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    Originally Posted by CyberSamurai View Post
    to darkdoom, if you looking for different eevolutions id try deviantArt. i browsed through there a few times before and found a few cool looking eevolutions.
    Thanks, theres some pretty good designs there. Im still not 100% comitted to the idea though- If i were to add them (mabye after i finish core game) it would be bug(because no other eevee types are super effective against dark), and ground (no one else SE against electric).
    I would also add dragon and steel as endgame bonuses. I suspect steel would be overused.

    Originally Posted by brokenxnote View Post
    Yet, I still shivered when I saw her in THIS game lol. The childhood trauma just never fades away lmao.

    I like the idea of the forest changing depending on time of day too, but what if you're in Mors Village, save, and come back to play during the day? o_o;;; lol
    I've done delicate balancing. Jolteon> Flanker, Vaporeon > Cave, Flareon > Bugzy + forest, Espeon > Dojo > Miltank. sneaky sneaky. And it will continue- Umbreon > morty (ghost gym)
    Don't be mistaken- theres no actual "time of day" as the game lacks an internal clock. explained later.

    Originally Posted by Forbidden1 View Post
    i have a feeling im going to have a hell of a time beating whitneys miltank >_>
    also, is it possible to capture a corrupted pokemon? without it devolving or purified?
    Not really, all corrupted pokemon so far devolve.I'll probably keep it like that for people who (god knows why) would want to keep their pokemon at basic level. Even though they are at basic form, their starting off level may be higher than the evolution level- so you can evolve stright away.

    Originally Posted by Sage Harpuia View Post
    Oh dear god-withney's milktank

    Moving on, the idea of different warp in night is awesome. Also I like that you are adding small particulares, like the map for house swithcing: they makes me think that you are putting a lot of effort in and so the quality of the game will always amaze me:).
    thanks, :), I don't remember miltank being a major pain- but I do remember it killing me easily. Hmm. I think I may have underpowered the miltank. I may have to increase the level by a few nothes.

    Originally Posted by anugrah6 View Post
    How to Defeat 1st AI in his 4th form My Team is Charmaleon,Vaporeon , Butterfree and Geodude
    Pays to listen to M :P
    It's good to hear that people actually reach the end of the demo.

    Good news. update.
    I had no update yesterday, had school from 9-5, then work from 6-8. :/
    but thursdays and fridays are generous to me.

    I've finished mapping the Luna/Sola forest.
    Ok so heres how it works.

    SPEE was going to have a day/night system. It reached early alpha stage-

    XxLionheartxX the controller of enviroments had remodeled one area of the game to work with the day/night system. a forest that morps depending on the time of day. He made it that mors village was only accessible during night- it was cool gimmic to show off the day/night system.... but.

    then the Master AI: XDR announced his plan to destroy the world. It would be useless further developing the day/night system. so it was cancelled.

    Now the forest is stuck in a state of eternal sunlight. meaning that Mors village has become in-accessible.... Which means the 4th gym badge is out of your grasp.

    M has a solution. Retrive the sorce code for the day/night system and reactivate it so it will work on the forest. Allowing it to change from day to night..

    But who has the sorce code? no other than the AI XxLionheartxX- coincidently, the next AI you were going to eliminate.
    Because of a total lack of ingame clock, the forest you appear in will depend on the amount of battles you've done (even = sola, odd = luna). -I dont want people having to wait for the right time of day to advance.

    Ironically, defeating XxlionheartxX will not only grant you luna forest, but it will also give you the umbreon form :)


    I also added in the Map Item. Actually you have it in your bag from v0.2+ but it was not usable. in 0.24 it will be fully usable. showing you your location and all.

    I'm hoping to get the XxlionheartxX event done tommorow. then program route 8 and mors city. If i can do them on time, then demo v0.24 should be out by monday.... hopefully.
    Version 0.753 is out
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