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    Yo, yo, yo, everyone! Long time no see or, to those that don't know me, howdy there and (late or not so late) welcome aboard; I am here on my periodic SHC visit, as per usual!

    Reading the last few posts in the thread, I sort of agree with the fact that Shinies seem to have become more widespread thanks to RNG abuse, Pokésav and general antics with events and such. Still, let it not demotivate you, for you hunt for yourself and no other (save for the occasional silly competition in here, hehe) - let the glory of the Shiny Hunter fill you with passion for the glitter!

    I've mostly been sticking to my things in WoW (ooh boy, being GM is rough!), university and nitpicky life stuff in general, but I've had one of my usual surges of Pokémon playing inspiration as of late, playing with my bro in Multi Room Battle Tower and doing some Shiny Hunting!

    Unreliable as it usually is, I've been indulging in one of the craziest methods - GTS hunting! I actually managed to nick a legit Shiny Golem off it! Too bad I can't nickname her but hey, Golem's a cool mythical creature.

    ...Of course, I also nabbed a not-so legit Shiny Latios with some time description imperfections (LOL, Lvl 40 to 99 in less than one day after being transferred from Hoenn) and, on the other hand, waaaay too perfect IVs and such. I'm keeping him because he's got a cool nick - Silverbolt - and is nevertheless fun to have; big green thing following me around on SS.
    Still, I might be able to hack him into looking legit (still hax, oh well), simply to see if it's doable - SID to IV/Nature correspondence and other factors. Of course, this means he's not part of my listed Shinies, for obvious reasons.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot! I've acquired a Shiny Eevee from a player-emulated GTS distribution event (good lads at /vp/) - it's the one from that Championship a while back; gonna keep him as he is, a cool-looking silver Eevee.

    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
    Latios? (...) not sure whether or not I'll be able to hunt for Latios(...)
    While it would be pretty darn useful to have the Eon Ticket version to SR, if you at least have Latios available as a roamer (don't remember how Emerald worked with those - can you even have him roaming, there?), it's possible. It's been done and you can see that if you really roll back in the SHC thread. It's pretty long-drawn, though. I think it involved saving right after beating the Elite Four, watching the TV show and having to snipe the Pokémon down without a map indicator, since it's the first time seeing it. Good luck if you follow that route! It reminds me of the insanity of going for a Shiny Entei/Raikou pre Wi-Fi event.

    Anyway, moving on to what I'm actually hunting right now!...

    ...Nothing in specific, actually. Most of my latest activity has been bashing the Battle Frontier and messing around at the Pokéathlon, so not all that many wild, event or hatched Pokémon available. I do have plans to SR for a Shiny Lugia at some point, however - I'll keep you informed when I get to doing it!

    Outside of that, perhaps collateral Shinies from breeding competitive Pokémon, especially now that I want to try to keep up a strong Battle Tower Streak. Breeding doesn't need as many kids these days, thanks to the Power items and other breeding tweaks, thankfully! *Grumbles and remembers hatching over 5000 Torchic eggs to no avail* Speaking of which, it's been my preferred method for so long but I'm yet to find a Shiny by hatching. Strange fate, is it not?

    Well, I'll be watchin' the club here! You guys behave now and enjoy your hunts!

    P.S: Updated Shiny card in my sig. Hurray for symbolism in icons! (Wild/egg/reset/radar/trade/event)

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