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Originally Posted by bc54 View Post
this is a misunderstanding, i am NOT asking for a rom.

i cannot get the patch (version 4.2 with final dungeon) to work.

so, i would like to verify the download using an md5sum (see --- i cannot yet post links, sorry)

it is basically a "fingerprint" of a file, often used to verify a download is correct.

the md5sum of my ips patchfile "PokemonBrown.ips" is:

however every time i try to patch, the resulting rom doesnt work, instead it looks like this:
*sorry i cannot yet post links

again, I AM NOT ASKING FOR A ROM. i just want to find a reason to why i cant get the patch to work.

As far as i know, that's not a patch problem; it's a know problem with the game running on certain emulators (BGB), or platform (linux, mac).
It is something like this, isn't it?

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