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    Originally Posted by emeraldcharizard View Post
    I really enjoyed this short hack. Humourous and worth playing all the way through.
    Just wondering How long did it take you to make this???
    I did it in bits over a period of three days. I think I say somewhere in the hack that it was about fifteen to twenty hours overall.

    Originally Posted by 1158 View Post
    Hmm...This is interesting...Just like your hacking style...Anyway,well done,Cutlerine!
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Originally Posted by jakrodriguez View Post
    I might as well make a walkthrough for this on youtube ill post a link when i at least get a the first episode up
    If you like.

    Originally Posted by voltachu View Post
    Awesome mini-hack, I love your Gurren Lagann references!
    Ah, references. At the moment, I've got this habit of quoting Macbeth and Hamlet reflexively whenever I can make a line fit. This whole reference thing is starting to get out of hand...

    Originally Posted by Zetsubou Johnny View Post
    I forgot how much i loved your writing. You actually make the pokemon universe a bit fun. Snakewood was a bit to dark for my taste ((and for me that's saying a lot)) but this game is perfect. I can't help but wish it were longer. Btw I love The Killers, nice reference.

    15 hours for a hack, that's pretty amazing. Is a chapter 2 where you have to stop gary out of the question? I'm frankly more scared of him than i was of team rocket.

    ...Poor professor...
    Hm. I do have another mini-hack in the works, but it's got nothing to do with this one. But I do like the idea of revisiting Gary. Originally, he was just there to

    Originally Posted by BungiePhantom View Post
    After the fade to black screen I found out I can still move so I went downstairs and went all the way back to mt. moon just to find the same scenario play all over again, darn

    It was a great short hack though I definitely had some laughs
    Yeah, I know you can do that. I should probably stop it.

    Originally Posted by pokegirl42 View Post
    yes i love crazy. but hate team rocket. Nice mini hack. good job
    I'm not their biggest fans, but everyone knows who Team Rocket is and so does everyone in-game, which removes the need for any sort of set-up. They also had a conveniently nearby leader in the form of Giovanni and their own sprites already in-game. So you can see why, in a limited amount of time, they were the best choice for the little story I had planned.

    Originally Posted by YouListeningROMs View Post
    A wonderful little game to play in your free time. Worth a look-see.
    Thanks. That's exactly what I was aiming for, so it's really good to hear that I'm managing to hit the mark.


    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.
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