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    Originally Posted by Grimfox View Post
    I just tend to relate everything to Monty Python. xD

    The gym leader in Fortree
    The Maybe Witch is a reference to false witch burnings.That's why it says 'This witch looks strangely innocent... BURN HER!'

    The Gym Leader of Fortree, Veracity, takes a while to get to. Directions are in this spoiler:

    First, go down into the studios of the University and fight all three Directors. You can also fight a few Actresses, find some funny things, and obtain TM Beat Up here. Then, try to leave; the Film Student by the stairs will stop you and tell you that you need a visitor's pass, and that Godot will give you one. You may now access the classrooms, where one Film Student will tell you that he thinks he saw Godot in the dorms. The dorms will be unlocked, and you will be able to battle a few more Actresses and obtain the Pokémon Emonga from the smuggler student(s). Godot will give you a Visitor's Pass, and you can go through the door that leads to the staff area, where Veracity's office is.

    And Raaxon, I told you that Earthquake does not exist in your version of Snakewood, and that it will be, when I update, in the Madio Caves.

    Now, the shipwreck is more commonly known as the Abandoned Ship, and, as you can tell by the determined little Wooper guarding it, is not open yet.

    EDIT: New IPS on first post! You can't yet get to Esau or the Pacifidlog Gym but all of the sea routes have been completed, and many new TMs placed.

    Also, the Shinx you get from training your Thunder Cub now holds an item necessary to move on in the item chain. Sorry for anyone who already traded theirs in.

    Oh yeah, and one new B/W Pokémon inserted. All in all, fairly big update.

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