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    I just played the demo and it was great! I really love the storyline about the new generations. (Do you have to kill M at the end? or why does he tell you that he's a level 2 AI)

    1- How do you feel about the battle system? It feels very intuitive (I never played Final Fantasy) and good. Don't change it.

    2- What level are you at the end of the demo?
    All around 24 except my flaafy, which was around 18.

    3- Which form of eevee do you use less. (besides eevee itself)
    That's very balanced and really changes with location, Vaporeon> Caves , Jolteon> Water, Flareon> everything else (forest etc.)

    Two questions of mine: 1.wat are the red stripes on XxLionheartxX' belly in hybrid and fury form? 2. will you be able continue from were you stopped in the last demo, or do you have to play everything again?

    An idea: the difficluty till Necro was pretty ok, just make it that it gets more difficult from there on. (no need to change al the battles before necro) That way, it becomes more challenging as the story becomes deeper.

    Edit: I never got how to use the refining system.... Is it already accesable in v0.23, or will it be in 0.24 nevermind... at the pc

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