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That incredible Sign-Up that you've been waiting for your entire life!

Name: Shun Yuuto Sorukei

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Region: Unova
Theme Song: Bully by Three Days Grace


Shun is Caucasian (white), stands at about five feet eight inches and weighs about one hundred and thirteen pounds. He has short, black hair that goes down a little past his ears, the bangs are rather long and tend to hang in his face and conceal his eyes, and the very tips of his hair are dyed a dark blue. He has deep blue eyes that at times seem distant, but at other times are wide and observant. As Shun has basically mastered his poker face, don't count on his eyes revealing too much information. He is rather skinny and a bit scrawny looking, but Shun relies more on speed and strategy rather than strength, so that should be no reason to underestimate him. Shun is incredibly fast, but you wouldn't be able to tell very well unless you witnessed his speed first-hand, but he tends to walk and not over-exert himself, and if you're there to witness his speed you usually won't be conscious long enough to actually register that he moved at all.

Shun wears a gray beanie on his head most of the time, and he can often be seen wearing large, dark blue headphones, even if he's not actually listening to anything with them. He wears a short black necklace with a pentagram on it, and he most often wears a white short-sleeved shirt which is just visible beneath a black button up dress shirt, most often with the top one or two buttons undone. When it gets colder, Shun wears a black zip-up hoodie with faux fur covering the inside. On his right hand, Shun normally wears a black wristwatch and sometimes wears black and dark blue striped fingerless gloves that reach halfway up to his elbows. Shun wears a black belt with a belt buckle that resembles the The World Ends With You player pin and dark blue jeans. He wears black convers with white laces.


Shun was born in Castelia City, Unova. He was born into a rather wealthy family that was composed of his mother, father, and older brother. Around the time that Shun was six, his mother perished when a berserk Golurk attacked the Castelia Pokemon Center. Shun had been with her at the time, but he was rescued by a small Elgyem that had teleported them outside. Shun had tried to run back in to his mother, but the police kept him out for his own safety, along with the fact that it was too late for his mother. From then onward, Shun was raised along with his elder brother by their father, and the Elgyem became his best friend.

Shun was never a very great student - he had a tendency to not pay attention and a lot of the time had trouble understanding the work. The only reason he was able to pass his classes was because Roswell, the Elgyem, would tutor him, even though Roswell couldn't speak or use telepathy; he just showed Shun how to work and spoke using those strange flashes of lights, which Shun eventually came to to understand well enough. Of course Shun's brother, Riku, had excellent grades and always acted completely perfect when anybody else was around. Shun hated his brother, and his brother despised him. Everyone, especially their father, constantly compared Shun to Riku, which only further annoyed Shun and caused him to act even more distant. It didn't help that when Shun was about ten and Riku was about thirteen that Riku was invited to Pokemon Tech in the Kanto region.

One day in school, Shun was attacked by a group of kids, and the leader of the group had a Machoke. Needless to say that Shun got his arse kicked, and being young and defenseless he hardly managed to get a single punch in. What resulted from that day was a Shun with a broken arm and even more distant personality. By now, Shun did not have a single friend, excluding Roswell. He couldn't have been happier once he was ten and finally eligible for a Trainer's License. He immediately set out on his journey the first chance he got, not even bothering to say good-bye to his father or notify his brother of his adventure, as far as he was concerned they could both go and screw themselves, along with the rest of mankind.

Shun began his adventure with Roswell by first setting out to Pinwheel Forest, and from there Nacrene City. Shun and Roswell defeated Lenora easily, although Shun couldn't help but feel that she went easy on them. After their gym battle, Shun and Roswell went to the Challenge Rock, where Shun discovered a group of Roggenrola. The Roggenrola had apparently declared the Challenge Rock their territory, and they attacked anyone that got near, and they made no exception for Shun and Roswell. Shun and Roswell were overwhelmed and defeated, and it didn't seem like anything was going to turn out okay once the Roggenrola surrounded Shun and the incapacitated Roswell. Shun managed to fend off the Roggenrola for a little while, but it wasn't long before he too could no longer fight. That was when the Genesect appeared.

The Genesect defeated every single Roggenrola with a single blast, and the few that avoided the blast fled. Shun decided to capture one of the Roggenrola, naming the Roggenrola "Gaia". Once he captured Gaia, he had turned to examine the Genesect, but it was gone. Not knowing what else to do, Shun just continued on to Striaton City. There he defeated Cilan's Pansage with ease, getting his second gym badge. He continued on to the Dreamyard, where he found a group of baby Munna. Without thinking, Shun approached the Munna and was immediately deemed a threat by Musharna, the mother of the small group of Munna. The Musharna brought one of Shun's dreams, or rather nightmares, to reality. She created the group of kids and the Machoke, and easily overpowered Shun, Roswell and Gaia. Just when Shun thought he was going to be knocked out by the Musharna, the Genesect appeared again.

Once the Genesect defeated the Musharna, Shun confronted the Genesect, whom tried to flee. Shun was faster though, so he quickly overtook the Genesect and grabbed onto its back, which shattered the illusion. The Genesect was revealed to be a Zorua, and once its illusion was shattered it turned and confronted Shun. Gaia managed to summon enough energy to fight, but was defeated by the Zorua. Even though the Zorua won, it had decided to become one of Shun's Pokemon, thanks to it having already followed Shun around and taken a liking to him. He named the female Zorua Lydia, and Shun along with his three Pokemon continued onto Castelia City to obtain their third gym badge.

Shun returned to his hometown with Roswell, but he made sure to avoid everyone and anyone that he knew, especially his father. Although Burgh encouraged Shun to go meet with his father, Shun promptly ignored him. Shun had always been a fan of Burgh's art and individuality, he didn't need him trying to meddle with his life. Shun battled Burgh using Gaia, whom evolved into a Boldore in the middle of the battle and defeated Burgh's Leavanny. Burgh gave Shun his badge, but he advised him that he could not go through life alone, he would need friends and people that cared for him and he cared about. Shun simply scoffed at the idea and continued on to Route 4.

On Route 4, Shun headed to the Litwick Mansion in order to find a Litwick. When he arrived, he was nearly killed and thrown into the Ghost Realm by the group of Litwick, Lampent, and the single Chandelure of the mansion. Shun managed to fight them off, with the help of Roswell, and caught a female Lampent, whom he named Wicken. Shun fled the mansion before his life force could be completely drained by the ghost Pokemon, continuing on to Nimbasa City.

Shun had a slightly more difficult time defeating the Nimbasa gym leader, or at least it was Elesa's apprentice, a girl named Krystal, whom had been filling in for Elesa for the day. Shun and wicken managed to defeat Krystal's Roserade and obtain their fourth gym badge, but mere minutes after leaving the gym, Shun was mugged and Gaia was stolen. Shun had managed to keep his other Pokemon safe, but the thieves fled with Gaia before Shun could do anything. Krystal had heard the commotion and run out of the gym, but she came too late, Gaia was gone. Krystal assured Shun that the thieves would be caught, and she informed Elesa of the matter, Elesa then informed Officer Jenny, whom then sent out the call to all nearby cities to keep an eye out for the thieves.

With little chance of finding the thieves, Shun continued on to Driftveil City. He was swiftly defeated by Clay when he challenged the gym, and he decided to go to Mistralton Cave to train. It was both the best and worst thing he could do. The best thing because the thieves that had taken Gaia were there, and the worst thing because he was now in a dark cave with criminals. Shun confronted the thieves, but they had an Aggron and Mandibuzz and quickly dispatched all of Shun's Pokemon. Before they could attack Shun, however, there was a flash of light and suddenly there was a figure in front of Shun. The figure was that of Cobalion, and Cobalion attacked the thieves and drove them away. They dropped all of their things, but Gaia was not among them. After searching through the thieves' things and finding nothing, Shun looked up to find Cobalion gone. He really needed to start confronting the legendaries, or at least the legendary and one illusion, before they could leave.

Shun left Mistralton Cave and headed back to Driftveil City, and on the way he encountered a trainer. Normally, he wouldn't have given the trainer a second glance, but the trainer had a Gigalith, and one that Shun recognized to be Gaia. It didn't matter that Gaia had evolved, Shun would recognize him no matter what. Shun confronted the trainer and took Gaia back, throwing the trainer the things that the thieves had dropped as he did so. Apparently the thieves had traded Gaia for the kid's Gurdurr, and the kid's Gurdurr was among the things that Shun had retrieved from the thieves. Not bothering to give the trainer another thought after that, Shun returned to Driftveil and defeated Clay with Gaia's newfound power.

It wasn't long after that Shun received a letter from an anonymous person, and the letter had been dropped off by a carrier Unfezant, which was odd seeing as most normal people preferred email these days. Inside the letter was an application for something called the Master Quest, and apparently the contestants would receive a large sum of money. Of course Shun immediately filled out the application, he couldn't pass up the chance to both prove himself and get enough money to permanantly move away from his father without having to worry about not having a fallback just in case he failed on his Pokemon journey. Although he would have to leave Lydia and Wicken behind, it was a small price to pay for such a great opportunity.


Shun is a very distant person. He tries to interact with other people as little as possible, and he doesn't bother making any form of bond with another human being. Shun basically hates people, and he wants as little to do with them as possible. He is rather calm and tends to not show too much emotion, and he's incredible at covering his emotions and hiding his thoughts. He's not that intelligent, but he's smart enough to get by, and he's even figured out the pattern to Elgyem's flashing lights, or, at least, he has it mostly figured out. If someone tries to interact with Shun, he will typically ignore them or try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Shun loves Pokemon, and he finds it a hell of a lot easier to form bonds with them than with people. He'd sooner date a Pokemon than another human being, although he's not rushing into the idea of an inter-species relationship. He loves music, particularly bands such as Three Days Grace, Panic! At The Disco, Black Veil Brides, among others. He's also a rather great artist, and spends much of his free time drawing while listening to music. He's rather into Japanese culture and loves anime such as Death Note and Inuyasha, and one of his favorite foods is sushi. He almost always has some form of Japanese candy or food on him, and he'll eat with chopsticks whenever possible.

Shun hates people, particularly his father and brother. The only person he ever felt a connection with was his mother, and her death only pushed him further away from other people. He dislikes overly cheery people and people that try to talk with him in any way, shape or form. He despises bullies and people that abuse Pokemon with a passion, and thanks to him training himself for the past few years, he will intervene and pummel anybody like that that he sees. Shun also has an irrational fear of little people.



- Species: Elgyem "Roswell"
- Gender: Male
- Moves: Confusion | Growl | Heal Block | Miracle Eye | Psybeam | Headbutt | Hidden Power[Fighting] | Imprison | Simple Beam
- Personality: Roswell is a quiet Pokemon that prefers to keep his distance and analyze anyone and everything. He is a million times more social and outgoing than Shun, and he is an extremely curious Pokemon. He is highly intelligent and is extremely loyal to Shun, even though Shun never officially captured him with a Pokeball.

- History: Roswell was born in the Celestial Tower near Mistralton City. His parents were captured when he was young and so he wandered about like a lost child. Being as curious as he was he had no problem walking up to people and examining them, although he tended to do it so that they didn't notice by floating behind them. He eventually made his way to Castelia City, where there was a berserk Golurk destroying the Pokemon Center. He entered the Pokemon Center, his curious urges taking over him. When he witnessed a woman get killed while protecting her son, he teleported the son to safety. The boy was Shun, and from then on the two were best friends. Shun never officially captured Roswell with a Pokeball, but Roswell was loyal nonetheless.

- Species: Gigalith "Gaia"
- Gender: Male
- Moves: Tackle | Harden | Sand-Attack | Headbutt | Rock Blast | Mud Slap | Iron Defense | Smack Down | Power Gem | Rock Slide
- Personality: Gaia is an extremely loyal Pokemon and is very protective of Shun. He is also a bit reckless and tends to get himself in trouble a lot, and he's not the brightest Pokemon around, but Shun loves him anyways. He usually stays besides Shun and, while he's not as outoing as Roswell, he's still a lot more outgoing than Shun.

- History: Gaia was born in Wellspring Cave on Route 3, along with a plethora of siblings. They soon migrated to the Challenge Rock near Nacrene City, and it wasn't long after that Gaia met Shun.


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