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Oh dang it, MW, I hate you and your cliffhangers! D< Now I can't wait to see what Steven wants to talk to Ren about. D:

To backtrack a bit, hehe I think Roxanne has a crush on Ren. Usually I'm weary over a gym leader falling over the main protagonist, but considering Roxanne looks like she's in her teens/late teens, I'm not bothered by it too much. And I knew Natasha was going to ask that!

Hm, I haven't really thought that Steven will be the CEO after his father retires from the many times I played the Hoenn games. I do believe that Steven doesn't want to take over the company. He probably mentions that in the games, but it's been a while since I last played it, haha.

Ack, short review because not too much going on here, but the chapter is still good. XD Again, can't wait for the next chapter!
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