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Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
I tried to think of this more often but I find that both are just too different to be compared like that. It really depends what you are looking for and what you like because they are both great series imo. I grew up with Pokémon but I loved watching Digimon because it was more..thrilling? Digimon centers way more on action and monsters and twists, and Pokémon seems to be more on the characters and their adventure and seems more steady than Digimon.

The designs are also just completely different, even while the base concept might be the same, Pokémon tends to stick to the laws of nature while Digimon doesn't - Pokémon seem more organic and Digimon seem more mechanic (which I both like). And like I said before, Digimon is more thrilling/scary (considering it's for kids) which I personally loved as a kid, and Pokémon is quite mild but has a solid/steady plot because of that (I'm talking first season for both btw, maybe second for Pokémon too but I never watched the second season of Digimon though I plan to. And I don't like the seasons that come after that for either, so yeah.) Basically I love both and I can't really choose because they are both very different. Objectively I'd probably say that the Digimon anime is better overall, but Pokémon wins on the game part.
Building off this:

One of the things that made Digimon anime much more interesting than Pokémon was - if they lost, they would either die, or things get a hell of a lot harder. In Pokémon they just dust themselves off and come back the next episode to try again. There are no repurcussions.

Overall I agree with the majority, Digmon anime > Pokémon anime, Pokémon games > Digimon games.