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    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    I... I like that. xD It's like a pun on a pun. Awesome. :3 And, thanks!

    Haha, thanks! : D I'm not really sure what you mean, though, about the leaders. Could you elaborate?


    If you mentally draw a box from the Gulf of Finland down to the Black Sea, and from the Baltic across to the right edge, you might be able to see where I've based it on. Maybe. Ish.

    Well, I'm glad to have your support. : D

    xD Gulags are going to have to make some kind of appearance. But, why does the rival have to be the guy everyone beats up? xD I haven't read DitLoID for a while, mind, but I'm pretty sure he's the weak one. xD

    And erm. What? What balls? O.o


    So, everyone. Thank-you for all your interest! I'm still here if anyone wants to help out. If you're a novice, I don't mind, so long as you have patience, a good temperament and a sense of humour. Potential also helps. xD But, seriously. If this sounds, like, way cool, and you want to get into devving, contact me.

    The game itself is looking like it may be made in Unity. What do you guys think about that? Do you think it'd be worth building from the ground up to get a more efficient, more detailed experience, or would you rather have it done in Essentials with its limitations? I'm not necessarily looking to be convinced, but I want to see what you think. Is all. Anyway, I'll try and make some shiny stuff. I've got some doodles I'll digitify. Stay tuned, people.
    I see the mental image, hmm this is very interesting, it would be awesome if anyone could pull it off.
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