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    Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
    Grass/Water/Fire is the standard three typings for starter Pokemon, but why do you think this is and what three types do you think could be used instead?

    Sometimes you deal with tradition, and I think this goes right down that path. Probably the only reason why there are only Fire/Grass/Water types in the handheld Pokemon franchise. Other than Pikachu, and of course Eevee, I personally think they should just stick with the traditional typing as is. Pikachu & Eevee? Why? Well because they are the two most popular Pokemon out there, Pikachu as the mascot, the face of Pokemon from the start, and Eevee, because of its Eeveelutions!

    BUT! I would love to see a game where you be the main character who isn't pure hearted and we get to be a bad guy for once. I would love to play that. Dark, sinister character who does bad? Starters would have to be Psychic, Ghost and Dark then!