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Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
Nicely done. Do you remember what the actual games you did them on are?

As for me personally, I started White on Crystal yesterday, and am 3 badges in as well. I already did White on Blue.

Right now I have Carl the Butterfree and Ace the Togepi. I will add Seel and Smeargle later on.


Team White:

Carl the Butterfree, ♂ - L25
Confusion, Swift, Harden, Sleep Powder

Ace the Togepi, ♂ - L26 @ Quick Claw
Headbutt, Sweet Kiss, Mud-Slap, Metronome
Lets see. Pink was definitely on Blue Version. Normal Monotype w/ Clefable and Wigglytuff. I'm 99% sure that the 3rd gen was Ruby. I remember it was a Trio/Unevolved/Brown challenge, and I used Geodude, Baltoy, and Zigzagoon. The 4th gen was a Staraptor and Bibarel duo mainly, I used Chimchar at the very beginning to help get them off their feet. It was also a duo/monotype/first route challenge (second city? I forget what it was called). I want to say that I did that one on Platinum, as most of my 4th gen challenges were done there.

Edit: Done with Green now!

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