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I asked because I don't think there really is anything else you can use to describe me other than fluid. Sometimes I'm straight, sometimes I'm gay. It just changes, usually over the course of a few months.

Example(Using Kinsey Scale):
(0 Before this point.) June(1) - July(6) - August(6) - September(5) - October(3) - November(3) - December(1) - January(2) - February(4) - March(6) - April(2)

That's more or less how it went for me this last year. Although, throughout this entire thing, I've always liked trans girls more than guys or girls, this is just the race for 2nd place. lol

I've noticed that I feel the most comfortable when I'm around a 4-5, and I wish I could just pick either straight, bi, or gay and have it actually be true (and I have been until now, because I didn't know what else to call myself) but in reality, in a couple months it won't be.