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Let's Play! by Aizuke @ pokecommunity

Hey guys! Soo this is my first official LP. XD; So bare with me as I am still new to this. :B

Um I decided to LP a game called Pocky and Rocky (orly now? I couldn't tell even with the huge banner above) which is kinda different to most of the pokemon LP's I'm seeing here. :B It's a fairly old game that was on SNES, I played it when I was little. :3 Well I played number 2 actually, and this is the first one so I'm new to the story line and everything. XD Also a little something different is it's a video. :D So you can hear my quirky voice, haha. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy it, and if I'm doing anything wrong, please feel free to comment me about it. XD;

Also to explain the beginning I was LPing another game beforehand called WonderBoy which was on the Sega Master, but yeah, I stopped it because it's so freaking hard. XD; Annd I'm kinda sick so it's hard for me to talk. Hopefully the more I LP, the better I'll get at this, since I'm kinda nervous about it. ^^;

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