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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    By the way we can get the Hoenn starters, right? I am wanting to use Blaziken in the next release since it is the awesome Blaze Kicking Hoenn fried chicken. Also I guess Necroplis is somewhere on an island like what used to be the Latias/ Latios island but we'll have to find that out. Culterine A.K.A. The REAL trick master of Hoenn (Makes me wonder if he's been to TVTropes?) will updated on the Snakewood ROM Hack!

    The Hoenn Starters are fully available, just hidden. Necropolis is Senex's evil lair.

    And yes, I have been to TVTropes, and subsequently looked up at the clock to find that 8 years had passed - as happens to anyone who goes there.

    And yes, I am a better Trick Master than the Trick Master. Be prepared, though - when the Trick Master returns at the end of the game, his tricks are going to be evil, since I'm making them this time...


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