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    Okay, Snakewwod isn't the best when comes to "Graphic Appeal" and its tiles...but didn't care for none of that when what matted most to the Cutlerine was the story. He did a damn fine job telling a story rather than the standard fare in a Pokemon game that so many other hacks try to do. In my opinion, it deserves to be right up there for contention for Hack of the Year with Life of Guardians and Light Platinum.

    Light Platinum..well, the first half got me really engaged, but not for its story. After the first half of the game was done...I felt there's nothing else. The story felt so dragged on afterwards, it kept me from finishing it. The 'story' it was trying to tell was so common and not worthwhile to me that it became an afterthought. Plus, there is some straight laziness in the second half of the game, auch as drones of trainers to battle and whatnot... What got me hooked was its graphical presentation - I mean wow that game looked beautiful.

    Onto Life of word what a journey it has been. The game's region felt the most' realistic to me in how the creator, to me, used the land, seas and the geograohy to tell the story. Not to mention it gave me characters that I actually liked to engage was beautifully done, and sad to see the story end.

    I'm not so morbid about it as others, as I only see three viable contenders for Hack of the Year to be honest. In fact, I'm happy about the top three; I feel that having these three makes it more of a closer choice between hacks that deserve the title than 6 or 7. plus, it makes it tougher for myself to choose from.

    Oh and completely seperate from what I posted above, ah Flora Sky....sorry, but something about you just didn't click with me in being fun...