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I had an interesting story about what I'd been doing for the past month typed here, but then Chrome crashed. So Alas... I begin with no interesting back-story

New Features:
  • Import Palettes (*.ACT, *.BMP, *.PNG)
  • Full support for expanded ROMs
  • Safety Repointing
  • Advanced Repointing
  • SMART Repointing
  • UI Enhancements

Now I could go through each of the new features in detail, but that might get boring.
So I've incorporated them into a short-collection of events (a story if you will) to make up for my lack thereof previously.

I'll begin here with the Navigate window.
Nothing to Exciting just a routine edit of the title screen.
I quickly type in the offset, select 256 color, grayscale, the right width and I'm off.

Here I am in a small version of the editor, very small actually, about to begin my edit.
I notice the black block at the top of the ruler as a new feature, showing me what color I have active, and think to myself, "Self, GrayScale's so boring, and it might cause issues with colors in game."
"HAVE NO FEAR, NSE IS HEAR", "Who said that?" I quickly ask myself...
"Oh wait, I did...chuckle"

I fire up VBA and wait for the title screen of Firered to appear.
I go to tools and export the background palette as "bg.act" selecting Adobe Color Table.
Strangely it comes out as "bg.pal", "Silly programmers and their little mistakes", I say to myself as I change the extension back to ".act"

Now, the real fun begins.
I go back to NSE, which had been waiting patiently this whole time, and venture into new Territory.
I go File>Import>Color Table.
Suddenly a brand new, shiny windows gleams in my face, practically asking "May I help you sir?", "Yes you may", I say as I load the exported palette file from my desktop.
I switch to 256 color mode, hit import and...
I'm suddenly swept out of a dull gray world and into the wonderful world of color.
No longer must I be forced to own Photoshop to succeed...

"What to do?" I asked myself, an alien planet at my feet. I take a minute to ponder.
I finally decide on my first steps, not leaps, but steps. I will transform the white text of the word FireRed to a more fire-ish red.
I open up the palette viewer and mix it with the power of NSE's fill button.
A few clicks later and FireRed looks like a different word (in a good way)
Now All I have to do is get my masterpiece into the game...

I venture over to File>Save and click_
The familiar save data form appears and I feel at home. But then I notice something new. I'm using a 32mb ROM...
So I might as well have some fun with it.
I type in 1DDDDDD and click save.
A Message appears. "0x1DDDDDD is not a safe offset... offsets end in multiuples of four (ex. 0, 4, 8, C).
"Thanks NSE, last thing I want is a corrupt pointer."
I change the offset to 1D00000 and hit save again.

This time another window appears...
I'm actually expecting this one. I give a quick look to any offsets that are being repointed (just one) and press repoint.

I excitedly fire up VBA, anxiuos to see if my magic has worked...
I dance around excitedly.
And then the curtains close and the lights fade.
And the audience, YOU, applause...
- "Thank You"

P.S. Let me know if you like the first post. I finally added some style