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Time for a HUGE update(filled with videos)

Finished grinding my team
I've defeated Will ,but forgot to record it. WON'T RETRY AGAIN AS HE'S A PAIN(JYNX+XATUS)
Defeated Koga
Defeated Bruno
Defeated Karen(I love her quotes!)
Defeated Lance on second try
Part One
Part Two
Entered Hall of Fame
BONUS:Defeat against Lance
Defeated Lt. Surge
Got the Train pass
Defeated Sabrina
Defeated Erika
Defeated Misty
Defeated Brock
Defeated Rival for the Sixth time
Defeated Janine[Lost the video]
Defeated Blaine
Defeated Blue
Part One
Part Two


Dotax F @ Focus Band

Lv 58
-Razor Leaf
-Sludge Bomb
-Poison Powder

Anyal F @ Leftovers

Lv 57
-Leech Seed
-Cotton Spore
-Stun Spore

Nilaf F @ Quick Claw

Lv 58
-Petal Dance
-Poison Powder

Ionam M @ Leftovers

Lv 58
-Sleep Powder

Now grinding for Red. And gonna try to get a Sun Stune.
It's sad you can't get Leaf Stones(only one but it takes too much time) in that game
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