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Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Why can't Kirlia be one of the chef's Pokemon?
It can probably make some knives levitate and then chop up the vegetables/meat by using Psychic powers. It may not be shown in the Hack,
but try using your imagination and think about it. Although it might be better
if Culterine made a script explaining that Kirlia uses Psychic powers to help the chefs, and is also one of the useful Pokemon in the kitchen, or something like that.
Nice explanation. I like it. But seriously, there's no reason at all, just like there's no reason for half the things that happen in Snakewood. I mean, why try to take over Hoenn with zombies anyway? It's got to be one of the least productive countries in the world: the only work areas are space research, Training, and supplying Trainers with Trainer stuff.

Visbu, where Usher claims to come from, is different. They built a research submarine - and there's interesting information to be found aboard if you can find the username and password for the computers, and if you can find the diaries.

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