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Oh, silly me, I thought emerald was over after you beat Steven. Well then yeah, I also did Green Emerald.

Looks like we got no Yellow champs. Imma fix that now. Doing a Yellow run on Red Blue well poop. I wanted to duo Sandslash/Electabuzz, but that can't happen. I dunno what game I'm doing it on, I'll tell you when I find out.

Edit: Yellow is BS. Sandslash, Ninetails, Persian, and Electabuzz are all yellow. STOP BEING VERSION EXCLUSIVE!!!

Double Edit: Ok. I'm doing Blue. Just beat Brock after grinding Beedrill to 20. Definitely grabbing Sandslash, and I might switch Beedrill out with Exeggutor, but idk, Bee can learn Mega Drain and Twinneedle to Egg's Mega Drain and Psychic.
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