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Originally Posted by Zerin View Post
XD That post was far too long for me to read, but I did get to the part about Ashton checking out the girl's legs. That cracked me up!

Seriously, that post was REALLY long!
I guess, but for an RP of that kind, long posts are more common than short ones, since too short posts likely won't earn you any levels for your pokémon. There are many different kinds of RPs, apparently.

I prefer RPs where rather long posts are more common than plenty of short ones. It gets less messy and feels more like a descriptive story. Sometimes I've swayed from this perception and thought that RPs with short posts can be good in their own special way, with easier character interaction and whatnot. But in the end it seems like it mostly leads to rushed, non-detailed posts and some confusion.

Note that the kind of short posts I'm talking about there aren't even allowed on PC so nobody needs to feel like I'm pointing at them ;)

But yeah, I guess that post in the link was on the larger side xD
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