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Sorry for being a idiot and i'm guessing there isn't gonna be another beta for awhile?
It seems to me that people haven't grasped the idea of a "Live" beta. So I'm going to spell it out to everyone so they understand how, why, what it is.

Why did I create the Hack Bug Report Database?
For all those people who have used the Hack Bug Report Database, and thanks for everyone that has, you would of noticed that you can report a bug there, give it a detailed description, and that it's marked as "Unconfirmed". If you also noticed that some of the reports have been marked as "Fixed". Well why do you think I have that setup? Why do you guys need to know that something is fixed now? It's not so you can wait for another 2 years before you get to experience that fix. It's so you can download the Live Beta IPS and patch it to a new FireRed ROM, and then play the hack using your old save file, and continue where you left off with a now bug fixed version. How does that work though?

Normal Releases
As we all know, there is a large gap between releases. The gap between beta 2.1 and beta 3.1 was 2.5 years. During that time a lot of changes and additions were made to LC, but one thing still remained a fact: you guys can't play it until I released it. Another thing remained a fact: if there was a bug on the beta, you had to wait 2.5 years for it to be fixed.

Take the example of another hack. The owner will release a beta for example Beta 1.0. They then upload this beta to a file sharing site such as Sendspace or Mediafire, or upload as an attachment to their post here on the forums. Members then download that release and play it like any normal release. Any changes that the owner makes to the hack hereafter won't be public until the next release.

Nightly Builds
For people that haven't heard about a nightly build, it is when the developer will release the most recent version after every night they have made a change or addition to the project. This gives everyone access to an "unsupported" and "in-progress" version mostly every evening for them to be able to follow closely to the development. A nightly release build mostly consists of a lot of links all named on the date they were created, along with a short change log of the addition. So nightlys are always separate links for each release that was made.

What about an LC Nightly Build??
So what about if there was an LC nightly build? An unsupported download which I released every night for you guys to try out the latest additions and fixes too the hack? That's the thing, that's partly what the Live Beta is, except the Live Beta is not a nightly build and is not a separate file each time I make a change. So if it's not a nightly build, then what is it?

What exactly is the Live Beta?
LC's Live Beta is like a nightly but better. Imagine a nightly build that is uploaded to a server every night for you guys to download. Now imagine that I uploaded the nightly every 12 hours for you guys to download. Now imagine that I upload it every hour for you to download. Now imagine that I upload it every 30 mins for you to download. And finally, imagine that I upload it roughly every 10 mins or so for you to download.

So, there is a file being uploaded very frequently for you guys to play with. And it contains every single thing that's been done to the hack on that minute. But where is all the links? I said that a nightly has a list of links and a change log posted with each one. What If I said there was only one link. And that the link is always the same. That is the Live Beta. It is a direct link to a Liquid Crystal IPS file for you to download, that contains the changes made to the ROM at any given moment. It's called the "Live Beta" system because it is a "Live" release. It means its in constant development and you guys have access to it whenever you like!

Why did I create the Live Log system?
The recently created Live Log system is to make the Live Beta system act more like a nightly system. It will show to you when the Live Beta was last updated, and will give you a change log which shows what was done on each date. This was partly as a response to people asking how do they know when the Live Beta has been updated.

If the Live Beta is updated the following things happen:
  • The date changes
  • An issue has been marked as "Fixed"
  • The download link will not change

That's all for now...
I'm hoping everyone can understand how the Live Beta and Live Log system works and won't have to ask or wonder again. The key thing to do is this:
  1. Check over at the Hack Bug Report Database page for LC
  2. Has the date changed since you last downloaded the Live Beta?
  3. If it has, then check the Live Log to see what changed
  4. If the date has not changed, then the Live Beta has not been updated
  5. Finally, check up on different issues to see the recent activity, checking if any have been marked as "Fixed"

As always if someone still has a question, then ask and I will try to explain better.