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    Originally Posted by TheRkyeet View Post
    Why does everyone want to know where the Hoenn starters are? It's weird, because there are so many things out there just waiting to be discovered, such as Vigourlan, Ramshaker and Sevicious, and you can only think about Treecko and Torchic! Get some originality!
    That's what I was thinking aswell! I have a vigourlan but I totally forgot from which pokemon he evolved.. Others like sevicious, hombeast, buffalon, kingmadio, radiorange, ramshaker i haven't found yet

    I'm planning on restarting the game when a new update comes out. I just can't get enough of this hack, it's simply amazing.

    Any tips about some of the fakemon? I would like to try them out and/or maybe add them to my team when i restart. But to be able to do that, I need to know how to get them :D so all tips are welcome!
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