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    Edit: For the new list of commands see this post

    Here are the plug-in commands as of NSE

    i# Returns the current index
    f# Returns the current frame
    s# Returns the image offset
    p# Returns the palette offset
    st# Returns sprite table offset
    pt# Returns palette table offset

    Read: Reads data from the loaded ROM into memory
    read( startoffset, length)

    Write: Writes data to the loaded ROM
    write( writedata, startoffset)

    Image: Loads either an image form the ROM (both compressed and un-compressed
    image( image offset, palette offset, size)
    Size = 4bytes (WWwwHHhh)

    Condition - palette offset = "grayscale" : loads an image in grayscale
    Freespace: Finds the offset of a given amout of freespace and loads it into memory
    freespace( size, startoffset)

    Add: Increases mem(0) by a value
    add( value)

    Subtract: Decreases mem(0) by a value
    subtract( value)

    Multiply: Multiplies mem(0) by a value
    multiply( value)

    Divide: Divides mem(0) by a value
    divide( value)

    Append: Loads a value into memory
    append( value)

    Flip: Flips mem(0) in section length
    flip( value)
    Condtion - flip(0) : flips mem(0) entirely
    Condtion - flip(1) : flips mem(0) byte by byte

    Dump: Removes memory at a given depth
    dump( value)

    Debug: Displays a dialog with the current memory status among other things

    Stop: Ends plugin execution

    Fmax: Sets the frame bounds to a value
    fmax( value)

    Imax: Sets the index bounds to a value
    imax( value)

    If Statements: Compare mem(0) to a value. If code contained in { }

    Nin: Propmts for input
    nin( prompt message, response form)
    Condition: Response form = "d" responds in standard form
    Condition: Response form = "h" responds in hex form

    Nout: Shows aouput in a messagebox
    nout( value)
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