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    Winter's Corner.
    Third Edition - 1.1.2012

    Hi, hello! My name is Winter Wonderland and I'm here with the third edition of Winter's Corner! I went AWOL for a few months, but I'm back. So, in the spirit of moving on, I'll spare you the silly details about my departure and my return. So, without further ado. Here's Winter's Corner III.

    What's New?
    Ahh. Tools, tools, and more tools. But, how do we keep them together? Personally, I use a folder with all the tools I need(XSE, A-Map, etc.). However, not everyone is exactly awesome at keeping their files together. So, an alternative to Skydock which hasn't come out yet, Gamer2020 brings us the Game Editor V. 1.0. The tool essentially integrates almost every tool you'll need to hack the game(or edit, whatever you wanna call it.) Some of the tools included are XSE, Free Space Finder, a Pokedex editor, Advance Map, and Adv. Trainer.
    Now, something rather extraordinary that my friend, Full Metal, pointed out to me was the 649 Ruby Patch by Chaos Rush. This is exactly what you think it would be. A patch that throws in EVERY Pokemon in existence so far into a Ruby ROM including the new moves and such. This would give the new hacks the ability to have a more diversified region on account of being able to have, instead of the almost 400 Pokemon, over 600.

    Get excited.
    There's a wonderful game out there, a remake of Crystal that's been around for a while. Namely, Pokemon Liquid Crystal. This is a hack of Fire Red made by linkandzelda and Zeikku which was dormant for a few years before they both returned with the beta 3.1 version released on Christmas. I discovered this upon my return to PokeCommunity. So, check that out. It's good for your soul.

    You know what really grinds my gears?
    Potential. Being. Wasted. EVERYONE on this forum should know EXACTLY what that is. Too many times is a GREAT hack started with all the potential in the world and too many is that same hack dropped due to a slight complication or a minor setback. Rome wasn't built in a day and Hitler didn't gain power immediately. As a matter of fact, Hitler failed at first. But, this only made him try harder. Granted he was evil, but he was great. Why you should behave any differently is beyond me. I get it "Oh, I just do this for fun." At least see your fun through to the end. This community wants a good hack, this community wants someone to feel the pride in a job well done. To often is the good idea tossed into the trash 'cause they gave JUST not enough. This has pretty much destroyed the reputation of the Progressing Hacks section. The Progressing Hacks is pretty much a wasteland of lost ideas and poor dedication. This is just a general statement, though. I know there are a few out there who genuinely try. Please, for the love of emulation, if you're gonna go ahead and commit to your project and post it online, don't disappoint everyone by quitting it at the first hint of difficulty.

    Closing Notes.
    This concludes the third edition of Winter's Corner. I know, I know. It was REALLY short. However, give me time. I've only just returned. Please, do NOT hesitate to post on here or VM me with ideas for future posts and let me know what you guys have been up to. I would absolutely love to hear about it. Well, until next time, guys. Take care, and Happy New Years. :)
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