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Current Races and Contests
This post is going to be used for contest information, and only contest information. PokeRadar not allowed.

Random Route Challenge


Name: Random Route Challenge
Rules: You must encounter Pokemon constantly on a random route (see below, you do NOT choose) until you get a shiny Pokemon. It must only be on the route. If you want me to find your route for you, just say so. You must print-screen your results (both the generation and route number) for proof that you did not pick it yourself.
Prize: Honorable mention in the prize section of the second post and next to your name on the member list.
Winners: 1st- 2Cool4Mewtwo 2nd 3rd

How to Find Your Route
1. Go to
2. On the right is the number generator. Your first number will be 1, and the last will be 5. This will tell you the generation you'll be hunting in. If you get 1 or 2, you can play remakes. If you get 1, you can choose Fire Read/Leaf Green/Heart Gold/Soul Silver
3. Let's say you get 3. Now, you must look up how many routes are in Hoenn. Hoenn has the routes from 201 to 230, so you will generate a number in between them. Let's say I got 222, so I have to hunt on route 222 now until I get a shiny.

Special Conditions
1. If you get generation 1, and you want the chance to hunt in the Sevii Islands, instead of using 1 through 25 do 1 through 32. If you get for 26 you have to hunt on Island One, 27 Island Two, and so on. You can choose wherever you want to hunt on that island.
2. If your chosen route has a cave or other area connected to it, you can choose to hunt in there. But you can only hunt in one place, you can't alternate between the cave and route.
3. If you get Generation 1, you can hunt in FR/LG and in the Kanto part of HG/SS.
4. If you get Generation 2, you can NOT hunt in the Kanto part of HG/SS/G/S/C.

1. Kanto's routes are 1-25
2. Johto's routes are 29-46.
3. Hoenn's routes are 101-134.
4. Sinnoh's routes are 201-230.
5. Unova's routes are 1-18.

PokeCommunity Shiny Circuit
You must complete ALL of these challenges to win. PokeRadar can not be used, nor can RNG abuse. All other hunting methods are allowed. You do not have to complete them in order. People in the paranthesis next to the challenge completed that challenge.

1. Prayer Challenge
- You must capture a shiny legendary Pokemon, in any game.
2. Dream Challenge (Landorus)
- You must hatch a Pokemon with a Dream World nature. If you don't have B/W you must hatch/catch a Pokemon that learns Hypnosis through level up.
3. Gender Challenge
- You must hatch/capture a Pokemon that can only be one gender.
4. Unique Challenge (G-Money) (ShinyDoug)
- You must hatch/capture a Pokemon that has a typing that no other Pokemon has.
5. Mediavel Challenge
- You must hatch/capture a Steel or Dragon type.

If you catch a Pokemon that applies to two different challenges, you must pick which one you want it to apply for. One Pokemon cannot be used for two challenges.

Awesome August
What a cheesy name again

You must find one of these shinies (or an evolutionary form of it), you do not need to find all, just one! If you are participating in a monthly challenge, then it ends before you get the shiny, you do not get a prize for it.

1st Generation: Abra
2nd Generation: Phanpy
3rd Generation: Wailmer
4th Generation: Cherubi
5th Generation: Tynamo

Artwork Contest
Create a piece of artwork that has something to do with shinies. There is no deadline as of yet. After we create a deadline and it passes, we will have the community here vote on which is best.

If you win, your art will be stored in this post for everyone to see.

Prizes have not been determined yet.

Past Contest Winners
March Madness: Chr. Draco
May Myster: Chr. Draco
Journey Contest: Nato4eyes, Otherworld9), R.K 9
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