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Main Information:
Name: Erika Onzanem
Age: 17
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163
Location: Massachusetts

Appearance: Reference Picture (Apply tons of freckles)
Atlantean Tattoo: A mark shaped vaguely like a webbed foot made itself present on the left side of Erika's abdomen.
Physical: Erika is a fairly thin, athletically built woman. She sports deep sea blue eyes and brown hair commonly tied up in a ponytail that reaches all the way down to her hips. Her caucasian skin is riddled with freckles, a blemish she would seem to have accepted. She is not one for much makeup, though great attention would seem to have been given to maintaining her hair. It's important to note that her appearance changes somewhat when she uses her atlantian ability.
Clothing: Erika wears a pair of blue, flared hip hugger jeans that are too small for her when she's not using her atlantian ability. On top, she wears a sea green, chestless tank top over a ruffled white strapless undershirt that covers said chest and is somewhat larger than the tank top in general. On her feet she wears tennis shoes, and her hands are bare. She does however wear a decorative wrist-band adorned with multi-colored jewels, as well as a watch on the opposite hand. Her brown hair is bound with a band.

Erika is a rather nonchalant, level-headed individual, who values her dignity and independence in a subtle manner. She is highly interested in the supernatural, and to a degree, fighting in all it's forms. Yet, despite how interested she is in becoming a better fighter, she seems to enjoy learning and reading about it rather than actually practicing. In fact, reading is what Erika spends most of her time doing, as she has a deep seated desire to expand her knowledge. Sometimes, she can come across as rather depressing, and can occasionally be short with people who she deems uninterested in learning, or flat out ignorant.

Erika can come across as a bit of a tomboy at times, though she doesn't really try. Her actions speak for themselves however, her having a voracious appetite and being a rather large sports fan. She also enjoys engineering as a side hobby. Erika seems to have a slightly odd interest in 'darkness', seeming to identify with being dark. Though, she also challenges the idea that being dark is a bad thing. Lastly, the promise of knowledge is enough to garner respect from Erika, her desire to learn even greater than her self-respect at times.

Erika was orphaned at a young age, not because of deaths in the family, but rather to protect her. Her uncle was, to say the least, kind of a violent, drunk dastard of a man. The version of the story Erika understands is that her parents decided to send her away rather than her uncle; who they believed had a greater right to live with them due to his age and history with them, 'a common fallacy' as Erika puts it. She was then adopted by a man by the name of Mac, whom raised her for a time. She was known to be somewhat feisty and indignant at times, a true angst that didn't want to be babied.

However, as Erika grew older she spent more and more time out of the house, working, reading, and generally taking care of herself. Impressed with how much Erika was doing to be independent, her own father eventually granted her her wish by giving her the independence she desired, though he made it clear that his help was there should she need it. Erika had been working for a time at a fast food chain, waiting for an opportunity for a more ideal job. In time, it came, and Erika took her dream job--a librarian. It was whilst working this job that her ability was revealed to her.

Erika's ability is referred to as Anuramorphism. That is to say, she takes on some of the traits of a frog. Several things change. From the hips down Erika's body gains considerable mass as her legs develop super strength, allowing her to jump great heights and distances. In addition, her kicks become absurdly powerful. Erika's mouth seems to grow larger horizontally until it barely fits on her face, making her face rather eerie to behold, as even a slight smile is bound to be reminiscent of a cheshire grin, minus the teeth. She gains a froglike tongue, which can lash out at incredible speeds to grab and pull a victim to her at equally incredible speeds. That or smack someone Lastly, Erika's skin becomes constantly damp in appearance and her eyes glow slightly in the dark.

Many things change that are not related to her appearance however. For instance, Erika gains the ability to breath through her skin and underwater, making her extremely difficult to suffocate. She can also absorb water through her skin, allowing her to rapidly re-hydrate just by being in water. Erika gains excellent night vision, as well as general vision superior to that of a human, though she has a slight difficulty seeing things that aren't moving in comparison. Erika can manually control the temperature of her body, though when her body becomes cold she moves and acts more slowly, and when hot more quickly. Erika also gains a very discriminatory nose, allowing her to detect subtle differences in the composure of the air. This is most useful if something toxic might be in it. She also gains the ability to scarf hilariously large portions of food, allowing her to go without for extended periods of time, and if for whatever reason is eaten by a giant monster or something, is totally highly poisonous.

Lastly, Erika gains an unfortunate vulnerability to heat, including heat based attacks, and dehydrates at an accelerated rate if not in water.

Writing Sample:
So it was that a second female would materialize whilst being pulled through a dimension. This one however had a much rougher landing than the first... literally. She appeared to have been falling at the time of her being pulled, and thus promptly hit the ground face first with an audible thud and something of a muffled pained sound. As if summoned by Kiba's fairy's words a male fairy quickly followed the female. He then proceeded to speak in the most manly voice you could ever imagine in a voice that was about as manly as you would expect from a small fairy. That is to say, not very. Relatively speaking, he was a average guy in terms of fairies and physical features. He seemed to abruptly slow as he came through and winced as Lynn impacted the ground. He just sort of made an audible wincing sound at the impact, examining Lynn for several long moments. Lynn just sort of shuddered a bit before picking herself up without so much as bothering to check if there'd happened to be anyone willing to help her, holding her nose with one hand and generally looking rather annoyed.


It was as she got up and opened her eyes, her teeth gritted, that she became aware of exactly what she wasfacing. Was that a... wolf? A wolf with strange markings at that. She was not afraid of wolves. A single wolf was more likely to wind up her lunch than the other way around, and that's taking into account she wasn't a fan of hunting her own meals. A pack though, a pack of wolves was something she was afraid of. Quickly glancing around her in a serious but somehow calm manner she became aware of a girl, and assumptively two boys, though she said nothing to any of them immediately. What she did not become aware of was more wolves. Meanwhile, the fairy, named Aaron, had become aware of a female fairy's presence but said nothing. As it turned out, he was slightly shy, and she might be able to catch him looking from a distance. He honestly wasn't /that/ shy, but around a cute girl of his own species? He couldn't help but be a little. Normally he spent his time telling Lynn not to give herself a concussion by headbutting things or other such hilarity. A rational and somewhat serious fairy, he found himself exhausted by Lynn's antics at times. Of note was that he was a light blue colored in contrast to Moon's indigo.


Her attention back on the lone wolf in front of her she became aware that it was... acting strange for a wolf. It's body language didn't seem normal, especially in front of humans. This was her first clue that something was up. A questioning look came across her face and she found herself reaching for her sword. The wolf wasn't afraid, which it seemed to her like it should've been, but it also wasn't foaming at the mouth. She was honestly... unsure how to react to this and the result was her being on guard. She was only vaguely aware of the others around her at this point.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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