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    Hey Ace here,
    I am currently in my final year of high school or something whichever it is called in different countries.
    Now i was given a task to came up with an idea for an invention that serve a purpose. The theme i was given were,

    1- Help the elderly
    2- saves/help the earth
    3- Make people life better/easier

    I was told to go research on problems, ask around for ideas and problems people are facing so i can come up with an invention for the solution.
    I decide to post this here as Poke-community is a big forum with lots of different people so it is great if i could get good response from here.

    The thing is,
    I can make anything, anything at all, except they need to serve a purpose and meet the 3 themes.
    The invention must not already available in the worldwide and are being marketed.

    But we could use an invention that are already made and put new features or make it better for it to stand out then its original counterpart.
    I was told to research a few problems and get ideas from others and sort everything out by next Friday.

    So it will be great if you guys could chip in and help me out..