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    The gym leader was so easy, like his mother, so this is a pretty short update. Sorry, I'll make a longer one next time. Which is what I said to his mother.

    Well...time to go battle teh gym leader!



    No. Wait...what? Dude, that's like some random fat guy who never plays football telling a professional footballer that he can make them epicerer. You fail dude, lol, you're forty years old and you live with your mother, hahaha, I'm gonna laugh at you all day!

    Heheh, please do ya numpty!

    Heheh, who doesn't love free stuff? I'm sure you love free stuff since you have no money, hahahahaha!

    Lol, did u lern dat at shoe skool?

    <_< Please....stop looking at me it's disturbing...

    Best. Gym puzzle. EVER!

    No sh!t Sherlock.

    That and you're a fat kid in a red jumper.

    Tell that to the magikarp I killed once with a Charizard on Pokemon FireRed.

    Really, I'm sure it doesn't matter, I'll sweep your whole team with one Pokemon.

    No, in fact I honestly don't give a crap.

    No. (Which, of course, means yes apparently...)

    Teh hell is wrong with that sprite???

    Ok, I have 54 HP, by the end of this battle I won't have received any damage.



    See? It was you who underestimated me, now go back to crying over the fact that you can't even win in a children's game!


    You've said that.

    I know.

    Dude shut the f*ck up, seriously.

    Yay, something I could've bought at the pound shop, whoop de freaking doo.

    Wait, so having a stupid little piece of metal makes my Pokemon stronger? I better get to the pound shop, and fast.

    Ewwwww you like watching Pokemon use flash.

    No master ball? FcUk U nO0B.


    Invisibility cloak.