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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Well if you're looking for some thoughts on the possible ideas bit; I'll give it a go.

Adopting lost Pokémon
It depends on how you execute this. Perhaps important characters may lose their Pokémon and you'll have a chance to adopt them... I'm not sure, this is pretty vague.

Meet your father
This sounds interesting if you can develop it into the plot. But for you to just randomly meet him after five years of him being disappeared, then it just doesn't sound worth adding in.

Other People on the same mission
You got a 'yes' from me on this one. Constant characters are always a nice thing to have around you as a player, especially if you can compare yourself to them, and they have some decent character growth.

Day and Night system
My personal opinion is that you shouldn't bother. It doesn't add anything spectacular to game play, nor does not having one subtract anything.
I pretty much strongly agree with what you said. It's not adopting lost Pokemon it's more like adopting Pokemon whose owners have died. I already decided to add some people who have the same mission yesterday. I think it's a great addition so far

Thanks for your input.

Originally Posted by Tomackze View Post
My ideas...

1. Adopt a Pokemon: Could be, like the one above me said, something with important characters losing their pokemon. And instead of adopting, what about battling it and catching it? That way it is kind of challenging also...

2. Meet your father: Make it something important, or make it a finale kind of thing. Like he is the final boss after you beat Elite Four

3. Other people on the same mission: I like this a lot, you can even make double battles with this. Where you can control both his and your pokemon. Would be so interesting

4. Day and Night System: Seems like a waste of time to me
The Day and Night, it's as easy as hitting "implement". It's not really going to waste time literally. I don't think I'll be adding it even so. I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be an elite four, the plot just doesn't call for that kinda thing. The double battle idea is pretty much beyond anything I could do right now. I don't think it's a good idea to have the ability to control another's Pokemon.

Thanks for the review

Originally Posted by shrekwilliam View Post
hi i love the pokemon you made i thought you could make a goat pokemon called gouet or golain ect
adoption yes i though about that too like quater way through the game brock bumps into you and about 3 places (counts routes) you find a pokemon and you give it brock and half way through the game it like level 40's and brock lets you have it if you find him an item for his breeding skills?
I don't take spriting requests. It's all practice for spriting (everyone starts off bad). As for the rest of your post, I don't understand what you're trying to say (I don't see where Brock comes into this) :/

I didn't get to work on it yesterday for long (Homework). So I just started on scripting some more stuff and mapping. I did finish the route outside of fault cavern though.