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Player Teams/SUs Part 3
Malcom West
Name: Malcolm West

Nickname: Mr. West

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Job: Advanced Pokemon Theory: Understanding Types, Interactions and Exceptional Strategy. This class is only for students who are acing their other written subjects.

Appearance: A middle aged man with a face lined and tired from years on the road as a Pokemon Trainer. His light brown hair has receeded and thinned slightly and his blue eyes give the impression of exhaustion. His clothing tends towards the professional but shabby creating the air of an absent minded professor. Standing at five foot eleven he doesn't slouch, but loves sinking low in chairs.

Personality: Malcolm West at almost all times gives the impression of desperately needing a vacation. Despite being prone to tiredness and overworking himself however he is a man who seems genuinely inspired and invigorated by pokemon, often speaking about them with great excitement. Generally upbeat, he becomes disheartened when discussing his attempted career as a Pokemon Trainer, and seems to have lost a great deal of his passion for battling - although he still enjoys watching battles and concocting strategies.

History: Malcolm West grew up primarily in a small family cabin on the outskirts of Pewter City with his parents. Malcolm's father was a notorious rock collector and history buff, who insisted on Malcolm having a strong academic base of knowledge. Generally resenting what many would consider a dull and uneventful life, Malcolm ran away from home at an early age - considering himself something of a wandering rebel. On his wanderings Malcolm encountered and befriended a wild Growlithe, and it wasn't long after this that he decided to become a Pokemon Trainer.

Malcolm spent over twenty years attempting to become a successful Trainer, and failed. Altough gifted with a great knowledge of pokemon and able to conjure up seemingly unbeatable strategies, his practical application of his knowledge just never seemed to take off. During his travels Malcolm had a son, Lincoln, who he took on the road with him at various stages throughout his life. After years of failing as a Trainer, Malcolm applied for a teaching position at the Gary Oak Pokemon Academy in the hopes that he may find more success and fulfillment there. Those who can't - teach.

Species: Arcanine (Male)
Nickname(Optional): Hermes
Lvl(Max 50):44
Moveset: ExtremeSpeed, Bite, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Double Kick

Species: Vespiquen (Female)
Nickname: Gloria
Lvl: 32
Moveset: Defend Order, Heal Order, Attack Order, Power Gem, Confuse Ray, Venoshock

Species: Lickitung (Female)
Nickname: Angel
Lvl: 36
Moveset: Lick, Stomp, Power Whip, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Hyper Beam

Species: Chatot (Male)
Nickname: Lyric
Lvl: 29
Moveset: Chatter, Taunt, Mimic, Sing, Aerial Ace, Double Team

Lincoln West
Name: Lincoln West

Nickname: Linc

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Linc, only just falling into the age limit for the academy is one of the older students there. Accompanied with his impressive stature for his age of five foot nine and a muscular build, this would potentially make him intimidating to the other students if not for the fact that he otherwise looks so friendly. He has a broad, bright smile and his fathers blue eyes. He inherited his fathers light brown hair, but it has become sun bleached from his extensive time outdoors, which he keeps held back from his face by a pair of goggles he wears on his head. Linc gets a lot of grief for this "anime boy" look, but insists he has a reason.

Personality: Linc is an easygoing young man with a strong stubborn streak. He is friendly towards pretty much everyone he meets, but once he gets an impression of someone it tends to stick. He holds grudges and is slow to forgive, but when he finally does it seems to be completely. Linc is proud of everything his father managed to accomplish as a trainer, and becomes highly defensive of his father if he hears someone speaking ill of him. Their main point of contention is Linc's mother, of whom he knows almost nothing. Although Linc is a very active and determined young man, he can get sidetracked, possessing a strong sense of wanderlust, and is often too concerned with helping others over himself. Linc likes to think he always does the right thing, but can sometimes come across airheaded despite his intelligence.

History: Linc grew up largely on the road, travelling with his father who was a Pokemon Trainer at the time. Lincoln loved this lifestyle and it has turned him into a very active young man who loves to travel and explore. His relationship with his father has always been strong, but they often fall out over the issue of Lincoln's mother of whom Malcolm refuses to speak. At one point during their travels they had such a large fight over the issue as they passed through Pewter City that Lincoln ran away to his grandfathers cabin, where the two would often stay when they were near Pewter City. Malcolm found his son in the cabin, sitting with his grandfathers rock collection. Neither speak much of the conversation that followed, but they fight considerably less about Lincoln's mother now.

Lincoln, as a trainer himself, is determined to become a fantastic Rock-type specialist and is unusual in the fact that currently his only Pokemon are not only rock-types, but fossil pokemon. This currently gives Lincoln the unusual distinction of being a Fossil-type specialist.

Lincoln has come to the academy with his father, who secured a teaching position there, and is registered in the Raikou Dorm (as he has not performed the entrance exams, but has been accepted due to his fathers position.) Although he has a room in the dorms, he also has a room with his father.

Species: Shieldon (Male)
Nickname: Jackson
Lvl: 16
Moves: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig

Species: Tirtouga (Female)
Nickname: Bixi
Lvl: 18
Moves: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense

Lucia Francisco Bernavard
Name: Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Lucia stands at 5'3" and weighs 90 lbs. Lucia has long blonde hair that when it is not placed in a ponytail can reach down to her shoulder blades. She sports a cream white skin tone and thus tends to wear white colored clothes to complement her body. Lucia sports a firm body due to the time she spends training in the fighting style of Akido martial arts.

Much of Lucia's wardrobe consists of short sleeved button up shirts as well as blue jeans. Lucia makes sure to keep all of her clothing free of smudges or any type of dirt as she believes that it makes a first bad impression. Around her neck she wears a necklace that proudly displays her family crest.

Personality: Lucia has been taught and groomed into accepting the ideas her parents hold that end up being controversial with others. She believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but with the clients her parents defend, that is often the opposite of what the public believes. She has been taught to examine details and to continuously question said details to find the truth. Lucia enjoys spending time with her friend Tyro and will often end up finding ways to ditch Roberto and Samuel as they just end up preventing any fun the two would have.

Lucia is very protective of her family name and due to her family's reputation she often finds herself without any friends. Due to this the only childhood friends she has are those that are related to the clients that have employed her parents. Lucia tends to befriend those that are considered outcasts as she had a greater chance of making friends, but that doesn't stop her from trying to fit in with the popular crowd. Due to her tendency to believe the best in people she will do whatever she can to protect her friends and will not believe a person has done a bad deed until she is shown proof.

Lucia is passionate about details in the courtroom and enjoys watching real life court cases on television. Lucia's dream is to graduate from a law school and become lawyers just like her parents.

History: Lucia was born in Saffron City to the Bernavard family, a family was full of lawyers. During her childhood Lucia attended a private school and made friends with all of the other children. On her fourth birthday she was introduced to Roberto, a Sizor who would act as her private guardian for as long as he could. On her fifth birthday Lucia's parents took her to a pokemon shop and had her pick out a pokemon who would act as her second guardian. She chose an Absol and her parents named him Samuel. It was after her tenth birthday that many of friends stopped being her friends. Lucia didn't understand why until her parents explained to her that they had defended a breeder in court who had been accused of mistreating the pokemon in his care. Thanks to their efforts he had been proven innocent but it had generated a lot of bad press for the family.

As Lucia grew up she delved more and more into her family's past and was shocked to find that many people hated her family. For the past three generations her family had been consisted of lawyers who had defended criminals in court. Her family had a knack for placing doubt into jurors minds about the defendant and had a great track record of winning cases. This caused many people, especially those related to the plaintiff to make threats against her family. Her grandfather made the decision to train a group of Sizor known as the 'Red Legion' to be the family's guardians as well as to protect the clients under their care and so Lucia found out that Roberto had been evolved and trained from birth to act as her guardian.

Lucia wasn't ashamed of her family's background, but instead looked upon it with pride. For the next four years she was excluded from activities by her peers, but that didn't stop her. As added security Lucia was taught Akido to as well as given a torchic starter to train as she saw fit. When she heard about an exam for entry into the coveted Pokemon Trainer Academy she studied for weeks and aced both parts of the exam with flying colors. Now armed with only her pokemon and a suitcase with her supplies Lucia aims to add another achievement to her family's history and be the first to successfully graduate from the academy.

Species: Scizor
Nickname: Roberto
Lvl: 20
Moves: Sandstorm, Protect, Razor Wind, Steel Wing, Safeguard, Hyper Beam

Species: Absol
Nickname: Samuel
Moves: Rain Dance, Protect, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Thunder, Flamethrower

Species: Combusken
Nickname: Tyro
Lvl: 18
Moves: Double Kick, Peck, Focus Energy, Flamethrower, Bulk Up, Double Team.

Zora Loa
Name: Zora Loa

Nickname Zola

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune


Personality: She is a very sweet girl that loves Pokemon. Even though she is in the Suicune dorm doesn't man that she is all evil and stuff. Zora is also very charismatic to people that she knows. She's usually always very cheerful and upbeat and seems to be bit of a tomboy as well. One look at her and you couldn't tell that she was a part of the Suicune Dorm . She hates it when people call her out on her mistakes.
Zora often rebelled against her captors because of this guilt in favor of trying to redeem herself by helping someone, sometimes leading to her being a damsel in distress. Rebelling and constantly switching sides caused Zora's determination and drive to grow significantly. She almost never switches sides anymore but she still acts like a damsel in distress. She is also apparently very talented with her drawing. She sometimes falls in love easily. She can also get very hurt when she falls in love with the wrong person. She hopes that one day she will find the right guy.

History: Zora grew up in the Unova region even if she was alone. She was taken in when she was around 10 by a passing family that saw her by the trash crying and alone. They took he into their home and fed her well everyday. When she was eleven she went onto become a Pokemon trainer but as soon as she got her first pokemon her dad denied her and she wasn't able to go on her adventure. Then one day she snuck away and went off on her journey but failed horribly and her Pokemon was taken from her by team Plasma members. She fought efortlessly to get her pokemon back and evantually ended up getting hurt and that landed her in the hospital. When she finally got all better her parents went out to find the theif who stole her Pokemon but sadly only came back with one of the three of them. She then sent out on her journey again and saw the grunts that took her Pokemon got promoted to co-leaders. She battled them and got help from the Striaton town Gym leadrs and recovered her stolen Pokemon. She was finally happy again that is until she challenged the gym and lost to them. She felt really sad and even thought about returning her pokemon back into the wild but decided not to after seeing how happy she made them. She was looking through the newspaper n her 14th birthday and saw something about a trainer school run by Gary Oak from the Kanto Region. She was ecstatic because she could hone her skills and she finally got enough courage to apply and surprisingly she was accepted on her first try. She packed her bags and went to catch the boat to the academy.

Pokémon: Zorua
Species: Zorua
Personality: Happy and content with her trainer
Lvl: 10
Moves: Shadow ball, Aerial ace, Covet, Attract, Dark Pulse

Pokémon: Snorunt
Species: Snorunt
Nickname: Ice
Personality: Independent
Lvl: 15
Moves: Avalanche, Blizzard, Crunch, Shadow ball

Cherie Fira David
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Cherie Fira David

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15): 12

Gender (Male or Female): Female

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Raikou

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish):
Cherie wears a light red, long-sleeved oversized tee-shirt with a picture of Chimchar sleeping. She wears a medium sleeve-length sportcoat over her tee-shirt, and her jacket is dark orange. She always wear brown pants.
No cap for Cherie since it spoils her hair. But she will wear trainers.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?):
Cherie is a fiery person, but she will not start a fight with anyone. Nor will she get angry with other people. She is a pleasant person, and it is easy to like her. If she meets a new person, she will greet the person in a friendly manner. Responds by the other person will make her start up a conversation. She will think carefully on what to say next, as she does not like to hurt the other person's feelings. She rarely gets frustrated, and it takes a lot to faze her feelings. However when she does get frustrated, she loses her temper easily and will yell at other people and Pokemon. Yet after the outburst has died down, she will be very apologetic and is easily forgiven.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?):
Growing up in Violet City, Cherie usually drops by Earl's Pokémon School to learn as much as she can about Pokemon. As a result, she became passionate about Pokemon, and she looks up to Falkner the Gym leader.
Her parents worked in Charific Valley, and during weekends, she will visit the valley to see the Charizards. She will ride the Charizards, under her parents' watchful eyes. At one time, she had one scorching incident. She was riding one Charizard by the name of Charlard, and another Charizard did not see her. The second Charizard breathed fire on Charlard, and her Charizard warned him that he is not alone. Too late. Charlard took much of the flame, leaving Cherie with scorch marks on her right shoulder and arm. After that incident, Cherie was not allowed to ride Charizards anymore unless she trains one from Charmander.
When she finally receives Totodile, she was very happy. With the water Pokemon at her side, she searches the area where wild Pokemon were living. Fang would not listen to her when she saw Weedle, and she talked calmly to him, training him to listen to her instruction.
Several months passed before Fang will listen to Cherie, and he helped her to capture the other Pokemon. She caught Rattata, Caterpie, and Pidgey, with Fang, and she trains them. An old man was passing through the forest, and he sees her. He tells her to go to Pewter City to get the Boulder Badge, so with her Pokemon team, she heads into Pewter City to battle Brock. After an intense battle with Brock, she received the Boulder Badge. When he handed her the badge, he informed her that the academy is accepting students. He gave the map to her. Upon leaving Pewter City, she followed the map to get to Academy. Along the way, she trains her Pokemon team.

Species: Totodile
Nickname(Optional): Fang
Lvl(Max 25): 9
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Scratch, Leer, Water Gun

Species: Butterfree
Lvl (Max 25): 12
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): String Shot, Confusion, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and Gust.

Species: Rattata
Lvl(Max 25): 10
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, and Bite.

Species: Pidgey
Nickname(Optional): Cannak
Lvl(Max 25): 9
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, and Twister.

Bridger Hoyt
Name: Bridger Hoyt

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Entei Dorm

Appearance: Picture Link

Personality: Bridger is a shy boy who doesn't have to many friends, but the friends he does have he is very close to. He is very self conscious about the way he dresses, and tries his best to look 'cool'. He doesn't talk to many people because of his fear of losing people. His mother died when he was four, and his father is always away training his Pokemon. When he was 10, his best friend moved to Unova. He does have a few close friends though but sometimes loses hours of sleep worrying about them leaving. When people do walk up and talk to him though, he will reply quietly and avoid conversating for to long. Though he is very shy, he is fierce when it comes to training Pokemon. His Totodile, a gift from his mother, has been with him since he was 3 years old, and they spend every waking moment together. He was known very well in his town for his skills as a Pokemon trainer, and people would often challenge him and fail in battle.

History: Bridger grew up in Olivine City, Johto with his closest friends Jasmine and Sam. They were as close as three friends could be. He lived with his dad since his mom passed away when he was 4, but his dad is rarely at home so he spent most of his time hanging at his friend Sams house. He also had many training sessions with Jasmine when she had only an Onix, and he would usually win considering the type differences. By the time they were 10, Jasmine had a Steelix, but still couldn't beat Bridger. He had a very good rep in town as the strongest trainer, and was even offered a job as the gym leader. He rejected the offer, and instead suggested that Jasmine get the job. She got it, and trained two Magnemite to help her battle. Jasmine was spending most of her time at the gym while Bridger and Sam were hanging out. They missed their friend terribly and it always felt like there was something missing. Then one day, Sams mother said that they were moving to Unova, and Bridger was devastated. He had lost Sam, his mom, and his dad and Jasmine were never around anymore. When he heard the news about Sam, he had a breakdown, and had to see a therapist until he was 12. He caught a Pichu during his time in therapy, and it quickly evolved into a Pikachu. His reputation as best trainer kept up, and eventually he received a letter from the Pokemon Trainer Academy saying they would like him to train with them. By that time he was 14, and fending for himself at home. He talked to his dad about it when he finally came home, and his dad had never been so proud of him. He said he should take up the offer. It could lead to many great things for him. So within the next month, Bridger was off to the academy, and that is where our story begins..

Species: Totodile (Toto)
Personality: Energetic and playful around Bridger, but quiet and controlled around other people. Scared around people he has never met before due to the fact that he was abused by his former trainer and doesn't trust anybody he doesn't know.
Aqua Jet
Ice Fang
Hydro Pump (Rarely used because he doesn't know it very well and often messes up.)
Fake Tears

Species: Pikachu (Spark)
Personality: Very enthusiastic and willing to take up any challenge that comes in his way. Unlike his trainer, he is very outgoing and can sometimes be a show-off.
Lvl: 19
Electro Ball
Grass Knot
Volt Tackle
Thunder Wave
Tail Whip

Name: James Storeson

Nickname: Jay


Gender: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance : (Appearance Lost)

Personality: Jay is normally shy around people he doesn't know that well, once he talks to somebody a few times he is not as shy around them then he was before, just being near them can help him meet new people. He has no problems with adults when it comes to shyness though. When battling Jay takes it as though his own life was on the line, he hates losing a battle to another trainer, but loves his pokemon so he never abandons or punishes them for losing like some trainers *cough cough* Damien *cough*. Jay often protects wild pokemon from harm, he also is extremely loyal to his pokemon and friends. From growing up in Saffron City Jay belives that he has some sort of psychic power, even though he dosen't.

History: Jay grew up in Kanto, Saffron city to be more exact. His parents were extremely against him leaving the city to go pick a starter pokemon from Professor Oak, eventually the Saffron gym leader Sabrina found out that one of the pokemon loving citizens in her town wasn't able to get his own pokemon, so she brought him his first ever pokemon a Gastly. Jay learned almost immediately that his Gastly, which he named Nightmare since it was a ghost, was a huge prankster. It would often pop up in places to scare Jay and his parents, Nightmare absolutely loved that he could fly through walls, once he learned he could also fly through people he spent a lot of time doing it to scare trainers. Even though he had a pokemon his parents still refused to let him leave on an adventure. Jay would often sneak away from the house to train with his Gastly. But one lucky day Jay was accepted into the Pokemon Trainer Academy, his father still wouldn't let him leave, but later that night of all people the town's Gym leader and his idol Sabrina woke Jay up and handed him some money and a few pokeballs and told him to go ahead and go to the academy. Before Jay actually made it to the Academy he came across two pokemon that he caught, a Vaporeon and a Scyther. He found Vaporeon being attacked by a pack of Scyther, instead of fighting them off Nightmare simply put them to sleep with Hypnosis, the Vaporeon ran onto Jay's shoulder trying to tell him that he wanted to go with Jay. Jay accepted the Vaporeon and started to walk away when he noticed an injured Scyther lying close to the sleeping pack, it seemed that the Scyther refused to attack the Vaporeon so they attacked her also. JAy put the Scyther in a pokeball then ran to a Center to get it some help before continuing to the Academy.

Species: Haunter (Male)
Nickname: Luce
Personality: The best word to describe Hauntwe is Lokie, Luce is a huge prankster and very hyper-active, his favorite prank is to fly through people.
Moves: Hypnosis
Shadow ball
dream eater
Sucker Punch

Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Ricki (Female)
Personality: Ricki is extremely shy, if confronted by another trainer or pokemon (outside of battle) more than likely it'll hide in the closest shadow.
Lvl: 20
Faint Attack
Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball

Species: Happiny (Female)
Personality: Friendly, will run up to other pokemon and trainers hoping to befriend them.
Lvl: 10
Shadow ball

Holly Amarosa
Name:Holly Amarosa





Appearancehe is kind of short for her age,being only 4'6 tall. She has dark brown eyes and long golden-yellow hair that she keeps tied up in two ponytails to keep it from dragging on the ground. She always wears shirts or sweaters with long sleeves to cover the scars on her wrist.

Personality: To say that she's shy is an understatement. She is basically scared of people. She's also kind of a crybaby. She has a slow temper,but will normally be the first person to panic when something happens. Sometimes when she's around a lot of people she'll start to freak out and have a panic attack and hyperventilate. If someone makes fun of her because of her height,though,she changes into a totally different person. She'll attack whoever makes fun of her without a second thought. If anything happens to anybody that she cares about,she'll think about nothing but getting revenge.

Holly was born in Rustboro City. When she was a couple of months old,her parents were killed in an accident. Her older brother and sister decided to move to Striaton City. When she was three years old,she wandered into the Dreamyard and found a baby Munna. She ran home with it and asked her brother if she could keep it. He said that she could keep it and she named it Molly. She took Molly with her wherever she went. As she grew up,however she got bullied a lot for her height. At first she ignored them,but after a couple of years she couldn't take it anymore. She started to lock herself in her room and she refused to come out. She also started to eat less. Molly noticed this and tried to cheer Holly up. Holly just ignored her and started to cry. One day her depression got so bad that she started to cut herself. Her brother and sister wanted to take her to therapist,but she wouldn't leave her room,so they brought the therapist to her. He suggested that they send Holly somewhere where she can learn that not everyone is bad. Her sister decided to enroll her into the academy. When she found out that Holly got accepted,she sent her to the academy with a gift:a baby Litwick.

Personality:Molly is a very caring Pokemon who's willing to try to make everybody that she can happy.
Moves: Psybeam,Yawn,Psychic,Light Screen

Personality:Lumina is very happy-go-lucky and she's already trying to scare everybody.
Moves: Ember,Astonish

Julius Claudius Madeus
Nickname: “Bookworm” or “Four eyes”

Age: 13

Sex: male

Dorm: Suicune dorm

Appearance: Julius has reddish brown hair that lies flat against his cheeks with a few strands sticking up from
the top, which he never tries to smooth down. Julius’ large emerald colored eyes are behind large frameless glasses with lens so big, they may as well be goggles. Julius wears a white three piece flamboyant suit and white wing tips, giving him a constantly formal appearance. The jacket of his suit reaches down to his knees like a coat and is left open to reveal his vest beneath it, in order to give him more room to breathe. Though Julius dresses nicely, he honestly doesn’t care much about how he looks, which is why he is able to go into public as he is.

Personality: Julius is a slightly soft-spoken, polite boy who focuses more on his studies than anything else. He spends his time reading books. He reads fictional stories, horror, romance, sci-fi, comedy, and even his textbooks through and through. Honestly, he reads
whatever he can get his hands on, absorbing as much information as he can. Because of this, he sometimes neglects training, but he never neglects his Pokémon. He knows many ways to take care of them and, in battle, he is able to use the information he gains from reading in a variety of practical and ingenious ways, making up for his lack of practice. Though Julius appears shy, he simply prefers to remain absorbed in his imagination, constructing a mental barrier that he recedes into while he reads. Sometimes he gets so obsessive in reading; it takes a person to shake him violently in order toclaim his attention. When
brought backto reality, Julius will often jump in surprise and be completely unaware of what has gone on around him, expressing shock when things have changed dramatically.
One way that has been proven to keep Julius’ attention is to pander to his craving for knowledge. When he is curious about something, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about it, always insisting on asking others for their opinions on something. He will stop at nothing to satiate his curiosity, and will research whole subjects thoroughly in order to find his answer.

History: As a child, Julius lived in his home town of Quest Island, the seventh island of the Sevii Island archipelago. He grew up with two brothers, both older than him, an older sister, and a young sister. As the second youngest, Julius had an easy time blending in, having been referred to collectively with the rest of his siblings since his birth. He didn’t mind the lack of individuality he had as a result. The only attention he needed was to be read to constantly by one of his brothers or older siblings, as he enjoyed hearing stories. Once he could read on his own, he basically spent all his freetime reading and wound up being the least
problematic child in the family. Hissecond oldest brother, however, was a troublemaker. He got Julius to read abook about the “Tanoby Ruins”, which Julius wound up loving. But Julius wasleft hanging with the mystery of the Tanobi key. Julius was extremely excitedwhen his brother told him that not only were the Tanoby Ruins real, they wereon the island as well. Julius set out immediately, rushing to the east towardSevault Canyons without even notifying his parents first. The only things hebrought with him were his notepad and two pens, and his eager excitement.
Upon entering the canyon, Julius was lost immediately.
He wasn’t aware of this at first. He simply wandered,touring the unfamiliar terrain as he wrote notes down. He completely lost trackof the time as he trekked through the uneven ground until his stomach began tocrumble and he felt tired. He immediately decided to go home and eat beforecontinuing his exploration when he realized that he was lost, and that eveninghad arrived. It was going to be his curfew soon.
A day later, Julius was still in the valley, starving. Hewas far too weak to try to find his way around—not that he was very fit tobegin with. He had tried to find berries to eat in order to keep him alive, butthen he remembered that he had read that there were little to no edible plantsin the valley. He should have searched for a plentiful spot while he had theenergy.
The second day was beginning to end with the sun falling inthe background when it happened. Julius was lying on the ground, half-dead,unable to speak, move, or think straight when a figure loomed over him. He wasn’taware of what was going on, but he was vaguely conscious enough to remembersomething soft and squishy entering his mouth.
The next morning, Julius woke up—something he hadn’t beenexpecting. Beside him, a Trapinch and Larvitar stood, looking relieved to seethat Julius was alive. Julius was covered in leaves to keep him warm throughthe night while and several more leaves were beside him, carrying tons ofSitrus berries. These two Pokémon had saved his life.

Julius spent the next many days with these Pokémon recoveringhis strength and continuing on through the valley. He had been surprised tofind a Trapinch. He knew that they were not indigenous wild Pokémon in thearea, so he deduced that its trainer had released it to the wild and left itbehind on the island. Julius used the notepad he had planned to use for notesas a diary, recording everything he did in the valley and began drawing adetailed map. Trapinch and Larvitar led him to the water at the south end ofthe valley at the end of the second week Julius spent with them. Julius knewthat he could not cross the sea to reach the ruins, but he could see them inthe distance, looming in the mist. His curiosity hadn’t been satiated, but hefound that the thrill of the journey was able to quench it. And so Julius usedthe map he had drawn to find his way back to the northwest exit of the valley,heading back into town. There, he said farewell to Larvitar, who didn’t wish toleave its home, but the Onix and Trapinch that Julius had befriended followedhim back to his home, which gave his parents a shock. Apparently, Julius hadmissed his funeral a few days earlier and his parents were currently convincingthemselves to disown Julius’ older brother for his idiotic prank. Relieved,they smothered Julius in hugs and even gave the Onix and Trapinch as muchthanks as they could for helping Julius survive, after he told them the story. Julius’older sister, who had been travelling up until returning for her brother’sfuneral, congratulated him for managing to return, especially since he’d beenforced to learn to battle in order to fend off wild Pokémon. Julius’ sisteroffered to use some of her connections to send Julius to a school where hecould use his talents and hone them properly. A few days later, the letter from Prof. Oak came in the mail.

Vibrava lvl 25: Sonic boom, supersonic, earth power, dragon breath, bug bite, fissure (has evolved due to an
anomaly regarding friendship. Will elaborate later)

Onix lvl 25: Smack down, rock polish, dig, stealth rock, iron tail, sand tomb

Tropius lvl 20: Natural gift, sunny day, synthesis, solarbeam, curse, gust

Beedrill lvl 22: Twin needle, poison jab, toxic spikes, fury attack, drill run, agility (I know you said no
stage three, but Kakuna evolves extremely early >.<)

Tangela lvl 22: Vine whip, bind, growth, mega drain, knockoff, power swap

Kilik Chambers
Name: Kilik Chambers

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Dorm: Entei Dorm

Appearance: See Attachment

Personality: Kilik is an independent guy who never gives up no matter what happens. He never backs down from a challenge & stays firm if insulted. He's like someone who can read people's minds, but he just takes a 'lucky guess.' Apparently he has no sense of humor so he takes things too seriously, although he tries to find his sense of humor. Kilik is very intelligent in battle, finding every different solution for the outcome to be on his side.

Kilik tends to stay quiet in front of others as he tries focusing more at the situation at hand. If everything is okay for the time being, he will start up a conversation of something he knows or of what the other likes to talk about. One thing about him is he gets stressed during a battle when he has WAY too much pressure. He randomly calls out commands which can mess up his battle style, occasionally giving his opponent the win. Kilik has a little anger issues when someone doesn't take notice of him, so try to comment for him always when possible.

History: Kilik used to live in Cianwood City, playing in the beach all the time. His family later had to move to save money. Kilik was sad to leave, wanting to stay with his friends. When they arrived to Unova, his parents decided to get him a Water Pokemon as it would remind him of the water Pokemon at the beach in Cianwood City. They got him an Oshawott from Prof. Juniper to keep him company & help him move on. He named him Yaiba. It just sounded cool.

At his years in Castelia City, his new home, Kilik plays
with his Pokemon near the harbor. It's not often though. Kilik ventures around the buildings & such, even the gym. In the middle of the city he saw 2 Pokemon fight each other, with one kid on each side giving commands. What was this? Why were they fighting? When the battle ended Kilik asked the kids why they fought. They explained to him that they are trainers, & trainers battle out with Pokemon to become the strongest. Of course they told him he didn't have to become a trainer. He could do whatever he wanted with Pokemon, just so long as it's not bad.

Almost everyday, Kilik went to look for battles with Yaiba, but a lot of people were to busy with this & that. A few dancers did battle him, he lost 2 battles but won the rest. He was becoming better. He didn't battle much, which was suckish for him since he started loving battle so much.

On his way home through the back alley, after picking up groceries to take home, Kilik had a feeling someone was watching him. He looked around to see who it was, but nothing. Then he noticed that the bag he was holding felt lighter than it should. When he looked the bag of food was gone. How did that happen? A giggle was heard. Kilik turned around to find someone just hiding right now, only seeing a glimpse of a...tail? He caught up to this thief & found a girl with his bag, & a tail. Was it a costume or something? Kilik decided to pull the tail, & what surprised him really was a shocker. This 'girl' was actually a Zorua. It giggled, but Kilik wasn't happy. It stole his food & thinks this a joke. He wasn't gonna stand for this. He brought out Yaiba for a battle, & Zorua took her stance. Zorua didn't put up much of battle, causing it to lose & be caught with a Pokeball. Lucky there were lots in the Pokemart & Kilik had enough money for 2. With a new friend & groceries back, Kilik walked back to his house in buildings. (Hard to find sometimes.)

Years passed, & Kilik was now ready to go on his own adventure. His parents wished him luck & he was off, starting at Route 5. Thinking of his past battles, Kilik knew he hadn't reached his full potential yet. He wanted to hone his skills to have control & be the strongest there can be. Well, he did hear there was a Pokemon Trainer Academy on an island. It applied a lot of trainers, so Kilik would have many opportunities to train & battle. In short he applied & got accepted, of course he didn't pass the practical entrance exam so he was in the Entei Dorm. Still, he was in & that was enough.

Species: Dewott
Nickname: Yaiba
Lvl: 31
Moves: Swords Dance, Razor Shell, Focus Energy, Double Team, X-Scissor, Water Pulse
Ability: Torrent

Species: Zoroark
Nickname: Mistress
Lvl: 31
Moves: Shadow Ball, Fake Tears, Night Slash, Foul Play, Scary Face, Calm Mind
Ability: Illusion

Species: Gligar
Nickname: Pierce
Lvl: 25
Moves: Poison Sting, Fury Cutter, Harden, Knock Off, Hone Claws, Taunt
Ability: Sand Veil

Species: Shinx
Nickname: Tentou
Lvl: 20
Moves: Leer, Charge, Spark, Bite, Rest, Charge Beam
Ability: Rivalry

James Holden
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): James Holden

Nickname (Optional): Fang

Age (10-15): 15

Sex: Male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm,

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): Picture Link

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): James is a shy person for most of the time, never much confidence in himself or his battle /contest abilities but he is eager to try and please his peers as he cares deeply about what everyone around him thinks. To this end, he sometimes acts rashly when in practical battle or contest lessons – and sometimes his pokemon pay the price for his rashness.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): 10 lines minimum
Before being sent to the Trainer academy, James was living with his parents in the Unova region growing up in Castalia City with his older sister, their parents having passed on when James was just 5 and his sister 21. Knowing that her younger brother wanted to travel with pokemon – but also aware of his less then confident attitude towards the idea, she saved up from the moment it became just the two of them to send James to the Academy. This feat became simple when Macie (James sister) learnt of their joint inheritance James was sent to the Academy which he was both excited and nervous about. Macie knew how nervous he was and decided to do one more thing for him; she gave him one of her pokemon – as a kind of reminder to the boy that she would always be with him. And so with his first pokemon, James headed for the famous Pokemon Trainer Academy, and along the way he caught two more pokemon before he got there. And now he is ready for a whole new world of adventures as he learns to become either a trainer or a coordinator.

SU private by request

Aaron Reiki
Aaron Reiki

Arrow (To say he's sharp or direct)
Sir Aaron II

15 (Birthday isn't too far away)


Charlie's Awesome Beach House

Appearance: (Picture Link)

Aaron has been known to be wise, able to solve problems in his head with relative ease. More-so, able to solve these problems with minimal violence. He's known to be noble and tends to follow his morals more than anything else. He likes to do the right thing, as well as help out others whenever he can. The downside to this is that he often ignores his own needs or safety if it means that he's able to do good to someone else. In battles, he's caused himself serious injury in order to protect his Pokemon I'd catch a Pineco for ya. He generally treats others with respect, and a temper is hard to create. Though, if someone gets on his bad side, he is known to hold long grudges (possibly forever) unless the person in question either apologizes or talks it out with him. he's usually calm and quiet, but when he does speak, his words are wisdom. He's a fairly good strategist in battle, at least with Lucario. He's not used to battling with Pokemon incapable of sensing/using Aura.

Riley had met a nice woman, and they began a life together. Of course, it wasn't long until a child came into the picture. Riley was shocked to say the least. Sure, the Aura Guardian bloodline needs to continue, but was he really prepared to be a father? Unfortunately, he had to be. The child's birth put an end to the poor woman. However, like a Cubone takes it's mother's skull, the child was given a piece of his mother to be remembered; his left eye matched the soft amber color of his mother's eyes. His right is that of his father's, a medium-light blue. The crestfallen Riley found those eyes to be his inspiration. It was just enough to fight off his depression. This child was the last living piece of the one he loved. He was named Aaron, in honor of the Ancient Guardian of the Aura, Sir Aaron. He cherished little Aaron, and when he was old enough, taught him about aura, and all of the abilities it gave him. He was only able to see it through one eye, but that made no difference if his eyes were closed. Open, only his right (blue) eye would glow. Once old enough, Riley brought Aaron into the Palace of Cameran, where he was given Sir Aaron's staff as a keepsake. Aaron mastered the use of this staff almost immediately, leaving Riley to wonder, what if this boy really was a new Sir Aaron? He seemed capable enough. Not even Riley had learned it that quickly. While slightly envious, he felt a wonderful sense of pride overwhelm him. Not long after, Riley brought Aaron out to the rest of Iron Island, where the boy found a friend, a Riolu that was probably about the same age as the boy. For the years that passed, Aaron began to train with Lucario, teaching him how to sense aura and use the abilities that came with it. It was at age 15 that Aaron was given the opportunity to join the Academy. Riley was devastated by this. His whole life was now about this boy, what would he do with Aaron gone? his heart was crushed, but he looked into the eyes of the young boy. He had great potential, and it would be selfish to keep him on Iron Island. He deserved to explore, and see new things. Aaron happily departed from Iron Island, and Riley smiled and waved as he left. It was only after Aaron had passed the horizon that Riley allowed his tears to fall.

Name: Kira
Age (10-15): 15
Sex (Male or Female): Female


Appearance: Kira is often dressed hastily or messily. She often rushes in the morning and ends up just slipping into clothing. She doesn't have time to dress with much and as a result shies away from dresses and laced shoes. Kira herself is considered to be beautiful, she is known in her hometown for her green eyes and skinny figure. She is known for wearing only things that are green or blue and never wears them at the same time (she considers it bad luck) She can be seen in jeans with a blue backpack or green cargo pants where she holds her pokeballs and items.

Personality: She is a strong believer in luck and fortune. She has plenty of superstitions, many that she likely made up. She claims to be the most lucky person ever but people around her say a different story, saying she shrugs bad luck off only seeing good luck. She is certainly a talkative character, always trying to talk to people for attention, she loves water, grass, and ice type pokemon thus tries to exclusively chose them though she chooses other types if they are cute enough. She is a great fighter, preferring stat reducing and status inducing moves over pure offense. She is very active and a great swimmer, her best is always enough for her, though it can get annoying for other people when she demands perfection, even when she doesn't dress perfectly. She never tells anyone her last name saying it is silly and demanded that if they have to identify her they must use Kim's name next to hers.

History: Kira is from the Hoenn region, coming from Mossdeep City. She spent most of her time diving and swimming, staying physically fit in the process. After she turned 15 she decided that she could live alone and moved out of her families house in Lilycove. She did fine for a few months but soon developed problems after she found herself spending too much. She began to rely on her parents to pay for her living, but refused to move back in. She still went back to Lilycove for the store there and participate in the contest hall (the main source of her income). The pokemon she used was a Froslass named Kim. She obtained Kim when she went in to explore Shoal Cave and managed to coax a snorunt to follow her to town where she obtained a pokeball to contain it in. After training she managed to make it a strong fighter and convinced her parents to get her a Dawn Stone to evolve Snorunt. After getting accepted into the academy Kira spent days looking for two other pokemon to take with her. Although she did catch them she doesn't cherish them as much as Kim, though she does like them and sue them acordingly. She doesn't hate her parents but doesn't see them as much more than people who have cared for her and thus she doesn't feel related to them in any way. She treats Froslass as her child, though more in a dress up and cooing manner than a caring and mature manner.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~