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    First, to further expand:

    (Besides Orange Island, but I don't believe that is canon.)
    As Bay said, there are various different canons in the Pokemon fandom. Game, anime, and manga are the three "categories" for canon, with two of those getting more specific (games and manga). Each canon follows their own rules, though there are similarities between them.

    Canon itself is anything that comes from an official source. Since the anime has an entire season devoted to the Orange Islands, it's canon. The Orange Islands are an official region for the anime universe, so if someone includes them in their fic, they're following canon.

    Since it's a gameverse fic, however, he probably shouldn't mention the Orange Islands because the Orange Islands aren't in game canon.

    Okay, now to the review.

    Misheard Whisper, I seriously doubt I have ever read a fanfic of yours. I don't know why. Just didn't. But I figured now would be a good time to start, and I wasn't disappointed. Like Bay, I enjoy seeing fics where the champion is a young trainer. The champion thinks they have no where to go now, and they're stuck in boredom. So it's great to read about them and explore their character beyond the basic "i wanna be a trainer!" goal.

    When he'd set out to become a Pokemon Trainer, Ren had put the first ten years of his life behind him, dismissing them as a pointless necessity, a stepping stone to where he wanted to be.
    Love that line, btw. It just seems to fit in a story about a trainer. Like all of them have their lives start when they became a trainer, and everything before that was just because that's the way human life goes. So I liked seeing a character "respond" to that of a trainer's life.

    Looking forward to the first chapter and seeing more about Ren and what he decides to do.

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