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    With one of the books I'm currently working through, I don't mind dialogue-heavy chapters. So it doesn't bother me how the story gets told, so long as there's a new chapter.

    Wonder what Steven has to discuss with Ren. I know Steven can spring some surprises on a trainer, so it has to be something real interesting. Especially since Ren is the champion.

    Also good to see how the public reacts to Ren, and how Ren reacts to the public. It's kind of refreshing to see a champion who doesn't really want all the fame that comes with being a well-known figure.

    Natasha looks to be a great character. Hope to see more of her and how having her along will affect Ren's journey.

    One quick thing:

    “Don't be silly, mom,”
    When "mom" is used like this, it's written with a capital letter. Best way to figure out if it needs to be capitalized or not is to use the character's real name in place of it, and if the sentence fits, then it's capitalized. If not, then it's written in all lower-case.
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