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Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
Alright new topic.

If you had the option to change one non-grass type into a grass type, what would it be? (And a twist:) If you could change a grass type into another type, what would that Pokemon be?
Interesting topic! I'm not sure if we're talking about for usefulness or based on the Pokemon, so I'll speak in terms of the Pokemon :3 I think one Pokemon that really should've been Grass type is Scyther. It looks much more like a Grass type than bug type to me! Its Flying side also confuses me a bit... I think one that shouldn't be grass type is Paras/Parasect... They seem to me like they should either be just Bug, or Bug/Poison. :3

By the way, does anyone else think 'Grass' type is an odd name? I'm not sure what else they'd be called, but something about 'Grass' seems weird to me... Maybe Plant types might sound more natural? :p