
    	.short 0x394, 0x397, 0x39A, 0x39C, 0x37E, 0x35F, 0xB3F
    	.short 0x1B1F, 0x3C0, 0x3C2, 0x3C5, 0x3C7, 0x3CA, 0x3CC
    	.short 0x3CF, 0x3D1, 0x3D4, 0x3D6, 0x3D9, 0x3DC, 0x3DE
    	.short 0x3BF, 0xB7F, 0x1B5F, 0x3E0, 0x3E3, 0x3E5, 0x3E7
    	.short 0x3EA, 0x3EC, 0x3EF, 0x3F1, 0x3F3, 0x3F6, 0x3F8
    	.short 0x3FB, 0x3FD, 0x3FF, 0xBBF, 0x1B9F, 0xBE2, 0xBE5
    	.short 0xBE7, 0xBE9, 0xBEB, 0xBED, 0xBEF, 0xBF1, 0xBF3
    	.short 0xBF5, 0xBF7, 0xBFA, 0xBFC, 0xBFE, 0xBFF, 0x1BBF
    	.short 0x1BE6, 0x1BE7, 0x1BE9, 0x1BEB, 0x1BEC, 0x1BEE
    	.short 0x1BF0, 0x1BF2, 0x1BF3, 0x1BF5, 0x1BF7, 0x1BF9
    	.short 0x1BFA, 0x1BFC, 0x1BFE, 0x1BFF, 0xC21, 0xC23, 0xC25
    	.short 0xC27, 0xC29, 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC13, 0xC16, 0x818
    	.short 0x81A, 0x81C, 0x81E, 0xC1F, 0x145F, 0x1CDF, 0xC61
    	.short 0xC63, 0xC65, 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0xC71, 0x853
    	.short 0x855, 0x857, 0x85A, 0x85C, 0x85E, 0x109E, 0x18DF
    	.short 0x211F, 0xCA1, 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9, 0xCAB
    	.short 0xCB1, 0x8B3, 0x8B5, 0x8B7, 0x89A, 0x89C, 0x89E
    	.short 0x10BE, 0x191F, 0x213F, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5, 0xCE7
    	.short 0xCE9, 0xCEB, 0xD11, 0x913, 0x915, 0x8F7, 0x8FA
    	.short 0x8DC, 0x8FE, 0x111E, 0x195F, 0x217F, 0xD21, 0xD23
    	.short 0xD25, 0xD27, 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0xD71, 0x973, 0x955
    	.short 0x957, 0x93A, 0x93C, 0x93E, 0x115E, 0x197F, 0x219F
    	.short 0xD61, 0xD63, 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B, 0xDD1
    	.short 0x9B3, 0x9B5, 0x9B7, 0x99A, 0x99C, 0x99E, 0x119E
    	.short 0x19DF, 0x21DF, 0xDA1, 0xE23, 0xE25, 0xE28, 0xE2B
    	.short 0xE2E, 0xE31, 0xA13, 0x9F5, 0x9F7, 0x9FA, 0x9FC
    	.short 0x9DE, 0x11DE, 0x19FF, 0x221F, 0xA60, 0xA62, 0xA65
    	.short 0xA68, 0xA6B, 0xA6D, 0xA70, 0xA73, 0xA55, 0xA57
    	.short 0xA3A, 0xA3C, 0xA3E, 0x123E, 0x1A3F, 0x225F, 0xAC0
    	.short 0xAA2, 0xAA5, 0xAA8, 0xAAA, 0xAAD, 0xAB0, 0xAB3
    	.short 0xAB5, 0xAB7, 0xA9A, 0xA9C, 0xA7E, 0x127E, 0x1A7F
    	.short 0x229F, 0xB00, 0xAE2, 0xAE5, 0xAE7, 0xAEA, 0xAED
    	.short 0xAF0, 0xAF2, 0xAF5, 0xAF7, 0xAFA, 0xADC, 0xADE
    	.short 0x12BE, 0x1ABF, 0x22BF, 0xB40, 0xB42, 0xB44, 0xB47
    	.short 0xB4A, 0xB4D, 0xB4F, 0xB52, 0xB55, 0xB57, 0xB5A
    	.short 0xB3C, 0xB1E, 0x12FE, 0x1AFF, 0x22FF, 0xB80, 0xB82
    	.short 0xB84, 0xB87, 0xB89, 0xB8C, 0xB8F, 0xB91, 0xB94
    	.short 0xB97, 0xB99, 0xB9C, 0xB7E, 0x133E, 0x1B3F, 0x231F
    	.short 0xBC0, 0xBC2, 0xBC5, 0xBC7, 0xBCA, 0xBCC, 0xBCF
    	.short 0xBD1, 0xBD4, 0xBD6, 0xBD9, 0xBDB, 0xBDE, 0x137E
    	.short 0x1B7F, 0x235F, 0xBE0, 0x13C4, 0x13C6, 0x13C8, 0x13CA
    	.short 0x13CC, 0x13CF, 0x13D1, 0x13D3, 0x13D5, 0x13D7
    	.short 0x13DA, 0x13DC, 0x13DE, 0x1BBF, 0x239F, 0x13E2
    	.short 0x1BE6, 0x1BE8, 0x1BEA, 0x1BEC, 0x1BEE, 0x1BF0
    	.short 0x1BF2, 0x1BF4, 0x1BF5, 0x1BF8, 0x1BF9, 0x1BFB
    	.short 0x1BFD, 0x1BFF, 0x23DF, 0x1FE6, 0x23E8, 0x23EA
    	.short 0x23EB, 0x23ED, 0x23EF, 0x23F0, 0x23F2, 0x23F4
    	.short 0x23F6, 0x23F7, 0x23F9, 0x23FB, 0x23FC, 0x23FE
    	.short 0x23FF, 0x1421, 0x1423, 0x1425, 0x1427, 0x1429
    	.short 0x142B, 0x142D, 0x1813, 0x1416, 0x1418, 0x141A
    	.short 0x141C, 0x141E, 0x141F, 0x1C5F, 0x24DF, 0x1461
    	.short 0x1463, 0x1465, 0x1467, 0x1469, 0x146B, 0x1471
    	.short 0x1453, 0x1455, 0x1457, 0x105A, 0x105C, 0x145E
    	.short 0x189E, 0x20DF, 0x291F, 0x14A1, 0x14A3, 0x14A5
    	.short 0x14A7, 0x14A9, 0x14AE, 0x14B0, 0x14B3, 0x1095
    	.short 0x1097, 0x1099, 0x14BB, 0x18DC, 0x211D, 0x211F
    	.short 0x295F, 0x14E1, 0x14E3, 0x14E5, 0x14E7, 0x14E9
    	.short 0x150E, 0x1510, 0x14F3, 0x10F5, 0x10F7, 0x10F9
    	.short 0x14FB, 0x191C, 0x215D, 0x215F, 0x297F, 0x1521
    	.short 0x1523, 0x1525, 0x1527, 0x1529, 0x156E, 0x1570
    	.short 0x1553, 0x1155, 0x1157, 0x1139, 0x153B, 0x195C
    	.short 0x217D, 0x219F, 0x29BF, 0x1561, 0x1563, 0x15C5
    	.short 0x15C8, 0x15CB, 0x15CE, 0x15B0, 0x15B3, 0x11B5
    	.short 0x1197, 0x1199, 0x159B, 0x199C, 0x21DD, 0x21DF
    	.short 0x29DF, 0x15A1, 0x1623, 0x1605, 0x1608, 0x160B
    	.short 0x160D, 0x1610, 0x1613, 0x11F5, 0x11F7, 0x11F9
    	.short 0x15DB, 0x19DC, 0x21FD, 0x21FF, 0x2A1F, 0x1660
    	.short 0x1662, 0x1665, 0x1667, 0x166A, 0x166D, 0x1670
    	.short 0x1673, 0x1255, 0x1257, 0x1239, 0x163B, 0x1A3C
    	.short 0x223D, 0x223F, 0x2A5F, 0x16C0, 0x16A2, 0x12A4
    	.short 0x12A7, 0x12AA, 0x12AD, 0x12AF, 0x12B2, 0x12B5
    	.short 0x1297, 0x1299, 0x167B, 0x1A7C, 0x227D, 0x229F
    	.short 0x2A7F, 0x1700, 0x16E2, 0x12E4, 0x12E7, 0x12EA
    	.short 0x12EC, 0x12EF, 0x12F2, 0x12F5, 0x12F7, 0x12F9
    	.short 0x16DB, 0x1ABC, 0x22BD, 0x22BF, 0x2ABF, 0x1340
    	.short 0x1342, 0x1324, 0x1327, 0x1329, 0x132C, 0x132F
    	.short 0x1332, 0x1334, 0x1337, 0x1339, 0x171B, 0x1AFC
    	.short 0x22FD, 0x22FF, 0x2AFF, 0x1380, 0x1382, 0x1765
    	.short 0x1767, 0x176A, 0x176C, 0x176F, 0x1771, 0x1774
    	.short 0x1776, 0x1779, 0x177B, 0x1B3C, 0x233D, 0x233F
    	.short 0x2B3F, 0x13C0, 0x13C2, 0x1B86, 0x1B88, 0x1B8A
    	.short 0x1B8C, 0x1B8F, 0x1B91, 0x1B93, 0x1B95, 0x1B97
    	.short 0x1B9A, 0x1B9C, 0x237D, 0x237F, 0x2B5F, 0x17E0
    	.short 0x17C4, 0x23A8, 0x23AA, 0x23AC, 0x23AE, 0x23B0
    	.short 0x23B2, 0x23B4, 0x23B5, 0x23B7, 0x23B9, 0x23BB
    	.short 0x23BD, 0x23BF, 0x2B9F, 0x1BE2, 0x23E6, 0x23E8
    	.short 0x23EA, 0x23EC, 0x23EE, 0x23F0, 0x23F2, 0x23F4
    	.short 0x23F5, 0x23F7, 0x23F9, 0x23FB, 0x23FD, 0x23FF
    	.short 0x2BDF, 0x27E6, 0x27E8, 0x2BEA, 0x2BEB, 0x2BED
    	.short 0x2BEF, 0x2BF1, 0x2BF2, 0x2BF4, 0x2BF6, 0x2BF7
    	.short 0x2BF9, 0x2BFA, 0x2BFC, 0x2BFE, 0x2BFF, 0x1C21
    	.short 0x1C23, 0x1C25, 0x1C27, 0x1C29, 0x1C2B, 0x1C2D
    	.short 0x2013, 0x2016, 0x2018, 0x1C1A, 0x201C, 0x1C1E
    	.short 0x1C1F, 0x245F, 0x2CDF, 0x1C61, 0x1C63, 0x1C65
    	.short 0x1C67, 0x1C69, 0x1C6B, 0x2071, 0x2053, 0x2055
    	.short 0x1C57, 0x1C5A, 0x1C5C, 0x1C5E, 0x209E, 0x28DF
    	.short 0x2D1F, 0x1CA1, 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5, 0x1CA7, 0x1CA9
    	.short 0x20AE, 0x20B0, 0x1CB3, 0x1C95, 0x1C97, 0x1C99
    	.short 0x1CBB, 0x20DC, 0x291D, 0x291F, 0x2D5F, 0x1CE1
    	.short 0x1CE3, 0x1CE5, 0x1CE7, 0x210B, 0x210E, 0x1CF0
    	.short 0x1CF2, 0x1CF5, 0x1CF7, 0x1CF9, 0x211A, 0x295B
    	.short 0x295D, 0x295F, 0x319F, 0x1D21, 0x1D23, 0x1D25
    	.short 0x2168, 0x216B, 0x216E, 0x1D50, 0x1D52, 0x1D35
    	.short 0x1D37, 0x1D39, 0x215A, 0x297B, 0x299D, 0x299F
    	.short 0x31BF, 0x1D61, 0x1D63, 0x21C5, 0x21C8, 0x21CB
    	.short 0x21CE, 0x1DB0, 0x1DB2, 0x1D95, 0x1D97, 0x1D99
    	.short 0x219A, 0x29DB, 0x29DD, 0x29DF, 0x31FF, 0x1DA1
    	.short 0x2223, 0x2205, 0x1E07, 0x1E0A, 0x1E0D, 0x1E10
    	.short 0x1E12, 0x1DF5, 0x1DF7, 0x1DD9, 0x21DA, 0x29FB
    	.short 0x29FD, 0x2A1F, 0x323F, 0x2260, 0x2262, 0x1E65
    	.short 0x1E47, 0x1E4A, 0x1E4D, 0x1E50, 0x1E52, 0x1E55
    	.short 0x1E37, 0x1E39, 0x223A, 0x2A3B, 0x2A3D, 0x2A3F
    	.short 0x325F, 0x22C0, 0x22A2, 0x1EA4, 0x1EA7, 0x1EAA
    	.short 0x1EAC, 0x1EAF, 0x1EB2, 0x1EB5, 0x1E97, 0x1E79
    	.short 0x227A, 0x2A7B, 0x2A9D, 0x2A9F, 0x329F, 0x1F00
    	.short 0x1EE2, 0x1EE4, 0x1EE7, 0x1EE9, 0x1EEC, 0x1EEF
    	.short 0x1EF1, 0x1EF4, 0x1EF7, 0x1ED9, 0x22BA, 0x2ABB
    	.short 0x2ABD, 0x2ABF, 0x32DF, 0x1F40, 0x1F42, 0x1F24
    	.short 0x1F27, 0x1F29, 0x1F2C, 0x1F2F, 0x1F31, 0x1F34
    	.short 0x1F36, 0x1F39, 0x22FA, 0x2AFB, 0x2AFD, 0x2AFF
    	.short 0x32FF, 0x1F80, 0x1B82, 0x1F65, 0x2348, 0x234A
    	.short 0x234C, 0x234F, 0x2351, 0x2353, 0x2355, 0x2358
    	.short 0x235A, 0x2B3B, 0x2B3D, 0x2B3F, 0x333F, 0x1FC0
    	.short 0x1FC2, 0x2386, 0x2B6A, 0x2B6C, 0x2B6E, 0x2B70
    	.short 0x2B72, 0x2B74, 0x2B75, 0x2B77, 0x2B7A, 0x2B7B
    	.short 0x2B7D, 0x2B7F, 0x337F, 0x1FE0, 0x23C4, 0x2BA8
    	.short 0x2BAA, 0x2BAC, 0x2BAE, 0x2BB0, 0x2BB2, 0x2BB4
    	.short 0x2BB5, 0x2BB7, 0x2BB9, 0x2BBB, 0x2BBD, 0x2BBF
    	.short 0x339F, 0x23E2, 0x2BE6, 0x2BE8, 0x2BEA, 0x2BEC
    	.short 0x2BEE, 0x2BF0, 0x2BF2, 0x2BF4, 0x2BF6, 0x2BF7
    	.short 0x2BF9, 0x2BFB, 0x2BFD, 0x2BFF, 0x33DF, 0x2BE6
    	.short 0x2FE8, 0x2FEA, 0x33EC, 0x33ED, 0x33EF, 0x33F1
    	.short 0x33F2, 0x33F4, 0x33F6, 0x33F7, 0x33F9, 0x33FB
    	.short 0x33FC, 0x33FE, 0x33FF, 0x2421, 0x2423, 0x2425
    	.short 0x2427, 0x2429, 0x242B, 0x242D, 0x2C13, 0x2C16
    	.short 0x2818, 0x281A, 0x281C, 0x281E, 0x281F, 0x2C5F
    	.short 0x30DF, 0x2461, 0x2463, 0x2465, 0x2467, 0x2469
    	.short 0x246B, 0x2C71, 0x2C53, 0x2855, 0x2857, 0x285A
    	.short 0x245C, 0x285E, 0x289E, 0x30DF, 0x351F, 0x24A1
    	.short 0x24A3, 0x24A5, 0x24A7, 0x24A9, 0x2CAE, 0x2CB0
    	.short 0x28B3, 0x2895, 0x2897, 0x2499, 0x28BB, 0x28DC
    	.short 0x311D, 0x311F, 0x355F, 0x24E1, 0x24E3, 0x24E5
    	.short 0x2D08, 0x2D0B, 0x2D0E, 0x28F0, 0x28F2, 0x28F5
    	.short 0x24F7, 0x24F9, 0x291A, 0x315B, 0x315D, 0x315F
    	.short 0x359F, 0x2521, 0x2523, 0x2525, 0x2D68, 0x294B
    	.short 0x294D, 0x2950, 0x2532, 0x2534, 0x2536, 0x2958
    	.short 0x3199, 0x319B, 0x319D, 0x319F, 0x39DF, 0x2561
    	.short 0x2563, 0x2DC5, 0x2DC8, 0x29AA, 0x29AD, 0x29B0
    	.short 0x2592, 0x2594, 0x2596, 0x2998, 0x31D9, 0x31DB
    	.short 0x31DD, 0x31DF, 0x39FF, 0x25A1, 0x2E23, 0x2E05
    	.short 0x2A07, 0x2A0A, 0x2A0D, 0x2A10, 0x25F2, 0x25F4
    	.short 0x25D6, 0x29D8, 0x3219, 0x321B, 0x321D, 0x321F
    	.short 0x3A3F, 0x2E60, 0x2E62, 0x2A65, 0x2A47, 0x2649
    	.short 0x264C, 0x264F, 0x2652, 0x2654, 0x2636, 0x2A38
    	.short 0x3239, 0x323B, 0x323D, 0x325F, 0x3A7F, 0x2EC0
    	.short 0x2AA2, 0x2AA4, 0x26A7, 0x2689, 0x268C, 0x268F
    	.short 0x2692, 0x2694, 0x2696, 0x2A78, 0x3279, 0x329B
    	.short 0x327D, 0x327F, 0x3A9F, 0x2B00, 0x2AE2, 0x2AE4
    	.short 0x26E7, 0x26C9, 0x26CC, 0x26CF, 0x26D1, 0x26D4
    	.short 0x26D6, 0x2AB8, 0x32B9, 0x32BB, 0x32BD, 0x32DF
    	.short 0x3ADF, 0x2B40, 0x2742, 0x2724, 0x2727, 0x2B0A
    	.short 0x2B0C, 0x2B0F, 0x2B11, 0x2B13, 0x2B15, 0x2B18
    	.short 0x32F9, 0x32FB, 0x32FD, 0x32FF, 0x3AFF, 0x2780
    	.short 0x2782, 0x2765, 0x2B48, 0x332C, 0x332E, 0x3330
    	.short 0x3332, 0x3334, 0x3335, 0x3338, 0x3339, 0x333B
    	.short 0x333D, 0x333F, 0x3B3F, 0x27C0, 0x27C2, 0x2B86
    	.short 0x2F6A, 0x336C, 0x336E, 0x3370, 0x3372, 0x3374
    	.short 0x3376, 0x3377, 0x3379, 0x337B, 0x337D, 0x337F
    	.short 0x3B5F, 0x2BE0, 0x2BC4, 0x2FA8, 0x33AA, 0x33AC
    	.short 0x33AE, 0x33B0, 0x33B2, 0x33B4, 0x33B6, 0x33B7
    	.short 0x33B9, 0x33BB, 0x33BD, 0x33BF, 0x3B9F, 0x2FE2
    	.short 0x2FE6, 0x33E8, 0x33EA, 0x33EC, 0x33EE, 0x33F0
    	.short 0x33F2, 0x33F4, 0x33F6, 0x33F7, 0x33F9, 0x33FB
    	.short 0x33FD, 0x33FF, 0x3BDF, 0x33E6, 0x33E8, 0x37EA
    	.short 0x37EC, 0x3BEE, 0x3BF0, 0x3BF1, 0x3BF3, 0x3BF4
    	.short 0x3BF6, 0x3BF8, 0x3BF9, 0x3BFB, 0x3BFC, 0x3BFE
    	.short 0x3BFF, 0x2C21, 0x2C23, 0x2C25, 0x2C27, 0x2C29
    	.short 0x2C2B, 0x2C2D, 0x3813, 0x3816, 0x3418, 0x341A
    	.short 0x341C, 0x301E, 0x301F, 0x345F, 0x38DF, 0x2C61
    	.short 0x2C63, 0x2C65, 0x2C67, 0x2C69, 0x2C6B, 0x3871
    	.short 0x3453, 0x3455, 0x3457, 0x345A, 0x305C, 0x305E
    	.short 0x309E, 0x38DF, 0x3D1F, 0x2CA1, 0x2CA3, 0x38A5
    	.short 0x38A8, 0x38AB, 0x38AE, 0x34B0, 0x34B3, 0x3495
    	.short 0x3097, 0x3099, 0x30BB, 0x30DC, 0x391D, 0x391F
    	.short 0x3D5F, 0x2CE1, 0x2CE3, 0x3905, 0x3908, 0x390B
    	.short 0x390E, 0x34F0, 0x34F2, 0x30F5, 0x30F7, 0x30F9
    	.short 0x311A, 0x395B, 0x395D, 0x395F, 0x3D9F, 0x2D21
    	.short 0x2D23, 0x3965, 0x3968, 0x354A, 0x354D, 0x3550
    	.short 0x3132, 0x3134, 0x3136, 0x3158, 0x3999, 0x399B
    	.short 0x399D, 0x399F, 0x41DF, 0x2D61, 0x2D63, 0x39C5
    	.short 0x39C8, 0x35AA, 0x318D, 0x3190, 0x3192, 0x3194
    	.short 0x3196, 0x35B8, 0x39D9, 0x39DB, 0x39DD, 0x3DFF
    	.short 0x421F, 0x2DA1, 0x3A23, 0x3605, 0x3607, 0x360A
    	.short 0x320C, 0x3210, 0x31F2, 0x31D4, 0x31D6, 0x35F8
    	.short 0x39F9, 0x3A1B, 0x3A1D, 0x3E1F, 0x423F, 0x3A60
    	.short 0x3662, 0x3665, 0x3647, 0x3249, 0x324C, 0x324F
    	.short 0x3252, 0x3234, 0x3236, 0x3638, 0x3A39, 0x3A5B
    	.short 0x3A5D, 0x3E5F, 0x427F, 0x36C0, 0x36A2, 0x36A4
    	.short 0x32A7, 0x3289, 0x328C, 0x328E, 0x3291, 0x3294
    	.short 0x3276, 0x3678, 0x3A99, 0x3A7B, 0x3A9D, 0x3E9F
    	.short 0x429F, 0x3700, 0x36E2, 0x32E4, 0x32E7, 0x32C9
    	.short 0x32CC, 0x32CE, 0x32D1, 0x32D3, 0x32D6, 0x36B8
    	.short 0x3AB9, 0x3ABB, 0x3ADD, 0x3EDF, 0x42DF, 0x3740
    	.short 0x3342, 0x3324, 0x3327, 0x330A, 0x370D, 0x370F
    	.short 0x3711, 0x3714, 0x3716, 0x3718, 0x3AF9, 0x3AFB
    	.short 0x3AFD, 0x3EFF, 0x431F, 0x3380, 0x3382, 0x3365
    	.short 0x3348, 0x3B2C, 0x3B2E, 0x3B30, 0x3B32, 0x3B34
    	.short 0x3B35, 0x3B37, 0x3B39, 0x3B3B, 0x3B3D, 0x3F3F
    	.short 0x433F, 0x33C0, 0x33C2, 0x3386, 0x3B6A, 0x3B6C
    	.short 0x3B6E, 0x3B70, 0x3B72, 0x3B74, 0x3B76, 0x3B77
    	.short 0x3B7A, 0x3B7B, 0x3B7D, 0x3F7F, 0x437F, 0x33E0
    	.short 0x33C4, 0x3BA8, 0x3BAA, 0x3BAC, 0x3BAE, 0x3BB0
    	.short 0x3BB2, 0x3BB4, 0x3BB6, 0x3BB8, 0x3BB9, 0x3BBB
    	.short 0x3BBD, 0x3FBF, 0x439F, 0x33E2, 0x3BE6, 0x3BE8
    	.short 0x3BEA, 0x3BEC, 0x3FEF, 0x3FF0, 0x3FF2, 0x3FF4
    	.short 0x3FF6, 0x3FF8, 0x3FF9, 0x3FFB, 0x3FFD, 0x3FFF
    	.short 0x43DF, 0x3BE6, 0x3BE8, 0x3BEA, 0x3FEC, 0x3FEE
    	.short 0x43F0, 0x43F1, 0x43F3, 0x43F5, 0x43F6, 0x43F8
    	.short 0x43F9, 0x43FB, 0x43FC, 0x43FE, 0x43FF, 0x3421
    	.short 0x3423, 0x3425, 0x3427, 0x3429, 0x342B, 0x342D
    	.short 0x4413, 0x4016, 0x4018, 0x3C1A, 0x3C1C, 0x3C1E
    	.short 0x3C1F, 0x3C5F, 0x40DF, 0x3461, 0x4463, 0x4465
    	.short 0x4468, 0x446B, 0x446E, 0x4471, 0x4053, 0x4055
    	.short 0x4057, 0x3C5A, 0x3C5C, 0x3C5E, 0x3C9E, 0x40DF
    	.short 0x411F, 0x34A1, 0x44A3, 0x40A5, 0x40A8, 0x40AB
    	.short 0x40AD, 0x40B0, 0x40B3, 0x3C95, 0x3C97, 0x3C99
    	.short 0x3CBB, 0x3CDC, 0x411D, 0x411F, 0x455F, 0x34E1
    	.short 0x4503, 0x4105, 0x40E7, 0x40EA, 0x40ED, 0x40F0
    	.short 0x40F2, 0x3CF5, 0x3CF7, 0x3CF9, 0x3D1A, 0x415B
    	.short 0x415D, 0x415F, 0x459F, 0x3521, 0x4563, 0x4165
    	.short 0x4147, 0x414A, 0x414D, 0x4150, 0x3D32, 0x3D34
    	.short 0x3D36, 0x3D58, 0x4199, 0x419B, 0x419D, 0x419F
    	.short 0x45DF, 0x3561, 0x45C3, 0x41A5, 0x41A7, 0x41AA
    	.short 0x418C, 0x4190, 0x3D92, 0x3994, 0x3996, 0x3DB8
    	.short 0x41D9, 0x41DB, 0x41DD, 0x41FF, 0x461F, 0x35A1
    	.short 0x4623, 0x4205, 0x4207, 0x420A, 0x420C, 0x39CF
    	.short 0x39D2, 0x39D3, 0x3DF6, 0x3DF8, 0x4219, 0x421B
    	.short 0x421D, 0x463F, 0x4A5F, 0x4660, 0x4262, 0x4265
    	.short 0x4247, 0x3E49, 0x3E4C, 0x3A4E, 0x3A52, 0x3A33
    	.short 0x3E36, 0x3E38, 0x4259, 0x425B, 0x425D, 0x465F
    	.short 0x4A7F, 0x42C0, 0x3EA2, 0x3EA4, 0x3EA7, 0x3E89
    	.short 0x3A8C, 0x3A6E, 0x3A71, 0x3A73, 0x3E76, 0x3E98
    	.short 0x4279, 0x429B, 0x429D, 0x469F, 0x4ABF, 0x3F00
    	.short 0x3EE2, 0x3EE4, 0x3EE7, 0x3AC9, 0x3ACC, 0x3ECF
    	.short 0x3ED1, 0x3ED4, 0x3ED6, 0x3ED8, 0x42B9, 0x42DB
    	.short 0x42DD, 0x46DF, 0x4ADF, 0x3F40, 0x3F42, 0x3F24
    	.short 0x3B27, 0x3B0A, 0x3F0D, 0x3F0F, 0x3F11, 0x3F14
    	.short 0x3F16, 0x3F18, 0x42F9, 0x42FB, 0x42FD, 0x471F
    	.short 0x4B1F, 0x3F80, 0x3F82, 0x3B65, 0x3B48, 0x432C
    	.short 0x3F2E, 0x4330, 0x4332, 0x4334, 0x4336, 0x4337
    	.short 0x4339, 0x433B, 0x433D, 0x473F, 0x4B3F, 0x3FC0
    	.short 0x3BC2, 0x3B86, 0x3F6A, 0x436C, 0x436E, 0x4370
    	.short 0x4372, 0x4374, 0x4376, 0x4378, 0x4379, 0x437B
    	.short 0x437D, 0x477F, 0x4B7F, 0x3BE0, 0x3BC4, 0x3FA8
    	.short 0x3FAA, 0x43AC, 0x43AE, 0x43B0, 0x43B2, 0x43B4
    	.short 0x43B6, 0x43B8, 0x43B9, 0x43BB, 0x43BD, 0x47BF
    	.short 0x4B9F, 0x3BE2, 0x3FE6, 0x3FE8, 0x43EA, 0x43EC
    	.short 0x43EF, 0x47F1, 0x47F3, 0x47F4, 0x47F6, 0x47F8
    	.short 0x47FA, 0x47FB, 0x47FD, 0x47FF, 0x4BDF, 0x3FE6
    	.short 0x43E8, 0x43EA, 0x47EC, 0x47EE, 0x47F0, 0x4BF2
    	.short 0x4BF3, 0x4BF5, 0x4BF6, 0x4BF8, 0x4BFA, 0x4BFB
    	.short 0x4BFD, 0x4BFE, 0x4BFF, 0x4C00, 0x4C02, 0x4C05
    	.short 0x4C08, 0x4C0B, 0x4C0E, 0x4C11, 0x4C13, 0x4C16
    	.short 0x4C18, 0x481A, 0x481C, 0x441E, 0x441F, 0x445F
    	.short 0x48DF, 0x4C60, 0x4C42, 0x4C45, 0x4C48, 0x4C4B
    	.short 0x4C4D, 0x4C50, 0x4C53, 0x4C55, 0x4857, 0x485A
    	.short 0x445C, 0x445E, 0x449E, 0x48DF, 0x491F, 0x4CC0
    	.short 0x4CA2, 0x4CA5, 0x4CA7, 0x4CAA, 0x4CAD, 0x4CB0
    	.short 0x4CB3, 0x4895, 0x4897, 0x4899, 0x44BB, 0x44DC
    	.short 0x491D, 0x491F, 0x495F, 0x4D00, 0x4D02, 0x4CE5
    	.short 0x48E7, 0x48EA, 0x48ED, 0x48F0, 0x48F2, 0x48F5
    	.short 0x44F7, 0x44F9, 0x451A, 0x495B, 0x495D, 0x495F
    	.short 0x499F, 0x4D60, 0x4D62, 0x4D45, 0x4947, 0x4929
    	.short 0x492C, 0x492F, 0x4932, 0x4934, 0x4536, 0x4558
    	.short 0x4999, 0x499B, 0x499D, 0x499F, 0x4DDF, 0x4DC0
    	.short 0x4DA2, 0x4DA5, 0x49A7, 0x4989, 0x498C, 0x498F
    	.short 0x4992, 0x4594, 0x4596, 0x45B8, 0x49D9, 0x49DB
    	.short 0x49DD, 0x49FF, 0x4E1F, 0x4E20, 0x4E02, 0x4E05
    	.short 0x4A07, 0x49E9, 0x49EC, 0x49CE, 0x49D2, 0x45D3
    	.short 0x45F6, 0x45F8, 0x4A19, 0x4A1B, 0x4A1D, 0x4E3F
    	.short 0x4E5F, 0x4E60, 0x4E62, 0x4E65, 0x4A47, 0x4A49
    	.short 0x4A4C, 0x4A4E, 0x4211, 0x4634, 0x4636, 0x4A58
    	.short 0x4A59, 0x4A5B, 0x4A5D, 0x4E7F, 0x529F, 0x4EC0
    	.short 0x4AA2, 0x4AA4, 0x4AA7, 0x4A89, 0x468C, 0x466E
    	.short 0x4691, 0x4694, 0x4696, 0x4A78, 0x4A99, 0x4A9B
    	.short 0x4A9D, 0x4E9F, 0x52BF, 0x4B00, 0x4AE2, 0x4AE4
    	.short 0x46E7, 0x46C9, 0x46CC, 0x46CF, 0x46D1, 0x46D4
    	.short 0x46D6, 0x4AB8, 0x4AD9, 0x4ADB, 0x4ADD, 0x4EDF
    	.short 0x52FF, 0x4B40, 0x4742, 0x4724, 0x4727, 0x470A
    	.short 0x470D, 0x470F, 0x4B12, 0x4B14, 0x4B16, 0x4B18
    	.short 0x4B19, 0x4AFB, 0x4B1D, 0x4F1F, 0x531F, 0x4780
    	.short 0x4782, 0x4765, 0x4748, 0x472C, 0x472E, 0x4B30
    	.short 0x4B32, 0x4B34, 0x4B36, 0x4B38, 0x4B39, 0x4B3B
    	.short 0x4B3D, 0x4F3F, 0x535F, 0x47C0, 0x47C2, 0x4786
    	.short 0x476A, 0x476C, 0x4B6E, 0x4B70, 0x4B72, 0x4B74
    	.short 0x4B76, 0x4B78, 0x4B79, 0x4B7B, 0x4B7D, 0x4F7F
    	.short 0x537F, 0x47E0, 0x47C4, 0x47A8, 0x47AA, 0x47AC
    	.short 0x4BAE, 0x4BB0, 0x4BB2, 0x4BB4, 0x4BB6, 0x4BB8
    	.short 0x4BB9, 0x4BBB, 0x4BBD, 0x4FBF, 0x53BF, 0x47E2
    	.short 0x47E6, 0x47E8, 0x47EA, 0x4BEC, 0x4BEF, 0x4BF1
    	.short 0x4FF3, 0x4FF5, 0x4FF6, 0x4FF8, 0x4FFA, 0x4FFB
    	.short 0x4FFD, 0x4FFF, 0x53DF, 0x47E6, 0x4BE8, 0x4BEA
    	.short 0x4BEC, 0x4FEE, 0x4FF0, 0x4FF2, 0x53F4, 0x53F6
    	.short 0x53F7, 0x53F8, 0x53FA, 0x53FB, 0x53FD, 0x53FE
    	.short 0x53FF, 0x5800, 0x5802, 0x5805, 0x5808, 0x580B
    	.short 0x580D, 0x5810, 0x5813, 0x5816, 0x5418, 0x541A
    	.short 0x501C, 0x501E, 0x4C1F, 0x4C5F, 0x4CDF, 0x5860
    	.short 0x5442, 0x5445, 0x5448, 0x544A, 0x544D, 0x544F
    	.short 0x5452, 0x5455, 0x5457, 0x545A, 0x505C, 0x505E
    	.short 0x4C9E, 0x50DF, 0x511F, 0x58A0, 0x54A2, 0x5484
    	.short 0x5487, 0x548A, 0x548D, 0x548F, 0x5492, 0x5495
    	.short 0x5497, 0x5099, 0x50BB, 0x4CDC, 0x511D, 0x511F
    	.short 0x515F, 0x5900, 0x5502, 0x54E4, 0x54E7, 0x54E9
    	.short 0x54EC, 0x54EF, 0x54F2, 0x54F5, 0x50F7, 0x50F9
    	.short 0x4D1A, 0x515B, 0x515D, 0x515F, 0x519F, 0x5960
    	.short 0x5542, 0x5544, 0x5547, 0x5129, 0x512C, 0x512F
    	.short 0x5132, 0x5134, 0x5136, 0x4D58, 0x5199, 0x519B
    	.short 0x519D, 0x519F, 0x51DF, 0x59C0, 0x55A2, 0x55A4
    	.short 0x5587, 0x5189, 0x518C, 0x518E, 0x5191, 0x5194
    	.short 0x4D96, 0x51B8, 0x51D9, 0x51DB, 0x51DD, 0x51FF
    	.short 0x561F, 0x5A00, 0x5602, 0x55E4, 0x55E7, 0x51E9
    	.short 0x51CC, 0x4DCE, 0x4DD1, 0x4DD3, 0x51F6, 0x51F8
    	.short 0x5219, 0x521B, 0x521D, 0x523F, 0x565F, 0x5A60
    	.short 0x5662, 0x5644, 0x5647, 0x5249, 0x522C, 0x4E2E
    	.short 0x5231, 0x5234, 0x5236, 0x5258, 0x5259, 0x525B
    	.short 0x525D, 0x567F, 0x5A9F, 0x5AC0, 0x56A2, 0x56A4
    	.short 0x56A7, 0x5289, 0x528C, 0x4E6E, 0x5291, 0x4E74
    	.short 0x4E76, 0x5298, 0x529A, 0x529B, 0x529D, 0x56BF
    	.short 0x5EFF, 0x5700, 0x56E2, 0x52E4, 0x52E7, 0x52C9
    	.short 0x4ECC, 0x4ECF, 0x52D1, 0x4ED3, 0x4ED6, 0x52D8
    	.short 0x52DA, 0x52DB, 0x52DD, 0x56DF, 0x5F1F, 0x5340
    	.short 0x5342, 0x5324, 0x4F27, 0x4F0A, 0x4F0D, 0x530F
    	.short 0x4F12, 0x5314, 0x5316, 0x5318, 0x531A, 0x531B
    	.short 0x531D, 0x571F, 0x5F5F, 0x5380, 0x5382, 0x4F65
    	.short 0x4F48, 0x4F2C, 0x532E, 0x4F30, 0x5332, 0x5354
    	.short 0x5356, 0x5358, 0x535A, 0x533B, 0x533D, 0x575F
    	.short 0x5F7F, 0x4FC0, 0x4FC2, 0x4F86, 0x4F6A, 0x536C
    	.short 0x4F6E, 0x5370, 0x5372, 0x5374, 0x5376, 0x5378
    	.short 0x5379, 0x537B, 0x537D, 0x577F, 0x5F9F, 0x4FE0
    	.short 0x4FC4, 0x4FA8, 0x53AA, 0x4FAC, 0x53AE, 0x53B0
    	.short 0x53B2, 0x53B4, 0x53B6, 0x53B8, 0x53BA, 0x53BB
    	.short 0x53BD, 0x57BF, 0x5FBF, 0x4FE2, 0x4FE6, 0x53E8
    	.short 0x53EA, 0x4FEC, 0x53EF, 0x53F1, 0x53F3, 0x57F5
    	.short 0x57F6, 0x57F8, 0x57FA, 0x57FB, 0x57FD, 0x57FF
    	.short 0x5FDF, 0x4FE6, 0x53E8, 0x4FEA, 0x53EC, 0x53EE
    	.short 0x53F0, 0x57F2, 0x57F4, 0x5FF7, 0x5FF9, 0x5FFA
    	.short 0x5FFB, 0x5FFC, 0x5FFD, 0x5FFE, 0x5FFF, 0x6000
    	.short 0x6002, 0x6005, 0x6007, 0x600A, 0x600D, 0x600F
    	.short 0x6012, 0x6015, 0x6018, 0x5C1A, 0x5C1C, 0x581E
    	.short 0x581F, 0x545F, 0x54DF, 0x6040, 0x5C42, 0x5C45
    	.short 0x5C47, 0x5C4A, 0x5C4D, 0x5C4F, 0x5C52, 0x5C55
    	.short 0x5C57, 0x5C5A, 0x5C5C, 0x585E, 0x549E, 0x54DF
    	.short 0x591F, 0x60A0, 0x5CA2, 0x5C84, 0x5C87, 0x5C8A
    	.short 0x5C8C, 0x5C8F, 0x5C92, 0x5C94, 0x5C97, 0x5C99
    	.short 0x58BB, 0x54DC, 0x551D, 0x551F, 0x595F, 0x6100
    	.short 0x5CE2, 0x5CE4, 0x5CE7, 0x5CE9, 0x5CEC, 0x5CEF
    	.short 0x5CF1, 0x5CF4, 0x5CF7, 0x58F9, 0x551A, 0x555B
    	.short 0x555D, 0x595F, 0x599F, 0x6140, 0x5D42, 0x5D44
    	.short 0x5D27, 0x5929, 0x592C, 0x592E, 0x5931, 0x5934
    	.short 0x5936, 0x5558, 0x5599, 0x599B, 0x599D, 0x599F
    	.short 0x59DF, 0x61A0, 0x5DA2, 0x5D84, 0x5D87, 0x5989
    	.short 0x598C, 0x598E, 0x5991, 0x5993, 0x5996, 0x59B8
    	.short 0x55D9, 0x59DB, 0x59DD, 0x59FF, 0x5A1F, 0x6200
    	.short 0x5E02, 0x5DE4, 0x5DE7, 0x59E9, 0x59CC, 0x59EF
    	.short 0x59F1, 0x59F3, 0x59F6, 0x59F8, 0x5A19, 0x5A1B
    	.short 0x5A1D, 0x5A3F, 0x5A5F, 0x6260, 0x5E42, 0x5E44
    	.short 0x5E27, 0x5A29, 0x5A2C, 0x5A2F, 0x5A31, 0x5A34
    	.short 0x5A36, 0x5A58, 0x5A59, 0x5A5B, 0x5A5D, 0x5A7F
    	.short 0x5E9F, 0x62A0, 0x5EA2, 0x5EA4, 0x5E87, 0x5A89
    	.short 0x5A6C, 0x5A8F, 0x5A91, 0x5A73, 0x5A76, 0x5A98
    	.short 0x5A9A, 0x5A9B, 0x5A9D, 0x5ABF, 0x66FF, 0x6300
    	.short 0x5EE2, 0x5EE4, 0x5EE7, 0x5AC9, 0x5ACC, 0x5ACF
    	.short 0x5AD1, 0x5AD3, 0x56B6, 0x56B8, 0x5ADA, 0x5ADB
    	.short 0x5ADD, 0x631F, 0x673F, 0x5F40, 0x5F42, 0x5F24
    	.short 0x5B27, 0x570A, 0x570D, 0x5B0F, 0x5712, 0x5B14
    	.short 0x5715, 0x5718, 0x5B1A, 0x5B1B, 0x5B1D, 0x633F
    	.short 0x675F, 0x5B80, 0x5B82, 0x5B65, 0x5748, 0x572C
    	.short 0x572E, 0x5730, 0x5B32, 0x5B54, 0x5B56, 0x5B58
    	.short 0x5B5A, 0x5B3B, 0x5B5D, 0x637F, 0x677F, 0x5BC0
    	.short 0x5BC2, 0x5786, 0x576A, 0x576C, 0x576E, 0x5B70
    	.short 0x5B72, 0x5B74, 0x5B76, 0x5B78, 0x5B7A, 0x5B7B
    	.short 0x5B7D, 0x639F, 0x679F, 0x5BE0, 0x57C4, 0x57A8
    	.short 0x57AA, 0x57AC, 0x5BAE, 0x5BB0, 0x5BB2, 0x5BB4
    	.short 0x5BB6, 0x5BB8, 0x5BBA, 0x5BBB, 0x5BBD, 0x63BF
    	.short 0x67BF, 0x57E2, 0x57E6, 0x57E8, 0x57EA, 0x5BEC
    	.short 0x5BEF, 0x5BF1, 0x5BF3, 0x5BF5, 0x63F8, 0x63F9
    	.short 0x63FB, 0x63FC, 0x63FD, 0x63FF, 0x67DF, 0x57E6
    	.short 0x57E8, 0x57EA, 0x5BEC, 0x5BEE, 0x5BF0, 0x5BF2
    	.short 0x5FF4, 0x63F7, 0x67F9, 0x67FA, 0x67FB, 0x67FC
    	.short 0x67FD, 0x67FE, 0x67FF, 0x6800, 0x6802, 0x6804
    	.short 0x6807, 0x680A, 0x680D, 0x680F, 0x6812, 0x6814
    	.short 0x6817, 0x681A, 0x681C, 0x641E, 0x601F, 0x5C5F
    	.short 0x5CDF, 0x6840, 0x6842, 0x6844, 0x6847, 0x6849
    	.short 0x684C, 0x684F, 0x6851, 0x6854, 0x6857, 0x685A
    	.short 0x645C, 0x645E, 0x5C9E, 0x60DF, 0x5D1F, 0x68A0
    	.short 0x6882, 0x6484, 0x6487, 0x6489, 0x648C, 0x648F
    	.short 0x6491, 0x6494, 0x6497, 0x6499, 0x64BB, 0x5CDC
    	.short 0x5D1D, 0x5D1F, 0x5D5F, 0x68E0, 0x68E2, 0x64E4
    	.short 0x64E7, 0x64E9, 0x64EC, 0x64EE, 0x64F1, 0x64F3
    	.short 0x64F6, 0x64F9, 0x611A, 0x5D5B, 0x5D5D, 0x5D5F
    	.short 0x5D9F, 0x6940, 0x6942, 0x6524, 0x6527, 0x614A
    	.short 0x614C, 0x614E, 0x6151, 0x6153, 0x6155, 0x6158
    	.short 0x6199, 0x5D9B, 0x5D9D, 0x5D9F, 0x61DF, 0x69A0
    	.short 0x69A2, 0x6584, 0x6587, 0x618A, 0x61AD, 0x61AF
    	.short 0x61B1, 0x61B3, 0x61B5, 0x61B8, 0x5DD9, 0x5DDB
    	.short 0x61DD, 0x61FF, 0x621F, 0x69E0, 0x69E2, 0x65E4
    	.short 0x65E7, 0x61EA, 0x61ED, 0x61EF, 0x61F1, 0x61F4
    	.short 0x61F6, 0x61F8, 0x5E19, 0x621B, 0x621D, 0x623F
    	.short 0x625F, 0x6A40, 0x6A42, 0x6644, 0x6627, 0x622A
    	.short 0x622D, 0x622F, 0x6252, 0x6253, 0x6255, 0x6258
    	.short 0x6259, 0x625B, 0x625D, 0x627F, 0x629F, 0x6AA0
    	.short 0x6AA2, 0x6684, 0x6687, 0x626A, 0x628D, 0x628F
    	.short 0x6292, 0x6294, 0x6296, 0x6298, 0x629A, 0x629B
    	.short 0x629D, 0x62BF, 0x6AFF, 0x6AE0, 0x6AE2, 0x66E4
    	.short 0x66C7, 0x62AA, 0x62CD, 0x62CF, 0x62D2, 0x62D4
    	.short 0x62B5, 0x62B8, 0x62DA, 0x62DB, 0x62DD, 0x671F
    	.short 0x6B3F, 0x6B40, 0x6B42, 0x6724, 0x6727, 0x630A
    	.short 0x630D, 0x630F, 0x6312, 0x6314, 0x6315, 0x5EF8
    	.short 0x631A, 0x631C, 0x673D, 0x6B5F, 0x6F7F, 0x6780
    	.short 0x6782, 0x6365, 0x5F48, 0x5F2C, 0x5F2E, 0x5F30
    	.short 0x6332, 0x6354, 0x6356, 0x6358, 0x635A, 0x635C
    	.short 0x677D, 0x6B7F, 0x6F9F, 0x63C0, 0x63C2, 0x5F86
    	.short 0x5F6A, 0x5F6C, 0x5F6E, 0x5F70, 0x5F72, 0x6374
    	.short 0x6376, 0x6398, 0x639A, 0x639C, 0x679D, 0x6B9F
    	.short 0x6FBF, 0x63E0, 0x5FC4, 0x5FA8, 0x5FAA, 0x5FAC
    	.short 0x5FAE, 0x5FB0, 0x63B2, 0x63B4, 0x63B6, 0x67B9
    	.short 0x67BB, 0x67BC, 0x67BD, 0x6BDF, 0x6FDF, 0x5FE2
    	.short 0x5FE6, 0x5FE8, 0x5FEA, 0x5FEC, 0x5FEF, 0x63F1
    	.short 0x63F3, 0x63F5, 0x67F8, 0x6BFA, 0x6BFB, 0x6BFC
    	.short 0x6BFE, 0x6BFF, 0x6FFF, 0x5BE6, 0x5FE8, 0x5FEA
    	.short 0x5FEC, 0x5FEE, 0x63F0, 0x63F2, 0x63F4, 0x6BF7
    	.short 0x6BF9, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD, 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF
    	.short 0x6FFF, 0x7000, 0x7002, 0x7004, 0x7007, 0x7009
    	.short 0x700C, 0x700F, 0x7011, 0x7014, 0x7016, 0x7019
    	.short 0x701C, 0x701E, 0x6C1F, 0x685F, 0x64DF, 0x7040
    	.short 0x7042, 0x7044, 0x7046, 0x7049, 0x704C, 0x704F
    	.short 0x7051, 0x7054, 0x7056, 0x7059, 0x705C, 0x6C5E
    	.short 0x689E, 0x64DF, 0x651F, 0x70A0, 0x7082, 0x6CA5
    	.short 0x6CA7, 0x6CA9, 0x6CAC, 0x6CAE, 0x6CB1, 0x6CB3
    	.short 0x6CB6, 0x6CB8, 0x6CBB, 0x68DC, 0x651D, 0x651F
    	.short 0x655F, 0x7100, 0x70E2, 0x6CE5, 0x6908, 0x690A
    	.short 0x690C, 0x690E, 0x6911, 0x6913, 0x6915, 0x6917
    	.short 0x691A, 0x695B, 0x655D, 0x655F, 0x659F, 0x7140
    	.short 0x7122, 0x6D45, 0x6948, 0x658C, 0x658E, 0x6590
    	.short 0x6591, 0x6593, 0x6595, 0x6597, 0x6599, 0x659B
    	.short 0x659D, 0x659F, 0x65DF, 0x71A0, 0x7182, 0x6D85
    	.short 0x6988, 0x65CC, 0x65CE, 0x65CF, 0x65D1, 0x65D4
    	.short 0x65D5, 0x65D7, 0x65D9, 0x69DB, 0x65DD, 0x65FF
    	.short 0x661F, 0x71E0, 0x71E2, 0x6DE5, 0x69E8, 0x660C
    	.short 0x660E, 0x6610, 0x6612, 0x6613, 0x6615, 0x6617
    	.short 0x6619, 0x661B, 0x661D, 0x6A3F, 0x6A5F, 0x7240
    	.short 0x7222, 0x6E25, 0x6A28, 0x664C, 0x664E, 0x6650
    	.short 0x6652, 0x6654, 0x6656, 0x6658, 0x6659, 0x665B
    	.short 0x665D, 0x6A7F, 0x6A9F, 0x7280, 0x7282, 0x6E85
    	.short 0x6A68, 0x668C, 0x668E, 0x6690, 0x6692, 0x6A94
    	.short 0x6A96, 0x6A98, 0x6A9A, 0x669B, 0x6A9D, 0x6ABF
    	.short 0x6EFF, 0x72E0, 0x72E2, 0x6EC5, 0x6AA8, 0x66AC
    	.short 0x66AE, 0x66D0, 0x66D2, 0x6AD4, 0x6AD6, 0x6AD8
    	.short 0x6ADA, 0x6ADB, 0x6ADD, 0x6F1F, 0x6F3F, 0x7340
    	.short 0x7322, 0x6F25, 0x6B08, 0x670C, 0x66EE, 0x66F0
    	.short 0x6712, 0x6B14, 0x6B16, 0x6B18, 0x6B1A, 0x6B1C
    	.short 0x6F3D, 0x6F5F, 0x737F, 0x7380, 0x7382, 0x6F65
    	.short 0x6B48, 0x672C, 0x672E, 0x6730, 0x6732, 0x6B54
    	.short 0x6B56, 0x6B58, 0x6B5A, 0x6F7C, 0x6F7E, 0x739F
    	.short 0x77BF, 0x6FC0, 0x6FC2, 0x6786, 0x676A, 0x676C
    	.short 0x676E, 0x6770, 0x6772, 0x6774, 0x6776, 0x6B98
    	.short 0x6F9B, 0x6F9C, 0x6F9E, 0x73BF, 0x77DF, 0x6BE0
    	.short 0x67C4, 0x67A8, 0x67AA, 0x67AC, 0x67AE, 0x67B0
    	.short 0x67B2, 0x67B4, 0x6BB6, 0x6FB9, 0x6FDB, 0x6FDC
    	.short 0x6FDE, 0x73DF, 0x77DF, 0x67E2, 0x67E6, 0x67E8
    	.short 0x67EA, 0x67EC, 0x67EF, 0x67F1, 0x67F3, 0x6BF5
    	.short 0x6FF8, 0x6FFA, 0x73FC, 0x73FD, 0x73FE, 0x73FF
    	.short 0x77FF, 0x63E6, 0x63E8, 0x67EA, 0x67EC, 0x67EE
    	.short 0x67F0, 0x67F2, 0x6BF4, 0x6FF7, 0x6FF9, 0x73FB
    	.short 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FF, 0x77FF, 0x7800
    	.short 0x7802, 0x7804, 0x7807, 0x7809, 0x780C, 0x780F
    	.short 0x7811, 0x7813, 0x7816, 0x7818, 0x781B, 0x781E
    	.short 0x741F, 0x705F, 0x68DF, 0x7840, 0x7842, 0x7844
    	.short 0x7847, 0x7849, 0x784C, 0x784E, 0x7851, 0x7853
    	.short 0x7856, 0x7858, 0x785B, 0x785E, 0x709E, 0x6CDF
    	.short 0x6D1F, 0x78A0, 0x78A2, 0x70C6, 0x70C8, 0x70CA
    	.short 0x70CC, 0x70CE, 0x70D1, 0x70D3, 0x70D5, 0x70D7
    	.short 0x70D9, 0x70DC, 0x6D1D, 0x6D1F, 0x695F, 0x78E0
    	.short 0x78E2, 0x7106, 0x6D4A, 0x6D4B, 0x6D4E, 0x6D4F
    	.short 0x6D51, 0x6D53, 0x6D55, 0x6D57, 0x6D59, 0x6D5B
    	.short 0x6D5D, 0x6D5F, 0x6D9F, 0x7940, 0x7942, 0x7146
    	.short 0x6D8A, 0x6D8C, 0x6D8E, 0x6D90, 0x6D91, 0x6D94
    	.short 0x6D95, 0x6D97, 0x6D99, 0x6D9B, 0x6D9D, 0x6D9F
    	.short 0x6DDF, 0x7980, 0x7982, 0x7186, 0x6DCA, 0x6DCC
    	.short 0x6DCE, 0x6DD0, 0x6DD2, 0x6DD3, 0x6DD5, 0x6DD7
    	.short 0x6DD9, 0x6DDB, 0x6DDD, 0x6DFF, 0x6E1F, 0x79E0
    	.short 0x79E2, 0x71E6, 0x6E0A, 0x6E0C, 0x6E0E, 0x6E10
    	.short 0x6E12, 0x6E14, 0x6E16, 0x6E17, 0x6E19, 0x6E1B
    	.short 0x6E1D, 0x6E3F, 0x6E5F, 0x7A20, 0x7A22, 0x7226
    	.short 0x6E4A, 0x6E4C, 0x6E4E, 0x6E50, 0x6E52, 0x6E54
    	.short 0x6E56, 0x6E57, 0x6E59, 0x6E5B, 0x6E5D, 0x6E7F
    	.short 0x6E9F, 0x7A80, 0x7A82, 0x7266, 0x6E8A, 0x6E8C
    	.short 0x6E8E, 0x6E90, 0x6E92, 0x6E94, 0x6E96, 0x6E98
    	.short 0x6E99, 0x6E9B, 0x6E9D, 0x6EBF, 0x72FF, 0x7AC0
    	.short 0x7AC2, 0x72A6, 0x6EAA, 0x6ECC, 0x6ECE, 0x6ED0
    	.short 0x6ED2, 0x6ED4, 0x6ED6, 0x6ED8, 0x6ED9, 0x6EDB
    	.short 0x6EDD, 0x731F, 0x733F, 0x7B20, 0x7B22, 0x72E6
    	.short 0x6EEA, 0x6EEC, 0x6EEE, 0x6F10, 0x6F12, 0x6F14
    	.short 0x6F16, 0x7318, 0x731A, 0x731C, 0x733D, 0x735F
    	.short 0x777F, 0x7B80, 0x7B62, 0x7346, 0x6F4A, 0x6F2C
    	.short 0x6F4E, 0x6F30, 0x6F32, 0x6F34, 0x6F56, 0x7358
    	.short 0x737B, 0x737C, 0x737E, 0x779F, 0x7BBF, 0x7BC0
    	.short 0x7BC2, 0x7386, 0x6F6A, 0x6F6C, 0x6F6E, 0x6F70
    	.short 0x6F72, 0x6F74, 0x6F76, 0x7398, 0x739B, 0x739D
    	.short 0x77BE, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E0, 0x6FC4, 0x6FA8
    	.short 0x6FAA, 0x6FAC, 0x6FAE, 0x6FB0, 0x6FB2, 0x6FB4
    	.short 0x6FB6, 0x73B9, 0x73DB, 0x77DD, 0x77DE, 0x7BDF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x6FE2, 0x6FE6, 0x6FE8, 0x6FEA, 0x6FEC
    	.short 0x6FEF, 0x6FF1, 0x6FF3, 0x6FF5, 0x73F8, 0x73FA
    	.short 0x77FC, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6BE6
    	.short 0x6BE8, 0x6BEA, 0x6FEC, 0x6BEE, 0x6FF0, 0x6FF2
    	.short 0x6FF4, 0x73F7, 0x73F9, 0x77FB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C00, 0x7C02, 0x7C05
    	.short 0x7C07, 0x7C0A, 0x7C0C, 0x7C0E, 0x7C11, 0x7C13
    	.short 0x7C16, 0x7C18, 0x7C1A, 0x7C1D, 0x7C1F, 0x785F
    	.short 0x70DF, 0x7C60, 0x7884, 0x7885, 0x7888, 0x788A
    	.short 0x788C, 0x788E, 0x7891, 0x7893, 0x7895, 0x7897
    	.short 0x7899, 0x789B, 0x789E, 0x74DF, 0x711F, 0x7CA0
    	.short 0x78C4, 0x7508, 0x750A, 0x750B, 0x750E, 0x750F
    	.short 0x7511, 0x7513, 0x7515, 0x7517, 0x7519, 0x751B
    	.short 0x751D, 0x751F, 0x715F, 0x7CE0, 0x7904, 0x7548
    	.short 0x754A, 0x754C, 0x754E, 0x754F, 0x7551, 0x7554
    	.short 0x7555, 0x7557, 0x7559, 0x755B, 0x755D, 0x755F
    	.short 0x719F, 0x7D40, 0x7944, 0x7588, 0x758A, 0x758C
    	.short 0x758E, 0x7590, 0x7591, 0x7593, 0x7595, 0x7597
    	.short 0x7599, 0x759B, 0x759D, 0x759F, 0x71DF, 0x7D80
    	.short 0x7984, 0x75C8, 0x75CA, 0x75CC, 0x75CE, 0x75D0
    	.short 0x75D2, 0x75D4, 0x75D6, 0x75D7, 0x75D9, 0x75DB
    	.short 0x75DD, 0x75FF, 0x721F, 0x7DE0, 0x79E4, 0x7608
    	.short 0x760A, 0x760C, 0x760E, 0x7610, 0x7612, 0x7614
    	.short 0x7616, 0x7617, 0x7619, 0x761B, 0x761D, 0x763F
    	.short 0x765F, 0x7E20, 0x7A24, 0x7648, 0x764A, 0x764C
    	.short 0x764E, 0x7650, 0x7652, 0x7654, 0x7656, 0x7658
    	.short 0x7659, 0x765B, 0x765D, 0x767F, 0x769F, 0x7E60
    	.short 0x7A64, 0x7688, 0x768A, 0x768C, 0x768E, 0x7690
    	.short 0x7692, 0x7694, 0x7696, 0x7698, 0x7699, 0x769B
    	.short 0x769D, 0x76BF, 0x76FF, 0x7EC0, 0x7AA4, 0x76A8
    	.short 0x76AA, 0x76CC, 0x76CE, 0x76D0, 0x76D2, 0x76D4
    	.short 0x76D6, 0x76D8, 0x76DA, 0x76DB, 0x76DD, 0x771F
    	.short 0x773F, 0x7F00, 0x7AE4, 0x76E8, 0x76EA, 0x76EC
    	.short 0x770E, 0x7710, 0x7712, 0x7714, 0x7716, 0x7739
    	.short 0x773B, 0x773C, 0x773D, 0x7B5F, 0x7B7F, 0x7F60
    	.short 0x7B44, 0x7728, 0x772A, 0x772C, 0x772E, 0x7730
    	.short 0x7732, 0x7754, 0x7756, 0x7779, 0x7B7B, 0x7B7C
    	.short 0x7B7E, 0x7B9F, 0x7BBF, 0x7FA0, 0x7B84, 0x7768
    	.short 0x776A, 0x776C, 0x776E, 0x7770, 0x7772, 0x7774
    	.short 0x7776, 0x7799, 0x7B9B, 0x7BBD, 0x7BBE, 0x7BDF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FE0, 0x7BC4, 0x77A8, 0x77AA, 0x77AC
    	.short 0x77AE, 0x77B0, 0x77B2, 0x77B4, 0x77B6, 0x77B9
    	.short 0x7BDB, 0x7BDD, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E2
    	.short 0x77E6, 0x77E8, 0x77EA, 0x77EC, 0x77EF, 0x77F1
    	.short 0x77F3, 0x77F5, 0x77F8, 0x7BFA, 0x7BFC, 0x7BFE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E6, 0x73E8, 0x73EA
    	.short 0x73EC, 0x73EE, 0x73F0, 0x73F2, 0x77F4, 0x77F7
    	.short 0x77F9, 0x7BFB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7C42, 0x7C44, 0x7C46, 0x7C48, 0x7C4B
    	.short 0x7C4C, 0x7C4E, 0x7C51, 0x7C53, 0x7C55, 0x7C57
    	.short 0x7C59, 0x7C5B, 0x7C5D, 0x7C5F, 0x78DF, 0x7CA2
    	.short 0x7CC6, 0x7CC8, 0x7CCA, 0x7CCB, 0x7CCE, 0x7CCF
    	.short 0x7CD1, 0x7CD3, 0x7CD5, 0x7CD7, 0x7CD9, 0x7CDB
    	.short 0x7CDD, 0x7CDF, 0x791F, 0x7CE2, 0x7D06, 0x7D08
    	.short 0x7D0A, 0x7D0C, 0x7D0E, 0x7D0F, 0x7D11, 0x7D14
    	.short 0x7D15, 0x7D17, 0x7D19, 0x7D1B, 0x7D1D, 0x7D1F
    	.short 0x795F, 0x7D22, 0x7D46, 0x7D48, 0x7D4A, 0x7D4C
    	.short 0x7D4E, 0x7D50, 0x7D51, 0x7D54, 0x7D55, 0x7D57
    	.short 0x7D59, 0x7D5B, 0x7D5D, 0x7D5F, 0x799F, 0x7D62
    	.short 0x7D86, 0x7D88, 0x7D8A, 0x7D8C, 0x7D8E, 0x7D90
    	.short 0x7D92, 0x7D93, 0x7D96, 0x7D97, 0x7D99, 0x7D9B
    	.short 0x7D9D, 0x7D9F, 0x79DF, 0x7DA2, 0x7DC6, 0x7DC8
    	.short 0x7DCA, 0x7DCC, 0x7DEF, 0x7DF0, 0x7DF2, 0x7DF4
    	.short 0x7DF6, 0x7DF7, 0x7DF9, 0x7DFB, 0x7DFD, 0x7DFF
    	.short 0x7A1F, 0x7DE2, 0x7E06, 0x7E08, 0x7E0A, 0x7E0C
    	.short 0x7E0F, 0x7E31, 0x7E32, 0x7E34, 0x7E36, 0x7E38
    	.short 0x7E39, 0x7E3B, 0x7E3D, 0x7E3F, 0x7A5F, 0x7E22
    	.short 0x7E46, 0x7E48, 0x7E4A, 0x7E4C, 0x7E4F, 0x7E71
    	.short 0x7E73, 0x7E74, 0x7E76, 0x7E78, 0x7E79, 0x7E7B
    	.short 0x7E7D, 0x7E7F, 0x7A9F, 0x7E62, 0x7E86, 0x7E88
    	.short 0x7E8A, 0x7E8C, 0x7E8F, 0x7E91, 0x7EB3, 0x7EB5
    	.short 0x7EB6, 0x7EB8, 0x7EBA, 0x7EBB, 0x7EBD, 0x7EBF
    	.short 0x7AFF, 0x7EA2, 0x7EA6, 0x7EA8, 0x7ECA, 0x7ECC
    	.short 0x7ECF, 0x7ED1, 0x7ED3, 0x7ED5, 0x7F18, 0x7F19
    	.short 0x7F1B, 0x7F1C, 0x7F1D, 0x7F1F, 0x7B3F, 0x7EE2
    	.short 0x7F06, 0x7EE8, 0x7EEA, 0x7EEC, 0x7F0F, 0x7F11
    	.short 0x7F13, 0x7F15, 0x7F38, 0x7F5A, 0x7F5B, 0x7F5C
    	.short 0x7F5E, 0x7F5F, 0x7F7F, 0x7F42, 0x7F26, 0x7F28
    	.short 0x7F2A, 0x7F2C, 0x7F2F, 0x7F51, 0x7F53, 0x7F55
    	.short 0x7F78, 0x7F7A, 0x7F9C, 0x7F9D, 0x7F9E, 0x7F9F
    	.short 0x7FBF, 0x7F82, 0x7F66, 0x7F68, 0x7F6A, 0x7F6C
    	.short 0x7F6F, 0x7F71, 0x7F73, 0x7F75, 0x7F98, 0x7F9A
    	.short 0x7FBC, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC2
    	.short 0x7FA6, 0x7FA8, 0x7FAA, 0x7FAC, 0x7FAF, 0x7FB1
    	.short 0x7FB3, 0x7FB5, 0x7FB8, 0x7FDA, 0x7FDC, 0x7FDE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE2, 0x7FE6, 0x7FE8
    	.short 0x7FEA, 0x7FEC, 0x7FEF, 0x7FF1, 0x7FF3, 0x7FF5
    	.short 0x7FF8, 0x7FFA, 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x77E6, 0x7BE8, 0x7BEA, 0x7BEC, 0x7BEE
    	.short 0x7BF0, 0x7BF2, 0x7BF4, 0x7BF7, 0x7BF9, 0x7FFB
    	.short 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7CC6
    	.short 0x7CC7, 0x7CC9, 0x7CCA, 0x7CCC, 0x7CCE, 0x7CCF
    	.short 0x7CD1, 0x7CD3, 0x7CD5, 0x7CD6, 0x7CD8, 0x7CDA
    	.short 0x7CDC, 0x7CDD, 0x7CDF, 0x7CE6, 0x7D08, 0x7D09
    	.short 0x7D0B, 0x7D0C, 0x7D0E, 0x7D10, 0x7D12, 0x7D14
    	.short 0x7D15, 0x7D17, 0x7D18, 0x7D1A, 0x7D1C, 0x7D1E
    	.short 0x7D1F, 0x7D26, 0x7D48, 0x7D4A, 0x7D4B, 0x7D4D
    	.short 0x7D4E, 0x7D50, 0x7D52, 0x7D53, 0x7D55, 0x7D57
    	.short 0x7D59, 0x7D5A, 0x7D5C, 0x7D5E, 0x7D5F, 0x7D66
    	.short 0x7D68, 0x7D6A, 0x7D8C, 0x7D8D, 0x7D8F, 0x7D91
    	.short 0x7D92, 0x7D94, 0x7D96, 0x7D97, 0x7D99, 0x7D9B
    	.short 0x7D9C, 0x7D9E, 0x7D9F, 0x7D86, 0x7DA8, 0x7DAA
    	.short 0x7DAC, 0x7DCE, 0x7DCF, 0x7DD1, 0x7DD3, 0x7DD4
    	.short 0x7DD6, 0x7DD7, 0x7DD9, 0x7DDA, 0x7DDC, 0x7DDE
    	.short 0x7DDF, 0x7DC6, 0x7DE8, 0x7DEA, 0x7DEC, 0x7E0E
    	.short 0x7E10, 0x7E11, 0x7E13, 0x7E14, 0x7E16, 0x7E18
    	.short 0x7E19, 0x7E1B, 0x7E1C, 0x7E1E, 0x7E1F, 0x7E06
    	.short 0x7E08, 0x7E2A, 0x7E2C, 0x7E2E, 0x7E30, 0x7E52
    	.short 0x7E53, 0x7E55, 0x7E56, 0x7E58, 0x7E59, 0x7E5B
    	.short 0x7E5C, 0x7E5E, 0x7E5F, 0x7E46, 0x7E48, 0x7E4A
    	.short 0x7E4C, 0x7E6E, 0x7E70, 0x7E72, 0x7E94, 0x7E95
    	.short 0x7E97, 0x7E98, 0x7E9A, 0x7E9B, 0x7E9D, 0x7E9E
    	.short 0x7E9F, 0x7E66, 0x7E88, 0x7E8A, 0x7E8C, 0x7E8E
    	.short 0x7EB0, 0x7EB2, 0x7ED4, 0x7EF7, 0x7EF8, 0x7EFA
    	.short 0x7EFB, 0x7EFC, 0x7EFD, 0x7EFE, 0x7EFF, 0x7EA6
    	.short 0x7EC8, 0x7ECA, 0x7ECC, 0x7ECE, 0x7ED0, 0x7ED2
    	.short 0x7EF4, 0x7F37, 0x7F39, 0x7F3A, 0x7F3B, 0x7F3C
    	.short 0x7F3D, 0x7F3E, 0x7F3F, 0x7EE6, 0x7EE8, 0x7EEA
    	.short 0x7EEC, 0x7F0E, 0x7F10, 0x7F12, 0x7F14, 0x7F57
    	.short 0x7F59, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D, 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F
    	.short 0x7F7F, 0x7F26, 0x7F28, 0x7F2A, 0x7F2C, 0x7F2E
    	.short 0x7F30, 0x7F52, 0x7F54, 0x7F77, 0x7F79, 0x7F9B
    	.short 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF, 0x7FBF, 0x7F46
    	.short 0x7F68, 0x7F4A, 0x7F6C, 0x7F6E, 0x7F70, 0x7F72
    	.short 0x7F74, 0x7F97, 0x7F99, 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F86, 0x7F88, 0x7F8A
    	.short 0x7F8C, 0x7F8E, 0x7F90, 0x7FB2, 0x7FB4, 0x7FB7
    	.short 0x7FB9, 0x7FDB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FC6, 0x7FC8, 0x7FCA, 0x7FCC, 0x7FCE
    	.short 0x7FD0, 0x7FD2, 0x7FD4, 0x7FD7, 0x7FD9, 0x7FFB
    	.short 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE6
    	.short 0x7FE8, 0x7FEA, 0x7FEC, 0x7FEE, 0x7FF0, 0x7FF2
    	.short 0x7FF4, 0x7FF7, 0x7FF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x421, 0x423, 0x425, 0x427
    	.short 0x429, 0x42B, 0x42D, 0x15, 0x17, 0x19, 0x1B, 0x1D
    	.short 0x1F, 0x43F, 0xC7F, 0x1CFF, 0x461, 0x463, 0x465
    	.short 0x467, 0x469, 0x46B, 0x46D, 0x55, 0x57, 0x59, 0x5B
    	.short 0x5D, 0x5F, 0x47F, 0xCBF, 0x1D1F, 0x4A1, 0x4A3
    	.short 0x4A5, 0x4A7, 0x4A9, 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xD5, 0xB7, 0xB9
    	.short 0xBB, 0x9D, 0x9F, 0x4DF, 0xCFF, 0x1D5F, 0x4E1, 0x4E3
    	.short 0x4E5, 0x4E7, 0x4E9, 0x4EB, 0x4ED, 0x115, 0x117
    	.short 0x119, 0xFB, 0xFD, 0xFF, 0x51F, 0xD3F, 0x1D7F, 0x521
    	.short 0x523, 0x525, 0x527, 0x529, 0x52B, 0x52D, 0x195
    	.short 0x177, 0x179, 0x15B, 0x15D, 0x15F, 0x55F, 0xD7F
    	.short 0x1DBF, 0x561, 0x563, 0x565, 0x567, 0x569, 0x56B
    	.short 0x56D, 0x1F5, 0x1D7, 0x1D9, 0x1BB, 0x1BD, 0x19F
    	.short 0x59F, 0xDBF, 0x1DFF, 0x5A1, 0x5A3, 0x5A5, 0x5A7
    	.short 0x5A9, 0x5AB, 0x5AD, 0x255, 0x237, 0x219, 0x21B
    	.short 0x1FD, 0x1FF, 0x5FF, 0xDFF, 0x1E1F, 0x2A0, 0x2A3
    	.short 0x2A6, 0x2A9, 0x2AC, 0x2AF, 0x2B2, 0x2B5, 0x297
    	.short 0x279, 0x25B, 0x25D, 0x25F, 0x63F, 0xE3F, 0x1E5F
    	.short 0x2E0, 0x2E3, 0x2E5, 0x2E9, 0x2EB, 0x2EE, 0x2F1
    	.short 0x2F4, 0x2F7, 0x2D9, 0x2BB, 0x2BD, 0x29F, 0x67F
    	.short 0xE7F, 0x1E9F, 0x320, 0x322, 0x325, 0x328, 0x32B
    	.short 0x32E, 0x331, 0x334, 0x337, 0x339, 0x31B, 0x2FD
    	.short 0x2FF, 0x6DF, 0xEBF, 0x1EBF, 0x360, 0x362, 0x365
    	.short 0x368, 0x36B, 0x36D, 0x370, 0x373, 0x376, 0x378
    	.short 0x37B, 0x35D, 0x33F, 0x71F, 0xEFF, 0x1EFF, 0x3A0
    	.short 0x3A2, 0x3A5, 0x3A8, 0x3AA, 0x3AD, 0x3B0, 0x3B2
    	.short 0x3B5, 0x3B8, 0x3BB, 0x3BD, 0x39F, 0x75F, 0xF3F
    	.short 0x1F1F, 0x3E0, 0x3E2, 0x3E5, 0x3E7, 0x3EA, 0x3ED
    	.short 0x3EF, 0x3F2, 0x3F5, 0x3F7, 0x3FA, 0x3FD, 0x3FF
    	.short 0x7BF, 0xF7F, 0x1F5F, 0x7E1, 0x7E4, 0x7E6, 0x7E8
    	.short 0x7EB, 0x7ED, 0x7EF, 0x7F2, 0x7F4, 0x7F6, 0x7F8
    	.short 0x7FB, 0x7FD, 0x7FF, 0xFBF, 0x1F9F, 0xFE3, 0xFE6
    	.short 0xFE8, 0xFEA, 0xFEC, 0xFEE, 0xFF0, 0xFF1, 0xFF4
    	.short 0xFF6, 0xFF8, 0xFFA, 0xFFC, 0xFFE, 0xFFF, 0x1FBF
    	.short 0x1FE7, 0x1FE8, 0x1FEA, 0x1FEC, 0x1FED, 0x1FEF
    	.short 0x1FF1, 0x1FF2, 0x1FF4, 0x1FF6, 0x1FF7, 0x1FF9
    	.short 0x1FFB, 0x1FFC, 0x1FFE, 0x1FFF, 0xC21, 0xC23, 0xC25
    	.short 0xC27, 0xC29, 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC15, 0xC17, 0x819
    	.short 0x81B, 0x81D, 0x81F, 0x103F, 0x187F, 0x20FF, 0xC61
    	.short 0xC63, 0xC65, 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0x852, 0x854
    	.short 0x857, 0x859, 0x43B, 0x43E, 0xC7E, 0x14BE, 0x1CFF
    	.short 0x253F, 0xCA1, 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9, 0xCAB
    	.short 0x8B2, 0x8B4, 0x8B7, 0x8B9, 0x49B, 0x49E, 0xCBE
    	.short 0x14DE, 0x1D3F, 0x255F, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5, 0xCE7
    	.short 0xCE9, 0xCEB, 0x912, 0x914, 0x917, 0x919, 0x4FB
    	.short 0x4DE, 0xCFE, 0x151E, 0x1D7F, 0x259F, 0xD21, 0xD23
    	.short 0xD25, 0xD27, 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0x992, 0x974, 0x977
    	.short 0x959, 0x55B, 0x53E, 0xD5E, 0x157E, 0x1D9F, 0x25BF
    	.short 0xD61, 0xD63, 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B, 0x9F2
    	.short 0x9D4, 0x9D7, 0x9B9, 0x5BB, 0x59E, 0xD9E, 0x15BE
    	.short 0x1DDF, 0x25FF, 0xDA1, 0xA42, 0xA46, 0xA49, 0xA4C
    	.short 0xA4F, 0xA52, 0xA34, 0xA17, 0xA19, 0x61B, 0x5FE
    	.short 0xDFE, 0x15FE, 0x1E1F, 0x263F, 0xAA0, 0xA82, 0xA85
    	.short 0xA88, 0xA8B, 0xA8E, 0xA91, 0xA94, 0xA77, 0xA79
    	.short 0x65B, 0x65E, 0xE3E, 0x163E, 0x1E5F, 0x265F, 0xAE0
    	.short 0xAE2, 0xAE5, 0xAE8, 0xAEB, 0xAEE, 0xAF1, 0xAF4
    	.short 0xAF7, 0xAD9, 0x6BB, 0x6BE, 0xE9E, 0x167E, 0x1E9F
    	.short 0x269F, 0xB20, 0xB22, 0xB25, 0xB28, 0xB2B, 0xB2D
    	.short 0xB30, 0xB33, 0xB36, 0xB39, 0x71B, 0x6FE, 0xEDE
    	.short 0x16BE, 0x1EDF, 0x26DF, 0xB60, 0x761, 0x764, 0x767
    	.short 0x76A, 0x76D, 0x770, 0x773, 0x776, 0x779, 0x77B
    	.short 0x75E, 0xF3E, 0x171E, 0x1F1F, 0x26FF, 0xBA0, 0x7C1
    	.short 0x7C4, 0x7C7, 0x7CA, 0x7CD, 0x7CF, 0x7D2, 0x7D5
    	.short 0x7D8, 0x7DB, 0x7DE, 0xF7E, 0x175E, 0x1F3F, 0x273F
    	.short 0xBE0, 0xFC3, 0xFC6, 0xFC8, 0xFCB, 0xFCD, 0xFD0
    	.short 0xFD2, 0xFD4, 0xFD7, 0xFD9, 0xFDC, 0xFDE, 0x179E
    	.short 0x1F7F, 0x277F, 0xFE1, 0x17C5, 0x17C7, 0x17C9, 0x17CB
    	.short 0x17CD, 0x17CF, 0x17D1, 0x17D4, 0x17D6, 0x17D8
    	.short 0x17DA, 0x17DC, 0x17DE, 0x1FBF, 0x279F, 0x17E3
    	.short 0x1FE7, 0x1FE9, 0x1FEB, 0x1FED, 0x1FEF, 0x1FF0
    	.short 0x1FF2, 0x1FF4, 0x1FF6, 0x1FF8, 0x1FFA, 0x1FFC
    	.short 0x1FFE, 0x1FFF, 0x27DF, 0x23E7, 0x27E9, 0x27EB
    	.short 0x27EC, 0x27EE, 0x27F0, 0x27F1, 0x27F3, 0x27F4
    	.short 0x27F6, 0x27F8, 0x27F9, 0x27FB, 0x27FC, 0x27FE
    	.short 0x27FF, 0x1421, 0x1423, 0x1425, 0x1427, 0x1429
    	.short 0x142B, 0x142D, 0x1815, 0x1417, 0x1419, 0x141B
    	.short 0x141D, 0x141F, 0x183F, 0x207F, 0x28FF, 0x1461
    	.short 0x1463, 0x1465, 0x1467, 0x1469, 0x146B, 0x1852
    	.short 0x1454, 0x1457, 0x1459, 0x103B, 0x103E, 0x187E
    	.short 0x1CBE, 0x24FF, 0x2D3F, 0x14A1, 0x14A3, 0x14A5
    	.short 0x14A7, 0x14A9, 0x14AF, 0x14B1, 0x14B4, 0x1096
    	.short 0x1099, 0x109B, 0x14BC, 0x1CFC, 0x253D, 0x253F
    	.short 0x2D7F, 0x14E1, 0x14E3, 0x14E5, 0x14E7, 0x14E9
    	.short 0x150F, 0x1511, 0x14F4, 0x10F6, 0x10F9, 0x10FB
    	.short 0x151C, 0x1D3C, 0x257D, 0x257F, 0x2D9F, 0x1521
    	.short 0x1523, 0x1525, 0x1527, 0x1529, 0x158F, 0x1571
    	.short 0x1574, 0x1156, 0x1159, 0x115B, 0x155C, 0x1D7C
    	.short 0x259D, 0x259F, 0x2DDF, 0x1561, 0x1563, 0x15E5
    	.short 0x15E9, 0x15EC, 0x15EF, 0x15D1, 0x15D4, 0x11B6
    	.short 0x11B9, 0x119B, 0x159C, 0x1DBC, 0x25DD, 0x25FF
    	.short 0x2DFF, 0x15A1, 0x1642, 0x1625, 0x1628, 0x162B
    	.short 0x162E, 0x1631, 0x1634, 0x1216, 0x1219, 0x11FB
    	.short 0x15FC, 0x1DFC, 0x261D, 0x261F, 0x2E3F, 0x1AA0
    	.short 0x1682, 0x1685, 0x1688, 0x168B, 0x168E, 0x1691
    	.short 0x1694, 0x1276, 0x1259, 0x125B, 0x165C, 0x1E3C
    	.short 0x265D, 0x265F, 0x2E5F, 0x16E0, 0x16E2, 0x12C4
    	.short 0x12C7, 0x12CA, 0x12CD, 0x12D0, 0x12D3, 0x12D6
    	.short 0x12B9, 0x12BB, 0x169C, 0x1E7C, 0x269D, 0x269F
    	.short 0x2E9F, 0x1720, 0x1722, 0x1324, 0x1327, 0x132A
    	.short 0x132D, 0x1330, 0x1333, 0x1336, 0x1339, 0x131B
    	.short 0x16DC, 0x1EBC, 0x26DD, 0x26DF, 0x2EDF, 0x1760
    	.short 0x1361, 0x1364, 0x1367, 0x136A, 0x136D, 0x136F
    	.short 0x1372, 0x1375, 0x1378, 0x137B, 0x173C, 0x1F1C
    	.short 0x271D, 0x26FF, 0x2EFF, 0x13A0, 0x13C1, 0x1785
    	.short 0x1788, 0x178A, 0x178D, 0x178F, 0x1792, 0x1794
    	.short 0x1797, 0x1799, 0x179C, 0x1F5C, 0x273D, 0x275F
    	.short 0x2F3F, 0x13E0, 0x17C3, 0x1F87, 0x1F89, 0x1F8B
    	.short 0x1F8D, 0x1F8F, 0x1F91, 0x1F94, 0x1F96, 0x1F98
    	.short 0x1F9A, 0x1F9C, 0x277D, 0x277F, 0x2F5F, 0x1BE1
    	.short 0x1BC5, 0x27A9, 0x27AB, 0x27AD, 0x27AF, 0x27B0
    	.short 0x27B2, 0x27B4, 0x27B6, 0x27B8, 0x27BA, 0x27BC
    	.short 0x27BD, 0x27BF, 0x2F9F, 0x1FE3, 0x27E7, 0x27E9
    	.short 0x27EB, 0x27ED, 0x27EF, 0x27F0, 0x27F2, 0x27F4
    	.short 0x27F6, 0x27F8, 0x27FA, 0x27FC, 0x27FD, 0x27FF
    	.short 0x2FDF, 0x2BE7, 0x2BE9, 0x2FEB, 0x2FED, 0x2FEE
    	.short 0x2FF0, 0x2FF1, 0x2FF3, 0x2FF5, 0x2FF6, 0x2FF8
    	.short 0x2FF9, 0x2FFB, 0x2FFC, 0x2FFE, 0x2FFF, 0x1C21
    	.short 0x1C23, 0x1C25, 0x1C27, 0x1C29, 0x1C2B, 0x1C2D
    	.short 0x2415, 0x2417, 0x2019, 0x201B, 0x201D, 0x1C1F
    	.short 0x203F, 0x287F, 0x30FF, 0x1C61, 0x1C63, 0x1C65
    	.short 0x1C67, 0x1C69, 0x1C6B, 0x2452, 0x2054, 0x2057
    	.short 0x2059, 0x1C3B, 0x1C3E, 0x207E, 0x24BE, 0x2CFF
    	.short 0x313F, 0x1CA1, 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5, 0x1CA7, 0x1CA9
    	.short 0x24AF, 0x20B1, 0x20B4, 0x1C96, 0x1C99, 0x1C9B
    	.short 0x20BC, 0x24FC, 0x2D3D, 0x2D3F, 0x357F, 0x1CE1
    	.short 0x1CE3, 0x1CE5, 0x1CE7, 0x210C, 0x210F, 0x1CF1
    	.short 0x1CF3, 0x1CF6, 0x1CF8, 0x1CF9, 0x253A, 0x2D7C
    	.short 0x2D7D, 0x2D7F, 0x35BF, 0x1D21, 0x1D23, 0x1D25
    	.short 0x2188, 0x218C, 0x216F, 0x1D71, 0x1D53, 0x1D56
    	.short 0x1D38, 0x1D59, 0x257A, 0x2D9C, 0x2DBD, 0x2DBF
    	.short 0x35DF, 0x1D61, 0x1D63, 0x21E5, 0x21E8, 0x21EB
    	.short 0x21EF, 0x1DD1, 0x1DB3, 0x1DB6, 0x1D98, 0x1DB9
    	.short 0x25BA, 0x2DDC, 0x2DDD, 0x2DFF, 0x361F, 0x1DA1
    	.short 0x2242, 0x2225, 0x1E27, 0x1E2B, 0x1E2E, 0x1E31
    	.short 0x1E13, 0x1E16, 0x1DF8, 0x1DF9, 0x25FA, 0x2E1C
    	.short 0x2E1D, 0x2E3F, 0x365F, 0x22A0, 0x2282, 0x1E85
    	.short 0x1E67, 0x1E6A, 0x1E6D, 0x1E70, 0x1E73, 0x1E76
    	.short 0x1E58, 0x1E59, 0x263A, 0x2E5C, 0x2E5D, 0x2E5F
    	.short 0x367F, 0x22E0, 0x22E2, 0x1EC4, 0x1EC7, 0x1ECA
    	.short 0x1ECD, 0x1ED0, 0x1ED3, 0x1ED6, 0x1EB8, 0x1E99
    	.short 0x269A, 0x2E9C, 0x2E9D, 0x2E9F, 0x369F, 0x2320
    	.short 0x2322, 0x1F24, 0x1F07, 0x1F0A, 0x1F0D, 0x1F0F
    	.short 0x1F12, 0x1F15, 0x1F18, 0x1EF9, 0x26DA, 0x2EDC
    	.short 0x2EDD, 0x2EDF, 0x36DF, 0x1F60, 0x1F61, 0x1F64
    	.short 0x1F27, 0x1F2A, 0x1F2D, 0x1F2F, 0x1F32, 0x1F34
    	.short 0x1F37, 0x1F39, 0x271A, 0x2F1C, 0x2F1D, 0x2F1F
    	.short 0x36FF, 0x1FA0, 0x1BC1, 0x2385, 0x2749, 0x274B
    	.short 0x274D, 0x274F, 0x2751, 0x2754, 0x2756, 0x2758
    	.short 0x275A, 0x2F5C, 0x2F3D, 0x2F3F, 0x373F, 0x1FE0
    	.short 0x1FC3, 0x2787, 0x2F8B, 0x2F8D, 0x2F8F, 0x2F90
    	.short 0x2F92, 0x2F94, 0x2F96, 0x2F98, 0x2F9A, 0x2F9C
    	.short 0x2F7D, 0x2F7F, 0x377F, 0x23E1, 0x23C5, 0x2FA9
    	.short 0x2FAB, 0x2FAD, 0x2FAF, 0x2FB0, 0x2FB2, 0x2FB4
    	.short 0x2FB6, 0x2FB8, 0x2FBA, 0x2FBC, 0x2FBD, 0x2FBF
    	.short 0x379F, 0x27E3, 0x2FE7, 0x2FE9, 0x2FEB, 0x2FED
    	.short 0x2FEF, 0x2FF1, 0x2FF3, 0x2FF5, 0x2FF6, 0x2FF8
    	.short 0x2FFA, 0x2FFB, 0x2FFD, 0x2FFF, 0x37DF, 0x2FE7
    	.short 0x33E9, 0x33EB, 0x37ED, 0x37EF, 0x37F0, 0x37F2
    	.short 0x37F3, 0x37F5, 0x37F6, 0x37F8, 0x37F9, 0x37FB
    	.short 0x37FC, 0x37FE, 0x37FF, 0x2421, 0x2423, 0x2425
    	.short 0x2427, 0x2429, 0x242B, 0x242D, 0x3015, 0x2C17
    	.short 0x2C19, 0x2C1B, 0x281D, 0x281F, 0x2C3F, 0x307F
    	.short 0x34FF, 0x2461, 0x2463, 0x2465, 0x2467, 0x2469
    	.short 0x246B, 0x3052, 0x2C54, 0x2C57, 0x2C59, 0x283B
    	.short 0x283E, 0x2C7E, 0x2CBE, 0x34FF, 0x393F, 0x24A1
    	.short 0x24A3, 0x24A5, 0x24A7, 0x24A9, 0x30AF, 0x2CB1
    	.short 0x2CB4, 0x2896, 0x2899, 0x289B, 0x28BC, 0x2CFC
    	.short 0x353D, 0x353F, 0x397F, 0x24E1, 0x24E3, 0x24E5
    	.short 0x3108, 0x310C, 0x2D0F, 0x2CF1, 0x28F3, 0x28F6
    	.short 0x28F8, 0x28F9, 0x2D3A, 0x357C, 0x357D, 0x357F
    	.short 0x3DBF, 0x2521, 0x2523, 0x2525, 0x3188, 0x2D6C
    	.short 0x294E, 0x2951, 0x2533, 0x2536, 0x2957, 0x2D78
    	.short 0x319A, 0x35BC, 0x35BD, 0x35BF, 0x3DFF, 0x2561
    	.short 0x2563, 0x31E5, 0x2DE8, 0x29CA, 0x29CE, 0x29B1
    	.short 0x25B3, 0x2596, 0x2997, 0x2DB8, 0x31DA, 0x35DC
    	.short 0x35FD, 0x35FF, 0x3E1F, 0x25A1, 0x3242, 0x2E25
    	.short 0x2E27, 0x2A2A, 0x2A2D, 0x2A31, 0x2613, 0x25F6
    	.short 0x29F7, 0x2DF8, 0x321A, 0x361C, 0x363D, 0x363F
    	.short 0x3E5F, 0x32A0, 0x2E82, 0x2E85, 0x2A67, 0x2669
    	.short 0x266D, 0x2670, 0x2673, 0x2656, 0x2A57, 0x2E38
    	.short 0x325A, 0x365C, 0x365D, 0x365F, 0x3E7F, 0x2EE0
    	.short 0x2EE2, 0x2AC4, 0x2AC7, 0x26C9, 0x26CC, 0x26CF
    	.short 0x26D2, 0x26D6, 0x2A97, 0x2E78, 0x329A, 0x369C
    	.short 0x369D, 0x369F, 0x3EBF, 0x2F20, 0x2B22, 0x2B24
    	.short 0x2707, 0x2AEA, 0x2AED, 0x2AEF, 0x2AF2, 0x2AF4
    	.short 0x2AF7, 0x2ED8, 0x32DA, 0x36DC, 0x36DD, 0x36DF
    	.short 0x3EDF, 0x2B60, 0x2B61, 0x2B64, 0x2B27, 0x2F0B
    	.short 0x2F0D, 0x2F0F, 0x2F11, 0x2F14, 0x2F16, 0x2F18
    	.short 0x331A, 0x371C, 0x371D, 0x371F, 0x3F1F, 0x2BA0
    	.short 0x27C1, 0x2B85, 0x2F49, 0x334C, 0x334E, 0x3350
    	.short 0x3352, 0x3354, 0x3356, 0x3358, 0x335A, 0x375C
    	.short 0x375D, 0x373F, 0x3F3F, 0x2BE0, 0x2BC3, 0x2F87
    	.short 0x338B, 0x378D, 0x378F, 0x3790, 0x3792, 0x3794
    	.short 0x3796, 0x3798, 0x379A, 0x379C, 0x377D, 0x377F
    	.short 0x3F7F, 0x2BE1, 0x2FC5, 0x33A9, 0x37AB, 0x37AD
    	.short 0x37AF, 0x37B1, 0x37B2, 0x37B4, 0x37B6, 0x37B8
    	.short 0x37BA, 0x37BC, 0x37BD, 0x37BF, 0x3F9F, 0x2FE3
    	.short 0x33E7, 0x33E9, 0x37EB, 0x37ED, 0x37EF, 0x37F1
    	.short 0x37F3, 0x37F4, 0x37F6, 0x37F8, 0x37FA, 0x37FC
    	.short 0x37FD, 0x37FF, 0x3FDF, 0x37E7, 0x37E9, 0x3BEB
    	.short 0x3BED, 0x3FEF, 0x3FF1, 0x3FF2, 0x3FF4, 0x3FF5
    	.short 0x3FF7, 0x3FF8, 0x3FF9, 0x3FFB, 0x3FFC, 0x3FFE
    	.short 0x3FFF, 0x2C21, 0x2C23, 0x2C25, 0x2C27, 0x2C29
    	.short 0x2C2B, 0x2C2D, 0x3C15, 0x3817, 0x3819, 0x341B
    	.short 0x341D, 0x341F, 0x343F, 0x387F, 0x3CFF, 0x2C61
    	.short 0x2C63, 0x2C65, 0x2C67, 0x2C69, 0x2C6B, 0x3C52
    	.short 0x3854, 0x3857, 0x3459, 0x343B, 0x343E, 0x347E
    	.short 0x34BE, 0x3CFF, 0x413F, 0x2CA1, 0x2CA3, 0x3CA5
    	.short 0x3CA8, 0x3CAC, 0x3CAF, 0x38B1, 0x38B4, 0x3496
    	.short 0x3499, 0x349B, 0x34BC, 0x34FC, 0x3D3D, 0x3D3F
    	.short 0x417F, 0x2CE1, 0x2CE3, 0x3D25, 0x3D08, 0x3D0B
    	.short 0x3D0F, 0x38F1, 0x34F3, 0x34F6, 0x34F8, 0x34F9
    	.short 0x353A, 0x3D7C, 0x3D7D, 0x3D7F, 0x41BF, 0x2D21
    	.short 0x2D23, 0x3D85, 0x3D68, 0x394A, 0x394E, 0x3551
    	.short 0x3533, 0x3136, 0x3557, 0x3578, 0x399A, 0x3DBC
    	.short 0x3DBD, 0x3DBF, 0x45FF, 0x2D61, 0x2D63, 0x3DE5
    	.short 0x3DE8, 0x39CA, 0x35AE, 0x3190, 0x3193, 0x3195
    	.short 0x35B6, 0x39D8, 0x39DA, 0x3DFC, 0x3DFD, 0x421F
    	.short 0x463F, 0x2DA1, 0x3E42, 0x3A25, 0x3A27, 0x362A
    	.short 0x320C, 0x3210, 0x31F3, 0x31F5, 0x35F6, 0x3A18
    	.short 0x3A1A, 0x3E1C, 0x3E3D, 0x423F, 0x465F, 0x3EA0
    	.short 0x3A82, 0x3A85, 0x3667, 0x3669, 0x326C, 0x326F
    	.short 0x3273, 0x3255, 0x3636, 0x3A58, 0x3A5A, 0x3E5C
    	.short 0x3E7D, 0x427F, 0x469F, 0x3AE0, 0x3AE2, 0x36C4
    	.short 0x36C7, 0x32C9, 0x32AC, 0x32AF, 0x32B2, 0x32B5
    	.short 0x3696, 0x3A98, 0x3A9A, 0x3E9C, 0x3E9D, 0x429F
    	.short 0x46BF, 0x3B20, 0x3722, 0x3724, 0x3307, 0x32EA
    	.short 0x36CD, 0x36CF, 0x36D1, 0x36D4, 0x36D6, 0x3AD8
    	.short 0x3ADA, 0x3EDC, 0x3EDD, 0x42DF, 0x46FF, 0x3760
    	.short 0x3761, 0x3364, 0x3727, 0x370B, 0x3B0E, 0x3B10
    	.short 0x3B12, 0x3B14, 0x3B16, 0x3B18, 0x3B1A, 0x3F1C
    	.short 0x3F1D, 0x431F, 0x471F, 0x37A0, 0x33C1, 0x3385
    	.short 0x3749, 0x3B4C, 0x3B4E, 0x3B50, 0x3B52, 0x3B54
    	.short 0x3B56, 0x3B58, 0x3B5A, 0x3F5C, 0x3F5D, 0x435F
    	.short 0x473F, 0x33E0, 0x33C3, 0x3787, 0x3B8B, 0x3B8D
    	.short 0x3F8F, 0x3F91, 0x3F93, 0x3F94, 0x3F96, 0x3F98
    	.short 0x3F9A, 0x3F9C, 0x3F7D, 0x437F, 0x477F, 0x33E1
    	.short 0x37C5, 0x3BA9, 0x3BAB, 0x3FAD, 0x3FAF, 0x3FB1
    	.short 0x3FB3, 0x3FB5, 0x3FB6, 0x3FB8, 0x3FBA, 0x3FBC
    	.short 0x3FBD, 0x43BF, 0x479F, 0x37E3, 0x3BE7, 0x3FE9
    	.short 0x3FEB, 0x3FED, 0x43F0, 0x43F1, 0x43F3, 0x43F5
    	.short 0x43F6, 0x43F8, 0x43FA, 0x43FC, 0x43FD, 0x43FF
    	.short 0x47DF, 0x3FE7, 0x3FE9, 0x3FEB, 0x43ED, 0x43EF
    	.short 0x47F1, 0x47F3, 0x47F4, 0x47F5, 0x47F7, 0x47F8
    	.short 0x47FA, 0x47FB, 0x47FD, 0x47FE, 0x47FF, 0x3421
    	.short 0x3423, 0x3425, 0x3427, 0x3429, 0x342B, 0x342D
    	.short 0x4815, 0x4417, 0x4419, 0x401B, 0x401D, 0x3C1F
    	.short 0x3C3F, 0x407F, 0x44FF, 0x3461, 0x4842, 0x4845
    	.short 0x4848, 0x484C, 0x484F, 0x4852, 0x4454, 0x4457
    	.short 0x4059, 0x403B, 0x3C3E, 0x407E, 0x3CBE, 0x40FF
    	.short 0x453F, 0x34A1, 0x48C2, 0x44A5, 0x44A8, 0x44AB
    	.short 0x44AE, 0x44B1, 0x44B4, 0x4096, 0x4099, 0x3C9B
    	.short 0x3CBC, 0x3CFC, 0x413D, 0x413F, 0x457F, 0x34E1
    	.short 0x4922, 0x4505, 0x44E7, 0x44EB, 0x44EE, 0x44F1
    	.short 0x40F3, 0x40F6, 0x3CF8, 0x3CF9, 0x3D3A, 0x417C
    	.short 0x417D, 0x457F, 0x49BF, 0x3521, 0x4982, 0x4565
    	.short 0x4567, 0x454A, 0x454D, 0x4551, 0x4133, 0x3D36
    	.short 0x3D57, 0x3D78, 0x419A, 0x41BC, 0x45BD, 0x45BF
    	.short 0x49FF, 0x3561, 0x49E2, 0x45C5, 0x45C7, 0x45AA
    	.short 0x418C, 0x4190, 0x3D93, 0x3D95, 0x3DB6, 0x41D8
    	.short 0x41DA, 0x45FC, 0x45FD, 0x461F, 0x4E3F, 0x35A1
    	.short 0x4A42, 0x4625, 0x4627, 0x462A, 0x420C, 0x39D0
    	.short 0x39D2, 0x3DF4, 0x4216, 0x4218, 0x421A, 0x463C
    	.short 0x463D, 0x4A5F, 0x4E7F, 0x4AA0, 0x4682, 0x4685
    	.short 0x4267, 0x4269, 0x3E6C, 0x3A4E, 0x3A52, 0x3E34
    	.short 0x4256, 0x4258, 0x425A, 0x465C, 0x467D, 0x4A7F
    	.short 0x4E9F, 0x46E0, 0x42E2, 0x42C4, 0x42C7, 0x3EC9
    	.short 0x3EAC, 0x3E8F, 0x3E91, 0x3E94, 0x4296, 0x4298
    	.short 0x429A, 0x469C, 0x46BD, 0x4ABF, 0x4EDF, 0x4320
    	.short 0x4322, 0x4324, 0x3F07, 0x3EEA, 0x3ECD, 0x42D0
    	.short 0x42D2, 0x42D4, 0x42D6, 0x42D8, 0x42DA, 0x46DC
    	.short 0x46DD, 0x4AFF, 0x4EFF, 0x4360, 0x4361, 0x3F64
    	.short 0x3F27, 0x3F0B, 0x430E, 0x4310, 0x4312, 0x4314
    	.short 0x4316, 0x4318, 0x431A, 0x471C, 0x471D, 0x4B1F
    	.short 0x4F3F, 0x3FA0, 0x3FC1, 0x3F85, 0x3F49, 0x434C
    	.short 0x434E, 0x4350, 0x4352, 0x4354, 0x4356, 0x4358
    	.short 0x435A, 0x475C, 0x475D, 0x4B5F, 0x4F5F, 0x3FE0
    	.short 0x3FC3, 0x3F87, 0x438B, 0x438D, 0x438F, 0x4791
    	.short 0x4793, 0x4794, 0x4796, 0x4798, 0x479A, 0x479C
    	.short 0x477D, 0x4B9F, 0x4F7F, 0x3FE1, 0x3FC5, 0x43A9
    	.short 0x43AB, 0x47AD, 0x47AF, 0x47B1, 0x47B3, 0x47B5
    	.short 0x47B6, 0x47B8, 0x47BA, 0x47BC, 0x47BD, 0x4BBF
    	.short 0x4FBF, 0x3FE3, 0x43E7, 0x43E9, 0x47EB, 0x47ED
    	.short 0x47F0, 0x4BF2, 0x4BF3, 0x4BF5, 0x4BF7, 0x4BF8
    	.short 0x4BFA, 0x4BFC, 0x4BFD, 0x4BFF, 0x4FDF, 0x43E7
    	.short 0x47E9, 0x47EB, 0x4BED, 0x4BEF, 0x4BF1, 0x4FF3
    	.short 0x4FF5, 0x4FF6, 0x4FF7, 0x4FF9, 0x4FFA, 0x4FFB
    	.short 0x4FFD, 0x4FFE, 0x4FFF, 0x5400, 0x5402, 0x5406
    	.short 0x5408, 0x540C, 0x540F, 0x5412, 0x5415, 0x5017
    	.short 0x5019, 0x4C1B, 0x481D, 0x481F, 0x483F, 0x447F
    	.short 0x48FF, 0x5460, 0x5042, 0x5045, 0x5048, 0x504B
    	.short 0x504E, 0x5051, 0x5054, 0x5057, 0x4C59, 0x4C3B
    	.short 0x483E, 0x487E, 0x44BE, 0x48FF, 0x4D3F, 0x54C0
    	.short 0x50A2, 0x50A5, 0x50A7, 0x50AB, 0x50AE, 0x50B1
    	.short 0x50B4, 0x4C96, 0x4C99, 0x489B, 0x48BC, 0x44FC
    	.short 0x493D, 0x493F, 0x4D7F, 0x5520, 0x5102, 0x5105
    	.short 0x4CE7, 0x4CEA, 0x4CED, 0x4CF0, 0x4CF3, 0x4CF6
    	.short 0x48F8, 0x48F9, 0x453A, 0x497C, 0x497D, 0x4D7F
    	.short 0x4DBF, 0x5580, 0x5162, 0x5165, 0x4D47, 0x4D29
    	.short 0x4D2D, 0x4D30, 0x4D33, 0x4936, 0x4957, 0x4578
    	.short 0x499A, 0x49BC, 0x49BD, 0x4DBF, 0x51FF, 0x55E0
    	.short 0x51C2, 0x51C5, 0x4DA7, 0x4DA9, 0x4D8C, 0x4D8F
    	.short 0x4D93, 0x4995, 0x45B6, 0x49D8, 0x49DA, 0x4DFC
    	.short 0x4DFD, 0x4E1F, 0x523F, 0x5640, 0x5222, 0x5225
    	.short 0x4E07, 0x4E09, 0x4DEC, 0x49CE, 0x49D2, 0x45F4
    	.short 0x4A16, 0x4A18, 0x4A1A, 0x4E3C, 0x4E3D, 0x4E5F
    	.short 0x567F, 0x56A0, 0x5282, 0x5285, 0x4E67, 0x4E69
    	.short 0x4E6C, 0x4A4E, 0x4632, 0x4A55, 0x4A56, 0x4A58
    	.short 0x4A5A, 0x4E7C, 0x4E7D, 0x529F, 0x56BF, 0x52E0
    	.short 0x4EE2, 0x4EC4, 0x4EC7, 0x4AC9, 0x4AAC, 0x468F
    	.short 0x4AB2, 0x4AB5, 0x4A96, 0x4A98, 0x4A9A, 0x4E9C
    	.short 0x4EBD, 0x52BF, 0x56DF, 0x4F20, 0x4F22, 0x4B24
    	.short 0x4B07, 0x4AEA, 0x46CD, 0x4AD0, 0x4AD2, 0x4AD4
    	.short 0x4AD6, 0x4AD8, 0x4ADA, 0x4EDC, 0x4EDD, 0x52FF
    	.short 0x571F, 0x4B60, 0x4B61, 0x4B64, 0x4B27, 0x470B
    	.short 0x4B0E, 0x4B10, 0x4B12, 0x4B14, 0x4B16, 0x4B18
    	.short 0x4B1A, 0x4F1C, 0x4F1D, 0x531F, 0x573F, 0x4BA0
    	.short 0x4BC1, 0x4B85, 0x4749, 0x4B4C, 0x4B4E, 0x4B50
    	.short 0x4B52, 0x4B54, 0x4B56, 0x4B58, 0x4B5A, 0x4F5C
    	.short 0x4F5D, 0x535F, 0x575F, 0x4BE0, 0x47C3, 0x4787
    	.short 0x4B8B, 0x4B8D, 0x4B8F, 0x4B91, 0x4F93, 0x4F95
    	.short 0x4F96, 0x4F98, 0x4F9A, 0x4F9C, 0x4F7D, 0x539F
    	.short 0x579F, 0x47E1, 0x47C5, 0x4BA9, 0x4BAB, 0x4BAD
    	.short 0x4FAF, 0x4FB1, 0x4FB3, 0x4FB5, 0x4FB7, 0x4FB8
    	.short 0x4FBA, 0x4FBC, 0x4FBD, 0x53BF, 0x57BF, 0x47E3
    	.short 0x4BE7, 0x4BE9, 0x4BEB, 0x4BED, 0x4FF0, 0x4FF2
    	.short 0x53F4, 0x53F5, 0x53F7, 0x53F9, 0x53FA, 0x53FC
    	.short 0x53FD, 0x53FF, 0x57DF, 0x4BE7, 0x4BE9, 0x4BEB
    	.short 0x4FED, 0x4FEF, 0x53F1, 0x53F3, 0x57F5, 0x57F7
    	.short 0x57F8, 0x57F9, 0x57FA, 0x57FC, 0x57FD, 0x57FE
    	.short 0x57FF, 0x5C00, 0x5C02, 0x5C05, 0x5C08, 0x5C0B
    	.short 0x5C0E, 0x5C11, 0x5C14, 0x5C17, 0x5C19, 0x581B
    	.short 0x541D, 0x541F, 0x503F, 0x507F, 0x50FF, 0x5C60
    	.short 0x5C42, 0x5C45, 0x5C48, 0x5C4B, 0x5C4E, 0x5C50
    	.short 0x5C53, 0x5C57, 0x5859, 0x583B, 0x543E, 0x507E
    	.short 0x50BE, 0x50FF, 0x513F, 0x5CA0, 0x5CA2, 0x5884
    	.short 0x5887, 0x588A, 0x588D, 0x5890, 0x5893, 0x5896
    	.short 0x5899, 0x549B, 0x50BC, 0x50FC, 0x513D, 0x513F
    	.short 0x557F, 0x5D20, 0x5D02, 0x58E4, 0x58E7, 0x58EA
    	.short 0x58ED, 0x58F0, 0x58F3, 0x58F6, 0x54F8, 0x50F9
    	.short 0x513A, 0x517C, 0x517D, 0x557F, 0x55BF, 0x5D60
    	.short 0x5D62, 0x5944, 0x5947, 0x5929, 0x592C, 0x592F
    	.short 0x5932, 0x5936, 0x5157, 0x5178, 0x519A, 0x51BC
    	.short 0x51BD, 0x51BF, 0x55FF, 0x5DC0, 0x5DC2, 0x59A4
    	.short 0x59A7, 0x5989, 0x558C, 0x558F, 0x5592, 0x5595
    	.short 0x51B6, 0x51D8, 0x51DA, 0x51FC, 0x55FD, 0x561F
    	.short 0x563F, 0x5E20, 0x5E22, 0x5A04, 0x5A07, 0x59E9
    	.short 0x55EC, 0x51EF, 0x51F1, 0x51F4, 0x5216, 0x5218
    	.short 0x521A, 0x523C, 0x563D, 0x565F, 0x5A7F, 0x5E80
    	.short 0x5E82, 0x5A64, 0x5A67, 0x5A49, 0x564C, 0x522F
    	.short 0x5652, 0x5655, 0x5256, 0x5258, 0x525A, 0x567C
    	.short 0x567D, 0x569F, 0x5EBF, 0x5EE0, 0x5EE2, 0x5AC4
    	.short 0x5AC7, 0x5AC9, 0x56AC, 0x528F, 0x56B2, 0x5295
    	.short 0x5297, 0x5298, 0x529A, 0x56BC, 0x56BD, 0x5ADF
    	.short 0x673F, 0x5B20, 0x5B22, 0x5724, 0x5707, 0x52EA
    	.short 0x52CD, 0x52D0, 0x52D2, 0x52F4, 0x52F7, 0x52D8
    	.short 0x52DA, 0x56FC, 0x56FD, 0x5AFF, 0x673F, 0x5760
    	.short 0x5761, 0x5764, 0x5327, 0x4F0B, 0x530E, 0x5310
    	.short 0x5312, 0x5314, 0x5316, 0x5318, 0x531A, 0x571C
    	.short 0x571D, 0x5B3F, 0x677F, 0x57A0, 0x57C1, 0x5385
    	.short 0x5349, 0x534C, 0x534E, 0x5350, 0x5352, 0x5354
    	.short 0x5356, 0x5358, 0x535A, 0x575C, 0x575D, 0x5B5F
    	.short 0x677F, 0x53E0, 0x53C3, 0x4F87, 0x538B, 0x538D
    	.short 0x538F, 0x5391, 0x5393, 0x5795, 0x5797, 0x5798
    	.short 0x579A, 0x579C, 0x579D, 0x5B9F, 0x679F, 0x4FE1
    	.short 0x4FC5, 0x53A9, 0x53AB, 0x53AD, 0x53AF, 0x57B1
    	.short 0x57B3, 0x57B5, 0x57B7, 0x57B9, 0x57BA, 0x57BC
    	.short 0x57BD, 0x5BBF, 0x67BF, 0x4FE3, 0x53E7, 0x53E9
    	.short 0x53EB, 0x53ED, 0x53F0, 0x57F2, 0x57F4, 0x5BF6
    	.short 0x5BF7, 0x5BF9, 0x5BFA, 0x5BFC, 0x5BFD, 0x5BFF
    	.short 0x67DF, 0x53E7, 0x53E9, 0x53EB, 0x53ED, 0x57EF
    	.short 0x57F1, 0x5BF3, 0x5BF5, 0x67F9, 0x67FA, 0x67FB
    	.short 0x67FC, 0x67FD, 0x67FE, 0x67FF, 0x67FF, 0x6400
    	.short 0x6402, 0x6405, 0x6408, 0x640B, 0x640E, 0x6410
    	.short 0x6413, 0x6416, 0x6419, 0x601B, 0x601D, 0x5C1F
    	.short 0x583F, 0x587F, 0x58FF, 0x6440, 0x6442, 0x6445
    	.short 0x6448, 0x644A, 0x644D, 0x6450, 0x6453, 0x6456
    	.short 0x6459, 0x643B, 0x603E, 0x5C7E, 0x58BE, 0x58FF
    	.short 0x593F, 0x64A0, 0x64A2, 0x6484, 0x6487, 0x648A
    	.short 0x648D, 0x6490, 0x6492, 0x6495, 0x6499, 0x609B
    	.short 0x5CBC, 0x58FC, 0x593D, 0x593F, 0x597F, 0x6500
    	.short 0x6502, 0x64E4, 0x60E7, 0x60E9, 0x60EC, 0x60EF
    	.short 0x60F2, 0x60F5, 0x60F8, 0x5CF9, 0x593A, 0x597C
    	.short 0x597D, 0x597F, 0x59BF, 0x6560, 0x6562, 0x6544
    	.short 0x6147, 0x5D4A, 0x5D4C, 0x5D4F, 0x5D52, 0x5D54
    	.short 0x5D57, 0x5978, 0x599A, 0x59BC, 0x59BD, 0x59BF
    	.short 0x5DFF, 0x65C0, 0x65A2, 0x65A4, 0x61A7, 0x5DAA
    	.short 0x59AD, 0x59AF, 0x59B1, 0x59B4, 0x59B6, 0x59D8
    	.short 0x59DA, 0x59FC, 0x59FD, 0x5A1F, 0x5E3F, 0x6620
    	.short 0x6602, 0x6604, 0x61E7, 0x5DEA, 0x59ED, 0x5A10
    	.short 0x5A12, 0x5A14, 0x5A16, 0x5A18, 0x5A1A, 0x5A3C
    	.short 0x5A3D, 0x5E5F, 0x5E7F, 0x6680, 0x6662, 0x6664
    	.short 0x6247, 0x5E4A, 0x5A2D, 0x5A50, 0x5A52, 0x5A54
    	.short 0x5A56, 0x5A58, 0x5A5A, 0x5A7C, 0x5E7D, 0x5E9F
    	.short 0x62BF, 0x66E0, 0x66C2, 0x66C4, 0x62A7, 0x5E8A
    	.short 0x5A8D, 0x5A90, 0x5A92, 0x5E94, 0x5E97, 0x5A98
    	.short 0x5A9A, 0x5EBC, 0x5EBD, 0x5EDF, 0x6B3F, 0x6720
    	.short 0x6722, 0x6724, 0x6307, 0x5EEA, 0x5ACD, 0x5AD0
    	.short 0x5AD2, 0x5EF4, 0x5AD7, 0x5AD8, 0x5ADA, 0x5EFC
    	.short 0x5EFD, 0x673F, 0x6F7F, 0x6360, 0x6361, 0x6364
    	.short 0x5F27, 0x5B0B, 0x5B0E, 0x5B10, 0x5B12, 0x5B14
    	.short 0x5B16, 0x5B18, 0x5B1A, 0x5F1C, 0x5F3D, 0x675F
    	.short 0x6F7F, 0x5FA0, 0x5FC1, 0x5B85, 0x5B49, 0x5B4C
    	.short 0x5B4E, 0x5B50, 0x5B52, 0x5B54, 0x5B56, 0x5B58
    	.short 0x5B5A, 0x5F5C, 0x5F5D, 0x677F, 0x6F9F, 0x5FE0
    	.short 0x5BC3, 0x5787, 0x5B8B, 0x5B8D, 0x5B8F, 0x5B91
    	.short 0x5B93, 0x5F95, 0x5F97, 0x5F98, 0x5F9A, 0x5F9C
    	.short 0x5F9D, 0x679F, 0x6FBF, 0x5BE1, 0x57C5, 0x5BA9
    	.short 0x5BAB, 0x5BAD, 0x5BAF, 0x5BB1, 0x5BB3, 0x5FB5
    	.short 0x5FB7, 0x5FB9, 0x5FBA, 0x5FBC, 0x5FBD, 0x67DF
    	.short 0x6FDF, 0x57E3, 0x5BE7, 0x5BE9, 0x5BEB, 0x5BED
    	.short 0x5BF0, 0x5FF2, 0x5FF4, 0x5FF6, 0x67F9, 0x67FA
    	.short 0x67FB, 0x67FD, 0x67FE, 0x67FF, 0x6FFF, 0x57E7
    	.short 0x5BE9, 0x5BEB, 0x5BED, 0x5BEF, 0x5FF1, 0x5FF3
    	.short 0x63F5, 0x67F9, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD
    	.short 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF, 0x6FFF, 0x6C00, 0x6C02, 0x6C05
    	.short 0x6C07, 0x6C0A, 0x6C0D, 0x6C10, 0x6C12, 0x6C15
    	.short 0x6C18, 0x6C1B, 0x6C1D, 0x681F, 0x603F, 0x607F
    	.short 0x5CFF, 0x6C40, 0x6C21, 0x6C24, 0x6C27, 0x6C2A
    	.short 0x6C2D, 0x6C30, 0x6C32, 0x6C35, 0x6C38, 0x6C3B
    	.short 0x6C3E, 0x647E, 0x60BE, 0x60FF, 0x613F, 0x6CA0
    	.short 0x6C81, 0x6C84, 0x6C87, 0x6C8A, 0x6C8C, 0x6C8F
    	.short 0x6C92, 0x6C95, 0x6C98, 0x6C9B, 0x64BC, 0x60FC
    	.short 0x613D, 0x613F, 0x617F, 0x6D00, 0x6CE1, 0x6CE4
    	.short 0x64E7, 0x64EA, 0x64ED, 0x64EF, 0x64F2, 0x64F4
    	.short 0x64F7, 0x64F9, 0x613A, 0x617C, 0x617D, 0x617F
    	.short 0x61BF, 0x6D60, 0x6D41, 0x6D44, 0x6547, 0x616B
    	.short 0x616D, 0x616F, 0x6171, 0x6173, 0x6176, 0x6178
    	.short 0x619A, 0x61BC, 0x61BD, 0x61BF, 0x61FF, 0x6DA0
    	.short 0x6DA1, 0x6DA4, 0x65A7, 0x61AB, 0x61CE, 0x61D0
    	.short 0x61D2, 0x61D4, 0x61D6, 0x61D8, 0x61DA, 0x61FC
    	.short 0x61FD, 0x621F, 0x623F, 0x6E00, 0x6E01, 0x6DE4
    	.short 0x65E7, 0x61EB, 0x620E, 0x6210, 0x6212, 0x6214
    	.short 0x6216, 0x6218, 0x621A, 0x623C, 0x623D, 0x625F
    	.short 0x667F, 0x6E60, 0x6E61, 0x6E44, 0x6647, 0x622B
    	.short 0x624E, 0x6250, 0x6252, 0x6254, 0x6256, 0x6258
    	.short 0x625A, 0x627C, 0x627D, 0x669F, 0x66BF, 0x6EC0
    	.short 0x6EC1, 0x6EA4, 0x6687, 0x628B, 0x628E, 0x6290
    	.short 0x6292, 0x6294, 0x6296, 0x6298, 0x629A, 0x62BC
    	.short 0x66BD, 0x66DF, 0x6F3F, 0x6F00, 0x6F21, 0x6F04
    	.short 0x66E7, 0x62CB, 0x62CE, 0x62D0, 0x62D2, 0x62D4
    	.short 0x62D6, 0x62D8, 0x62DA, 0x62FC, 0x66FD, 0x6B3F
    	.short 0x6F7F, 0x6F60, 0x6F61, 0x6F64, 0x6727, 0x630B
    	.short 0x630E, 0x6310, 0x6312, 0x6314, 0x6316, 0x6319
    	.short 0x631A, 0x673C, 0x6B5E, 0x6F7F, 0x77BF, 0x6BA0
    	.short 0x6BC1, 0x6785, 0x6349, 0x634C, 0x634E, 0x6350
    	.short 0x6352, 0x6354, 0x6356, 0x6358, 0x635A, 0x675C
    	.short 0x6B7E, 0x6F9F, 0x77BF, 0x67E0, 0x67C3, 0x6387
    	.short 0x638B, 0x638D, 0x638F, 0x6391, 0x6393, 0x6395
    	.short 0x6397, 0x6799, 0x679A, 0x679C, 0x6BBE, 0x6FBF
    	.short 0x77DF, 0x63E1, 0x63C5, 0x63A9, 0x63AB, 0x63AD
    	.short 0x63AF, 0x63B1, 0x63B3, 0x63B5, 0x67B7, 0x6BDA
    	.short 0x6BDB, 0x6BDD, 0x6BDE, 0x6FDF, 0x77DF, 0x5FE3
    	.short 0x63E7, 0x5FE9, 0x63EB, 0x63ED, 0x63F0, 0x63F2
    	.short 0x63F4, 0x67F6, 0x6BF9, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD
    	.short 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF, 0x77FF, 0x5FE7, 0x5FE9, 0x5FEB
    	.short 0x5FED, 0x63EF, 0x63F1, 0x67F3, 0x67F5, 0x6FF9
    	.short 0x6FFB, 0x77FD, 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FF
    	.short 0x77FF, 0x7400, 0x7402, 0x7404, 0x7407, 0x740A
    	.short 0x740D, 0x740F, 0x7412, 0x7415, 0x7417, 0x741A
    	.short 0x741D, 0x741F, 0x6C3F, 0x687F, 0x64FF, 0x7440
    	.short 0x7821, 0x7824, 0x7826, 0x7829, 0x782C, 0x782F
    	.short 0x7832, 0x7835, 0x7837, 0x783A, 0x783E, 0x707E
    	.short 0x68BE, 0x68FF, 0x653F, 0x74A0, 0x7881, 0x70A5
    	.short 0x70A8, 0x70AA, 0x70AC, 0x70AF, 0x70B2, 0x70B4
    	.short 0x70B6, 0x70B9, 0x70BC, 0x68FC, 0x693D, 0x693F
    	.short 0x657F, 0x7500, 0x78E1, 0x7105, 0x6929, 0x692B
    	.short 0x692D, 0x692F, 0x6931, 0x6934, 0x6936, 0x6938
    	.short 0x693A, 0x697C, 0x697D, 0x697F, 0x65BF, 0x7540
    	.short 0x7941, 0x7145, 0x6969, 0x698C, 0x698E, 0x6990
    	.short 0x6992, 0x6994, 0x6996, 0x6998, 0x699A, 0x69BC
    	.short 0x69BD, 0x69BF, 0x65FF, 0x75A0, 0x79A1, 0x71A5
    	.short 0x69A9, 0x69CC, 0x69CE, 0x69D0, 0x69D2, 0x69D4
    	.short 0x69D6, 0x69D8, 0x69DA, 0x69FC, 0x69FD, 0x6A1F
    	.short 0x6A3F, 0x7600, 0x79E1, 0x71E5, 0x69E9, 0x6A0C
    	.short 0x6A0E, 0x6A10, 0x6A12, 0x6A14, 0x6A16, 0x6A18
    	.short 0x6A1A, 0x6A3C, 0x6A3D, 0x6A5F, 0x6A7F, 0x7640
    	.short 0x7A41, 0x7245, 0x6A29, 0x6A4C, 0x6A4E, 0x6A50
    	.short 0x6A52, 0x6A54, 0x6A56, 0x6A58, 0x6A5A, 0x6A7C
    	.short 0x6A7D, 0x6A9F, 0x6ABF, 0x76A0, 0x7AA1, 0x7285
    	.short 0x6A89, 0x6A8C, 0x6A8E, 0x6A90, 0x6A92, 0x6A94
    	.short 0x6A96, 0x6A98, 0x6A9A, 0x6ABC, 0x6ABD, 0x6ADF
    	.short 0x733F, 0x7700, 0x7B01, 0x72E5, 0x6AC9, 0x6ACC
    	.short 0x6ACE, 0x6AD0, 0x6AD2, 0x6AD4, 0x6AD6, 0x6AD8
    	.short 0x6ADA, 0x6AFC, 0x6AFD, 0x6F3F, 0x737F, 0x7760
    	.short 0x7B61, 0x7325, 0x6B09, 0x6B0C, 0x6B0E, 0x6B10
    	.short 0x6B12, 0x6B14, 0x6B16, 0x6B18, 0x6B1A, 0x6B3C
    	.short 0x6F5E, 0x737F, 0x77BF, 0x77A0, 0x7BC1, 0x7385
    	.short 0x6B49, 0x6B4C, 0x6B4E, 0x6B50, 0x6B52, 0x6B54
    	.short 0x6B56, 0x6B58, 0x6B5B, 0x6F7D, 0x739E, 0x77BF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x73E0, 0x6FC3, 0x6B87, 0x6B8B, 0x6B8D
    	.short 0x6B8F, 0x6B91, 0x6B93, 0x6B95, 0x6B97, 0x6B99
    	.short 0x6FBB, 0x6FBD, 0x73BE, 0x77DF, 0x7FFF, 0x6BE1
    	.short 0x6BC5, 0x67A9, 0x67AB, 0x6BAD, 0x6BAF, 0x6BB1
    	.short 0x6BB3, 0x6BB5, 0x6BB7, 0x6FDA, 0x73DC, 0x73DD
    	.short 0x73DE, 0x77DF, 0x7FFF, 0x67E3, 0x67E7, 0x6BE9
    	.short 0x67EB, 0x67ED, 0x6BF0, 0x6BF2, 0x6BF4, 0x6BF6
    	.short 0x6FF9, 0x73FB, 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x63E7, 0x67E9, 0x67EB, 0x67ED, 0x67EF
    	.short 0x67F1, 0x6BF3, 0x6BF5, 0x6FF9, 0x73FB, 0x77FD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C00
    	.short 0x7C02, 0x7C04, 0x7C07, 0x7C0A, 0x7C0C, 0x7C0F
    	.short 0x7C12, 0x7C14, 0x7C17, 0x7C19, 0x7C1C, 0x7C1F
    	.short 0x743F, 0x707F, 0x6CFF, 0x7C40, 0x7863, 0x7865
    	.short 0x7867, 0x786A, 0x786C, 0x786F, 0x7871, 0x7874
    	.short 0x7876, 0x7879, 0x787B, 0x787E, 0x70BE, 0x70FF
    	.short 0x6D3F, 0x7CA0, 0x78C3, 0x70E7, 0x70E9, 0x70EB
    	.short 0x70ED, 0x70EF, 0x70F1, 0x70F3, 0x70F5, 0x70F8
    	.short 0x70FA, 0x70FC, 0x713D, 0x713F, 0x6D7F, 0x7CE0
    	.short 0x7903, 0x7127, 0x716B, 0x716C, 0x716E, 0x7170
    	.short 0x7172, 0x7174, 0x7176, 0x7178, 0x717A, 0x717C
    	.short 0x717D, 0x6D7F, 0x6DBF, 0x7D40, 0x7963, 0x7167
    	.short 0x71AB, 0x71AD, 0x71AE, 0x71B0, 0x71B2, 0x71B4
    	.short 0x71B6, 0x71B8, 0x71BA, 0x71BC, 0x71BD, 0x71BF
    	.short 0x6DFF, 0x7DA0, 0x79A3, 0x71A7, 0x71EB, 0x71ED
    	.short 0x71EF, 0x71F0, 0x71F2, 0x71F4, 0x71F6, 0x71F8
    	.short 0x71FA, 0x71FC, 0x71FD, 0x721F, 0x6E3F, 0x7DE0
    	.short 0x7A03, 0x71E7, 0x720B, 0x720D, 0x722F, 0x7231
    	.short 0x7232, 0x7234, 0x7236, 0x7238, 0x723A, 0x723C
    	.short 0x723D, 0x725F, 0x6E7F, 0x7E40, 0x7A43, 0x7227
    	.short 0x724B, 0x724D, 0x726F, 0x7271, 0x7273, 0x7274
    	.short 0x7276, 0x7278, 0x727A, 0x727C, 0x727D, 0x729F
    	.short 0x72BF, 0x7EA0, 0x7A83, 0x7287, 0x728B, 0x728D
    	.short 0x728F, 0x7291, 0x72B3, 0x72B5, 0x72B7, 0x72B8
    	.short 0x72BA, 0x72BC, 0x72BD, 0x72DF, 0x773F, 0x7EE0
    	.short 0x7AE3, 0x72C7, 0x72CB, 0x72CD, 0x72CF, 0x72D1
    	.short 0x72D3, 0x72F5, 0x72F7, 0x72F8, 0x72FA, 0x72FC
    	.short 0x72FD, 0x773F, 0x777F, 0x7F40, 0x7B23, 0x7307
    	.short 0x730B, 0x730D, 0x730F, 0x7311, 0x7313, 0x7315
    	.short 0x7317, 0x7339, 0x733A, 0x733C, 0x775E, 0x777F
    	.short 0x7BBF, 0x7FA0, 0x7B83, 0x7347, 0x734B, 0x734D
    	.short 0x734F, 0x7351, 0x7353, 0x7355, 0x7357, 0x7359
    	.short 0x777B, 0x777D, 0x779E, 0x7BBF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE0
    	.short 0x7BC3, 0x7387, 0x738B, 0x738D, 0x738F, 0x7391
    	.short 0x7393, 0x7395, 0x7397, 0x7399, 0x77BB, 0x77BD
    	.short 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E1, 0x73C5, 0x6FA9
    	.short 0x6FAB, 0x6FAD, 0x6FAF, 0x6FB1, 0x6FB3, 0x73B5
    	.short 0x73B7, 0x77DA, 0x77DC, 0x7BDE, 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x6FE3, 0x6FE7, 0x6FE9, 0x6FEB, 0x6FED
    	.short 0x6FF0, 0x73F2, 0x73F4, 0x73F6, 0x73F9, 0x77FB
    	.short 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6BE7
    	.short 0x6FE9, 0x6BEB, 0x6FED, 0x6FEF, 0x6FF1, 0x6FF3
    	.short 0x73F5, 0x73F9, 0x77FB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C21, 0x7C23, 0x7C26
    	.short 0x7C28, 0x7C2A, 0x7C2C, 0x7C2F, 0x7C31, 0x7C33
    	.short 0x7C36, 0x7C38, 0x7C3A, 0x7C3D, 0x7C3F, 0x787F
    	.short 0x70FF, 0x7C81, 0x78A5, 0x78A6, 0x78A8, 0x78AB
    	.short 0x78AD, 0x78AF, 0x78B1, 0x78B3, 0x78B5, 0x78B8
    	.short 0x78BA, 0x78BC, 0x78BE, 0x78FF, 0x713F, 0x7CC1
    	.short 0x78E5, 0x7529, 0x752B, 0x752C, 0x752E, 0x7530
    	.short 0x7532, 0x7534, 0x7536, 0x7538, 0x7539, 0x753B
    	.short 0x753D, 0x753F, 0x717F, 0x7D01, 0x7925, 0x7569
    	.short 0x756B, 0x756D, 0x756E, 0x7570, 0x7572, 0x7574
    	.short 0x7576, 0x7578, 0x7579, 0x757B, 0x757D, 0x757F
    	.short 0x71BF, 0x7D61, 0x7965, 0x75A9, 0x75AB, 0x75AD
    	.short 0x75AF, 0x75B1, 0x75B2, 0x75B4, 0x75B6, 0x75B8
    	.short 0x75BA, 0x75BB, 0x75BD, 0x75BF, 0x71FF, 0x7DA1
    	.short 0x79A5, 0x75E9, 0x75EB, 0x75ED, 0x75EF, 0x75F1
    	.short 0x75F3, 0x75F4, 0x75F6, 0x75F8, 0x75FA, 0x75FB
    	.short 0x75FD, 0x761F, 0x763F, 0x7DE1, 0x79E5, 0x7609
    	.short 0x760B, 0x762D, 0x762F, 0x7631, 0x7633, 0x7635
    	.short 0x7636, 0x7638, 0x763A, 0x763B, 0x763D, 0x765F
    	.short 0x767F, 0x7E41, 0x7A25, 0x7649, 0x764B, 0x764D
    	.short 0x766F, 0x7671, 0x7673, 0x7675, 0x7676, 0x7678
    	.short 0x767A, 0x767B, 0x767D, 0x769F, 0x76BF, 0x7E81
    	.short 0x7A85, 0x7689, 0x768B, 0x768D, 0x76AF, 0x76B1
    	.short 0x76B3, 0x76B5, 0x76B7, 0x76B8, 0x76BA, 0x76BC
    	.short 0x76BD, 0x76DF, 0x7B3F, 0x7EC1, 0x7AC5, 0x76C9
    	.short 0x76CB, 0x76CD, 0x76CF, 0x76D1, 0x76F3, 0x76F5
    	.short 0x76F7, 0x76F9, 0x76FA, 0x76FC, 0x76FD, 0x7B3F
    	.short 0x7B7F, 0x7F01, 0x7B05, 0x7709, 0x770B, 0x770D
    	.short 0x770F, 0x7711, 0x7713, 0x7735, 0x7737, 0x7B5A
    	.short 0x7B5B, 0x7B5D, 0x7B5E, 0x7B7F, 0x7BBF, 0x7F61
    	.short 0x7B45, 0x7749, 0x774B, 0x774D, 0x774F, 0x7751
    	.short 0x7753, 0x7755, 0x7757, 0x7B7A, 0x7B9C, 0x7B9D
    	.short 0x7B9E, 0x7BBF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FA1, 0x7B85, 0x7789
    	.short 0x778B, 0x778D, 0x778F, 0x7791, 0x7793, 0x7795
    	.short 0x7797, 0x7BBA, 0x7BBC, 0x7BDE, 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FE1, 0x7BC5, 0x77A9, 0x77AB, 0x77AD
    	.short 0x77AF, 0x77B1, 0x77B3, 0x77B5, 0x77B7, 0x7BDA
    	.short 0x7BDC, 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E3
    	.short 0x77E7, 0x77E9, 0x77EB, 0x77ED, 0x77F0, 0x77F2
    	.short 0x77F4, 0x77F6, 0x7BF9, 0x7BFB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E7, 0x73E9, 0x73EB
    	.short 0x73ED, 0x73EF, 0x73F1, 0x77F3, 0x77F5, 0x77F9
    	.short 0x7BFB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7C63, 0x7C65, 0x7C67, 0x7C69, 0x7C6B
    	.short 0x7C6D, 0x7C6F, 0x7C71, 0x7C73, 0x7C75, 0x7C77
    	.short 0x7C79, 0x7C7B, 0x7C7D, 0x7C7F, 0x78FF, 0x7CC3
    	.short 0x7CE7, 0x7CE9, 0x7CEB, 0x7CEC, 0x7CEE, 0x7CF0
    	.short 0x7CF2, 0x7CF4, 0x7CF6, 0x7CF8, 0x7CF9, 0x7CFB
    	.short 0x7CFD, 0x7CFF, 0x793F, 0x7D03, 0x7D27, 0x7D29
    	.short 0x7D2B, 0x7D2C, 0x7D2F, 0x7D30, 0x7D32, 0x7D34
    	.short 0x7D36, 0x7D37, 0x7D3A, 0x7D3B, 0x7D3D, 0x7D3F
    	.short 0x797F, 0x7D43, 0x7D67, 0x7D69, 0x7D6B, 0x7D6D
    	.short 0x7D6F, 0x7D71, 0x7D72, 0x7D74, 0x7D76, 0x7D78
    	.short 0x7D79, 0x7D7B, 0x7D7D, 0x7D7F, 0x79BF, 0x7D83
    	.short 0x7DA7, 0x7DA9, 0x7DAB, 0x7DAD, 0x7DAF, 0x7DB1
    	.short 0x7DB2, 0x7DB4, 0x7DB6, 0x7DB8, 0x7DB9, 0x7DBB
    	.short 0x7DBD, 0x7DBF, 0x79FF, 0x7DC3, 0x7DE7, 0x7DE9
    	.short 0x7DEB, 0x7DED, 0x7E10, 0x7E11, 0x7E13, 0x7E14
    	.short 0x7E16, 0x7E18, 0x7E1A, 0x7E1B, 0x7E1D, 0x7E1F
    	.short 0x7A3F, 0x7E03, 0x7E07, 0x7E09, 0x7E2B, 0x7E2D
    	.short 0x7E30, 0x7E52, 0x7E53, 0x7E55, 0x7E57, 0x7E58
    	.short 0x7E5A, 0x7E5C, 0x7E5D, 0x7E5F, 0x7A7F, 0x7E23
    	.short 0x7E47, 0x7E49, 0x7E6B, 0x7E6D, 0x7E70, 0x7E72
    	.short 0x7E94, 0x7E95, 0x7E97, 0x7E98, 0x7E9A, 0x7E9C
    	.short 0x7E9D, 0x7E9F, 0x7ABF, 0x7E83, 0x7E87, 0x7E89
    	.short 0x7EAB, 0x7E8D, 0x7EB0, 0x7EB2, 0x7EB4, 0x7ED6
    	.short 0x7ED7, 0x7ED9, 0x7EDA, 0x7EDC, 0x7EDD, 0x7EDF
    	.short 0x7F3F, 0x7EC3, 0x7EC7, 0x7EC9, 0x7ECB, 0x7ECD
    	.short 0x7ED0, 0x7EF2, 0x7EF4, 0x7EF6, 0x7F39, 0x7F3A
    	.short 0x7F3B, 0x7F3C, 0x7F3E, 0x7F3F, 0x7F7F, 0x7F03
    	.short 0x7F07, 0x7F09, 0x7F0B, 0x7F0D, 0x7F10, 0x7F12
    	.short 0x7F34, 0x7F36, 0x7F59, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D
    	.short 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F, 0x7FBF, 0x7F43, 0x7F47, 0x7F49
    	.short 0x7F4B, 0x7F4D, 0x7F50, 0x7F52, 0x7F54, 0x7F56
    	.short 0x7F79, 0x7F9B, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7F83, 0x7F87, 0x7F89, 0x7F6B, 0x7F8D
    	.short 0x7F90, 0x7F92, 0x7F94, 0x7F96, 0x7FB9, 0x7FBB
    	.short 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC3
    	.short 0x7FC7, 0x7FA9, 0x7FAB, 0x7FAD, 0x7FB0, 0x7FB2
    	.short 0x7FB4, 0x7FB6, 0x7FD9, 0x7FDB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE3, 0x7FE7, 0x7FE9
    	.short 0x7FEB, 0x7FED, 0x7FF0, 0x7FF2, 0x7FF4, 0x7FF6
    	.short 0x7FF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x77E7, 0x7BE9, 0x7BEB, 0x7BED, 0x7BEF
    	.short 0x7BF1, 0x7BF3, 0x7BF5, 0x7BF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7CE7
    	.short 0x7CE8, 0x7CEA, 0x7CEB, 0x7CED, 0x7CEF, 0x7CF0
    	.short 0x7CF2, 0x7CF4, 0x7CF5, 0x7CF7, 0x7CF8, 0x7CFA
    	.short 0x7CFC, 0x7CFD, 0x7CFF, 0x7D07, 0x7D29, 0x7D2A
    	.short 0x7D2C, 0x7D2D, 0x7D2F, 0x7D31, 0x7D32, 0x7D34
    	.short 0x7D36, 0x7D37, 0x7D39, 0x7D3B, 0x7D3C, 0x7D3E
    	.short 0x7D3F, 0x7D47, 0x7D69, 0x7D6B, 0x7D6C, 0x7D6E
    	.short 0x7D6F, 0x7D71, 0x7D72, 0x7D74, 0x7D76, 0x7D77
    	.short 0x7D79, 0x7D7A, 0x7D7C, 0x7D7E, 0x7D7F, 0x7D87
    	.short 0x7D89, 0x7DAB, 0x7DAD, 0x7DAE, 0x7DB0, 0x7DB2
    	.short 0x7DB3, 0x7DB4, 0x7DB6, 0x7DB7, 0x7DB9, 0x7DBB
    	.short 0x7DBC, 0x7DBE, 0x7DBF, 0x7DA7, 0x7DC9, 0x7DCB
    	.short 0x7DED, 0x7DEF, 0x7DF0, 0x7DF2, 0x7DF3, 0x7DF5
    	.short 0x7DF6, 0x7DF8, 0x7DF9, 0x7DFB, 0x7DFC, 0x7DFE
    	.short 0x7DFF, 0x7DE7, 0x7E09, 0x7E0B, 0x7E0D, 0x7E2F
    	.short 0x7E31, 0x7E32, 0x7E34, 0x7E35, 0x7E37, 0x7E38
    	.short 0x7E39, 0x7E3B, 0x7E3C, 0x7E3E, 0x7E3F, 0x7E27
    	.short 0x7E29, 0x7E2B, 0x7E4D, 0x7E4F, 0x7E71, 0x7E73
    	.short 0x7E74, 0x7E76, 0x7E77, 0x7E79, 0x7E7A, 0x7E7B
    	.short 0x7E7D, 0x7E7E, 0x7E7F, 0x7E47, 0x7E69, 0x7E6B
    	.short 0x7E6D, 0x7E8F, 0x7E91, 0x7EB3, 0x7EB5, 0x7EB6
    	.short 0x7EB8, 0x7EB9, 0x7EBA, 0x7EBC, 0x7EBD, 0x7EBE
    	.short 0x7EBF, 0x7E87, 0x7E89, 0x7EAB, 0x7EAD, 0x7EAF
    	.short 0x7EB1, 0x7ED3, 0x7EF5, 0x7F39, 0x7F39, 0x7F3B
    	.short 0x7F3B, 0x7F3C, 0x7F3D, 0x7F3E, 0x7F3F, 0x7EC7
    	.short 0x7EC9, 0x7ECB, 0x7ECD, 0x7EEF, 0x7EF1, 0x7EF3
    	.short 0x7F15, 0x7F59, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D
    	.short 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F, 0x7F7F, 0x7EE7, 0x7F09, 0x7F0B
    	.short 0x7F0D, 0x7F0F, 0x7F11, 0x7F33, 0x7F35, 0x7F79
    	.short 0x7F7B, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF
    	.short 0x7FBF, 0x7F27, 0x7F29, 0x7F2B, 0x7F2D, 0x7F2F
    	.short 0x7F51, 0x7F53, 0x7F55, 0x7F99, 0x7F9B, 0x7FBD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F67
    	.short 0x7F69, 0x7F6B, 0x7F6D, 0x7F6F, 0x7F71, 0x7F73
    	.short 0x7F95, 0x7FB9, 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F87, 0x7F89, 0x7F8B
    	.short 0x7F8D, 0x7F8F, 0x7FB1, 0x7FB3, 0x7FB5, 0x7FD9
    	.short 0x7FDB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FC7, 0x7FC9, 0x7FCB, 0x7FCD, 0x7FCF
    	.short 0x7FD1, 0x7FD3, 0x7FD5, 0x7FF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE7
    	.short 0x7FE9, 0x7FEB, 0x7FED, 0x7FEF, 0x7FF1, 0x7FF3
    	.short 0x7FF5, 0x7FF9, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x421, 0x423, 0x425, 0x427
    	.short 0x429, 0x42B, 0x42D, 0x16, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1C, 0x1F
    	.short 0x43F, 0xC7F, 0x14BF, 0x211F, 0x461, 0x463, 0x465
    	.short 0x467, 0x469, 0x46B, 0x46D, 0x76, 0x58, 0x5A, 0x5C
    	.short 0x5F, 0x47F, 0xCBF, 0x14DF, 0x213F, 0x4A1, 0x4A3
    	.short 0x4A5, 0x4A7, 0x4A9, 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xD6, 0xD8, 0xBA
    	.short 0xBC, 0xBF, 0x4BF, 0xCFF, 0x151F, 0x217F, 0x4E1
    	.short 0x4E3, 0x4E5, 0x4E7, 0x4E9, 0x4EB, 0x4ED, 0x136
    	.short 0x138, 0x11A, 0x11C, 0x11F, 0x51F, 0xD3F, 0x155F
    	.short 0x219F, 0x521, 0x523, 0x525, 0x527, 0x529, 0x52B
    	.short 0x52D, 0x196, 0x198, 0x17A, 0x17C, 0x15F, 0x55F
    	.short 0xD7F, 0x159F, 0x21DF, 0x561, 0x563, 0x565, 0x567
    	.short 0x569, 0x56B, 0x56D, 0x1F6, 0x1F8, 0x1DA, 0x1DC
    	.short 0x1BF, 0x5BF, 0xDBF, 0x15DF, 0x21FF, 0x5A1, 0x5A3
    	.short 0x5A5, 0x5A7, 0x5A9, 0x5AB, 0x5AD, 0x276, 0x258
    	.short 0x23A, 0x21C, 0x21F, 0x61F, 0xE1F, 0x161F, 0x223F
    	.short 0x2C0, 0x2C3, 0x2C6, 0x2C9, 0x2CD, 0x2D0, 0x2D3
    	.short 0x2D6, 0x2B8, 0x29A, 0x27C, 0x27F, 0x65F, 0xE5F
    	.short 0x165F, 0x227F, 0x300, 0x303, 0x306, 0x309, 0x30C
    	.short 0x30F, 0x312, 0x315, 0x318, 0x2FA, 0x2DC, 0x2DF
    	.short 0x6BF, 0xE9F, 0x169F, 0x229F, 0x340, 0x343, 0x346
    	.short 0x348, 0x34C, 0x34F, 0x351, 0x355, 0x358, 0x35A
    	.short 0x33C, 0x31F, 0x71F, 0xEDF, 0x16DF, 0x22DF, 0x380
    	.short 0x382, 0x385, 0x388, 0x38B, 0x38E, 0x391, 0x394
    	.short 0x397, 0x39A, 0x39C, 0x37F, 0x75F, 0xF1F, 0x16FF
    	.short 0x22FF, 0x3E0, 0x3E3, 0x3E5, 0x3E8, 0x3EB, 0x3EE
    	.short 0x3F1, 0x3F3, 0x3F6, 0x3F9, 0x3FC, 0x3FF, 0x79F
    	.short 0xF7F, 0x175F, 0x233F, 0x7E1, 0x7E3, 0x7E6, 0x7E8
    	.short 0x7EB, 0x7ED, 0x7F0, 0x7F3, 0x7F5, 0x7F8, 0x7FA
    	.short 0x7FD, 0x7FF, 0xFBF, 0x177F, 0x235F, 0xFE3, 0xFE5
    	.short 0xFE7, 0xFE9, 0xFEC, 0xFEE, 0xFF0, 0xFF3, 0xFF4
    	.short 0xFF7, 0xFF9, 0xFFB, 0xFFE, 0xFFF, 0x17BF, 0x239F
    	.short 0x17E5, 0x17E7, 0x17E9, 0x17EB, 0x17ED, 0x17EF
    	.short 0x17F0, 0x17F2, 0x17F4, 0x17F6, 0x17F8, 0x17FA
    	.short 0x17FC, 0x17FE, 0x17FF, 0x23DF, 0x23E8, 0x23EA
    	.short 0x23EB, 0x23ED, 0x23EE, 0x23F0, 0x23F1, 0x23F3
    	.short 0x23F5, 0x23F6, 0x23F8, 0x23F9, 0x23FB, 0x23FC
    	.short 0x23FE, 0x23FF, 0xC21, 0xC23, 0xC25, 0xC27, 0xC29
    	.short 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC16, 0xC18, 0xC1A, 0x81C, 0xC1F
    	.short 0xC3F, 0x147F, 0x1CBF, 0x291F, 0xC61, 0xC63, 0xC65
    	.short 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0x853, 0x856, 0x858, 0x85A
    	.short 0x43D, 0x85E, 0x109E, 0x18DF, 0x211F, 0x295F, 0xCA1
    	.short 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9, 0xCAB, 0x8D3, 0x8B6
    	.short 0x8B8, 0x8BA, 0x49D, 0x89E, 0x10DE, 0x18FF, 0x215F
    	.short 0x299F, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5, 0xCE7, 0xCE9, 0xCEB
    	.short 0x933, 0x916, 0x918, 0x91A, 0x4FD, 0x8FE, 0x111E
    	.short 0x193F, 0x219F, 0x29BF, 0xD21, 0xD23, 0xD25, 0xD27
    	.short 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0x993, 0x996, 0x978, 0x97A, 0x55D
    	.short 0x95E, 0x117E, 0x199F, 0x21BF, 0x29DF, 0xD61, 0xD63
    	.short 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B, 0xA13, 0x9F6, 0x9D8
    	.short 0x9DA, 0x5BD, 0x9BE, 0x11BE, 0x19BF, 0x21FF, 0x2A1F
    	.short 0xDA1, 0xA62, 0xA66, 0xA69, 0xA6D, 0xA70, 0xA73
    	.short 0xA56, 0xA38, 0xA3A, 0x61D, 0xA1E, 0x121E, 0x1A1F
    	.short 0x223F, 0x2A5F, 0xEC0, 0xAC2, 0xAC5, 0xAC9, 0xACC
    	.short 0xACF, 0xAD2, 0xAD6, 0xAB8, 0xA9A, 0x67D, 0xA5E
    	.short 0x125E, 0x1A5F, 0x227F, 0x2A7F, 0xB00, 0xB02, 0xB05
    	.short 0xB09, 0xB0B, 0xB0F, 0xB12, 0xB15, 0xB18, 0xAFA
    	.short 0x6DD, 0xABE, 0x129E, 0x1A9F, 0x22BF, 0x2ABF, 0xB40
    	.short 0xB42, 0xB45, 0xB48, 0xB4B, 0xB4E, 0xB51, 0xB54
    	.short 0xB57, 0xB5A, 0x75D, 0xB1E, 0x12FE, 0x1ADF, 0x22DF
    	.short 0x2ADF, 0xB80, 0x7A1, 0x7A4, 0x7A8, 0x7AA, 0x7AE
    	.short 0x7B1, 0x7B4, 0x7B7, 0x7BA, 0x7BD, 0xB7E, 0x133E
    	.short 0x1B1F, 0x231F, 0x2B1F, 0xBE0, 0xBC2, 0xBC5, 0xBC8
    	.short 0xBCA, 0xBCD, 0xBD0, 0xBD3, 0xBD6, 0xBD8, 0xBDB
    	.short 0xBDE, 0x139E, 0x1B5F, 0x235F, 0x2B3F, 0xFE1, 0x13C4
    	.short 0x13C6, 0x13C9, 0x13CB, 0x13CE, 0x13D0, 0x13D2
    	.short 0x13D5, 0x13D7, 0x13D9, 0x13DC, 0x13DE, 0x1B9F
    	.short 0x239F, 0x2B7F, 0x17E3, 0x1BE6, 0x1BE8, 0x1BEA
    	.short 0x1BEC, 0x1BEE, 0x1BF0, 0x1BF2, 0x1BF4, 0x1BF6
    	.short 0x1BF8, 0x1BFA, 0x1BFD, 0x1BFF, 0x23DF, 0x2B9F
    	.short 0x1BE5, 0x23E8, 0x23EA, 0x23EC, 0x23EE, 0x23EF
    	.short 0x23F1, 0x23F3, 0x23F5, 0x23F7, 0x23F8, 0x23FA
    	.short 0x23FC, 0x23FE, 0x23FF, 0x2BDF, 0x27E8, 0x2BEA
    	.short 0x2BEC, 0x2BED, 0x2BEF, 0x2BF1, 0x2BF2, 0x2BF3
    	.short 0x2BF5, 0x2BF7, 0x2BF8, 0x2BF9, 0x2BFB, 0x2BFD
    	.short 0x2BFE, 0x2BFF, 0x1421, 0x1423, 0x1425, 0x1427
    	.short 0x1429, 0x142B, 0x142D, 0x1816, 0x1818, 0x181A
    	.short 0x141C, 0x141F, 0x183F, 0x1C7F, 0x24BF, 0x2D1F
    	.short 0x1461, 0x1463, 0x1465, 0x1467, 0x1469, 0x146B
    	.short 0x1853, 0x1456, 0x1458, 0x145A, 0x103D, 0x145E
    	.short 0x189E, 0x20DF, 0x291F, 0x315F, 0x14A1, 0x14A3
    	.short 0x14A5, 0x14A7, 0x14A9, 0x18D0, 0x14B3, 0x14B5
    	.short 0x1098, 0x109A, 0x14BB, 0x18DC, 0x211D, 0x295E
    	.short 0x295F, 0x319F, 0x14E1, 0x14E3, 0x14E5, 0x14E7
    	.short 0x14E9, 0x1930, 0x1533, 0x1515, 0x10F8, 0x10FA
    	.short 0x14FB, 0x191C, 0x213D, 0x297E, 0x299F, 0x31BF
    	.short 0x1521, 0x1523, 0x1525, 0x1527, 0x1529, 0x1990
    	.short 0x1593, 0x1575, 0x1158, 0x115A, 0x155B, 0x197C
    	.short 0x217D, 0x29BE, 0x29BF, 0x31FF, 0x1561, 0x1563
    	.short 0x1A06, 0x1A09, 0x1A0D, 0x1A10, 0x15F3, 0x15D5
    	.short 0x11D8, 0x11BA, 0x15BB, 0x19BC, 0x21DD, 0x29FE
    	.short 0x29FF, 0x321F, 0x15A1, 0x1A62, 0x1665, 0x1669
    	.short 0x166C, 0x166F, 0x1673, 0x1655, 0x1238, 0x121A
    	.short 0x161B, 0x1A1C, 0x221D, 0x2A3E, 0x2A3F, 0x325F
    	.short 0x1AC0, 0x16C2, 0x16A5, 0x16A8, 0x16AB, 0x16AF
    	.short 0x16B2, 0x16B5, 0x1298, 0x127A, 0x167B, 0x1A5C
    	.short 0x225D, 0x2A7E, 0x2A7F, 0x327F, 0x1B00, 0x1702
    	.short 0x1304, 0x1308, 0x130B, 0x130E, 0x1311, 0x1314
    	.short 0x1318, 0x12FA, 0x16DB, 0x1A9C, 0x229D, 0x2A9E
    	.short 0x2ABF, 0x32BF, 0x1740, 0x1742, 0x1344, 0x1347
    	.short 0x134B, 0x134E, 0x1351, 0x1354, 0x1357, 0x135A
    	.short 0x171B, 0x1AFC, 0x22DD, 0x2ADE, 0x2ADF, 0x32DF
    	.short 0x1780, 0x13A1, 0x1765, 0x1768, 0x176A, 0x176D
    	.short 0x1770, 0x1773, 0x1776, 0x1779, 0x177B, 0x1B3C
    	.short 0x231D, 0x2B1E, 0x2B1F, 0x331F, 0x17E0, 0x13C2
    	.short 0x1B86, 0x1B89, 0x1B8B, 0x1B8D, 0x1B90, 0x1B93
    	.short 0x1B95, 0x1B97, 0x1B9A, 0x1B9C, 0x235D, 0x2B5E
    	.short 0x2B5F, 0x333F, 0x17E1, 0x1BC4, 0x23A8, 0x23AA
    	.short 0x23AC, 0x23AE, 0x23B0, 0x23B2, 0x23B4, 0x23B6
    	.short 0x23B8, 0x23BB, 0x23BD, 0x2B9E, 0x2B9F, 0x337F
    	.short 0x1FE3, 0x1FE6, 0x2BCA, 0x2BCC, 0x2BCD, 0x2BCF
    	.short 0x2BD1, 0x2BD3, 0x2BD5, 0x2BD6, 0x2BD8, 0x2BDA
    	.short 0x2BDC, 0x2BDE, 0x2BBF, 0x339F, 0x23E5, 0x2BE8
    	.short 0x2BEA, 0x2BEC, 0x2BEE, 0x2BEF, 0x2BF1, 0x2BF3
    	.short 0x2BF5, 0x2BF7, 0x2BF8, 0x2BFA, 0x2BFC, 0x2BFE
    	.short 0x2BFF, 0x33DF, 0x2FE8, 0x33EA, 0x33EC, 0x33EE
    	.short 0x33EF, 0x33F1, 0x33F2, 0x33F4, 0x33F5, 0x33F7
    	.short 0x33F8, 0x33FA, 0x33FB, 0x33FD, 0x33FE, 0x33FF
    	.short 0x1C21, 0x1C23, 0x1C25, 0x1C27, 0x1C29, 0x1C2B
    	.short 0x1C2D, 0x2416, 0x2418, 0x201A, 0x201C, 0x201F
    	.short 0x203F, 0x247F, 0x2CBF, 0x351F, 0x1C61, 0x1C63
    	.short 0x1C65, 0x1C67, 0x1C69, 0x1C6B, 0x2453, 0x2456
    	.short 0x2458, 0x205A, 0x203D, 0x205E, 0x249E, 0x28DF
    	.short 0x311F, 0x355F, 0x1CA1, 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5, 0x1CA7
    	.short 0x1CA9, 0x24D0, 0x24B3, 0x20B5, 0x2098, 0x1C9A
    	.short 0x20BB, 0x24DC, 0x291D, 0x315E, 0x315F, 0x399F
    	.short 0x1CE1, 0x1CE3, 0x1CE5, 0x1CE7, 0x252D, 0x2110
    	.short 0x2112, 0x1CF5, 0x1CF7, 0x1CF9, 0x211A, 0x253B
    	.short 0x2D7C, 0x319E, 0x319F, 0x39DF, 0x1D21, 0x1D23
    	.short 0x1D25, 0x25A9, 0x25AD, 0x2190, 0x2172, 0x1D75
    	.short 0x1D57, 0x1D59, 0x217A, 0x257B, 0x2DBC, 0x31BE
    	.short 0x31DF, 0x39FF, 0x1D61, 0x1D63, 0x2606, 0x2208
    	.short 0x220C, 0x2210, 0x21F2, 0x1DD5, 0x1DB7, 0x1DB9
    	.short 0x21BA, 0x25DB, 0x2DFC, 0x31FE, 0x31FF, 0x3A3F
    	.short 0x1DA1, 0x2662, 0x2665, 0x2248, 0x224B, 0x224F
    	.short 0x2252, 0x1E35, 0x1E17, 0x1E19, 0x221A, 0x261B
    	.short 0x2E3C, 0x323E, 0x323F, 0x3A7F, 0x26C0, 0x22C2
    	.short 0x22A5, 0x1EA7, 0x1EAB, 0x1EAE, 0x1EB1, 0x1EB5
    	.short 0x1E97, 0x1E79, 0x225A, 0x265B, 0x2E7C, 0x327E
    	.short 0x327F, 0x3A9F, 0x2700, 0x2302, 0x1F04, 0x1EE7
    	.short 0x1EEA, 0x1EED, 0x1EF1, 0x1EF4, 0x1EF7, 0x1ED9
    	.short 0x22BA, 0x269B, 0x2EBC, 0x32BE, 0x32BF, 0x3ABF
    	.short 0x2340, 0x2342, 0x1F44, 0x1F27, 0x1F2A, 0x1F2D
    	.short 0x1F30, 0x1F33, 0x1F36, 0x1F39, 0x22FA, 0x26DB
    	.short 0x2EDC, 0x32DE, 0x32DF, 0x3AFF, 0x2380, 0x1FA1
    	.short 0x1F65, 0x2348, 0x234B, 0x234E, 0x2350, 0x2353
    	.short 0x2355, 0x2358, 0x235A, 0x271B, 0x2F1C, 0x331E
    	.short 0x331F, 0x3B1F, 0x23E0, 0x1FC2, 0x2386, 0x2769
    	.short 0x276C, 0x276E, 0x2770, 0x2772, 0x2774, 0x2776
    	.short 0x2779, 0x277B, 0x2F5C, 0x335E, 0x335F, 0x3B3F
    	.short 0x23E1, 0x23C4, 0x27A8, 0x2F8B, 0x2F8D, 0x2F8F
    	.short 0x2F91, 0x2F93, 0x2F95, 0x2F97, 0x2F99, 0x2F9A
    	.short 0x2F9C, 0x339E, 0x339F, 0x3B7F, 0x27E3, 0x27E6
    	.short 0x2FCA, 0x33CC, 0x33CE, 0x33CF, 0x33D1, 0x33D3
    	.short 0x33D5, 0x33D7, 0x33D8, 0x33DA, 0x33DC, 0x33DE
    	.short 0x33BF, 0x3B9F, 0x2BE5, 0x33E8, 0x33EA, 0x33EC
    	.short 0x33EE, 0x33F0, 0x33F2, 0x33F3, 0x33F5, 0x33F7
    	.short 0x33F8, 0x33FA, 0x33FC, 0x33FE, 0x33FF, 0x3BDF
    	.short 0x33E8, 0x37EA, 0x37EC, 0x3BEE, 0x3BF0, 0x3BF1
    	.short 0x3BF3, 0x3BF4, 0x3BF5, 0x3BF7, 0x3BF8, 0x3BFA
    	.short 0x3BFB, 0x3BFD, 0x3BFE, 0x3BFF, 0x2421, 0x2423
    	.short 0x2425, 0x2427, 0x2429, 0x242B, 0x242D, 0x3416
    	.short 0x3018, 0x301A, 0x2C1C, 0x2C1F, 0x2C3F, 0x307F
    	.short 0x34BF, 0x391F, 0x2461, 0x2463, 0x2465, 0x2467
    	.short 0x2469, 0x246B, 0x3453, 0x3056, 0x2C58, 0x2C5A
    	.short 0x283D, 0x285E, 0x2C9E, 0x30DF, 0x391F, 0x3D5F
    	.short 0x24A1, 0x24A3, 0x24A5, 0x24A7, 0x24A9, 0x34D0
    	.short 0x30B3, 0x2CB5, 0x2C98, 0x2C9A, 0x28BB, 0x2CDC
    	.short 0x311D, 0x355E, 0x395F, 0x3D9F, 0x24E1, 0x24E3
    	.short 0x24E5, 0x3529, 0x352D, 0x3110, 0x2D12, 0x2CF5
    	.short 0x28F7, 0x28F9, 0x2D1A, 0x313B, 0x357C, 0x399E
    	.short 0x399F, 0x41DF, 0x2521, 0x2523, 0x2525, 0x35A9
    	.short 0x2D6D, 0x2D6F, 0x2952, 0x2954, 0x2956, 0x2D78
    	.short 0x2D79, 0x35BA, 0x35BC, 0x39DE, 0x39DF, 0x421F
    	.short 0x2561, 0x2563, 0x3206, 0x3208, 0x2DEB, 0x2DEF
    	.short 0x29D2, 0x29B4, 0x29B6, 0x2DB8, 0x2DB9, 0x35FA
    	.short 0x35FC, 0x3A1E, 0x3A1F, 0x425F, 0x25A1, 0x3262
    	.short 0x3265, 0x2E48, 0x2A4A, 0x2A4E, 0x2A52, 0x2A34
    	.short 0x2A16, 0x2E18, 0x2E19, 0x363A, 0x363C, 0x3A3E
    	.short 0x3A5F, 0x427F, 0x32C0, 0x32C2, 0x2EA5, 0x2EA7
    	.short 0x2A8A, 0x2A8D, 0x2A91, 0x2A94, 0x2A76, 0x2E58
    	.short 0x2E59, 0x367A, 0x367C, 0x3A7E, 0x3A7F, 0x429F
    	.short 0x3300, 0x2F02, 0x2B04, 0x2AE7, 0x2ACA, 0x2ACD
    	.short 0x2AD0, 0x2AD3, 0x2AD6, 0x2EB8, 0x2E99, 0x36BA
    	.short 0x36BC, 0x3ABE, 0x3ABF, 0x42DF, 0x2F40, 0x2F42
    	.short 0x2B44, 0x2B27, 0x2F0B, 0x2F0D, 0x2F10, 0x2F12
    	.short 0x2F15, 0x2F18, 0x2ED9, 0x36DA, 0x36FC, 0x3AFE
    	.short 0x3AFF, 0x42FF, 0x2F80, 0x2BA1, 0x2B65, 0x2F48
    	.short 0x2F2B, 0x2F2E, 0x2F30, 0x2F32, 0x2F34, 0x2F37
    	.short 0x2F39, 0x371A, 0x371C, 0x3B1E, 0x3B1F, 0x431F
    	.short 0x2BE0, 0x2BC2, 0x2F86, 0x2F69, 0x374D, 0x374F
    	.short 0x3751, 0x3753, 0x3755, 0x3757, 0x3759, 0x375A
    	.short 0x375C, 0x3B5E, 0x3B5F, 0x435F, 0x2BE1, 0x2FC4
    	.short 0x2FA8, 0x378B, 0x378D, 0x378F, 0x3791, 0x3793
    	.short 0x3795, 0x3797, 0x3798, 0x379A, 0x379C, 0x3B9E
    	.short 0x3B9F, 0x437F, 0x2FE3, 0x33E6, 0x37CA, 0x37CC
    	.short 0x3BCE, 0x3BD0, 0x3BD2, 0x3BD3, 0x3BD5, 0x3BD7
    	.short 0x3BD8, 0x3BDA, 0x3BDC, 0x3BDE, 0x3BBF, 0x439F
    	.short 0x33E5, 0x37E8, 0x37EA, 0x3BEC, 0x3BEE, 0x3BF0
    	.short 0x3BF2, 0x3BF4, 0x3BF5, 0x3BF7, 0x3BF9, 0x3BFA
    	.short 0x3BFC, 0x3BFE, 0x3BFF, 0x43DF, 0x3BE8, 0x3BEA
    	.short 0x3FEC, 0x3FEE, 0x43F0, 0x43F2, 0x43F3, 0x43F5
    	.short 0x43F6, 0x43F7, 0x43F9, 0x43FA, 0x43FB, 0x43FD
    	.short 0x43FE, 0x43FF, 0x2C21, 0x2C23, 0x2C25, 0x2C27
    	.short 0x2C29, 0x2C2B, 0x2C2D, 0x4016, 0x3C18, 0x3C1A
    	.short 0x381C, 0x381F, 0x343F, 0x387F, 0x3CBF, 0x411F
    	.short 0x2C61, 0x2C63, 0x2C65, 0x2C67, 0x2C69, 0x2C6B
    	.short 0x4053, 0x3C56, 0x3C58, 0x385A, 0x383D, 0x345E
    	.short 0x389E, 0x38DF, 0x3D1F, 0x455F, 0x2CA1, 0x2CA3
    	.short 0x40C6, 0x40C9, 0x40CC, 0x40D0, 0x3CB3, 0x3CB5
    	.short 0x3898, 0x389A, 0x34BB, 0x34DC, 0x391D, 0x3D5E
    	.short 0x3D5F, 0x459F, 0x2CE1, 0x2CE3, 0x4126, 0x4108
    	.short 0x410C, 0x4110, 0x3D12, 0x38F5, 0x34F7, 0x34F9
    	.short 0x391A, 0x393B, 0x3D7C, 0x3D9E, 0x419F, 0x45DF
    	.short 0x2D21, 0x2D23, 0x41A6, 0x4188, 0x3D6B, 0x3D6F
    	.short 0x3952, 0x3554, 0x3556, 0x3578, 0x3979, 0x3DBA
    	.short 0x3DBC, 0x41DE, 0x41DF, 0x4A1F, 0x2D61, 0x2D63
    	.short 0x4206, 0x4208, 0x3DEB, 0x35AF, 0x35B2, 0x3194
    	.short 0x35B5, 0x35B7, 0x3DF9, 0x3DFA, 0x3DFC, 0x421E
    	.short 0x463F, 0x4A5F, 0x2DA1, 0x4262, 0x3E65, 0x3E48
    	.short 0x3A4A, 0x364D, 0x3652, 0x3214, 0x3615, 0x3617
    	.short 0x3E39, 0x3E3A, 0x3E3C, 0x425E, 0x465F, 0x4A7F
    	.short 0x3EC0, 0x3EC2, 0x3AA5, 0x3AA7, 0x368A, 0x328C
    	.short 0x3290, 0x3294, 0x3655, 0x3657, 0x3E79, 0x3E7A
    	.short 0x3E7C, 0x427E, 0x469F, 0x4ABF, 0x3F00, 0x3B02
    	.short 0x3B04, 0x36E7, 0x36CA, 0x36AD, 0x36B0, 0x36B2
    	.short 0x36B5, 0x36B7, 0x3EB9, 0x3EBA, 0x3EBC, 0x42BE
    	.short 0x46BF, 0x4ADF, 0x3B40, 0x3B42, 0x3744, 0x3727
    	.short 0x370B, 0x36ED, 0x36F0, 0x36F2, 0x36F5, 0x36F7
    	.short 0x3EF9, 0x3EDA, 0x3EFC, 0x42FE, 0x46FF, 0x4AFF
    	.short 0x3B80, 0x37A1, 0x3765, 0x3748, 0x372B, 0x3F2F
    	.short 0x3F31, 0x3F33, 0x3F35, 0x3F37, 0x3F39, 0x3F1A
    	.short 0x3F1C, 0x431E, 0x473F, 0x4B3F, 0x37E0, 0x37C2
    	.short 0x3786, 0x3B69, 0x3F4D, 0x3F4F, 0x3F51, 0x3F53
    	.short 0x3F55, 0x3F57, 0x3F59, 0x3F5A, 0x3F5C, 0x435E
    	.short 0x475F, 0x4B5F, 0x37E1, 0x37C4, 0x3BA8, 0x3F8B
    	.short 0x3F8D, 0x3F8F, 0x3F91, 0x3F93, 0x3F95, 0x3F97
    	.short 0x3F99, 0x3F9A, 0x3F9C, 0x439E, 0x479F, 0x4B7F
    	.short 0x37E3, 0x37E6, 0x3FCA, 0x3FCC, 0x43CE, 0x43D0
    	.short 0x43D2, 0x43D3, 0x43D5, 0x43D7, 0x43D9, 0x43DA
    	.short 0x43DC, 0x43DE, 0x47BF, 0x4BBF, 0x3BE5, 0x3FE8
    	.short 0x3FEA, 0x3FEC, 0x43EE, 0x47F1, 0x47F2, 0x47F4
    	.short 0x47F5, 0x47F7, 0x47F9, 0x47FA, 0x47FC, 0x47FE
    	.short 0x47FF, 0x4BDF, 0x3FE8, 0x43EA, 0x43EC, 0x47EE
    	.short 0x4BF0, 0x4BF2, 0x4BF4, 0x4BF5, 0x4BF6, 0x4BF8
    	.short 0x4BF9, 0x4BFA, 0x4BFC, 0x4BFD, 0x4BFE, 0x4BFF
    	.short 0x3421, 0x3423, 0x3425, 0x3427, 0x3429, 0x342B
    	.short 0x342D, 0x4C16, 0x4818, 0x441A, 0x441C, 0x441F
    	.short 0x403F, 0x407F, 0x40BF, 0x451F, 0x3461, 0x4C42
    	.short 0x4C46, 0x4C49, 0x4C4C, 0x4C50, 0x4C53, 0x4856
    	.short 0x4858, 0x445A, 0x443D, 0x405E, 0x409E, 0x40DF
    	.short 0x451F, 0x495F, 0x34A1, 0x4CC2, 0x4CA5, 0x4CA9
    	.short 0x4CAC, 0x4CAF, 0x4CB3, 0x48B5, 0x4498, 0x449A
    	.short 0x40BB, 0x40DC, 0x411D, 0x455E, 0x455F, 0x499F
    	.short 0x34E1, 0x4D22, 0x4D25, 0x4908, 0x490B, 0x490F
    	.short 0x4912, 0x44F5, 0x44F7, 0x40F9, 0x411A, 0x413B
    	.short 0x457C, 0x459E, 0x499F, 0x4DDF, 0x3521, 0x4DA2
    	.short 0x4D85, 0x4968, 0x494A, 0x494E, 0x4952, 0x4554
    	.short 0x4156, 0x4178, 0x4179, 0x45BA, 0x45BC, 0x49DE
    	.short 0x49DF, 0x4E1F, 0x3561, 0x4E02, 0x4DE5, 0x49E8
    	.short 0x49CA, 0x49AD, 0x49B2, 0x4194, 0x41B5, 0x41B7
    	.short 0x45F9, 0x45FA, 0x45FC, 0x4A1E, 0x4A3F, 0x525F
    	.short 0x35A1, 0x4E62, 0x4E65, 0x4A48, 0x4A4A, 0x4A4D
    	.short 0x3DF1, 0x3DF3, 0x3DF5, 0x4637, 0x4639, 0x463A
    	.short 0x4A5C, 0x4A5E, 0x4E7F, 0x529F, 0x4EC0, 0x4AC2
    	.short 0x4AA5, 0x46A7, 0x468A, 0x428C, 0x3E6F, 0x3E73
    	.short 0x3E55, 0x4677, 0x4679, 0x467A, 0x4A7C, 0x4A9E
    	.short 0x4E9F, 0x52DF, 0x4B00, 0x4702, 0x4704, 0x42E7
    	.short 0x42CA, 0x42AD, 0x3EAF, 0x3EB2, 0x3EB5, 0x46B7
    	.short 0x46B9, 0x46BA, 0x4ABC, 0x4ABE, 0x4EDF, 0x52FF
    	.short 0x4740, 0x4742, 0x4344, 0x4327, 0x430B, 0x42ED
    	.short 0x46F1, 0x46F3, 0x46F5, 0x46F7, 0x46F9, 0x46FA
    	.short 0x4AFC, 0x4AFE, 0x4EFF, 0x531F, 0x4380, 0x43A1
    	.short 0x4365, 0x4348, 0x432B, 0x472F, 0x4731, 0x4733
    	.short 0x4735, 0x4737, 0x4739, 0x471A, 0x4B1C, 0x4B3E
    	.short 0x4F3F, 0x533F, 0x43E0, 0x43C2, 0x4386, 0x4369
    	.short 0x474D, 0x474F, 0x4751, 0x4753, 0x4755, 0x4757
    	.short 0x4759, 0x475A, 0x4B5C, 0x4B5E, 0x4F5F, 0x537F
    	.short 0x43E1, 0x43C4, 0x43A8, 0x478B, 0x478D, 0x478F
    	.short 0x4B92, 0x4B93, 0x4B95, 0x4B97, 0x4B99, 0x4B9A
    	.short 0x4B9C, 0x4B9E, 0x4F9F, 0x539F, 0x43E3, 0x43E6
    	.short 0x47CA, 0x47CC, 0x47CE, 0x4BD0, 0x4BD2, 0x4BD4
    	.short 0x4BD6, 0x4BD7, 0x4BD9, 0x4BDA, 0x4BDC, 0x4BDE
    	.short 0x4FBF, 0x53BF, 0x43E5, 0x47E8, 0x47EA, 0x47EC
    	.short 0x4BEE, 0x4BF1, 0x4FF3, 0x4FF4, 0x4FF6, 0x4FF7
    	.short 0x4FF9, 0x4FFB, 0x4FFC, 0x4FFE, 0x4FFF, 0x53DF
    	.short 0x47E8, 0x4BEA, 0x4BEC, 0x4FEE, 0x4FF0, 0x4FF2
    	.short 0x53F4, 0x53F6, 0x53F7, 0x53F8, 0x53F9, 0x53FB
    	.short 0x53FC, 0x53FD, 0x53FE, 0x53FF, 0x5800, 0x5803
    	.short 0x5806, 0x5809, 0x580C, 0x580F, 0x5813, 0x5816
    	.short 0x5418, 0x541A, 0x501C, 0x4C1F, 0x4C3F, 0x4C7F
    	.short 0x48BF, 0x4D1F, 0x5860, 0x5842, 0x5845, 0x5848
    	.short 0x584C, 0x584F, 0x5852, 0x5856, 0x5458, 0x505A
    	.short 0x503D, 0x4C5E, 0x489E, 0x48DF, 0x4D1F, 0x4D5F
    	.short 0x58C0, 0x58A2, 0x54A5, 0x54A8, 0x54AB, 0x54AE
    	.short 0x54B2, 0x54B5, 0x5098, 0x509A, 0x4CBB, 0x4CDC
    	.short 0x491D, 0x4D5E, 0x4D5F, 0x519F, 0x5920, 0x5922
    	.short 0x5505, 0x54E7, 0x54EB, 0x54EE, 0x54F1, 0x54F5
    	.short 0x50F7, 0x4CF9, 0x4D1A, 0x493B, 0x4D7C, 0x4D9E
    	.short 0x4D9F, 0x51DF, 0x59A0, 0x5982, 0x5565, 0x5567
    	.short 0x514A, 0x514D, 0x5151, 0x5154, 0x4D56, 0x4978
    	.short 0x4979, 0x4DBA, 0x4DBC, 0x4DDE, 0x51DF, 0x561F
    	.short 0x5A00, 0x59E2, 0x55E5, 0x55C7, 0x51AA, 0x518C
    	.short 0x5190, 0x5194, 0x49B5, 0x49B7, 0x4DF9, 0x4DFA
    	.short 0x4DFC, 0x4E1E, 0x523F, 0x565F, 0x5A60, 0x5A42
    	.short 0x5645, 0x5627, 0x522A, 0x520C, 0x4DEF, 0x4DF3
    	.short 0x49F5, 0x4E37, 0x4E39, 0x4E3A, 0x4E5C, 0x525E
    	.short 0x527F, 0x5A9F, 0x5AC0, 0x5AC2, 0x56A5, 0x56A7
    	.short 0x528A, 0x528C, 0x4E6F, 0x4633, 0x4A55, 0x4A57
    	.short 0x4E79, 0x4E7B, 0x529C, 0x529E, 0x56BF, 0x5ADF
    	.short 0x5700, 0x5702, 0x5304, 0x52E7, 0x4ECA, 0x4AAD
    	.short 0x4AAF, 0x4AB2, 0x4AB5, 0x4AB7, 0x4EB9, 0x4EBB
    	.short 0x52BC, 0x52DE, 0x56DF, 0x5B1F, 0x5340, 0x5342
    	.short 0x4F44, 0x4F27, 0x4B0B, 0x4AED, 0x4EF1, 0x4AF2
    	.short 0x4AF5, 0x4AF7, 0x4EF9, 0x4EFB, 0x52FC, 0x52FE
    	.short 0x571F, 0x5B3F, 0x4F80, 0x4FA1, 0x4F65, 0x4B48
    	.short 0x4B2B, 0x4F2F, 0x4F31, 0x4F33, 0x4F35, 0x4F37
    	.short 0x4F39, 0x4F3B, 0x533C, 0x533E, 0x573F, 0x5B5F
    	.short 0x4FE0, 0x4BC2, 0x4B86, 0x4B69, 0x4F4D, 0x4F4F
    	.short 0x4F51, 0x4F73, 0x4F75, 0x4F77, 0x4F79, 0x4F7B
    	.short 0x535C, 0x535E, 0x577F, 0x5B7F, 0x4BE1, 0x4BC4
    	.short 0x4BA8, 0x4F8B, 0x4F8D, 0x4F8F, 0x4F92, 0x5394
    	.short 0x5395, 0x5397, 0x5399, 0x539A, 0x539C, 0x539E
    	.short 0x579F, 0x5B9F, 0x4BE3, 0x4BE6, 0x4FCA, 0x4FCC
    	.short 0x4FCE, 0x4FD0, 0x53D2, 0x53D4, 0x53D6, 0x53D7
    	.short 0x53D9, 0x53DA, 0x53DC, 0x53DE, 0x57DF, 0x5BBF
    	.short 0x4BE5, 0x4FE8, 0x4FEA, 0x4FEC, 0x4FEE, 0x53F1
    	.short 0x53F3, 0x57F5, 0x57F6, 0x57F8, 0x57F9, 0x57FB
    	.short 0x57FC, 0x57FE, 0x57FF, 0x5BDF, 0x4FE8, 0x4FEA
    	.short 0x4FEC, 0x53EE, 0x53F0, 0x57F2, 0x5BF4, 0x5BF6
    	.short 0x5BF8, 0x5BF9, 0x5BFA, 0x5BFB, 0x5BFC, 0x5BFD
    	.short 0x5BFE, 0x5BFF, 0x6000, 0x6002, 0x6006, 0x6009
    	.short 0x600C, 0x600F, 0x6012, 0x6015, 0x6018, 0x601A
    	.short 0x5C1C, 0x581F, 0x543F, 0x507F, 0x50BF, 0x551F
    	.short 0x6060, 0x6042, 0x6045, 0x6048, 0x604B, 0x604E
    	.short 0x6051, 0x6055, 0x6058, 0x5C5A, 0x5C3D, 0x585E
    	.short 0x549E, 0x50DF, 0x551F, 0x555F, 0x60C0, 0x60A2
    	.short 0x6084, 0x6087, 0x608A, 0x608E, 0x6091, 0x6094
    	.short 0x6098, 0x5C9A, 0x58BB, 0x54DC, 0x511D, 0x555E
    	.short 0x555F, 0x559F, 0x6120, 0x6122, 0x6104, 0x5CE7
    	.short 0x5CEA, 0x5CED, 0x5CF0, 0x5CF4, 0x5CF7, 0x58F9
    	.short 0x551A, 0x513B, 0x557C, 0x559E, 0x559F, 0x55DF
    	.short 0x6180, 0x6162, 0x6164, 0x5D47, 0x594A, 0x594D
    	.short 0x5950, 0x5953, 0x5956, 0x5578, 0x5179, 0x55BA
    	.short 0x55BC, 0x55DE, 0x55DF, 0x5A1F, 0x61E0, 0x61E2
    	.short 0x61C4, 0x5DA7, 0x59AA, 0x55AD, 0x55B0, 0x55B2
    	.short 0x55B5, 0x55B7, 0x55F9, 0x55FA, 0x55FC, 0x561E
    	.short 0x563F, 0x5A5F, 0x6240, 0x6242, 0x6224, 0x5E27
    	.short 0x5A0A, 0x560D, 0x55EF, 0x55F2, 0x55F5, 0x5637
    	.short 0x5639, 0x563A, 0x565C, 0x5A5E, 0x5A7F, 0x5E9F
    	.short 0x62A0, 0x62A2, 0x6284, 0x5E87, 0x5A6A, 0x564D
    	.short 0x564F, 0x5652, 0x5655, 0x5657, 0x5679, 0x567B
    	.short 0x569C, 0x5A9E, 0x5ABF, 0x62DF, 0x6300, 0x6302
    	.short 0x6304, 0x5EE7, 0x5ACA, 0x56AD, 0x56AF, 0x56B2
    	.short 0x5296, 0x5297, 0x56B9, 0x56BB, 0x5ADC, 0x5ADE
    	.short 0x5EFF, 0x6B5F, 0x5F40, 0x5F42, 0x5F44, 0x5B27
    	.short 0x570B, 0x56ED, 0x56F1, 0x56F2, 0x52F4, 0x52F7
    	.short 0x56F9, 0x56FB, 0x5AFC, 0x5B1E, 0x5F1F, 0x6B7F
    	.short 0x5B80, 0x5BA1, 0x5B65, 0x5748, 0x532B, 0x572F
    	.short 0x5731, 0x5733, 0x5735, 0x5737, 0x5739, 0x573B
    	.short 0x5B3C, 0x5B3E, 0x5F5F, 0x6B7F, 0x5BE0, 0x57C2
    	.short 0x5386, 0x5369, 0x574D, 0x574F, 0x5751, 0x5773
    	.short 0x5775, 0x5777, 0x5779, 0x577B, 0x5B7C, 0x5B7E
    	.short 0x5F7F, 0x6B9F, 0x57E1, 0x53C4, 0x53A8, 0x578B
    	.short 0x578D, 0x578F, 0x5792, 0x5794, 0x5B96, 0x5B97
    	.short 0x5B99, 0x5B9B, 0x5B9C, 0x5B9E, 0x5F9F, 0x6BBF
    	.short 0x53E3, 0x53E6, 0x53CA, 0x57CC, 0x57CE, 0x57D0
    	.short 0x57D2, 0x5BD4, 0x5BD6, 0x5BD8, 0x5BD9, 0x5BDB
    	.short 0x5BDC, 0x5BDE, 0x5FDF, 0x6BDF, 0x53E5, 0x57E8
    	.short 0x57EA, 0x57EC, 0x57EE, 0x57F1, 0x5BF3, 0x5BF5
    	.short 0x5FF7, 0x5FF8, 0x5FFA, 0x5FFB, 0x5FFC, 0x5FFE
    	.short 0x5FFF, 0x6BFF, 0x53E8, 0x57EA, 0x57EC, 0x57EE
    	.short 0x5BF0, 0x5BF2, 0x5FF4, 0x63F6, 0x6BFA, 0x6BFB
    	.short 0x6BFC, 0x6BFC, 0x6BFD, 0x6BFE, 0x6BFF, 0x6BFF
    	.short 0x6800, 0x6802, 0x6805, 0x6808, 0x680B, 0x680E
    	.short 0x6811, 0x6814, 0x6817, 0x681A, 0x681C, 0x641F
    	.short 0x603F, 0x5C7F, 0x58BF, 0x591F, 0x6860, 0x6842
    	.short 0x6845, 0x6848, 0x684B, 0x684E, 0x6851, 0x6854
    	.short 0x6857, 0x685A, 0x683D, 0x605E, 0x5C9E, 0x58DF
    	.short 0x5D1F, 0x5D5F, 0x68C0, 0x68A2, 0x6884, 0x6887
    	.short 0x688A, 0x688D, 0x6890, 0x6893, 0x6897, 0x689A
    	.short 0x64BB, 0x5CDC, 0x591D, 0x595E, 0x5D5F, 0x5D9F
    	.short 0x6900, 0x6902, 0x68E4, 0x64E7, 0x64EA, 0x64ED
    	.short 0x64F0, 0x64F3, 0x64F6, 0x64F9, 0x611A, 0x593B
    	.short 0x5D7C, 0x5D9E, 0x5D9F, 0x5DDF, 0x6980, 0x6962
    	.short 0x6964, 0x6547, 0x616B, 0x616D, 0x6170, 0x6172
    	.short 0x6175, 0x6178, 0x5D79, 0x5DBA, 0x5DBC, 0x5DDE
    	.short 0x5DDF, 0x5E1F, 0x69E0, 0x69C2, 0x69C4, 0x65A7
    	.short 0x61AB, 0x5DAD, 0x5DB0, 0x5DB2, 0x5DB5, 0x5DB7
    	.short 0x5DF9, 0x5DFA, 0x5DFC, 0x5E1E, 0x5E3F, 0x625F
    	.short 0x6A20, 0x6A22, 0x6A24, 0x6607, 0x620B, 0x5E0D
    	.short 0x5E31, 0x5E33, 0x5E35, 0x5E37, 0x5E39, 0x5E3A
    	.short 0x5E5C, 0x5E5E, 0x5E7F, 0x629F, 0x6AA0, 0x6A82
    	.short 0x6A84, 0x6667, 0x624B, 0x5E4D, 0x5E71, 0x5E52
    	.short 0x5E55, 0x5E57, 0x5E79, 0x5E7B, 0x5E9C, 0x5E9E
    	.short 0x62BF, 0x66DF, 0x6B00, 0x6AE2, 0x6AE4, 0x66C7
    	.short 0x62AB, 0x5EAD, 0x5EB1, 0x5EB2, 0x5E94, 0x5E97
    	.short 0x5EB9, 0x5EBB, 0x5EDC, 0x62DE, 0x62FF, 0x6F5F
    	.short 0x6B40, 0x6B42, 0x6B44, 0x6727, 0x630B, 0x5EED
    	.short 0x5EF1, 0x5EF2, 0x5EF4, 0x5AD8, 0x5EF9, 0x5EFB
    	.short 0x631C, 0x631E, 0x6B5F, 0x739F, 0x6780, 0x6BA1
    	.short 0x6365, 0x5F48, 0x5B2B, 0x5F2F, 0x5F31, 0x5F33
    	.short 0x5F35, 0x5F37, 0x5F39, 0x5F3B, 0x633C, 0x635E
    	.short 0x6B7F, 0x739F, 0x63E0, 0x63C2, 0x5F86, 0x5B69
    	.short 0x5B4D, 0x5B4F, 0x5F51, 0x5F73, 0x5F75, 0x5F77
    	.short 0x5F79, 0x5F7B, 0x637C, 0x637E, 0x6B9F, 0x73BF
    	.short 0x63E1, 0x5FC4, 0x5BA8, 0x5B8B, 0x5F8D, 0x5F8F
    	.short 0x5F92, 0x5F94, 0x5F96, 0x6398, 0x6399, 0x639B
    	.short 0x639C, 0x639E, 0x6BBF, 0x73DF, 0x5BE3, 0x5BE6
    	.short 0x5BCA, 0x5BCC, 0x5FCE, 0x5FD0, 0x5FD2, 0x5FD4
    	.short 0x63D6, 0x63D8, 0x63DA, 0x63DB, 0x63DC, 0x63DE
    	.short 0x6BDF, 0x73DF, 0x5BE5, 0x5BE8, 0x5BEA, 0x5BEC
    	.short 0x5FEE, 0x5FF1, 0x5FF3, 0x63F5, 0x63F7, 0x6BFA
    	.short 0x6BFB, 0x6BFC, 0x6BFD, 0x6BFE, 0x6BFF, 0x73FF
    	.short 0x5BE8, 0x5BEA, 0x5BEC, 0x5FEE, 0x5FF0, 0x5FF2
    	.short 0x63F4, 0x67F6, 0x6FFA, 0x73FC, 0x73FC, 0x73FD
    	.short 0x73FE, 0x73FE, 0x73FF, 0x73FF, 0x7000, 0x7002
    	.short 0x7005, 0x7008, 0x700B, 0x700E, 0x7010, 0x7013
    	.short 0x7016, 0x7019, 0x701C, 0x701F, 0x683F, 0x647F
    	.short 0x60BF, 0x611F, 0x7040, 0x7421, 0x7424, 0x7427
    	.short 0x742A, 0x742D, 0x7430, 0x7433, 0x7436, 0x743A
    	.short 0x743D, 0x6C5E, 0x649E, 0x60DF, 0x611F, 0x615F
    	.short 0x70A0, 0x7481, 0x6CA5, 0x6CA7, 0x6CAA, 0x6CAD
    	.short 0x6CB0, 0x6CB3, 0x6CB6, 0x6CB8, 0x6CBB, 0x68DC
    	.short 0x611D, 0x615E, 0x615F, 0x619F, 0x7100, 0x7501
    	.short 0x6D05, 0x6908, 0x690B, 0x690D, 0x6910, 0x6912
    	.short 0x6915, 0x6917, 0x691A, 0x653B, 0x657C, 0x619E
    	.short 0x619F, 0x61DF, 0x7160, 0x7541, 0x6D45, 0x6968
    	.short 0x656B, 0x656D, 0x6570, 0x6572, 0x6574, 0x6576
    	.short 0x6579, 0x65BA, 0x61BC, 0x61DE, 0x65DF, 0x661F
    	.short 0x71C0, 0x75C1, 0x6DA5, 0x69C8, 0x65CB, 0x65EF
    	.short 0x65F1, 0x65F3, 0x65F5, 0x65F7, 0x65F9, 0x65FA
    	.short 0x65FC, 0x661E, 0x663F, 0x665F, 0x7220, 0x7621
    	.short 0x6E05, 0x6A08, 0x660B, 0x662F, 0x6631, 0x6633
    	.short 0x6635, 0x6637, 0x6639, 0x663A, 0x665C, 0x665E
    	.short 0x667F, 0x669F, 0x7280, 0x7681, 0x6E65, 0x6A68
    	.short 0x664B, 0x666F, 0x6671, 0x6673, 0x6675, 0x6677
    	.short 0x6679, 0x667B, 0x669C, 0x669E, 0x66BF, 0x6ADF
    	.short 0x72E0, 0x76E1, 0x6EC5, 0x6AA8, 0x668B, 0x66AF
    	.short 0x66B1, 0x66B3, 0x66B5, 0x66B7, 0x66B9, 0x66BB
    	.short 0x66DC, 0x66DE, 0x6AFF, 0x735F, 0x7340, 0x7741
    	.short 0x6F25, 0x6B08, 0x66EB, 0x66EF, 0x66F1, 0x66F3
    	.short 0x66F5, 0x66F7, 0x66F9, 0x66FB, 0x671C, 0x6B1E
    	.short 0x6F5F, 0x739F, 0x7380, 0x77A1, 0x6F65, 0x6B48
    	.short 0x672B, 0x672F, 0x6731, 0x6733, 0x6735, 0x6737
    	.short 0x6319, 0x673B, 0x673D, 0x6F7E, 0x739F, 0x7BDF
    	.short 0x6FE0, 0x6FC2, 0x6786, 0x6369, 0x634D, 0x634F
    	.short 0x6351, 0x6773, 0x6775, 0x6777, 0x6779, 0x677B
    	.short 0x677D, 0x6F9E, 0x73BF, 0x7BDF, 0x6BE1, 0x67C4
    	.short 0x63A8, 0x638B, 0x638D, 0x638F, 0x6392, 0x6794
    	.short 0x6796, 0x6798, 0x67B9, 0x67BB, 0x67BD, 0x6FBE
    	.short 0x73DF, 0x7BFF, 0x63E3, 0x63E6, 0x63CA, 0x63CC
    	.short 0x63CE, 0x63D0, 0x67D2, 0x67D4, 0x67D6, 0x6BD8
    	.short 0x6FDB, 0x6FDC, 0x6FDD, 0x6FDE, 0x73DF, 0x7BFF
    	.short 0x5FE5, 0x63E8, 0x63EA, 0x63EC, 0x63EE, 0x67F1
    	.short 0x67F3, 0x67F5, 0x6BF7, 0x6FFA, 0x73FC, 0x73FD
    	.short 0x73FE, 0x73FE, 0x73FF, 0x7BFF, 0x5FE8, 0x63EA
    	.short 0x63EC, 0x63EE, 0x63F0, 0x67F2, 0x67F4, 0x6BF6
    	.short 0x6FFA, 0x73FC, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF, 0x7BFF
    	.short 0x7BFF, 0x7BFF, 0x7C00, 0x7C02, 0x7C05, 0x7C08
    	.short 0x7C0A, 0x7C0D, 0x7C10, 0x7C13, 0x7C16, 0x7C18
    	.short 0x7C1B, 0x7C1F, 0x743F, 0x6C7F, 0x68BF, 0x651F
    	.short 0x7C60, 0x7842, 0x7844, 0x7847, 0x784A, 0x784D
    	.short 0x7850, 0x7852, 0x7855, 0x7858, 0x785B, 0x785E
    	.short 0x709E, 0x68DF, 0x691F, 0x655F, 0x7CA0, 0x78A2
    	.short 0x70C6, 0x70C8, 0x70CB, 0x70CD, 0x70D0, 0x70D2
    	.short 0x70D4, 0x70D7, 0x70D9, 0x70DC, 0x6D1D, 0x695E
    	.short 0x695F, 0x699F, 0x7D00, 0x7902, 0x7126, 0x6D29
    	.short 0x6D2B, 0x6D2E, 0x6D30, 0x6D32, 0x6D34, 0x6D36
    	.short 0x6D38, 0x6D3B, 0x697C, 0x699E, 0x699F, 0x69DF
    	.short 0x7D60, 0x7942, 0x7166, 0x6D89, 0x69AD, 0x69AF
    	.short 0x69B1, 0x69B3, 0x69B5, 0x69B6, 0x69B8, 0x69BA
    	.short 0x69BC, 0x69DE, 0x69DF, 0x6A1F, 0x7DC0, 0x79A2
    	.short 0x71A6, 0x6DC9, 0x69ED, 0x69EF, 0x69F1, 0x69F3
    	.short 0x69F5, 0x69F6, 0x69F8, 0x69FA, 0x69FC, 0x6A1E
    	.short 0x6A3F, 0x6A5F, 0x7E20, 0x7A02, 0x7206, 0x6E09
    	.short 0x6A2D, 0x6A2F, 0x6A31, 0x6A33, 0x6A35, 0x6A37
    	.short 0x6A38, 0x6A3A, 0x6A5C, 0x6A5E, 0x6E7F, 0x6E9F
    	.short 0x7E60, 0x7A62, 0x7266, 0x6E49, 0x6A6D, 0x6A6F
    	.short 0x6A71, 0x6E73, 0x6E75, 0x6E77, 0x6E79, 0x6E7B
    	.short 0x6A9C, 0x6A9E, 0x6EBF, 0x6EDF, 0x7EC0, 0x7AC2
    	.short 0x72A6, 0x6E89, 0x6AAD, 0x6AAF, 0x6AB1, 0x6EB3
    	.short 0x6EB5, 0x6EB7, 0x6EB9, 0x6EBB, 0x6EDC, 0x6EDE
    	.short 0x6EFF, 0x735F, 0x7F20, 0x7B02, 0x72E6, 0x6EC9
    	.short 0x6AED, 0x6AEF, 0x6AF1, 0x6EF3, 0x6EF5, 0x6EF7
    	.short 0x6EF9, 0x6EFB, 0x6F1C, 0x6F1E, 0x735F, 0x779F
    	.short 0x7F80, 0x7B62, 0x7346, 0x6F29, 0x6B2D, 0x6B2F
    	.short 0x6B31, 0x6F33, 0x6F35, 0x6F37, 0x6F39, 0x6F3B
    	.short 0x6F3D, 0x737E, 0x779F, 0x7BDF, 0x7FE0, 0x7BC2
    	.short 0x7386, 0x6F69, 0x6B4D, 0x6B4F, 0x6B51, 0x6F73
    	.short 0x6F75, 0x6F77, 0x6F79, 0x6F7B, 0x739D, 0x77BE
    	.short 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E1, 0x73C4, 0x6BA8, 0x6B8B
    	.short 0x6B8D, 0x6B8F, 0x6B92, 0x6B94, 0x6F96, 0x6F98
    	.short 0x6FB9, 0x73BC, 0x73BD, 0x77DE, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x6FE3, 0x6BE6, 0x6BCA, 0x6BCC, 0x6BCE, 0x6BD0
    	.short 0x6BD2, 0x6BD4, 0x6FD6, 0x6FD8, 0x73DB, 0x77DD
    	.short 0x77DE, 0x77DE, 0x7BFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6BE5, 0x6BE8
    	.short 0x6BEA, 0x6BEC, 0x6BEE, 0x6BF1, 0x6BF3, 0x6FF5
    	.short 0x6FF7, 0x73FA, 0x77FC, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF, 0x7BFF
    	.short 0x7BFF, 0x7FFF, 0x67E8, 0x67EA, 0x67EC, 0x67EE
    	.short 0x6BF0, 0x6BF2, 0x6FF4, 0x6FF6, 0x73FA, 0x77FC
    	.short 0x7BFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7C21, 0x7C23, 0x7C25, 0x7C28, 0x7C2A, 0x7C2D
    	.short 0x7C30, 0x7C32, 0x7C35, 0x7C38, 0x7C3A, 0x7C3C
    	.short 0x7C3F, 0x787F, 0x70BF, 0x6D1F, 0x7C61, 0x7884
    	.short 0x7886, 0x7888, 0x788B, 0x788D, 0x7890, 0x7892
    	.short 0x7894, 0x7897, 0x7899, 0x789C, 0x789E, 0x74DF
    	.short 0x711F, 0x6D5F, 0x7CC1, 0x78C4, 0x7508, 0x7509
    	.short 0x750B, 0x750E, 0x7510, 0x7512, 0x7514, 0x7516
    	.short 0x7518, 0x751A, 0x751D, 0x715E, 0x715F, 0x6D9F
    	.short 0x7D01, 0x7924, 0x7548, 0x716B, 0x716D, 0x716F
    	.short 0x7171, 0x7173, 0x7175, 0x7176, 0x7178, 0x717A
    	.short 0x717C, 0x719E, 0x719F, 0x6DDF, 0x7D61, 0x7964
    	.short 0x7588, 0x71AB, 0x71AD, 0x71AF, 0x71B1, 0x71B3
    	.short 0x71B5, 0x71B7, 0x71B8, 0x71BA, 0x71BC, 0x71DE
    	.short 0x71DF, 0x6E1F, 0x7DA1, 0x79C4, 0x75C8, 0x71EB
    	.short 0x71ED, 0x71EF, 0x71F1, 0x71F3, 0x71F5, 0x71F7
    	.short 0x71F8, 0x71FA, 0x71FC, 0x721E, 0x723F, 0x725F
    	.short 0x7E01, 0x7A04, 0x7608, 0x722B, 0x722D, 0x722F
    	.short 0x7252, 0x7253, 0x7255, 0x7257, 0x7258, 0x725A
    	.short 0x725C, 0x725E, 0x727F, 0x729F, 0x7E61, 0x7A44
    	.short 0x7648, 0x726B, 0x726D, 0x726F, 0x7272, 0x7294
    	.short 0x7295, 0x7297, 0x7299, 0x729A, 0x729C, 0x729E
    	.short 0x72BF, 0x72DF, 0x7EA1, 0x7AA4, 0x7688, 0x72AB
    	.short 0x72AD, 0x72AF, 0x72B2, 0x72B4, 0x72D6, 0x72D7
    	.short 0x72D9, 0x72DB, 0x72DC, 0x72DE, 0x72FF, 0x775F
    	.short 0x7F01, 0x7AE4, 0x76C8, 0x72EB, 0x72ED, 0x72EF
    	.short 0x72F2, 0x72F4, 0x72F6, 0x7318, 0x7319, 0x731B
    	.short 0x731C, 0x731E, 0x775F, 0x7B9F, 0x7F41, 0x7B24
    	.short 0x7708, 0x732B, 0x730D, 0x732F, 0x7332, 0x7334
    	.short 0x7336, 0x7338, 0x7739, 0x773B, 0x773D, 0x777E
    	.short 0x7B9F, 0x7FDF, 0x7FA1, 0x7B84, 0x7768, 0x734B
    	.short 0x734D, 0x734F, 0x7352, 0x7354, 0x7376, 0x7378
    	.short 0x7779, 0x779C, 0x779D, 0x7BBE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FE1, 0x7BC4, 0x77A8, 0x738B, 0x738D, 0x738F
    	.short 0x7392, 0x7394, 0x7396, 0x7398, 0x77B9, 0x77BC
    	.short 0x7BDE, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E3, 0x73E6
    	.short 0x73CA, 0x73CC, 0x73CE, 0x73D0, 0x73D2, 0x73D4
    	.short 0x73D6, 0x73D8, 0x77DB, 0x7BDD, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6FE5, 0x73E8, 0x73EA, 0x73EC
    	.short 0x73EE, 0x73F1, 0x73F3, 0x73F5, 0x73F7, 0x77FA
    	.short 0x7BFC, 0x7BFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x6BE8, 0x6FEA, 0x6FEC, 0x6FEE, 0x6FF0, 0x6FF2
    	.short 0x73F4, 0x73F6, 0x77FA, 0x7BFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C63, 0x7C65
    	.short 0x7C67, 0x7C69, 0x7C6B, 0x7C6D, 0x7C70, 0x7C72
    	.short 0x7C74, 0x7C76, 0x7C78, 0x7C7B, 0x7C7D, 0x7C7F
    	.short 0x78BF, 0x711F, 0x7CA3, 0x7CC6, 0x7CC7, 0x7CC9
    	.short 0x7CCC, 0x7CCD, 0x7CD0, 0x7CD2, 0x7CD4, 0x7CD6
    	.short 0x7CD8, 0x7CDA, 0x7CDC, 0x7CDF, 0x791F, 0x755F
    	.short 0x7CE3, 0x7D06, 0x794A, 0x794B, 0x794D, 0x794F
    	.short 0x7951, 0x7953, 0x7954, 0x7956, 0x7958, 0x795A
    	.short 0x795C, 0x795E, 0x795F, 0x759F, 0x7D23, 0x7D46
    	.short 0x798A, 0x798C, 0x798D, 0x798F, 0x7991, 0x7993
    	.short 0x7995, 0x7996, 0x7998, 0x799A, 0x799C, 0x799E
    	.short 0x799F, 0x75DF, 0x7D83, 0x7D86, 0x79AA, 0x79CC
    	.short 0x79CE, 0x79D0, 0x79D1, 0x79D3, 0x79D5, 0x79D7
    	.short 0x79D8, 0x79DA, 0x79DC, 0x79DE, 0x79DF, 0x761F
    	.short 0x7DC3, 0x7DC6, 0x79EA, 0x79EC, 0x7A0E, 0x7A10
    	.short 0x7A12, 0x7A13, 0x7A15, 0x7A17, 0x7A18, 0x7A1A
    	.short 0x7A1C, 0x7A1E, 0x7A3F, 0x765F, 0x7E03, 0x7E06
    	.short 0x7A2A, 0x7A2C, 0x7A4E, 0x7A50, 0x7A52, 0x7A54
    	.short 0x7A55, 0x7A57, 0x7A59, 0x7A5A, 0x7A5C, 0x7A5E
    	.short 0x7A7F, 0x769F, 0x7E63, 0x7E46, 0x7A6A, 0x7A6C
    	.short 0x7A6E, 0x7A70, 0x7A92, 0x7A94, 0x7A96, 0x7A97
    	.short 0x7A99, 0x7A9A, 0x7A9C, 0x7A9E, 0x7ABF, 0x76DF
    	.short 0x7E83, 0x7E86, 0x7AAA, 0x7AAC, 0x7AAE, 0x7AB0
    	.short 0x7AD2, 0x7AD4, 0x7AD6, 0x7AD8, 0x7AD9, 0x7ADB
    	.short 0x7ADC, 0x7ADE, 0x7AFF, 0x7B5F, 0x7EE3, 0x7EC6
    	.short 0x7ACA, 0x7AEC, 0x7AEE, 0x7AF0, 0x7AF2, 0x7AF4
    	.short 0x7B16, 0x7B18, 0x7B1A, 0x7B1B, 0x7B1C, 0x7B1E
    	.short 0x7B5F, 0x7B9F, 0x7F23, 0x7F06, 0x7B0A, 0x7B0C
    	.short 0x7B0E, 0x7B30, 0x7B32, 0x7B34, 0x7B36, 0x7B58
    	.short 0x7B7B, 0x7B7C, 0x7B7D, 0x7B7E, 0x7B9F, 0x7FDF
    	.short 0x7F63, 0x7F46, 0x7B4A, 0x7B4C, 0x7B4E, 0x7B50
    	.short 0x7B52, 0x7B54, 0x7B76, 0x7B78, 0x7B9B, 0x7BBD
    	.short 0x7BBE, 0x7BBE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC3, 0x7FA6
    	.short 0x7B8A, 0x7B8C, 0x7B8E, 0x7B90, 0x7B92, 0x7B94
    	.short 0x7B96, 0x7B98, 0x7BBB, 0x7BDD, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE3, 0x7FE6, 0x7BCA, 0x7BCC
    	.short 0x7BCE, 0x7BD0, 0x7BD2, 0x7BD4, 0x7BD6, 0x7BD8
    	.short 0x7BDB, 0x7BDD, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x77E5, 0x7BE8, 0x77EA, 0x77EC, 0x77EE, 0x77F1
    	.short 0x77F3, 0x7BF5, 0x7BF7, 0x7BFA, 0x7BFC, 0x7FFE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E8, 0x73EA
    	.short 0x73EC, 0x73EE, 0x73F0, 0x77F2, 0x77F4, 0x77F6
    	.short 0x7BFA, 0x7BFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7CA5, 0x7CA6, 0x7CA8, 0x7CAA
    	.short 0x7CAC, 0x7CAE, 0x7CB0, 0x7CB2, 0x7CB4, 0x7CB6
    	.short 0x7CB7, 0x7CBA, 0x7CBB, 0x7CBD, 0x7CBF, 0x791F
    	.short 0x7CE5, 0x7D08, 0x7D0A, 0x7D0C, 0x7D0D, 0x7D0F
    	.short 0x7D11, 0x7D13, 0x7D15, 0x7D16, 0x7D18, 0x7D1A
    	.short 0x7D1C, 0x7D1E, 0x7D1F, 0x795F, 0x7D25, 0x7D48
    	.short 0x7D4A, 0x7D4C, 0x7D4D, 0x7D4F, 0x7D51, 0x7D53
    	.short 0x7D55, 0x7D56, 0x7D58, 0x7D5A, 0x7D5C, 0x7D5D
    	.short 0x7D5F, 0x799F, 0x7D65, 0x7D88, 0x7D8A, 0x7D8C
    	.short 0x7D8E, 0x7D8F, 0x7D91, 0x7D93, 0x7D95, 0x7D96
    	.short 0x7D98, 0x7D9A, 0x7D9C, 0x7D9D, 0x7D9F, 0x79DF
    	.short 0x7DA5, 0x7DC8, 0x7DCA, 0x7DCC, 0x7DCE, 0x7DD0
    	.short 0x7DD2, 0x7DD3, 0x7DD5, 0x7DD7, 0x7DD8, 0x7DDA
    	.short 0x7DDC, 0x7DDD, 0x7DDF, 0x7A1F, 0x7DE5, 0x7DE8
    	.short 0x7DEA, 0x7E0C, 0x7E0E, 0x7E31, 0x7E32, 0x7E34
    	.short 0x7E35, 0x7E37, 0x7E39, 0x7E3A, 0x7E3C, 0x7E3D
    	.short 0x7E3F, 0x7A5F, 0x7E05, 0x7E28, 0x7E2A, 0x7E4C
    	.short 0x7E4E, 0x7E51, 0x7E73, 0x7E74, 0x7E76, 0x7E77
    	.short 0x7E79, 0x7E7A, 0x7E7C, 0x7E7D, 0x7E7F, 0x7A9F
    	.short 0x7E45, 0x7E68, 0x7E6A, 0x7E6C, 0x7E8E, 0x7E91
    	.short 0x7E93, 0x7EB5, 0x7EB6, 0x7EB8, 0x7EB9, 0x7EBB
    	.short 0x7EBC, 0x7EBE, 0x7EBF, 0x7ADF, 0x7E85, 0x7EA8
    	.short 0x7EAA, 0x7EAC, 0x7EAE, 0x7EB1, 0x7ED3, 0x7ED5
    	.short 0x7EF7, 0x7EF8, 0x7EFA, 0x7EFB, 0x7EFC, 0x7EFE
    	.short 0x7EFF, 0x7F5F, 0x7EC5, 0x7EE8, 0x7EEA, 0x7EEC
    	.short 0x7EEE, 0x7EF1, 0x7EF3, 0x7F15, 0x7F17, 0x7F5A
    	.short 0x7F5B, 0x7F5C, 0x7F5D, 0x7F5E, 0x7F5F, 0x7F9F
    	.short 0x7F05, 0x7F08, 0x7F0A, 0x7F0C, 0x7F2E, 0x7F31
    	.short 0x7F33, 0x7F35, 0x7F57, 0x7F7A, 0x7F9C, 0x7F9D
    	.short 0x7F9E, 0x7F9E, 0x7F9F, 0x7FDF, 0x7F45, 0x7F48
    	.short 0x7F4A, 0x7F4C, 0x7F4E, 0x7F51, 0x7F73, 0x7F75
    	.short 0x7F77, 0x7F9A, 0x7FBC, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF
    	.short 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F85, 0x7F88, 0x7F8A, 0x7F8C
    	.short 0x7F8E, 0x7F91, 0x7F93, 0x7F95, 0x7F97, 0x7FBA
    	.short 0x7FDC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FC5, 0x7FC8, 0x7FCA, 0x7FCC, 0x7FCE, 0x7FD1
    	.short 0x7FD3, 0x7FD5, 0x7FD7, 0x7FDA, 0x7FDC, 0x7FFE
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE5, 0x7FE8
    	.short 0x7FEA, 0x7FEC, 0x7FEE, 0x7FF1, 0x7FF3, 0x7FF5
    	.short 0x7FF7, 0x7FFA, 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7BE8, 0x7BEA, 0x7BEC, 0x7BEE
    	.short 0x7BF0, 0x7BF2, 0x7BF4, 0x7BF6, 0x7FFA, 0x7FFC
    	.short 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7D08, 0x7D09, 0x7D0B, 0x7D0C, 0x7D0E, 0x7D0F
    	.short 0x7D11, 0x7D13, 0x7D14, 0x7D16, 0x7D17, 0x7D19
    	.short 0x7D1A, 0x7D1C, 0x7D1E, 0x7D1F, 0x7D48, 0x7D4A
    	.short 0x7D4C, 0x7D4D, 0x7D4E, 0x7D50, 0x7D52, 0x7D53
    	.short 0x7D55, 0x7D56, 0x7D58, 0x7D59, 0x7D5B, 0x7D5C
    	.short 0x7D5E, 0x7D5F, 0x7D68, 0x7D8A, 0x7D8C, 0x7D8D
    	.short 0x7D8F, 0x7D90, 0x7D92, 0x7D93, 0x7D95, 0x7D96
    	.short 0x7D98, 0x7D99, 0x7D9B, 0x7D9C, 0x7D9E, 0x7D9F
    	.short 0x7DA8, 0x7DAA, 0x7DCC, 0x7DCE, 0x7DCF, 0x7DD1
    	.short 0x7DD3, 0x7DD4, 0x7DD5, 0x7DD7, 0x7DD8, 0x7DD9
    	.short 0x7DDB, 0x7DDC, 0x7DDE, 0x7DDF, 0x7DC8, 0x7DEA
    	.short 0x7DEC, 0x7E0E, 0x7E10, 0x7E12, 0x7E13, 0x7E14
    	.short 0x7E16, 0x7E17, 0x7E18, 0x7E1A, 0x7E1B, 0x7E1C
    	.short 0x7E1E, 0x7E1F, 0x7E08, 0x7E2A, 0x7E2C, 0x7E2E
    	.short 0x7E50, 0x7E52, 0x7E53, 0x7E55, 0x7E56, 0x7E57
    	.short 0x7E59, 0x7E5A, 0x7E5B, 0x7E5D, 0x7E5E, 0x7E5F
    	.short 0x7E28, 0x7E4A, 0x7E4C, 0x7E6E, 0x7E70, 0x7E92
    	.short 0x7E94, 0x7E96, 0x7E97, 0x7E98, 0x7E99, 0x7E9B
    	.short 0x7E9C, 0x7E9D, 0x7E9E, 0x7E9F, 0x7E68, 0x7E6A
    	.short 0x7E8C, 0x7E8E, 0x7EB0, 0x7EB2, 0x7ED4, 0x7ED6
    	.short 0x7ED8, 0x7ED9, 0x7EDA, 0x7EDB, 0x7EDC, 0x7EDD
    	.short 0x7EDE, 0x7EDF, 0x7EA8, 0x7EAA, 0x7EAC, 0x7EAE
    	.short 0x7ED0, 0x7ED2, 0x7EF4, 0x7F16, 0x7F5A, 0x7F5B
    	.short 0x7F5B, 0x7F5C, 0x7F5D, 0x7F5E, 0x7F5F, 0x7F5F
    	.short 0x7EC8, 0x7EEA, 0x7EEC, 0x7EEE, 0x7EF0, 0x7F12
    	.short 0x7F14, 0x7F36, 0x7F7A, 0x7F9C, 0x7F9C, 0x7F9D
    	.short 0x7F9E, 0x7F9E, 0x7F9F, 0x7F9F, 0x7F08, 0x7F0A
    	.short 0x7F0C, 0x7F0E, 0x7F30, 0x7F32, 0x7F34, 0x7F56
    	.short 0x7F9A, 0x7F9C, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FDF
    	.short 0x7FDF, 0x7FDF, 0x7F28, 0x7F2A, 0x7F4C, 0x7F4E
    	.short 0x7F50, 0x7F52, 0x7F74, 0x7F76, 0x7F9A, 0x7FBC
    	.short 0x7FDE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7F68, 0x7F6A, 0x7F6C, 0x7F6E, 0x7F70, 0x7F92
    	.short 0x7F94, 0x7F96, 0x7FBA, 0x7FDC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F88, 0x7FAA
    	.short 0x7FAC, 0x7FAE, 0x7FB0, 0x7FB2, 0x7FB4, 0x7FB6
    	.short 0x7FDA, 0x7FDC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC8, 0x7FCA, 0x7FCC, 0x7FCE
    	.short 0x7FD0, 0x7FD2, 0x7FD4, 0x7FD6, 0x7FFA, 0x7FFC
    	.short 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FE8, 0x7FEA, 0x7FEC, 0x7FEE, 0x7FF0, 0x7FF2
    	.short 0x7FF4, 0x7FF6, 0x7FFA, 0x7FFC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x421, 0x423, 0x425
    	.short 0x427, 0x429, 0x42B, 0x42D, 0x18, 0x1A, 0x1C, 0x1E
    	.short 0x1F, 0x85F, 0x109F, 0x18DF, 0x253F, 0x461, 0x463
    	.short 0x465, 0x467, 0x469, 0x46B, 0x46D, 0x78, 0x7A, 0x5C
    	.short 0x5E, 0x5F, 0x89F, 0x10DF, 0x191F, 0x255F, 0x4A1
    	.short 0x4A3, 0x4A5, 0x4A7, 0x4A9, 0x4AB, 0x4AD, 0xD8
    	.short 0xDA, 0xDC, 0xBE, 0xBF, 0x8DF, 0x111F, 0x193F, 0x259F
    	.short 0x4E1, 0x4E3, 0x4E5, 0x4E7, 0x4E9, 0x4EB, 0x4ED
    	.short 0x158, 0x13A, 0x11C, 0x11E, 0x11F, 0x93F, 0x115F
    	.short 0x197F, 0x25BF, 0x521, 0x523, 0x525, 0x527, 0x529
    	.short 0x52B, 0x52D, 0x1B8, 0x1BA, 0x19C, 0x17E, 0x17F
    	.short 0x97F, 0x119F, 0x19BF, 0x25FF, 0x561, 0x563, 0x565
    	.short 0x567, 0x569, 0x56B, 0x56D, 0x218, 0x21A, 0x1FC
    	.short 0x1FE, 0x1DF, 0x9DF, 0x11DF, 0x19FF, 0x261F, 0x5A1
    	.short 0x5A3, 0x5A5, 0x5A7, 0x5A9, 0x5AB, 0x5AD, 0x298
    	.short 0x27A, 0x25C, 0x23E, 0x23F, 0xA3F, 0x121F, 0x1A3F
    	.short 0x265F, 0x300, 0x303, 0x307, 0x30A, 0x30E, 0x311
    	.short 0x314, 0x318, 0x2DA, 0x2BC, 0x29E, 0x27F, 0xA7F
    	.short 0x127F, 0x1A7F, 0x267F, 0x340, 0x343, 0x346, 0x349
    	.short 0x34D, 0x350, 0x353, 0x357, 0x35A, 0x31C, 0x2FE
    	.short 0x2FF, 0xABF, 0x129F, 0x1A9F, 0x26BF, 0x380, 0x383
    	.short 0x386, 0x389, 0x38C, 0x38F, 0x392, 0x396, 0x399
    	.short 0x39C, 0x35E, 0x33F, 0xB1F, 0x12FF, 0x1ADF, 0x26DF
    	.short 0x3C0, 0x3C3, 0x3C6, 0x3C9, 0x3CC, 0x3CF, 0x3D2
    	.short 0x3D5, 0x3D8, 0x3DB, 0x3DE, 0x39F, 0xB5F, 0x133F
    	.short 0x1B1F, 0x271F, 0x3E0, 0x3E3, 0x3E6, 0x3E9, 0x3EB
    	.short 0x3EF, 0x3F1, 0x3F4, 0x3F7, 0x3FA, 0x3FD, 0x3FF
    	.short 0xBBF, 0x137F, 0x1B5F, 0x273F, 0xBE2, 0xBE4, 0xBE7
    	.short 0xBE9, 0xBEC, 0xBEE, 0xBF1, 0xBF3, 0xBF6, 0xBF8
    	.short 0xBFB, 0xBFD, 0xBFF, 0x13BF, 0x1B9F, 0x277F, 0x13E4
    	.short 0x13E6, 0x13E8, 0x13EA, 0x13ED, 0x13EE, 0x13F1
    	.short 0x13F3, 0x13F5, 0x13F7, 0x13F9, 0x13FB, 0x13FE
    	.short 0x13FF, 0x1BBF, 0x279F, 0x1BE6, 0x1BE8, 0x1BEA
    	.short 0x1BEB, 0x1BEE, 0x1BEF, 0x1BF1, 0x1BF3, 0x1BF5
    	.short 0x1BF7, 0x1BF8, 0x1BFA, 0x1BFC, 0x1BFE, 0x1BFF
    	.short 0x27DF, 0x27E9, 0x27EB, 0x27EC, 0x27EE, 0x27EF
    	.short 0x27F1, 0x27F2, 0x27F4, 0x27F5, 0x27F7, 0x27F8
    	.short 0x27FA, 0x27FB, 0x27FD, 0x27FE, 0x27FF, 0xC21, 0xC23
    	.short 0xC25, 0xC27, 0xC29, 0xC2B, 0xC2D, 0xC18, 0xC1A
    	.short 0xC1C, 0xC1E, 0xC1F, 0x105F, 0x189F, 0x20DF, 0x2D3F
    	.short 0xC61, 0xC63, 0xC65, 0xC67, 0xC69, 0xC6B, 0x855
    	.short 0x857, 0x859, 0x85C, 0x43E, 0xC7E, 0x14BF, 0x1CFF
    	.short 0x253F, 0x2D7F, 0xCA1, 0xCA3, 0xCA5, 0xCA7, 0xCA9
    	.short 0xCAB, 0x8D5, 0x8B7, 0x8B9, 0x8BC, 0x49E, 0xCBE
    	.short 0x14FF, 0x1D1F, 0x257F, 0x2DBF, 0xCE1, 0xCE3, 0xCE5
    	.short 0xCE7, 0xCE9, 0xCEB, 0x935, 0x937, 0x919, 0x91C
    	.short 0x4FE, 0xD1E, 0x153F, 0x1D5F, 0x25BF, 0x2DDF, 0xD21
    	.short 0xD23, 0xD25, 0xD27, 0xD29, 0xD2B, 0x9B5, 0x9B7
    	.short 0x999, 0x97C, 0x55E, 0xD7E, 0x159F, 0x1DBF, 0x25DF
    	.short 0x2DFF, 0xD61, 0xD63, 0xD65, 0xD67, 0xD69, 0xD6B
    	.short 0xA35, 0xA17, 0x9F9, 0x9FC, 0x5DE, 0xDBE, 0x15DF
    	.short 0x1DDF, 0x261F, 0x2E3F, 0xDA1, 0xAA2, 0xAA6, 0xAAA
    	.short 0xAAD, 0xAB1, 0xAB5, 0xA77, 0xA59, 0xA5C, 0x63E
    	.short 0xE3E, 0x161F, 0x1E1F, 0x263F, 0x2E5F, 0xF00, 0xAE2
    	.short 0xAE6, 0xAE9, 0xAED, 0xAF0, 0xAF4, 0xAF7, 0xAD9
    	.short 0xABC, 0x69E, 0xE7E, 0x167F, 0x1E7F, 0x267F, 0x2E9F
    	.short 0xF40, 0xB22, 0xB25, 0xB29, 0xB2C, 0xB30, 0xB33
    	.short 0xB36, 0xB39, 0xB1C, 0x6FE, 0xEDE, 0x16BF, 0x1E9F
    	.short 0x26BF, 0x2EBF, 0xB80, 0xB82, 0xB85, 0xB88, 0xB8C
    	.short 0xB8F, 0xB92, 0xB95, 0xB99, 0xB9C, 0x77E, 0xF1E
    	.short 0x16FF, 0x1EDF, 0x26FF, 0x2EFF, 0xBC0, 0x7C1, 0x7C5
    	.short 0x7C8, 0x7CB, 0x7CE, 0x7D2, 0x7D4, 0x7D8, 0x7DB
    	.short 0x7DE, 0xF7E, 0x173F, 0x1F3F, 0x271F, 0x2F1F, 0xBE0
    	.short 0xFC3, 0xFC6, 0xFC8, 0xFCB, 0xFCE, 0xFD1, 0xFD3
    	.short 0xFD6, 0xFD9, 0xFDC, 0xFDE, 0x179F, 0x1F5F, 0x275F
    	.short 0x2F3F, 0x13E2, 0x17E5, 0x17E7, 0x17E9, 0x17EC
    	.short 0x17EE, 0x17F1, 0x17F3, 0x17F5, 0x17F8, 0x17FA
    	.short 0x17FD, 0x17FF, 0x1F9F, 0x279F, 0x2F7F, 0x1BE4
    	.short 0x1FE7, 0x1FE9, 0x1FEB, 0x1FED, 0x1FEF, 0x1FF1
    	.short 0x1FF3, 0x1FF5, 0x1FF7, 0x1FF9, 0x1FFB, 0x1FFD
    	.short 0x1FFF, 0x27DF, 0x2F9F, 0x23E6, 0x27E9, 0x27EB
    	.short 0x27ED, 0x27EE, 0x27F0, 0x27F2, 0x27F4, 0x27F6
    	.short 0x27F7, 0x27F9, 0x27FA, 0x27FC, 0x27FE, 0x27FF
    	.short 0x2FDF, 0x2BE9, 0x2FEB, 0x2FED, 0x2FEE, 0x2FF0
    	.short 0x2FF1, 0x2FF3, 0x2FF4, 0x2FF5, 0x2FF7, 0x2FF8
    	.short 0x2FFA, 0x2FFB, 0x2FFD, 0x2FFE, 0x2FFF, 0x1421
    	.short 0x1423, 0x1425, 0x1427, 0x1429, 0x142B, 0x142D
    	.short 0x1C18, 0x181A, 0x181C, 0x181E, 0x181F, 0x1C5F
    	.short 0x209F, 0x28DF, 0x313F, 0x1461, 0x1463, 0x1465
    	.short 0x1467, 0x1469, 0x146B, 0x1855, 0x1857, 0x1459
    	.short 0x145C, 0x143E, 0x187E, 0x1CBF, 0x24FF, 0x2D3F
    	.short 0x357F, 0x14A1, 0x14A3, 0x14A5, 0x14A7, 0x14A9
    	.short 0x18D1, 0x14B4, 0x14B7, 0x1099, 0x109B, 0x18DC
    	.short 0x1CFC, 0x211D, 0x2D7E, 0x2D7F, 0x35BF, 0x14E1
    	.short 0x14E3, 0x14E5, 0x14E7, 0x14E9, 0x1931, 0x1534
    	.short 0x1517, 0x10F9, 0x10FB, 0x191C, 0x1D3C, 0x215D
    	.short 0x2D9E, 0x2DBF, 0x35FF, 0x1521, 0x1523, 0x1525
    	.short 0x1527, 0x1529, 0x19B1, 0x15B4, 0x1577, 0x1179
    	.short 0x117B, 0x197C, 0x1D9C, 0x219D, 0x2DDE, 0x2DDF
    	.short 0x361F, 0x1561, 0x1563, 0x1A26, 0x1A2A, 0x1A2D
    	.short 0x1A31, 0x1614, 0x15F7, 0x11F9, 0x11DB, 0x19DC
    	.short 0x1DDC, 0x21DD, 0x2E1E, 0x2E1F, 0x363F, 0x15A1
    	.short 0x1AA2, 0x1685, 0x1689, 0x168D, 0x1690, 0x1694
    	.short 0x1677, 0x1259, 0x123B, 0x1A3C, 0x1E1C, 0x221D
    	.short 0x2E3E, 0x2E5F, 0x367F, 0x1B00, 0x16E2, 0x16E5
    	.short 0x16E8, 0x16EC, 0x16EF, 0x16F3, 0x16F7, 0x12B9
    	.short 0x129B, 0x1A7C, 0x1E7C, 0x227D, 0x2E7E, 0x2E7F
    	.short 0x369F, 0x1B40, 0x1722, 0x1324, 0x1328, 0x132B
    	.short 0x132F, 0x1332, 0x1335, 0x1339, 0x131B, 0x1ADC
    	.short 0x1EBC, 0x229D, 0x2EBE, 0x2EBF, 0x36DF, 0x1B80
    	.short 0x1782, 0x1364, 0x1368, 0x136B, 0x136E, 0x1372
    	.short 0x1375, 0x1378, 0x137B, 0x1B3C, 0x1EFC, 0x22DD
    	.short 0x2EFE, 0x2EFF, 0x36FF, 0x17C0, 0x13C1, 0x1B86
    	.short 0x1B88, 0x1B8B, 0x1B8E, 0x1B91, 0x1B94, 0x1B96
    	.short 0x1B99, 0x1B9C, 0x1F5C, 0x233D, 0x2F3E, 0x2F1F
    	.short 0x371F, 0x17E0, 0x17C3, 0x1F87, 0x1F89, 0x1F8C
    	.short 0x1F8E, 0x1F91, 0x1F93, 0x1F95, 0x1F98, 0x1F9A
    	.short 0x1F9C, 0x237D, 0x2F5E, 0x2F5F, 0x375F, 0x1BE2
    	.short 0x1FE5, 0x23A8, 0x23AB, 0x23AD, 0x23AF, 0x23B1
    	.short 0x23B3, 0x23B5, 0x23B7, 0x23B9, 0x23BB, 0x23BD
    	.short 0x2F9E, 0x2F9F, 0x377F, 0x23E4, 0x23E7, 0x2FCB
    	.short 0x2FCD, 0x2FCE, 0x2FD0, 0x2FD2, 0x2FD4, 0x2FD5
    	.short 0x2FD7, 0x2FD9, 0x2FDB, 0x2FDC, 0x2FDE, 0x2FBF
    	.short 0x379F, 0x27E6, 0x2FE9, 0x2FEB, 0x2FED, 0x2FEF
    	.short 0x2FF0, 0x2FF2, 0x2FF4, 0x2FF5, 0x2FF7, 0x2FF9
    	.short 0x2FFA, 0x2FFC, 0x2FFE, 0x2FFF, 0x37DF, 0x33E9
    	.short 0x37EB, 0x37ED, 0x37EF, 0x37F0, 0x37F2, 0x37F3
    	.short 0x37F4, 0x37F6, 0x37F7, 0x37F9, 0x37FA, 0x37FB
    	.short 0x37FD, 0x37FE, 0x37FF, 0x1C21, 0x1C23, 0x1C25
    	.short 0x1C27, 0x1C29, 0x1C2B, 0x1C2D, 0x2818, 0x241A
    	.short 0x241C, 0x241E, 0x241F, 0x245F, 0x289F, 0x2CDF
    	.short 0x393F, 0x1C61, 0x1C63, 0x1C65, 0x1C67, 0x1C69
    	.short 0x1C6B, 0x2855, 0x2457, 0x2459, 0x205C, 0x203E
    	.short 0x207E, 0x24BF, 0x2CFF, 0x353F, 0x397F, 0x1CA1
    	.short 0x1CA3, 0x1CA5, 0x1CA7, 0x1CA9, 0x28D1, 0x24B4
    	.short 0x20B7, 0x2099, 0x209B, 0x20DC, 0x24FC, 0x2D1D
    	.short 0x357E, 0x357F, 0x3DBF, 0x1CE1, 0x1CE3, 0x1CE5
    	.short 0x1CE7, 0x252E, 0x2111, 0x2113, 0x1CF6, 0x1CF8
    	.short 0x2119, 0x253A, 0x295B, 0x319D, 0x35BE, 0x35BF
    	.short 0x3DFF, 0x1D21, 0x1D23, 0x1D25, 0x25C9, 0x25CE
    	.short 0x21B1, 0x2173, 0x1D76, 0x1D58, 0x2179, 0x257A
    	.short 0x299B, 0x31DD, 0x35DE, 0x35FF, 0x3E3F, 0x1D61
    	.short 0x1D63, 0x2626, 0x2228, 0x222D, 0x2231, 0x21F3
    	.short 0x1DF6, 0x1DD8, 0x21D9, 0x25DA, 0x29DB, 0x321D
    	.short 0x361E, 0x361F, 0x3E5F, 0x1DA1, 0x26A2, 0x2685
    	.short 0x2268, 0x226C, 0x2270, 0x2273, 0x1E56, 0x1E38
    	.short 0x2239, 0x261A, 0x2A1B, 0x323D, 0x365E, 0x365F
    	.short 0x3E7F, 0x2B00, 0x26E2, 0x22E5, 0x1EC7, 0x1ECB
    	.short 0x1ECF, 0x1ED2, 0x1ED6, 0x1E98, 0x2279, 0x267A
    	.short 0x2A7B, 0x327D, 0x367E, 0x369F, 0x3EBF, 0x2740
    	.short 0x2322, 0x1F24, 0x1F07, 0x1F0B, 0x1F0E, 0x1F11
    	.short 0x1F15, 0x1F18, 0x22D9, 0x26BA, 0x2ABB, 0x32BD
    	.short 0x36BE, 0x36DF, 0x3EDF, 0x2380, 0x2382, 0x1F64
    	.short 0x2328, 0x232B, 0x232E, 0x2331, 0x2334, 0x2336
    	.short 0x2339, 0x271A, 0x2AFB, 0x32FD, 0x36FE, 0x36FF
    	.short 0x3EFF, 0x23C0, 0x1FC1, 0x2386, 0x2749, 0x274C
    	.short 0x274E, 0x2751, 0x2753, 0x2756, 0x2758, 0x275A
    	.short 0x2B3B, 0x333D, 0x373E, 0x373F, 0x3F3F, 0x23E0
    	.short 0x23C3, 0x2787, 0x2B6A, 0x2B6C, 0x2B6E, 0x2B71
    	.short 0x2B73, 0x2B75, 0x2B77, 0x2B79, 0x2B7B, 0x337D
    	.short 0x375E, 0x375F, 0x3F5F, 0x27E2, 0x27E5, 0x2BA8
    	.short 0x33AC, 0x33AE, 0x33B0, 0x33B2, 0x33B4, 0x33B5
    	.short 0x33B7, 0x33B9, 0x33BB, 0x33BD, 0x379E, 0x379F
    	.short 0x3F7F, 0x2BE4, 0x2BE7, 0x33CB, 0x37CD, 0x37CF
    	.short 0x37D0, 0x37D2, 0x37D4, 0x37D5, 0x37D7, 0x37D9
    	.short 0x37DB, 0x37DC, 0x37DE, 0x37DF, 0x3FBF, 0x2FE6
    	.short 0x37E9, 0x37EB, 0x37ED, 0x37EF, 0x37F1, 0x37F3
    	.short 0x37F4, 0x37F6, 0x37F7, 0x37F9, 0x37FB, 0x37FC
    	.short 0x37FE, 0x37FF, 0x3FDF, 0x37E9, 0x3BEB, 0x3FED
    	.short 0x3FEF, 0x3FF1, 0x3FF2, 0x3FF3, 0x3FF5, 0x3FF6
    	.short 0x3FF7, 0x3FF9, 0x3FFA, 0x3FFB, 0x3FFD, 0x3FFE
    	.short 0x3FFF, 0x2421, 0x2423, 0x2425, 0x2427, 0x2429
    	.short 0x242B, 0x242D, 0x3818, 0x341A, 0x301C, 0x301E
    	.short 0x2C1F, 0x305F, 0x349F, 0x38DF, 0x3D3F, 0x2461
    	.short 0x2463, 0x2465, 0x2467, 0x2469, 0x246B, 0x3455
    	.short 0x3457, 0x3059, 0x305C, 0x2C3E, 0x2C7E, 0x30BF
    	.short 0x34FF, 0x393F, 0x417F, 0x24A1, 0x24A3, 0x24A5
    	.short 0x24A7, 0x24A9, 0x34D1, 0x34B4, 0x30B7, 0x2C99
    	.short 0x2C9B, 0x2CDC, 0x30FC, 0x351D, 0x397E, 0x3D7F
    	.short 0x41BF, 0x24E1, 0x24E3, 0x24E5, 0x3929, 0x392E
    	.short 0x3511, 0x3113, 0x2CF6, 0x2CF8, 0x2D19, 0x313A
    	.short 0x315B, 0x399D, 0x3DBE, 0x3DBF, 0x45FF, 0x2521
    	.short 0x2523, 0x2525, 0x39C9, 0x2D6E, 0x2D70, 0x2953
    	.short 0x2955, 0x2957, 0x2D78, 0x3199, 0x39DB, 0x39DD
    	.short 0x3DFE, 0x421F, 0x4A5F, 0x2561, 0x2563, 0x3626
    	.short 0x3628, 0x2E0B, 0x2E10, 0x29F3, 0x29B5, 0x29D7
    	.short 0x2DD8, 0x31D9, 0x3A1B, 0x3A1D, 0x3E1E, 0x423F
    	.short 0x4A7F, 0x25A1, 0x36A2, 0x3685, 0x2E68, 0x2A6A
    	.short 0x2A6F, 0x2A73, 0x2A35, 0x2A37, 0x2E18, 0x3219
    	.short 0x3A5B, 0x3A5D, 0x3E5E, 0x425F, 0x4A9F, 0x3700
    	.short 0x36E2, 0x2EE5, 0x2EC7, 0x2AAA, 0x2AAE, 0x2AB2
    	.short 0x2AB5, 0x2A97, 0x2E78, 0x3279, 0x3A7B, 0x3A9D
    	.short 0x3E9E, 0x429F, 0x4ABF, 0x3740, 0x3322, 0x2F24
    	.short 0x2B07, 0x2AEA, 0x2AEE, 0x2AF1, 0x2AF4, 0x2AF7
    	.short 0x2EB8, 0x32B9, 0x3ABB, 0x3ABD, 0x3EBE, 0x42DF
    	.short 0x4ADF, 0x3380, 0x2F82, 0x2F64, 0x2F28, 0x2F0B
    	.short 0x2F0E, 0x2F10, 0x2F13, 0x2F16, 0x2F18, 0x32F9
    	.short 0x3AFB, 0x3AFD, 0x3EFE, 0x42FF, 0x4B1F, 0x2FC0
    	.short 0x2BC1, 0x2F86, 0x2F49, 0x332C, 0x332E, 0x3331
    	.short 0x3333, 0x3335, 0x3337, 0x3339, 0x3B3B, 0x3B3D
    	.short 0x3F3E, 0x433F, 0x4B3F, 0x2FE0, 0x2FC3, 0x3387
    	.short 0x336A, 0x3B6E, 0x3B70, 0x3B72, 0x3B74, 0x3B75
    	.short 0x3B77, 0x3B79, 0x3B7B, 0x3B7D, 0x3F5E, 0x435F
    	.short 0x4B5F, 0x2FE2, 0x33E5, 0x33A8, 0x3BAC, 0x3BAE
    	.short 0x3BB0, 0x3BB2, 0x3BB4, 0x3BB5, 0x3BB7, 0x3BB9
    	.short 0x3BBB, 0x3BBD, 0x3F9E, 0x439F, 0x4B9F, 0x33E4
    	.short 0x37E7, 0x3BCB, 0x3BCD, 0x3FCF, 0x3FD1, 0x3FD2
    	.short 0x3FD4, 0x3FD6, 0x3FD7, 0x3FD9, 0x3FDB, 0x3FDC
    	.short 0x3FDE, 0x43DF, 0x4BBF, 0x37E6, 0x3BE9, 0x3BEB
    	.short 0x3FED, 0x43F0, 0x43F1, 0x43F3, 0x43F4, 0x43F6
    	.short 0x43F7, 0x43F9, 0x43FB, 0x43FC, 0x43FE, 0x43FF
    	.short 0x4BDF, 0x3FE9, 0x3FEB, 0x43ED, 0x47EF, 0x4BF2
    	.short 0x4BF3, 0x4BF4, 0x4BF5, 0x4BF7, 0x4BF8, 0x4BF9
    	.short 0x4BFA, 0x4BFC, 0x4BFD, 0x4BFE, 0x4BFF, 0x2C21
    	.short 0x2C23, 0x2C25, 0x2C27, 0x2C29, 0x2C2B, 0x2C2D
    	.short 0x4418, 0x401A, 0x3C1C, 0x3C1E, 0x3C1F, 0x385F
    	.short 0x389F, 0x3CDF, 0x453F, 0x2C61, 0x2C63, 0x2C65
    	.short 0x2C67, 0x2C69, 0x2C6B, 0x4455, 0x4057, 0x4059
    	.short 0x3C5C, 0x383E, 0x387E, 0x38BF, 0x3CFF, 0x413F
    	.short 0x457F, 0x2CA1, 0x2CA3, 0x44C6, 0x44C9, 0x44CD
    	.short 0x44D1, 0x40B4, 0x3CB7, 0x3C99, 0x389B, 0x38DC
    	.short 0x38FC, 0x3D1D, 0x417E, 0x417F, 0x49BF, 0x2CE1
    	.short 0x2CE3, 0x4546, 0x4508, 0x450D, 0x4511, 0x4113
    	.short 0x3CF6, 0x38F8, 0x3919, 0x393A, 0x395B, 0x419D
    	.short 0x41BE, 0x45BF, 0x49FF, 0x2D21, 0x2D23, 0x45A6
    	.short 0x45A8, 0x416B, 0x4170, 0x3D53, 0x3955, 0x3957
    	.short 0x3978, 0x3999, 0x41DB, 0x41DD, 0x45FE, 0x461F
    	.short 0x4E5F, 0x2D61, 0x2D63, 0x4626, 0x4628, 0x420B
    	.short 0x35B0, 0x35B3, 0x35B4, 0x35B6, 0x39D8, 0x3DF9
    	.short 0x421B, 0x421D, 0x463E, 0x4A5F, 0x529F, 0x2DA1
    	.short 0x46A2, 0x4285, 0x3E68, 0x3E6A, 0x366D, 0x3673
    	.short 0x3634, 0x3616, 0x3A18, 0x3E39, 0x425B, 0x425D
    	.short 0x467E, 0x4A7F, 0x52BF, 0x4300, 0x42E2, 0x3EE5
    	.short 0x3EC7, 0x36AA, 0x368D, 0x3691, 0x3694, 0x3676
    	.short 0x3A78, 0x3E79, 0x427B, 0x429D, 0x469E, 0x4ABF
    	.short 0x52DF, 0x4340, 0x3F22, 0x3F24, 0x3B07, 0x3AEA
    	.short 0x36CD, 0x36D0, 0x36D3, 0x36D6, 0x3AB8, 0x3EB9
    	.short 0x42BB, 0x42BD, 0x46DE, 0x4ADF, 0x52FF, 0x3F80
    	.short 0x3F82, 0x3B64, 0x3B28, 0x3B0B, 0x3B0E, 0x3B10
    	.short 0x3B13, 0x3B15, 0x3B18, 0x3EF9, 0x42FB, 0x42FD
    	.short 0x46FE, 0x4B1F, 0x531F, 0x3FC0, 0x3BC1, 0x3B86
    	.short 0x3B49, 0x3B2C, 0x3F2F, 0x3F31, 0x3F33, 0x3F35
    	.short 0x3F37, 0x3F39, 0x433B, 0x433D, 0x473E, 0x4B3F
    	.short 0x535F, 0x3BE0, 0x37C3, 0x3B87, 0x3B6A, 0x436E
    	.short 0x4370, 0x4372, 0x4374, 0x4375, 0x4377, 0x4379
    	.short 0x437B, 0x437D, 0x477E, 0x4B7F, 0x537F, 0x3BE2
    	.short 0x3BE5, 0x3BA8, 0x43AC, 0x43AE, 0x43B0, 0x43B2
    	.short 0x43B4, 0x43B6, 0x43B7, 0x43B9, 0x43BB, 0x43BD
    	.short 0x479E, 0x4B9F, 0x539F, 0x3BE4, 0x3BE7, 0x43CB
    	.short 0x43CD, 0x43CF, 0x47D1, 0x47D3, 0x47D4, 0x47D6
    	.short 0x47D7, 0x47D9, 0x47DB, 0x47DC, 0x47DE, 0x4BDF
    	.short 0x53BF, 0x3FE6, 0x43E9, 0x43EB, 0x43ED, 0x47F0
    	.short 0x4BF2, 0x4BF3, 0x4BF5, 0x4BF6, 0x4BF8, 0x4BF9
    	.short 0x4BFB, 0x4BFC, 0x4BFE, 0x4BFF, 0x53DF, 0x43E9
    	.short 0x47EB, 0x47ED, 0x4BEF, 0x4FF2, 0x53F4, 0x53F5
    	.short 0x53F6, 0x53F7, 0x53F8, 0x53FA, 0x53FB, 0x53FC
    	.short 0x53FD, 0x53FE, 0x53FF, 0x3421, 0x3423, 0x3425
    	.short 0x3427, 0x3429, 0x342B, 0x342D, 0x5018, 0x4C1A
    	.short 0x481C, 0x481E, 0x441F, 0x445F, 0x449F, 0x44DF
    	.short 0x493F, 0x3461, 0x5442, 0x5446, 0x5449, 0x544D
    	.short 0x5451, 0x5455, 0x5057, 0x4C59, 0x485C, 0x483E
    	.short 0x447E, 0x44BF, 0x44FF, 0x493F, 0x4D7F, 0x34A1
    	.short 0x54C2, 0x50A5, 0x50A9, 0x50AD, 0x50B0, 0x50B4
    	.short 0x4CB7, 0x4899, 0x489B, 0x44DC, 0x44FC, 0x451D
    	.short 0x497E, 0x497F, 0x4DBF, 0x34E1, 0x5542, 0x5125
    	.short 0x4D08, 0x4D0B, 0x4D0F, 0x4D13, 0x48F6, 0x44F8
    	.short 0x4519, 0x453A, 0x455B, 0x499D, 0x49BE, 0x4DBF
    	.short 0x4DFF, 0x3521, 0x55A2, 0x51A5, 0x4D88, 0x4D4A
    	.short 0x4D4F, 0x4D53, 0x4955, 0x4557, 0x4178, 0x4599
    	.short 0x49DB, 0x49DD, 0x49FE, 0x4E1F, 0x525F, 0x3561
    	.short 0x5622, 0x5205, 0x4E08, 0x4DEA, 0x4DAD, 0x4DB3
    	.short 0x45B4, 0x41B6, 0x41D8, 0x45F9, 0x4A1B, 0x4A1D
    	.short 0x4E3E, 0x4E5F, 0x569F, 0x35A1, 0x56A2, 0x5285
    	.short 0x4E68, 0x4E6A, 0x4E6D, 0x3DF2, 0x3DF4, 0x4216
    	.short 0x4638, 0x4639, 0x4A5B, 0x4A5D, 0x4E7E, 0x529F
    	.short 0x5ADF, 0x5300, 0x4EE2, 0x4EE5, 0x4AC7, 0x46AA
    	.short 0x468D, 0x3E8F, 0x3E94, 0x4276, 0x4678, 0x4679
    	.short 0x4A9B, 0x4A9D, 0x4EBE, 0x52BF, 0x5AFF, 0x4F40
    	.short 0x4B22, 0x4B24, 0x4707, 0x46EA, 0x42CD, 0x42D0
    	.short 0x42D3, 0x42D6, 0x46B8, 0x46B9, 0x4ABB, 0x4ADD
    	.short 0x4EDE, 0x52FF, 0x5B1F, 0x4B80, 0x4B82, 0x4764
    	.short 0x4728, 0x430B, 0x430E, 0x4711, 0x4713, 0x4715
    	.short 0x4718, 0x46F9, 0x4AFB, 0x4AFD, 0x4F1E, 0x531F
    	.short 0x5B3F, 0x47C0, 0x47C1, 0x4786, 0x4349, 0x432C
    	.short 0x472F, 0x4731, 0x4733, 0x4735, 0x4737, 0x4739
    	.short 0x4B3B, 0x4B3D, 0x4F3E, 0x535F, 0x5B5F, 0x47E0
    	.short 0x47C3, 0x4387, 0x436A, 0x4B6E, 0x4B70, 0x4B72
    	.short 0x4B74, 0x4B76, 0x4B77, 0x4B79, 0x4B7B, 0x4B7D
    	.short 0x4F7E, 0x537F, 0x5B7F, 0x47E2, 0x43E5, 0x43A8
    	.short 0x47AC, 0x4BAE, 0x4BB0, 0x4BB2, 0x4BB4, 0x4BB6
    	.short 0x4BB7, 0x4BB9, 0x4BBB, 0x4BBD, 0x4F9E, 0x539F
    	.short 0x5B9F, 0x43E4, 0x43E7, 0x47CB, 0x4BCD, 0x4BCF
    	.short 0x4FD1, 0x4FD3, 0x4FD5, 0x4FD6, 0x4FD8, 0x4FD9
    	.short 0x4FDB, 0x4FDC, 0x4FDE, 0x53DF, 0x5BBF, 0x47E6
    	.short 0x47E9, 0x4BEB, 0x4BED, 0x4BF0, 0x4FF2, 0x53F4
    	.short 0x53F5, 0x53F7, 0x53F8, 0x53FA, 0x53FB, 0x53FC
    	.short 0x53FE, 0x53FF, 0x5BDF, 0x4BE9, 0x4BEB, 0x4FED
    	.short 0x4FEF, 0x53F2, 0x57F4, 0x5BF6, 0x5BF7, 0x5BF8
    	.short 0x5BF9, 0x5BFA, 0x5BFB, 0x5BFC, 0x5BFD, 0x5BFF
    	.short 0x5BFF, 0x6000, 0x6003, 0x6006, 0x600A, 0x600D
    	.short 0x6010, 0x6014, 0x6018, 0x5C1A, 0x581C, 0x541E
    	.short 0x501F, 0x4C5F, 0x4C9F, 0x4CDF, 0x513F, 0x6060
    	.short 0x5C42, 0x5C45, 0x5C49, 0x5C4D, 0x5C50, 0x5C53
    	.short 0x5C57, 0x5859, 0x545C, 0x503E, 0x4C7E, 0x4CBF
    	.short 0x4CFF, 0x513F, 0x517F, 0x60E0, 0x5CC2, 0x5CA5
    	.short 0x5CA8, 0x5CAB, 0x5CAF, 0x5CB3, 0x5CB7, 0x5499
    	.short 0x549B, 0x50DC, 0x4CFC, 0x4D1D, 0x517E, 0x517F
    	.short 0x51BF, 0x6140, 0x5D22, 0x5D05, 0x58E7, 0x58EB
    	.short 0x58EF, 0x58F2, 0x58F6, 0x54F8, 0x5119, 0x4D3A
    	.short 0x4D5B, 0x519D, 0x51BE, 0x51BF, 0x55FF, 0x61C0
    	.short 0x5DA2, 0x5D85, 0x5967, 0x554A, 0x554D, 0x5551
    	.short 0x5555, 0x5157, 0x4D78, 0x4D99, 0x51DB, 0x51DD
    	.short 0x51FE, 0x521F, 0x565F, 0x6220, 0x5E02, 0x5DE5
    	.short 0x59E7, 0x55CA, 0x51AD, 0x51B1, 0x51B4, 0x4DB6
    	.short 0x4DD8, 0x4DF9, 0x521B, 0x521D, 0x523E, 0x565F
    	.short 0x5A9F, 0x6280, 0x5E82, 0x5E65, 0x5A47, 0x564A
    	.short 0x522D, 0x51EF, 0x51F4, 0x4E16, 0x4E38, 0x4E39
    	.short 0x525B, 0x525D, 0x567E, 0x569F, 0x5EDF, 0x6300
    	.short 0x5EE2, 0x5EE5, 0x5AC7, 0x56AA, 0x528D, 0x528F
    	.short 0x4634, 0x4E76, 0x4E78, 0x4E79, 0x529B, 0x56BD
    	.short 0x56BE, 0x5ADF, 0x631F, 0x5B40, 0x5B22, 0x5724
    	.short 0x5307, 0x52EA, 0x4ECD, 0x4ED0, 0x4ED3, 0x4ED6
    	.short 0x4EB8, 0x4EB9, 0x52DB, 0x56DD, 0x56DE, 0x5AFF
    	.short 0x633F, 0x5780, 0x5782, 0x5364, 0x4F28, 0x4F0B
    	.short 0x4F0E, 0x4F11, 0x4F13, 0x4F15, 0x4F18, 0x4EF9
    	.short 0x52FB, 0x571D, 0x571E, 0x5B3F, 0x635F, 0x53C0
    	.short 0x53C1, 0x4F86, 0x4F49, 0x4F2C, 0x4F2F, 0x4F31
    	.short 0x4F33, 0x4F35, 0x4F37, 0x4F39, 0x533B, 0x573D
    	.short 0x575E, 0x5B5F, 0x637F, 0x4FE0, 0x4FC3, 0x4F87
    	.short 0x4F6A, 0x4F6E, 0x4F70, 0x5372, 0x5374, 0x5376
    	.short 0x5377, 0x5379, 0x537B, 0x577D, 0x577E, 0x5B7F
    	.short 0x639F, 0x4FE2, 0x4FE5, 0x4FA8, 0x4FAC, 0x53AE
    	.short 0x53B0, 0x53B2, 0x57B5, 0x57B6, 0x57B8, 0x57B9
    	.short 0x57BB, 0x57BD, 0x579E, 0x5B9F, 0x63BF, 0x4FE4
    	.short 0x4FE7, 0x4FCB, 0x4FCD, 0x53CF, 0x53D1, 0x57D3
    	.short 0x57D5, 0x57D7, 0x57D8, 0x57DA, 0x57DB, 0x57DC
    	.short 0x57DE, 0x5BDF, 0x63DF, 0x4FE6, 0x4FE9, 0x4FEB
    	.short 0x53ED, 0x53F0, 0x57F2, 0x57F4, 0x5BF6, 0x5BF7
    	.short 0x5BF9, 0x5BFA, 0x5BFB, 0x5BFD, 0x5BFE, 0x5BFF
    	.short 0x63DF, 0x4FE9, 0x53EB, 0x53ED, 0x57EF, 0x57F2
    	.short 0x5BF4, 0x5FF6, 0x63F8, 0x63F9, 0x63FA, 0x63FB
    	.short 0x63FC, 0x63FD, 0x63FE, 0x63FF, 0x63FF, 0x6800
    	.short 0x6803, 0x6806, 0x6809, 0x680D, 0x6810, 0x6813
    	.short 0x6816, 0x681A, 0x641C, 0x601E, 0x5C1F, 0x585F
    	.short 0x549F, 0x54DF, 0x553F, 0x6860, 0x6442, 0x6445
    	.short 0x6448, 0x644C, 0x644F, 0x6452, 0x6456, 0x6459
    	.short 0x645C, 0x603E, 0x587E, 0x54BF, 0x54FF, 0x593F
    	.short 0x557F, 0x68C0, 0x64A2, 0x6484, 0x6487, 0x648B
    	.short 0x648F, 0x6492, 0x6495, 0x6499, 0x609B, 0x58DC
    	.short 0x54FC, 0x551D, 0x557E, 0x557F, 0x59BF, 0x6920
    	.short 0x6522, 0x6504, 0x60E7, 0x60EA, 0x60EE, 0x60F1
    	.short 0x60F4, 0x60F8, 0x5919, 0x593A, 0x555B, 0x559D
    	.short 0x55BE, 0x59BF, 0x59FF, 0x69A0, 0x6582, 0x6564
    	.short 0x6167, 0x5D4A, 0x5D4E, 0x5D51, 0x5D54, 0x5D57
    	.short 0x5978, 0x5599, 0x55DB, 0x55DD, 0x59FE, 0x5A1F
    	.short 0x5E5F, 0x6A00, 0x6602, 0x65E4, 0x61C7, 0x5DCA
    	.short 0x59AD, 0x59B0, 0x59B3, 0x59B6, 0x55D8, 0x55F9
    	.short 0x561B, 0x5A1D, 0x5A3E, 0x5A5F, 0x5E9F, 0x6A60
    	.short 0x6662, 0x6644, 0x6227, 0x5E2A, 0x5A0D, 0x5A10
    	.short 0x5A13, 0x5A16, 0x5638, 0x5639, 0x5A5B, 0x5A5D
    	.short 0x5A7E, 0x5E9F, 0x62DF, 0x6AE0, 0x66C2, 0x66A4
    	.short 0x62A7, 0x5E8A, 0x5A6D, 0x5A70, 0x5A73, 0x5A76
    	.short 0x5678, 0x5679, 0x5A9B, 0x5ABD, 0x5EBE, 0x5EDF
    	.short 0x671F, 0x6B40, 0x6722, 0x6724, 0x6307, 0x5EEA
    	.short 0x5ACD, 0x5AD0, 0x5AD3, 0x5296, 0x56B8, 0x56BA
    	.short 0x5ADB, 0x5ADD, 0x5EFE, 0x631F, 0x6F7F, 0x6380
    	.short 0x6382, 0x6364, 0x5B28, 0x570B, 0x570E, 0x5711
    	.short 0x5713, 0x5715, 0x5718, 0x56FA, 0x5B1B, 0x5B1D
    	.short 0x5F1E, 0x633F, 0x6F9F, 0x5FC0, 0x5FC1, 0x5B86
    	.short 0x5749, 0x572C, 0x572F, 0x5731, 0x5733, 0x5755
    	.short 0x5757, 0x575A, 0x5B3B, 0x5B5D, 0x5F5E, 0x635F
    	.short 0x6F9F, 0x5FE0, 0x5BC3, 0x5787, 0x576A, 0x576E
    	.short 0x5770, 0x5772, 0x5B74, 0x5B76, 0x5B78, 0x5B79
    	.short 0x5B7B, 0x5B7D, 0x5F7E, 0x639F, 0x6FBF, 0x57E2
    	.short 0x57E5, 0x53A8, 0x57AC, 0x57AE, 0x57B0, 0x5BB2
    	.short 0x5BB5, 0x5BB6, 0x5BB8, 0x5BBA, 0x5BBB, 0x5BBD
    	.short 0x5FBE, 0x63BF, 0x6FDF, 0x53E4, 0x53E7, 0x57CB
    	.short 0x57CD, 0x57CF, 0x5BD1, 0x5BD3, 0x5BD5, 0x5FD7
    	.short 0x5FD9, 0x5FDA, 0x5FDB, 0x5FDD, 0x5FDE, 0x63DF
    	.short 0x6FDF, 0x53E6, 0x57E9, 0x57EB, 0x5BED, 0x5BF0
    	.short 0x5BF2, 0x5FF4, 0x5FF6, 0x63F8, 0x63F9, 0x63FA
    	.short 0x63FC, 0x63FD, 0x63FE, 0x63FF, 0x6FFF, 0x57E9
    	.short 0x57EB, 0x5BED, 0x5BEF, 0x5BF2, 0x5FF4, 0x63F6
    	.short 0x67F8, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD, 0x6FFE
    	.short 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF, 0x6FFF, 0x7000, 0x7002, 0x7006
    	.short 0x7008, 0x700C, 0x700F, 0x7012, 0x7015, 0x7018
    	.short 0x701C, 0x6C1E, 0x681F, 0x605F, 0x5C9F, 0x5CDF
    	.short 0x5D3F, 0x7060, 0x7042, 0x7045, 0x7048, 0x704B
    	.short 0x704F, 0x7052, 0x7055, 0x7058, 0x705C, 0x6C3E
    	.short 0x647E, 0x60BF, 0x5CFF, 0x5D3F, 0x5D7F, 0x70C0
    	.short 0x70A2, 0x6C84, 0x6C87, 0x6C8B, 0x6C8E, 0x6C91
    	.short 0x6C94, 0x6C98, 0x6C9B, 0x64DC, 0x60FC, 0x5D1D
    	.short 0x5D7E, 0x5D7F, 0x5DBF, 0x7120, 0x7102, 0x6D04
    	.short 0x6508, 0x650B, 0x650E, 0x6511, 0x6513, 0x6516
    	.short 0x6519, 0x613A, 0x5D5B, 0x5D9D, 0x5DBE, 0x5DBF
    	.short 0x5DFF, 0x7180, 0x7182, 0x6D64, 0x6568, 0x616B
    	.short 0x616E, 0x6170, 0x6173, 0x6175, 0x6178, 0x5D99
    	.short 0x5DDB, 0x5DDD, 0x5DFE, 0x5E1F, 0x625F, 0x71E0
    	.short 0x71E2, 0x6DC4, 0x65C8, 0x61CB, 0x61CE, 0x61D0
    	.short 0x61D3, 0x61D5, 0x61D8, 0x5DF9, 0x5E1B, 0x5E1D
    	.short 0x5E3E, 0x625F, 0x629F, 0x7240, 0x7242, 0x6E44
    	.short 0x6628, 0x620B, 0x620E, 0x6231, 0x6233, 0x6235
    	.short 0x6238, 0x5E39, 0x5E5B, 0x5E5D, 0x627E, 0x629F
    	.short 0x66DF, 0x72C0, 0x72A2, 0x6EA4, 0x6688, 0x626B
    	.short 0x626E, 0x6271, 0x6273, 0x6275, 0x6278, 0x5E79
    	.short 0x5E9B, 0x62BD, 0x62BE, 0x66DF, 0x6B1F, 0x7320
    	.short 0x7322, 0x6F04, 0x66C8, 0x62CB, 0x62AE, 0x62B1
    	.short 0x62B3, 0x62B5, 0x62B8, 0x5EBA, 0x62DB, 0x62DD
    	.short 0x66FE, 0x671F, 0x737F, 0x7380, 0x7382, 0x6F64
    	.short 0x6728, 0x630B, 0x630E, 0x6311, 0x6313, 0x6315
    	.short 0x5EF8, 0x5EFA, 0x631B, 0x631D, 0x673E, 0x6F7F
    	.short 0x77BF, 0x6BC0, 0x6FC1, 0x6786, 0x6349, 0x5F2C
    	.short 0x5F2F, 0x5F31, 0x5F33, 0x5F55, 0x5F57, 0x5F5A
    	.short 0x635B, 0x635D, 0x675E, 0x6F9F, 0x77BF, 0x67E0
    	.short 0x63C3, 0x5F87, 0x5F6A, 0x5F6E, 0x5F70, 0x5F72
    	.short 0x5F74, 0x6376, 0x6378, 0x637A, 0x637B, 0x637D
    	.short 0x679E, 0x6FBF, 0x77DF, 0x63E2, 0x5FE5, 0x5BA8
    	.short 0x5FAC, 0x5FAE, 0x5FB0, 0x5FB2, 0x63B5, 0x63B6
    	.short 0x63B8, 0x63BA, 0x63BB, 0x63BD, 0x67BE, 0x6FDF
    	.short 0x77DF, 0x5FE4, 0x5BE7, 0x5FCB, 0x5FCD, 0x5FCF
    	.short 0x5FD1, 0x63D3, 0x63D5, 0x63D7, 0x67D9, 0x67DA
    	.short 0x67DC, 0x67DD, 0x67DE, 0x6FDF, 0x77FF, 0x5BE6
    	.short 0x5FE9, 0x5FEB, 0x5FED, 0x5FF0, 0x63F2, 0x63F4
    	.short 0x67F6, 0x67F8, 0x6FFB, 0x6FFC, 0x6FFD, 0x6FFE
    	.short 0x6FFE, 0x6FFF, 0x77FF, 0x5BE9, 0x5FEB, 0x5FED
    	.short 0x5FEF, 0x63F2, 0x63F4, 0x67F6, 0x6BF8, 0x73FB
    	.short 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FF, 0x77FF
    	.short 0x77FF, 0x7800, 0x7802, 0x7805, 0x7808, 0x780B
    	.short 0x780F, 0x7811, 0x7814, 0x7817, 0x781A, 0x781E
    	.short 0x741F, 0x6C5F, 0x649F, 0x60DF, 0x613F, 0x7860
    	.short 0x7821, 0x7824, 0x7827, 0x782A, 0x782E, 0x7831
    	.short 0x7834, 0x7837, 0x783B, 0x783E, 0x707E, 0x68BF
    	.short 0x64FF, 0x653F, 0x617F, 0x78C0, 0x78A1, 0x70C6
    	.short 0x70C8, 0x70CB, 0x70CE, 0x70D1, 0x70D3, 0x70D6
    	.short 0x70D9, 0x70DC, 0x68FC, 0x651D, 0x657E, 0x657F
    	.short 0x65BF, 0x7920, 0x7901, 0x7106, 0x6929, 0x692B
    	.short 0x692E, 0x6930, 0x6933, 0x6935, 0x6938, 0x693A
    	.short 0x655B, 0x659D, 0x65BE, 0x65BF, 0x65FF, 0x7980
    	.short 0x7961, 0x7166, 0x6989, 0x658C, 0x658E, 0x6590
    	.short 0x6593, 0x6595, 0x6597, 0x6599, 0x65DB, 0x65DD
    	.short 0x65FE, 0x661F, 0x665F, 0x79E0, 0x79C1, 0x71C6
    	.short 0x69C9, 0x65CC, 0x65EF, 0x65F1, 0x65F3, 0x65F5
    	.short 0x65F7, 0x65F9, 0x661B, 0x661D, 0x663E, 0x665F
    	.short 0x6A9F, 0x7A40, 0x7A41, 0x7226, 0x6A29, 0x662C
    	.short 0x662F, 0x6631, 0x6633, 0x6635, 0x6637, 0x6639
    	.short 0x665B, 0x665D, 0x667E, 0x6A9F, 0x6ADF, 0x7AA0
    	.short 0x7A81, 0x7286, 0x6A69, 0x666C, 0x666F, 0x6671
    	.short 0x6673, 0x6675, 0x6677, 0x6679, 0x669B, 0x66BD
    	.short 0x6ABE, 0x6ADF, 0x6F1F, 0x7B00, 0x7B01, 0x72C6
    	.short 0x6AC9, 0x66AC, 0x66AF, 0x66B1, 0x66B3, 0x6AB5
    	.short 0x6AB7, 0x6ABA, 0x66DB, 0x6ADD, 0x6AFE, 0x6B1F
    	.short 0x737F, 0x7B60, 0x7B61, 0x7326, 0x6B09, 0x66EC
    	.short 0x66EF, 0x66F1, 0x66F3, 0x6AF5, 0x6AF7, 0x6AFA
    	.short 0x6B1B, 0x6B1D, 0x6B3E, 0x737F, 0x7BBF, 0x7BC0
    	.short 0x7BC1, 0x7386, 0x6B49, 0x672C, 0x672F, 0x6731
    	.short 0x6733, 0x6B55, 0x6B57, 0x673A, 0x6B5C, 0x6B5D
    	.short 0x739E, 0x77BF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E0, 0x6FC3, 0x6B87
    	.short 0x676A, 0x676E, 0x6770, 0x6772, 0x6774, 0x6776
    	.short 0x6B78, 0x6B9A, 0x6B9C, 0x6B9D, 0x73BE, 0x77DF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x6BE2, 0x67E5, 0x67A8, 0x67AC, 0x67AE
    	.short 0x67B0, 0x67B2, 0x67B5, 0x6BB6, 0x6BB8, 0x6BBA
    	.short 0x6BBC, 0x6BBD, 0x73DE, 0x77DF, 0x7FFF, 0x67E4
    	.short 0x67E7, 0x67CB, 0x67CD, 0x67CF, 0x67D1, 0x67D3
    	.short 0x6BD5, 0x6BD7, 0x6BD9, 0x73DC, 0x73DD, 0x73DE
    	.short 0x73DE, 0x77FF, 0x7FFF, 0x63E6, 0x63E9, 0x63EB
    	.short 0x67ED, 0x67F0, 0x67F2, 0x6BF4, 0x6BF6, 0x6BF8
    	.short 0x73FB, 0x77FD, 0x77FE, 0x77FE, 0x77FF, 0x77FF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x63E9, 0x63EB, 0x63ED, 0x67EF, 0x67F2
    	.short 0x6BF4, 0x6BF6, 0x6FF8, 0x73FB, 0x77FD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C00
    	.short 0x7C02, 0x7C05, 0x7C08, 0x7C0B, 0x7C0E, 0x7C11
    	.short 0x7C13, 0x7C17, 0x7C19, 0x7C1C, 0x7C1F, 0x745F
    	.short 0x6C9F, 0x68DF, 0x693F, 0x7C60, 0x7863, 0x7865
    	.short 0x7868, 0x786B, 0x786D, 0x7871, 0x7873, 0x7876
    	.short 0x7878, 0x787B, 0x787E, 0x74BF, 0x6CFF, 0x693F
    	.short 0x697F, 0x7CC0, 0x78C3, 0x70E7, 0x70E9, 0x70EC
    	.short 0x70EE, 0x70F0, 0x70F3, 0x70F5, 0x70F7, 0x70FA
    	.short 0x70FC, 0x6D1D, 0x6D7E, 0x697F, 0x69BF, 0x7D20
    	.short 0x7903, 0x7127, 0x6D4A, 0x6D4C, 0x6D4E, 0x6D50
    	.short 0x6D53, 0x6D55, 0x6D57, 0x6D59, 0x6D5B, 0x6D9D
    	.short 0x6DBE, 0x6DBF, 0x69FF, 0x7D60, 0x7963, 0x7187
    	.short 0x6D8A, 0x6DCE, 0x6DD0, 0x6DD2, 0x6DD3, 0x6DD5
    	.short 0x6DD7, 0x6DD9, 0x6DDB, 0x6DDD, 0x6DFE, 0x6E1F
    	.short 0x6A5F, 0x7DE0, 0x79C3, 0x71C7, 0x6DCA, 0x6E0E
    	.short 0x6E10, 0x6E12, 0x6E13, 0x6E15, 0x6E17, 0x6E19
    	.short 0x6E1B, 0x6E1D, 0x6E3E, 0x6E5F, 0x6E9F, 0x7E20
    	.short 0x7A23, 0x7227, 0x6E2A, 0x6E4E, 0x6E50, 0x6E52
    	.short 0x6E54, 0x6E55, 0x6E57, 0x6E59, 0x6E5B, 0x6E5D
    	.short 0x6E7E, 0x6E9F, 0x6EDF, 0x7E80, 0x7A63, 0x7267
    	.short 0x6E6A, 0x6E8E, 0x6E90, 0x6E92, 0x6E94, 0x6E96
    	.short 0x6E97, 0x6E99, 0x6E9B, 0x6EBD, 0x6EBE, 0x6EDF
    	.short 0x731F, 0x7EE0, 0x7AC3, 0x72A7, 0x6EAA, 0x6EAE
    	.short 0x6EB0, 0x6ED2, 0x6ED4, 0x6ED6, 0x6ED8, 0x6ED9
    	.short 0x6EDB, 0x6EDD, 0x6EFE, 0x731F, 0x777F, 0x7F40
    	.short 0x7B23, 0x7307, 0x6EEA, 0x6EEE, 0x6EF0, 0x6EF2
    	.short 0x6EF4, 0x6F16, 0x6F18, 0x6F1A, 0x6F1B, 0x6F1D
    	.short 0x733E, 0x777F, 0x7BBF, 0x7FA0, 0x7B83, 0x7347
    	.short 0x6F2A, 0x6F2E, 0x6F30, 0x6F32, 0x6F34, 0x6F36
    	.short 0x6F58, 0x735A, 0x735C, 0x735D, 0x779E, 0x7BBF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FE0, 0x7BC3, 0x7387, 0x6F6A, 0x6F6E
    	.short 0x6F70, 0x6F72, 0x6F74, 0x6F76, 0x6F78, 0x739A
    	.short 0x6F7C, 0x77BE, 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E2
    	.short 0x73E5, 0x6FA8, 0x6FAC, 0x6FAE, 0x6FB0, 0x6FB2
    	.short 0x6FB5, 0x6FB6, 0x6FB8, 0x73BA, 0x77DD, 0x77DE
    	.short 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6FE4, 0x6BE7, 0x6BCB
    	.short 0x6BCD, 0x6BCF, 0x6FD1, 0x6FD3, 0x6FD5, 0x6FD7
    	.short 0x73D9, 0x77DC, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFE, 0x7BFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x6BE6, 0x6BE9, 0x6BEB, 0x6BED, 0x6BF0
    	.short 0x6FF2, 0x6FF4, 0x6FF6, 0x73F8, 0x77FB, 0x7BFD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x67E9
    	.short 0x67EB, 0x6BED, 0x6BEF, 0x6BF2, 0x6FF4, 0x6FF6
    	.short 0x73F8, 0x77FB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7C42, 0x7C44, 0x7C46
    	.short 0x7C49, 0x7C4B, 0x7C4E, 0x7C51, 0x7C53, 0x7C55
    	.short 0x7C58, 0x7C5A, 0x7C5D, 0x7C5F, 0x789F, 0x70DF
    	.short 0x6D3F, 0x7C82, 0x7CA5, 0x7CA7, 0x7CA9, 0x7CAC
    	.short 0x7CAE, 0x7CB0, 0x7CB3, 0x7CB5, 0x7CB7, 0x7CB9
    	.short 0x7CBC, 0x7CBF, 0x74FF, 0x713F, 0x6D7F, 0x7CE2
    	.short 0x7CE5, 0x7508, 0x750A, 0x750C, 0x750E, 0x7510
    	.short 0x7513, 0x7514, 0x7516, 0x7519, 0x751B, 0x751D
    	.short 0x717E, 0x717F, 0x6DBF, 0x7D22, 0x7D25, 0x7568
    	.short 0x758C, 0x758E, 0x7590, 0x7591, 0x7593, 0x7595
    	.short 0x7597, 0x7599, 0x759B, 0x759D, 0x71BE, 0x71BF
    	.short 0x6DFF, 0x7D82, 0x7D85, 0x75A8, 0x75CC, 0x75CE
    	.short 0x75D0, 0x75D2, 0x75D4, 0x75D5, 0x75D7, 0x75D9
    	.short 0x75DB, 0x75DD, 0x71FE, 0x721F, 0x725F, 0x7DC2
    	.short 0x7DC5, 0x75E8, 0x760C, 0x760E, 0x7610, 0x7612
    	.short 0x7614, 0x7615, 0x7617, 0x7619, 0x761B, 0x761D
    	.short 0x723E, 0x725F, 0x729F, 0x7E22, 0x7E25, 0x7628
    	.short 0x764C, 0x764E, 0x7650, 0x7652, 0x7654, 0x7656
    	.short 0x7657, 0x7659, 0x765B, 0x765D, 0x727E, 0x729F
    	.short 0x72DF, 0x7E62, 0x7E65, 0x7668, 0x768C, 0x768E
    	.short 0x7690, 0x7692, 0x76B5, 0x76B6, 0x76B8, 0x76B9
    	.short 0x76BB, 0x76BD, 0x72BE, 0x76DF, 0x771F, 0x7EC2
    	.short 0x7EA5, 0x76A8, 0x76AC, 0x76AE, 0x76D0, 0x76D2
    	.short 0x76D5, 0x76D6, 0x76D8, 0x76DA, 0x76DB, 0x76DD
    	.short 0x76FE, 0x771F, 0x7B7F, 0x7F02, 0x7F05, 0x76E8
    	.short 0x76EC, 0x76EE, 0x76F0, 0x76F2, 0x7715, 0x7716
    	.short 0x7718, 0x771A, 0x771B, 0x771D, 0x773E, 0x7B7F
    	.short 0x7BBF, 0x7F62, 0x7F45, 0x7728, 0x772C, 0x772E
    	.short 0x7730, 0x7732, 0x7735, 0x7756, 0x7758, 0x775A
    	.short 0x775C, 0x775D, 0x7B9E, 0x7BBF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FA2
    	.short 0x7FA5, 0x7768, 0x776C, 0x776E, 0x7770, 0x7772
    	.short 0x7775, 0x7776, 0x7778, 0x779A, 0x7BBD, 0x7BBE
    	.short 0x7BDF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE2, 0x7FE5, 0x77A8
    	.short 0x77AC, 0x77AE, 0x77B0, 0x77B2, 0x77B5, 0x77B6
    	.short 0x77B8, 0x77BA, 0x7BDD, 0x7BDE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x77E4, 0x73E7, 0x73CB, 0x73CD, 0x73CF
    	.short 0x73D1, 0x73D3, 0x73D5, 0x77D7, 0x77D9, 0x7BDC
    	.short 0x7BFE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x73E6
    	.short 0x73E9, 0x73EB, 0x73ED, 0x73F0, 0x73F2, 0x73F4
    	.short 0x73F6, 0x77F8, 0x7BFB, 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x6FE9, 0x6FEB, 0x6FED
    	.short 0x6FEF, 0x73F2, 0x73F4, 0x73F6, 0x77F8, 0x7BFB
    	.short 0x7BFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7C84, 0x7C86, 0x7C88, 0x7C8A, 0x7C8C
    	.short 0x7C8E, 0x7C90, 0x7C93, 0x7C94, 0x7C97, 0x7C99
    	.short 0x7C9B, 0x7C9D, 0x7C9F, 0x78DF, 0x753F, 0x7CC4
    	.short 0x7CE7, 0x7CE8, 0x7CEA, 0x7CED, 0x7CEE, 0x7CF0
    	.short 0x7CF3, 0x7CF4, 0x7CF6, 0x7CF9, 0x7CFA, 0x7CFC
    	.short 0x7CFF, 0x793F, 0x757F, 0x7D04, 0x7D27, 0x796B
    	.short 0x796C, 0x796E, 0x7970, 0x7971, 0x7973, 0x7975
    	.short 0x7977, 0x7979, 0x797A, 0x797C, 0x797E, 0x797F
    	.short 0x75BF, 0x7D44, 0x7D67, 0x79AB, 0x79AD, 0x79AE
    	.short 0x79B0, 0x79B2, 0x79B3, 0x79B5, 0x79B7, 0x79B9
    	.short 0x79BA, 0x79BC, 0x79BE, 0x79BF, 0x75FF, 0x7DA4
    	.short 0x7DA7, 0x79CB, 0x79ED, 0x79EF, 0x79F0, 0x79F2
    	.short 0x79F4, 0x79F5, 0x79F7, 0x79F9, 0x79FA, 0x79FC
    	.short 0x79FE, 0x7A1F, 0x765F, 0x7DC4, 0x7DE7, 0x7A0B
    	.short 0x7A0D, 0x7A2F, 0x7A31, 0x7A33, 0x7A34, 0x7A36
    	.short 0x7A37, 0x7A39, 0x7A3B, 0x7A3C, 0x7A3E, 0x7A5F
    	.short 0x769F, 0x7E24, 0x7E27, 0x7A4B, 0x7A4D, 0x7A4F
    	.short 0x7A71, 0x7A73, 0x7A75, 0x7A76, 0x7A78, 0x7A79
    	.short 0x7A7B, 0x7A7C, 0x7A7E, 0x7A9F, 0x76DF, 0x7E64
    	.short 0x7E67, 0x7A8B, 0x7A8D, 0x7A8F, 0x7A91, 0x7AB3
    	.short 0x7AB5, 0x7AB6, 0x7AB8, 0x7ABA, 0x7ABB, 0x7ABC
    	.short 0x7ABE, 0x7ADF, 0x7B1F, 0x7EA4, 0x7EA7, 0x7AAB
    	.short 0x7AAD, 0x7ACF, 0x7AD1, 0x7AD3, 0x7AF5, 0x7AF7
    	.short 0x7AF8, 0x7AFA, 0x7AFB, 0x7AFD, 0x7AFE, 0x7B1F
    	.short 0x7B7F, 0x7EE4, 0x7EE7, 0x7AEB, 0x7AED, 0x7AEF
    	.short 0x7AF1, 0x7B13, 0x7B15, 0x7B37, 0x7B39, 0x7B3A
    	.short 0x7B3C, 0x7B3D, 0x7B3E, 0x7B7F, 0x7FBF, 0x7F24
    	.short 0x7F27, 0x7B2B, 0x7B2D, 0x7B2F, 0x7B31, 0x7B33
    	.short 0x7B55, 0x7B57, 0x7B59, 0x7B9C, 0x7B9D, 0x7B9E
    	.short 0x7B9E, 0x7FBF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F64, 0x7F67, 0x7B6B
    	.short 0x7B6D, 0x7B6F, 0x7B71, 0x7B73, 0x7B75, 0x7B77
    	.short 0x7B99, 0x7BBC, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDE, 0x7FDF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FC4, 0x7FA7, 0x7B8B, 0x7B8D, 0x7B8F
    	.short 0x7B91, 0x7B93, 0x7B95, 0x7BB7, 0x7BB9, 0x7BDC
    	.short 0x7FDE, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE4
    	.short 0x7FE7, 0x7BCB, 0x7BCD, 0x7BCF, 0x7BD1, 0x7BD3
    	.short 0x7BD5, 0x7BD7, 0x7BD9, 0x7BDC, 0x7FFE, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x77E6, 0x7BE9, 0x77EB
    	.short 0x7BED, 0x7BF0, 0x7BF2, 0x7BF4, 0x7BF6, 0x7BF8
    	.short 0x7BFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x73E9, 0x73EB, 0x73ED, 0x77EF, 0x77F2
    	.short 0x77F4, 0x77F6, 0x7BF8, 0x7BFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7CC6
    	.short 0x7CC8, 0x7CC9, 0x7CCB, 0x7CCD, 0x7CCF, 0x7CD1
    	.short 0x7CD3, 0x7CD4, 0x7CD6, 0x7CD8, 0x7CDA, 0x7CDC
    	.short 0x7CDD, 0x7CDF, 0x793F, 0x7D06, 0x7D29, 0x7D2B
    	.short 0x7D2D, 0x7D2E, 0x7D30, 0x7D31, 0x7D33, 0x7D35
    	.short 0x7D37, 0x7D38, 0x7D3A, 0x7D3C, 0x7D3E, 0x7D3F
    	.short 0x797F, 0x7D46, 0x7D69, 0x7D6B, 0x7D6D, 0x7D6E
    	.short 0x7D70, 0x7D72, 0x7D73, 0x7D75, 0x7D77, 0x7D78
    	.short 0x7D7A, 0x7D7C, 0x7D7D, 0x7D7F, 0x79BF, 0x7D66
    	.short 0x7DA9, 0x7DAB, 0x7DAD, 0x7DAF, 0x7DB0, 0x7DB2
    	.short 0x7DB4, 0x7DB6, 0x7DB7, 0x7DB9, 0x7DBA, 0x7DBC
    	.short 0x7DBE, 0x7DBF, 0x79FF, 0x7DC6, 0x7DC9, 0x7DEB
    	.short 0x7DED, 0x7E10, 0x7E11, 0x7E12, 0x7E14, 0x7E16
    	.short 0x7E17, 0x7E19, 0x7E1A, 0x7E1C, 0x7E1E, 0x7E1F
    	.short 0x7A5F, 0x7DE6, 0x7E09, 0x7E0B, 0x7E2D, 0x7E30
    	.short 0x7E52, 0x7E53, 0x7E55, 0x7E56, 0x7E58, 0x7E59
    	.short 0x7E5B, 0x7E5C, 0x7E5E, 0x7E5F, 0x7A9F, 0x7E26
    	.short 0x7E49, 0x7E4B, 0x7E6D, 0x7E70, 0x7E72, 0x7E94
    	.short 0x7E95, 0x7E97, 0x7E98, 0x7E9A, 0x7E9B, 0x7E9C
    	.short 0x7E9E, 0x7E9F, 0x7EDF, 0x7E66, 0x7E89, 0x7E8B
    	.short 0x7E8D, 0x7E90, 0x7EB2, 0x7EB4, 0x7ED6, 0x7ED7
    	.short 0x7ED9, 0x7EDA, 0x7EDB, 0x7EDC, 0x7EDE, 0x7EDF
    	.short 0x7F1F, 0x7EA6, 0x7EC9, 0x7EAB, 0x7ECD, 0x7ED0
    	.short 0x7ED2, 0x7EF4, 0x7EF6, 0x7F18, 0x7F19, 0x7F1A
    	.short 0x7F1C, 0x7F1D, 0x7F1E, 0x7F1F, 0x7F7F, 0x7EE6
    	.short 0x7EE9, 0x7EEB, 0x7EED, 0x7EF0, 0x7F12, 0x7F14
    	.short 0x7F36, 0x7F38, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D, 0x7F7E
    	.short 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F, 0x7FBF, 0x7F06, 0x7F29, 0x7F2B
    	.short 0x7F2D, 0x7F30, 0x7F32, 0x7F54, 0x7F56, 0x7F58
    	.short 0x7F9B, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF, 0x7FBF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7F46, 0x7F49, 0x7F4B, 0x7F6D, 0x7F70
    	.short 0x7F72, 0x7F74, 0x7F76, 0x7F98, 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F86
    	.short 0x7F89, 0x7F8B, 0x7F8D, 0x7F90, 0x7F92, 0x7F94
    	.short 0x7FB6, 0x7FB8, 0x7FDB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC6, 0x7FC9, 0x7FCB
    	.short 0x7FCD, 0x7FD0, 0x7FD2, 0x7FD4, 0x7FD6, 0x7FD8
    	.short 0x7FDB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FE6, 0x7FE9, 0x7FEB, 0x7FED, 0x7FF0
    	.short 0x7FF2, 0x7FF4, 0x7FF6, 0x7FF8, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7BE9
    	.short 0x7BEB, 0x7BED, 0x7BEF, 0x7BF2, 0x7BF4, 0x7BF6
    	.short 0x7BF8, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7D29, 0x7D2A, 0x7D2C
    	.short 0x7D2D, 0x7D2F, 0x7D30, 0x7D32, 0x7D33, 0x7D35
    	.short 0x7D36, 0x7D38, 0x7D39, 0x7D3B, 0x7D3C, 0x7D3E
    	.short 0x7D3F, 0x7D69, 0x7D6B, 0x7D6D, 0x7D6E, 0x7D6F
    	.short 0x7D71, 0x7D72, 0x7D74, 0x7D75, 0x7D77, 0x7D78
    	.short 0x7D79, 0x7D7B, 0x7D7C, 0x7D7E, 0x7D7F, 0x7D89
    	.short 0x7DAB, 0x7DAD, 0x7DAF, 0x7DB0, 0x7DB1, 0x7DB3
    	.short 0x7DB4, 0x7DB6, 0x7DB7, 0x7DB8, 0x7DBA, 0x7DBB
    	.short 0x7DBC, 0x7DBE, 0x7DBF, 0x7DC9, 0x7DCB, 0x7DED
    	.short 0x7DEF, 0x7DF1, 0x7DF2, 0x7DF3, 0x7DF5, 0x7DF6
    	.short 0x7DF7, 0x7DF9, 0x7DFA, 0x7DFB, 0x7DFD, 0x7DFE
    	.short 0x7DFF, 0x7DE9, 0x7E0B, 0x7E0D, 0x7E2F, 0x7E52
    	.short 0x7E53, 0x7E54, 0x7E55, 0x7E56, 0x7E58, 0x7E59
    	.short 0x7E5A, 0x7E5C, 0x7E5D, 0x7E5E, 0x7E5F, 0x7E29
    	.short 0x7E2B, 0x7E4D, 0x7E4F, 0x7E72, 0x7E94, 0x7E95
    	.short 0x7E96, 0x7E97, 0x7E98, 0x7E9A, 0x7E9B, 0x7E9C
    	.short 0x7E9D, 0x7E9E, 0x7E9F, 0x7E49, 0x7E6B, 0x7E6D
    	.short 0x7E6F, 0x7E92, 0x7EB4, 0x7ED6, 0x7ED7, 0x7ED8
    	.short 0x7ED9, 0x7EDA, 0x7EDB, 0x7EDC, 0x7EDD, 0x7EDE
    	.short 0x7EDF, 0x7E89, 0x7E8B, 0x7E8D, 0x7EAF, 0x7EB2
    	.short 0x7ED4, 0x7EF6, 0x7F18, 0x7F19, 0x7F1A, 0x7F1B
    	.short 0x7F1C, 0x7F1D, 0x7F1E, 0x7F1E, 0x7F1F, 0x7EA9
    	.short 0x7EAB, 0x7ECD, 0x7ECF, 0x7EF2, 0x7EF4, 0x7F16
    	.short 0x7F38, 0x7F7B, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7C, 0x7F7D, 0x7F7E
    	.short 0x7F7E, 0x7F7F, 0x7F7F, 0x7EE9, 0x7EEB, 0x7EED
    	.short 0x7EEF, 0x7F12, 0x7F14, 0x7F36, 0x7F58, 0x7F9B
    	.short 0x7FBD, 0x7FBD, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBE, 0x7FBF, 0x7FBF
    	.short 0x7FBF, 0x7F09, 0x7F0B, 0x7F2D, 0x7F2F, 0x7F32
    	.short 0x7F54, 0x7F56, 0x7F78, 0x7F9B, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F49
    	.short 0x7F4B, 0x7F4D, 0x7F4F, 0x7F52, 0x7F74, 0x7F76
    	.short 0x7F98, 0x7FBB, 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7F69, 0x7F6B, 0x7F6D
    	.short 0x7F6F, 0x7F92, 0x7F94, 0x7F96, 0x7FB8, 0x7FDB
    	.short 0x7FDD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FA9, 0x7FAB, 0x7FAD, 0x7FAF, 0x7FB2
    	.short 0x7FB4, 0x7FB6, 0x7FD8, 0x7FDB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FC9
    	.short 0x7FCB, 0x7FCD, 0x7FCF, 0x7FD2, 0x7FD4, 0x7FF6
    	.short 0x7FF8, 0x7FFB, 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FE9, 0x7FEB, 0x7FED
    	.short 0x7FEF, 0x7FF2, 0x7FF4, 0x7FF6, 0x7FF8, 0x7FFB
    	.short 0x7FFD, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF, 0x7FFF
    	.short 0x7FFF

The functions mainly responsible for weather effects in the overworld are located at ROM:083C2BC0 weather_funcs. It's an array of fifteen structures, one for each of the weather bytes 0x0 to 0xE. Each structure is made up of four pointers to routines: the first one will run when a map with different weather is entered through a map connection (and I think it also runs when the weather has been changed through a script), the second one will run when the weather is in progress, the third one when the map is reloaded (when you enter it through a warp or exit a menu; this is used so the weather will already be in progress when the map is loaded) and the last one runs when you leave the map for one with different weather.

An interesting function which is also responsible for running the aforementioned routines is ROM:08079E0C task_overworld. It may also run one of the two (four if you count the nullsubs) routines at ROM:083C2CB0 off_83C2CB0 which are responsible for some stuff happening on map reloading (fading, for example). ROM:0807A858 loc_807A858, a part of the ROM:0807A818 fade_screen routine, also has weather checks (if you don't change them and just proceed to edit the jump table in ROM:0807A084 sub_807A084 it won't work).

I'll try posting some information on the interesting part of EWRAM:02037F34 weather_data soon: this will help understanding what the weather routines do. Again, if you have the time and the experience, please contribute.


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Posted July 31st, 2018
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I've just added some information on implementing the harsh sunlight from Ruby into FireRed, as well as some general information on how weather works.
I already fixed sunny weather long time ago since nobody was doing it.

It takes more than your routine and requires a table of values. Take a look from emerald instead of ruby.


Ordinary ASM Magician

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Posted July 31st, 2018
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I would say "it's not time yet" but since you're so close i'll save you some headaches


0x7A2AA -> 01 48 00 47 C0 46 [offset routine +1]
0x7AC2A -> 20 22 02 70

.align 2
.global sunnyweatherfix

    mov r9, r1
    lsl r2, r2, #0x18
    asr r0, r2, #0x18
    cmp r0, #0x0
    ble redirect2
    ldr r2, return2
    mov pc, r2

    cmp r0, #0x0
    blt start
    @blt returnstack
    ldr r1, return3
    mov pc, r1
    mvn r0, r0
    lsl r0, r0, #0x18
    lsr r0, r0, #0x18
    str r0, [sp, #0x0]
    lsl r6, r3, #0x04
    add r0, r1, r3
    lsl r0, r0, #0x18
    lsr r0, r0, #0x18
    mov r9, r0
    add r4, r3, #0x0
    cmp r4, r9
    bcs returnstack
    ldr r0, allowed
    ldr r0, [r0, #0x0]
    add r0, r0, r4
    ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0]
    cmp r0, #0x0
    bne continue
    lsl r1, r6, #0x01
    ldr r0, palette1
    add r0, r1, r0
    ldr r2, palette2
    add r1, r1, r2
    mov r2, #0x8
    swi #0xC
    add r0, r6, #0x0
    add r0, #0x10
    lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    lsr r6, r0, #0x10
    mov r3, r9
    lsl r3, r3, #0x10
    mov r8, r3
    add r4, #0x1
    mov r12, r4
    b resume
    mov r7, #0x0
    mov r0, r9
    lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    mov r8, r0
    add r4, #0x1
    mov r12, r4
    ldr r1, table
    mov r10, r1
    ldr r2, [sp, #0x0]
    lsl r0, r2, #0x18
    asr r5, r0, #0x0b
    lsl r0, r6, #0x01
    ldr r3, palette2
    add r4, r0, r3
    ldr r1, palette1
    add r0, r0, r1
    ldrh r3, [r0, #0x0]
    lsl r3, r3, #0x10
    lsr r0, r3, #0x11
    mov r1, #0xf
    and r0, r1
    lsr r1, r3, #0x12
    mov r2, #0xf0
    and r1, r2
    orr r0, r1
    lsr r3, r3, #0x13
    mov r2, #0xf0
    lsl r2, r2, #0x04
    add r1, r2, #0x0
    and r3, r1
    orr r0, r3
    lsl r0, r0, #0x01
    add r0, r0, r5
    add r0, r10
    ldrh r0, [r0, #0x0]
    strh r0, [r4, #0x0]
    add r0, r6, #0x1
    lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    lsr r6, r0, #0x10
    add r0, r7, #0x1
    lsl r0, r0, #0x10
    lsr r7, r0, #0x10
    cmp r7, #0xf
    bls loop
    mov r3, r12
    lsl r0, r3, #0x10
    lsr r4, r0, #0x10
    cmp r0, r8
    bcc start2
    ldr r0, return
    mov pc, r0
.align 2
return:        .word 0x0807A3B6
return2:    .word 0x0807A2B4
return3:    .word 0x0807A3A4
allowed:    .word 0x020386A4
palette1:    .word 0x020371F8
palette2:    .word 0x020375F8
table:        .word 0x08F50100
Where table is the offset of the lookup table


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Thanks a bunch! I'll add it to the op when I'm at my pc again.
(And I think it's never bad to share routines if you can help people with it! If you have anything else to contribute, please do. I'll clean up Jambo's code for in-battle hail when it snows in the OW soon but I noticed you had once asked a question about that, so perhaps you've got something already :b)
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The purpose of this thread is researching weather effects and updating them to the way they are in later generations. So far this only contains the overworld snow effect but I hope to post more in the future.

Spoiler: Three snow flakes, FR
So yeah, LU-HO can't count. There's 16 of them. There are three things that need to happen for the snow to behave like the light snow in gen IV/V:
  • At 0x07C23E, put 4B E0 to stop the snowflakes from melting
  • Edit the byte at 0x07BE56 to change the number of snowflakes. I suggest something around 0x20
  • To stop the screen from becoming darker: 052804D0012203E0 at 0x07A872, 00 at 0x07BE46, 0807A16C at 0x07A0D0
That's it!
I have been found a bug for the weather of snow flakes. It always showed me the dark screen to every things exclude the hero's overworld while starting to fly from the city that has the snow flakes or flying to the city which has the snow flakes.

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I believe Jambo did create permanent hail. And yeah, I plan on at least replicating all forms of weather present in Platinum and want to use sandstorm (and perhaps some snowflakes and screen darkening) for blizzard.
I'll upload my code for Snow Warning on the Ability Resource Thread fairly soon. Just need to formally write it up again.
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Just some info for Emerald:
The corresponding offsets for changing the snowflake effect in Emerald are:
07A0D0-0AB47C (Pointer to routine causing darkening (pointer to overwrite: 080AB51C [1C B5 0A 08]))
07A872-0ABD2A (Screen darkening during snowflake effect)
07BE46-0ACFA6 (Screen darkening during snowflake effect)
07BE56-0ACFB6 (Number of falling snowflakes)
07C23E-0AD39E (Snowflakes melting)
And the offsets containing the image & palette of the weather particles are:
0x54DAD0 (image, uncompressed)
0x54C270 (palette, uncompressed)
The particles are arranged in the following order: large "three snowflakes" snow particle, small "three snowflakes" snow particle, large diving bubble, small diving bubble, then all the ash particles, in slightly different positions, and finally the rain particles.
Again, this is for Emerald.


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So I've noticed that when on a map that had it's screen darkened by weather (in my case, rain), when I use a warp the screen flashes blue instead of black. I did some testing, and I've figured out that it's related to how you removed the screen darkening from snow, but I'm not sure how.

Have you encountered this before too?

Also, do you think you could be a bit friendlier with your formatting and separate the byte values you posted with spaces?
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So I've noticed that when on a map that had it's screen darkened by weather (in my case, rain), when I use a warp the screen flashes blue instead of black. I did some testing, and I've figured out that it's related to how you removed the screen darkening from snow, but I'm not sure how.
I can confirm that this happens with all of the "white" flashes, i.e. exiting from a cave to outdoors or fadescreen 0x3.


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So I've noticed that when on a map that had it's screen darkened by weather (in my case, rain), when I use a warp the screen flashes blue instead of black. I did some testing, and I've figured out that it's related to how you removed the screen darkening from snow, but I'm not sure how.

Have you encountered this before too?

Also, do you think you could be a bit friendlier with your formatting and separate the byte values you posted with spaces?
Got back to hacking today, and all warps look fine to me. Could you either post a link to a patch here or join the irc ('chat' link in my sig)?
As for the spaces: I put everything down this way on purpose so the string of bytes can easily be copied into a hex editor.
The removal of the darkening during snowfall appears to break other weathers that include the darkening effect (e.g. regular rainfall). Also, the maximum number of snowflakes (the byte at 0x7BE56 [FireRed]/0xACFB6 [Emerald]) that can be onscreen is 0x36 (54)
Same applies here: nothing breaks for me. Could you either post a link to a patch here or join the irc ('chat' link in my sig) too?
And what do you notice with numbers above 0x36? For me everything works fine up to 0x39.
I can confirm that this happens with all of the "white" flashes, i.e. exiting from a cave to outdoors or fadescreen 0x3.
.-. I'm really getting confused here. Join the irc please.


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Alright, I've fixed the blue screen during fades. It just requires adding two more four-byte strings, so it can be applied over the existing hack. I've also included a patch for the lazy among us.

EDIT: scrap that. I messed up :(

EDIT 2: everything should work this time. If you applied the two changes from the last fix, then undo them. The longer string I just added should cover everything.

EDIT 3: just updated the OP once more; there was a glitch where if you entered a map, walked to the left or right for some tiles, then opened something (like the bag) and returned to the map, the snowflakes would spawn where you originally entered the map. Then the game would detect that they (or a part of them) are off the screen, think you've just taken a step that moved them out of view, and place them on the opposite side of the screen, giving all of them the same x coordinate. This happens because the game uses global_sprite_displace to spawn snowflakes within your view, and also uses it to see if they've gone off the screen. However, the snowflakes are spawned before global_sprite_displace is set :/. This update calls the function at 0805AE28 to update global_sprite_displace right before running the weather functions, which seems to solve the problem.
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daniilS, since you're looking into this, do you know how can I change weather effects?
Which types get hurt by a sandstorm, or which attack types get reduced when a certain weather is up (for example, Fire-type moves getting reduced in the rain), adding the damage to rain for ground and rock Pokémon...
Do you know where in the game is listed this kind of stuff?
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daniilS, since you're looking into this, do you know how can I change weather effects?
Which types get hurt by a sandstorm, or which attack types get reduced when a certain weather is up (for example, Fire-type moves getting reduced in the rain), adding the damage to rain for ground and rock Pokémon...
Do you know where in the game is listed this kind of stuff?
If you look at the ability resource thread, I posted a routine for sand force which contain both damamge-boost and prevent-damage from sandstorm regardless of the type.

The area I hooked is where the damage-weather are effective, but it's ASM code so you'll have to learn.

For the damage based on weather, there's MANY places to look into. You can start by some of the places I hooked in Delta stream/desolate/primordial routines, look at the last part, the Air lock/Cloud nine checks are a good start I think

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If you look at the ability resource thread, I posted a routine for sand force which contain both damamge-boost and prevent-damage from sandstorm regardless of the type.

The area I hooked is where the damage-weather are effective, but it's ASM code so you'll have to learn.

For the damage based on weather, there's MANY places to look into. You can start by some of the places I hooked in Delta stream/desolate/primordial routines, look at the last part, the Air lock/Cloud nine checks are a good start I think
How about only damaging the opposing team? If it's naturally occuring weather I guess it would have to damage everyone.
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How about only damaging the opposing team? If it's naturally occuring weather I guess it would have to damage everyone.
You'll have to use a free ram location I think. And everytime a damaging weather is set, you'll have to use that free ram to know from what side the weather has been activated.
Then in the damaging weather routine you'll have to use the bank user (or target, depending on how work the routine), to decide wether the poke has to take the damage or not

For the bankuser/target, look at some routine in the ability resource thread
The free ram loc should be a unused ram location of course, again look at the ability resource thread. The delta stream routine, the setword routine etc use freeramloc, there's a ton like that around those location

Not sure if that's the good place to talk about it. Daniils tell us if you want we move around