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    Winter's Corner.
    Fourth Edition - 8.1.2012

    Hey, everyone! As I'm sure you know by now, I'm Winter, and this is Winter's Corner. Here, I bring you news, rants, reviews, and all sorts of things about PokéCommunity's ROM hacking section. So, here goes the fourth installment of my little thread. Here goes -epic music plays- Winter's Corner: IV

    What's New?
    So, we all know of the script editing tools XSE and PokéScript, right? Well, these tools are on the verge to be replaced. Darthatron had a new script editor in the works. So far, I know that it includes syntax highlighting and will be in either PokéScript or C-style. What do you want to see in this new script editing tool? Post your ideas and suggestions here.
    Not only is there a new script editor in the works, there's also a new map editor being made by ZodiacDaGreat. Perhaps, the two tools will be integrated? This new map editing tool seems to be a lot more user-friendly than Advance-Map. Show your support and, as I've said about the scripting tool, leave your comments and your suggestions here. While there are new tools being developed for the 3rd generation, there's also some way being paved with the DS generations being edited. There's a thread in the toolbox called Nintendo Pokemon Rom Editor. This thread has a Pokemon DS editor made by pichu2000. With this, you can edit and save maps in D/P/HG/SS/B/W. Although this map editor is in its VERY early stages, it is a great thing to know that we are diving further and deeper into the DS hacking scene.

    Help Wanted.
    So, most of us know what the Orange Islands are, and for those who don't, they're the islands that Pokemon the movie: 2000 was set on(well, four of those islands, anyway). A lot of people have actually wanted a hack including these, and there haven't been many attempts that I've seen. There's a team thread that are going to take it upon themselves. Are you interested in helping? Well, you can sign up by clicking on this link to the Pia Carrot team thread! This game intends on having ASM hacking, a new spriting style, mini-games, and you can play as Ash Ketchum!
    This section is relatively short. If you would like your team posted on here, simply VM or PM me. I'll be glad to help you get the help you're looking for.

    Hack to look forward to.
    There's this insane little creature on the face of this Earth that goes by the name of Cutlerine. He's pretty famous in our little community for creating Snakewood! This hack was set in the post-apocalyptic Hoenn region. Now, Hoenn's real trick master is back with the not-exactly-a-sequel to Snakewood, Pokemon Keratin! Cutlerine's even promised us that he'll try to insert as much insanity as was in Snakewood. Personally, I'm REALLY excited to play this one. Keratin features include five different storylines, four brand new Pokemon types, and "a shot of insanity laced with referential madness." Show your support for Keratin by posting on his thread. Everyone could use a little support. :)

    ROM Hack I'm personally looking at.
    Over the past week, I've been playing Pokémon Rose by Bela. This hack was a fun one to play and, as short as the beta was, entertained me a great deal. I absolutely loved playing it, and Marvelight City was just utter eye-candy. This game, I felt, could've been a little bit more challenging. The whole way through, I felt myself just blasting through every trainer, ending the beta with a level 37 Typhlosion. Also, one glitch completely turned me off the game because it stopped my gameplay(and I hadn't saved in a long time). Basically, some of the trash cans you can use tackle to fight Pokemon in(a la headbutt trees) will sometimes cause you to play as the trashcan, which got me stuck 'cause my own OW was impassable. So, other than that, the game itself was a decent one.

    Closing Notes.
    This would bring the fourth edition of Winter's Corner to a close. As always, please leave suggestions for future articles as I tend to run out of ideas quickly. Also, if anyone's interested, I have two projects(one in the heavy planning stages and one ready to be worked with). If anyone wants to help, simply leave me a VM or PM. So, VM/PM with suggestions and whatnot. See y'all next time. :)
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