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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
What if the men you fancied that year were all very feminine and most of the time you are attracted to women? Just trying to point out that there's a lot of variables that go into attraction so unless you want to claim that "everyone is at least a little bi" (which I think is a statement with separate issues) I would say you're oversimplifying sexuality. I totally think it's possible for someone's sexuality to change. Not in the "today I think I'm going to be gay" kind of way, but gradually and probably not consciously.

I don't mean this as an attack on you. I'm just trying to get at why I feel the way I do.
If you're attracted to feminine men as well as women you are still bisexual though, unless you're not finding them sexually attractive - just noticing good looking feminine men more. With love and things coming in it gets all confusing and yes there are lots of variations on it.

I put sexuality down to sexual attraction though, which I would say is not fluid, just has a lot of different grays along the scale. I think people change what they identify as simply because we're used to such rigid terminology, rather than them actually changing themselves.