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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post

    Bird Catching Contest

    So this is like the bug catching contest from G/S/C, but with birds instead. Ignore the master ball in the video; it was only for test purposes. And ignore the tile errors as I've fixed them all. :3

    The wild Pokémon encounter ratio is the same as it is for any route. This is a timed event so you won't be able to participate whenever you want. And I'm not going to reveal where this is, but this will be available in the beta.

    As for prize-winning Pokémon:
    First prize - farfetch'd
    Second prize - natu
    Third prize - fearow/noctowl/pidgeotto

    I'm not going to spoil what the prizes are so you'll just have to be happy or disappointed when you receive them. :3
    This is WICKED. Even though you can't raise my interest any more, for a moment I think you did. Great job buddy! Also, farfetch'd deserves some love. And you gave it love. Woosome. I'm so eager to play it! ;D
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