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Originally Posted by Katero View Post
I know this does not relate to the current topic, but I would like to thank Castwand2 for using the user bar I made. :D

Here is one of my favorite pictures! (Of course it had to involve Ducklett, why would you think otherwise?) XD


I know it's sad, but it captures the innocence of that Pokemon. Many people think of it as dopey bit I see a different side. :)
kjfglhg oh man, I want to hug it till its happy again ;; Poor Ducklett :( But it really is a super cute Pokemon <3 I just get kinda annoyed by it since seeing the Ducklett trio in the anime. :3

Some Flying types I've always loved are the Gligar family. I find their designs very interesting and they're very useful Pokemon. I think the picture below highlights how good they look seeing as they don't even need an impressive background to look good. I particularly like the way they use their tails to propel themselves into the air for flight.