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    Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
    Lugiaz Soul: Don't ask for releases. You've been reported.
    Grimer: Those issues should be fixed in the english version, but please let me know if any such issues occur in it when I do release it. It's an easy fix.
    Smallbirdie: Solana at the Pokemon Center does trigger Sophia's appearance. Also, there's a problem with the ice puzzle? Genuinely didn't notice.
    xXxLugia: No, they can discuss this in the thread. Issues with the game, instead of whining about releases, are much preferable to have in here.
    alienhunterx: Would it KILL you to do some reading? The final english version IS NOT OUT YET. I'm working on it.
    Everyone asking about other emulators: The one guy is correct, the issue is with the header. I have currently reverted the header to default ruby. I may change that before releasing the full version. If so, just do what you do with the portuguese version and it'll work.
    BoomChakala: Wesley is done updating this. I am merely bugfixing and translating. I found one fire stone, but I don't remember where exactly. Somewhere near the league.
    U_Flame: Not a damn clue, sorry.
    lukasz_pro: Asking for release dates is against the rules. You've been reported.

    I'm still away from my home, just stealing internet access at a relative's, but I'll be back tonight. As my last post says, progress is currently to the tenth gym, or the second gym of the Lauren league. I was close to finishing the eleventh before I left on monday morning, but I'm not quite there yet. Should be able to do at least that much tonight.
    wow thats so cool acting like pro
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