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Personally, I write what I want to write. I have an original trainer fic because that's what I wanted to read, and the story was one I wanted to write. That's how it is with all of my fanfics. I have plenty that no one will ever read, but I wrote them because I wanted to.

If whatever stories I post do get read, then that's fine.

You're asking if we should let the desire for others to like our writing override the desire for us to like our writing more.
I always work with the idea of "you can't please everyone". If you try to change your writing to please the most people, well, you just might lose the story you were wanting to write. And maybe it's because I just read words by my favorite writer that said this, but sometimes, the best work, the ones that you're most proud of, no one else has read. But that's just how it goes.

So yeah, I just say write what you want to write the best you can. Otherwise, I guess the magic is gone from the words, and the story isn't true because it's not the true words the writer wanted to share.

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