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Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
Here's two nifty runs I've found (not made by me but someone on the Nuzlocke Forums)

You are forbidden to not teach a Pokémon a new move it will learn. So even when it's useless, you HAVE to teach it your Pokémon. Also when you find a new TM, you HAVE to teach it one Pokémon in your team (or maybe box) immediately. When no of your Pokémon can learn the TM, you have to throw it away/sell it.

Another rule:
You are not able to use a move twice in a row. Pokémon who only know just one move may be an exeption.
Awesome idea, chaos. I really love it, and would play it as soon as it gets accepted. How about we name it... gah, I really have nothing in my mind...

Originally Posted by 649 View Post
This is a really good challenge Idea. The Sketch Challenge! You would need YAPE, though. Basically, you pick your pokemon, and edit their learnsets, replacing every move with Sketch! Imagine the infinite possibilities!
Also good, but using YAPE for every Pokemon would turn out horribly tedious. I say just edit the moveset for the Pokemon you plan to use. That would be so much easier.
Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.

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