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This is the Japanese Entertainment Claiming Thread, which combines the bishie thread, pairings thread, and series thread all into one package. You can claim characters, couples, and individual series here for you to show off in your profile.

Since the claiming thread for non-Japanese and gaming stuff was made, we've decided to relaunch this. It would be a big hassle to sort through everything, so there is no reclaim period this time (next time there will!).


  1. You may claim characters from anime, manga, video games, and other Japanese, Korean, or otherwise asian media. However, you cannot claim the people who play their roles i.e. celebrities, voice actors, etc.
  2. Only one person can claim a bishie or pairing. However, for series, five people can claim the same series.
  3. Pokemon, as in the actual pocket monsters, are not claimed here. You can claim them here, however.
  4. In order to claim, you must have at least 200 posts and have been a member for three months. The pairing list is the exception to this rule.
  5. If one months passes and you are nowhere to be seen on PC, you will lose the rights to your claims and someone else can take them.
  6. Lightning would like to be nagged via PM or VM (not in this thread!) if she isn't updating her list. I, on the other hand, would not. Please do not PM me asking to update.
  7. If you're constantly changing your claims, I will put you on a waiting list that only allows you to claim once every couple of months.
  8. In the bishie list, only four claims from the same series. That's right, no more taking all of your claims from BLEACH or Naruto or whatever. It's unfair to other people if you take have a series' cast.
  9. If you make a new account, you'll still have to wait to hit the post and time limits before you can claim like every other new member.