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I just want to see your opinions on if you think a game like this would ever actually be made, I don't think so. The reason for that is because how Game Freak does it (no other company is going to use regions made by them after all without their express permission) is that at most any new game has one new region, and the most we have ever seen in terms of region count is two (Johto and Kanto in GSC/HGSS, latter being remakes of the former). [Mind you it's also rumoured that GSC were meant to for a bit to be the last main games...but if so then Game Freak realised more games = $$$, so!] Anyway, that's the system they have used for 5 generations and many years now, with a few remakes here and there, and it's worked very well for them with record sales consistently - so why would they change what is for them a winning formula? As they say, if it isn't broken don't fix it, and I see more of the same in years to come. Plus, trying something outside that tested and proven formula could end up failing and hence lose them money or reduced profits - there's a risk there.

After all, a game with multiple regions could potentially hurt sales in the long run - why go buy that slightly newer game with only one (new) region when there's that super game with every other region in it? Then there's memory issues, and what happens with your Pokemon when they hit level 100 halfway through it all? It'd defeat the purpose of the levelling system (be boring for many after a while), and if they gave you fresh Pokemon/sifferent 'save files' for each region then arguably they're making 5 different games in one anyways, in which we return to the first part - why sell 5 'games' as one and make a lot of sales as opposed to selling them separately as already done every few years and making record sales anyway? After all, Game Freak 9and Nintendo) are primarily a business at any rate, so sales are a main factor.