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Okay, this is pretty much done. I just need help applying the minor effects of Sapience, since I was a little confused. XD Hopefully a character her age was okay.

Name: Fayus Celianne Filament de Crea
Age: 15
Gender: Female

A scholar at heart, Fayus Celianne Filament de Crea's personality is generally reasoned by the pursuit of knowledge and dedication to her church. Raised on the concept that knowledge is power, she hungers to learn what she does not know in order to better understand humans and how they think or react. Her curiosity is rival to none, and she's the type of person that would certainly press a button that told her not to, if only to find out what the big deal was all about. She does not take kindly to people who refer to her priorities as meaningless or troublesome, and will often lecture people who talk this way, whether they want to hear it or not. She can be irritatingly persistent when she wants to be, and this is one of those qualities that displays how childish she can be, despite her intelligence and religious upbringing. Crea blindly follows the will of her superiors in the church, and they are the only people she would never ask questions of, or demonstrate her immaturity towards.

Socially, Crea is well received by the scholarly and the clergy, though she gets along with most people quite well. Taking after her mentor, she enjoys helping others, and she does so without expecting anything in return (though if they were to offer her something like a book, or an interesting story, she wouldn't be opposed). Typically an optimist, she takes something good out of almost all bad experiences. As smart as she is, the long-named girl can also be naive, which generally leads to comical situations at her own expense. Legends, myths, and other improbable stories are pieces of literature she enjoys most, and refuses to dismiss them as fiction unless she can prove otherwise. Also highly involved in the church scene, she is generally welcomed by most followers of St. Elendra, particularly due to her aptitude for theurgy.

People sometimes forget that she is a fifteen year old girl, and it can be surprising how she reacts to things on occasion. For example, she has an irrational fear of the dark (despite the fact that anything lurking in the dark should be more afraid of her), and she has a soft spot for anything she considers cute (though that could range from a puppy to a pill-bug). She really doesn't like being teased, but it's so easy to do it. She's a passionate singer, as well, and she can often be heard singing a song or two while studying or walking, and tends to mix hymns into her theurgy. She has a particularly nice voice, in part due to the clarity and high pitch that isn't grating. She is by no means a master of the art of singing, but it could be worse.

Crea recognizes that she is in no way a fighter. In fact, she'd much rather look for peaceful ways to solve problems with other people. She would never take the life of another human being, not knowingly anyway, which leaves her in a weird place as a support unit. She does understand that there are cases where there is no choice but to kill others, but even then she lacks the strength. Her theurgy is for support, and she is by no means physically strong and constantly needs protection from enemies. However, she is agile due to her size, which makes hitting her a problem provided she isn't taken off guard.

Those that have had the privilege of meeting Crea usually describe her as something much different than they were initially expecting. When thinking of an extremely talented mage, one's mind might wander to thoughts of an elderly man or woman, not a fifteen year old girl. Bright green eyes shine out from underneath the bangs of her bright orange hair, both colours vastly outshining the pale complexion she possesses. Thanks to her lack of colour, it's quite easy to tell when she's blushing, or even sick, much to her dismay. Her orange hair is fairly long, as it tickles her as far as the middle of her back while it's completely down. Normally, though, she ties it up on the sides so that it spills out, away from her neck. Her body itself is not anything particularly fancy. At a height of five feet, four inches, she isn't very tall, and her body is thin, muscle-less, and not quite completely developed yet (some even joke with her by saying she's years behind the other girls in some respects). She looks very cute, anyways, so she plays that up the best she can.

Crea had her attire custom made, so it would be impossible to find the same outfit anywhere in Khellius. It appears to be butterfly themed, what with a cloak that appears to resemble butterfly wings, tied up with a butterfly brooch right below her neckline. The exterior of the hooded cloak is a royal purple colour, and the material is extremely soft and warm to the touch, the edges lined with a gold material that points inwards in a pattern. The inside of the cloak is a bright pink, and is designed to look like a pair of tailed butterfly wings while she wears it. She normally wears the hood up with her hair to the sides, and it comes up to a point with a pink gem dangling off the end - a memento from her mentor.

The upper portion of her outfit is layered, with a sleeveless, white shirt being the lowest layer aside from her undergarments. The shirt has an extended portion that resembles a fairly short skirt, only reaching to just above her thighs, though it is layered with ruffled material. It has a slit on the left side, as well, so that her skin is visible. Over the shirt extension is a purple garter belt that is hooked to a pair of white stockings with a purple trim, a white ribbon tied on the left side. The next layer is a teal vest that is open down the middle, the sides only drawn together slightly by golden yellow straps, and has a cream trim. The mage's dainty hands are hidden by a pair of cream coloured gloves with faded teal cuffs, the cuffs themselves having a dark, laced trim. Her boots are a similar colour as her gloves, but they're raised slightly by gold-coloured platforms which make it hard to run long distances.

At an extremely young age, Fayus Celianne was noted to posses an abnormal amount of magical potential - a potential her family chose to invest into Theurgy. This discovery came about when she was only two, after healing a near-fatal injury she received from a drunker father. She had been a burden to her parents from birth, and until she had worth with her miracles, she was nothing but dispensable fodder to the Celianne family - her own birth parents. A resident of Histria from birth, she was never permitted the allowance of leaving the city. Instead, the refining of her talents was always given first priority, and the only trips she was permitted to take were on pilgrimages to nearby churches, where she was blindfolded the entire time. These unorthodox rules that were placed on her as a child were, as her parents claimed, to prevent her faith from being tainted by the sins of the outside world - sins they knew all too well. She was not permitted to play with other children either, not within the borders of Histria, and certainly not on the outside. She was required to make trips to the Histria branch of the Church of St. Elendra daily, sometimes several times in a day, to help foster her abilities. It was here that she became familiar with the proceedings of the church, as well as the system that governed it. Naturally, she voiced complaints about this life to her parents, but they would always tell her that it was the will of St. Elendra, and that the Saint had created Fayus with the intent of eventually becoming a powerful member of the clergy. A part of her truly believed this with all of her heart, so she endured.

She continued to live this life, void of joy aside from her involvement with this church, for five years. Eventually, the opinion of the Order governing Histria took notice of these living conditions after a shift in members ushered in a new mindset regarding the growth of magic users. While before, the behaviour of the Celianne family would have been completely acceptable, it was now within their understanding that a child was required to grow in many ways if they were to become an accomplished mage, more-so if they wanted healthy minds in the church that would aid them when necessary. When Fayus' parents refused to comply with this new standards, she was temporarily relocated to the home of the Filament family as a sort of foster home.

The Filaments were a very religious family, and had a daughter around Fayus' age. Over time, Fayus and Ariette Filament grew to become best friends. This was an important stage in the young cleric's life, since she had never been permitted to be near the other children growing up in her previous home. It turned out that the quiet, obedient girl that had stepped into the doors of the Filament door that day was actually a very sociable and pleasant individual. Regardless, she continued visiting and helping at the church, as well as her studying. While her parents had not treated her properly, they had clearly left an impression on her regarding her studies, as well as imprinting a distrust of adults onto her personality. As she studied and grew, her ability to grasp the power of theurgy grew and grew. The power she had somehow tapped into as a child quickly began to surface and become controllable, and the Filament family recognized that Fayus needed a better teacher.

At age twelve, Fayus left the care of the Filament family to study under Celcius Crea, an accomplished mage and cleric of St. Elendra that roamed Helvenand, completing contracts indiscriminantly for the church, government, and regular people as well. Celcius recognized Fayus' potential during a monster extermination ordered by Zelius Filament, the leader of the family, and had brought her along after receiving permission from Enher Lyson. During their travels, Fayus' talents blossomed under the watch of Celcius Crea. It proved to be an invaluable experience for the girl, learning directly from a exorcistati sanctus, and shaped her desire to help others after watching Celcius do it without ever batting an eyelash. She, too, wanted to be a person with the strength to help others, regardless of their upbringing or personality. The church had already taught her tolerance, she just had to apply it properly.

One day, though, Celcius was asked on a task that would take place outside of the borders of Helvenand. It was apparently a dangerous task, one that she could not bring Fayus to accompany her on. As a result, the fourteen year old was left in the joint care of the Collegium Magiae and the St. Elendra Church branch that resided in Arianne - not as a student, but more as a special guest. This more involved time with both the church and the school allowed her plenty of opportunity to learn - with full access to the library at the Collegium Magiae, she never ran out of books to read. During this time with the church, she ascended to the rank of cleric as well, a most notable acheivement for one her age.

Spending the next year reflecting upon her past, she took the time to readjust her priorities. Traveling to nearby nearby churches, she experienced aspects of her religion that she would never have been exposed to in Histria, including prayer and hymns. The prodigy was able to complete odd jobs for the people of the city through the church, though with her age and dislike from a jealous magical community, it was hard to find those who trusted her enough. After the year was up, so much time had passed, yet she had not received even a letter from her mentor. After filing for an official name change to incorporate all aspects of her past, Fayus Celianne Filament de Crea, or just Crea, as she now referred to herself, set out on a journey at the age of fifteen in order to learn the whereabouts of her master. Thinking herself smart and responsible enough to do so, she then ran away from her caretakers and began to travel, following a lead that Celcius Crea had met up with a group of adventurers at one point. Naive, but she reasoned with herself that she would also treat this quest as a pilgrimage.

Legend: Kyre the Sublime Archmage

Strength - 8 (8 + 0)
Dexterity - 15 (8 + 8)
Constitution - 9 (8 + 1)
Intelligence - 16 (8 + 10)
Wisdom - 18 (8 + 10)
Charisma - 11 (8 + 3)

Theurgy - major specialization (3 points)
---> Sapience - minor specialization + 1 point
------> Sapience - intermediate specialization
----------> Talent (Singing)

Roleplay Sample: Taken from a TIGER & BUNNY RP on another site.
"Two new heroes will be making their debut tonight?" The white haired boy spoke casually to the woman standing behind him. The two of them stood atop the highest building in all of Hero City. The year was NC 1978, and the city itself was a testament to the evolution humanity had undergone in the past few decades. The Tower of Equality had been erected in celebration of the unity between regular humans, and those that possessed what came to be referred to as NEXT abilities, superhuman abilities that permitted amazing feats. Within the borders of Hero City, a sport and television program known as HERO TV was designed around the idea of these NEXT taking hero-status. The tower itself was over 2000 feet high, and had a fully accessible roof with a helipad on it. The structure was actually used as the base of operations for HERO TV, with quarters for the heroes themselves to socialize being on the basement floor. However, this boy and woman were currently having a private meeting, for he had paid for her services. "Looks like the competition is going to get a little more fierce." He looked down at the city below as he approached the ledge of the tower. Any chance of falling from the structure was prevented by the railings which were clearly lit by the light of the helipad behind them. The city, as well, was well lit in the darkness of the night. It was well after 9pm now, so most of the stores had closed up shop, but the streets below were still crowded with the people of the city moving back and forth. Neon lights and bright signs decorated the horizon, and giant blimps with large, glowing LCD screens swam in the sky. "I suppose you'll be keeping watch, Aria?" He craned his neck back to look at the woman, who's appearance was blurred by the bright lights behind her. Brilliant blue hair danced in the light, atop the silhouette of a girl in a dress that possessed a thin frame.

The girl's eyes, as dead as a corpse, narrowed at the boy before her. With his white, samurai styled outfit, and the ice blue, dragon scaled sash that fluttered around his body in the cold night wind, the child that stood before her looked ready for what was soon to come. "...I will watch as I always do. I doubt there is a need for me to appear in person this time..." She turned and began to walk towards the nearby stairwell, the violet eye pattern on her purple skirt coming into view for just a moment as she spun. "...But Frostbite, please do not call me by my name while I am in costume..." It took but a moment, but eventually she disappeared from the view of the boy, the sound of her white heels clacking down the stairs fading into the wind.

Frostbite's face cringed. That woman was by no means physically threatening or scary, but her voice did have a tendency to give him chills. She was far too... eerie. However, she always delivered him the information required to give him an edge in this game. He raised his hand to the sky and allowed a white sleeve to fall to his elbow, revealing a strange watch over top his underarm attire. The watch suddenly started beeping, as if on queue, and a grin crept over his face before he leaped off the roof of the building, the screens on the blimps above taking on the video feed of a live event. It was time for the game to begin!


"Oh no! The thieves are making their get-away with a stolen military vehicle!" The live broadcast announced as a helicopter trailed the vehicle above, along the freeway on the outskirts of the city, it's cameras broadcasting to TVs nationwide. The military vehicle in question was painted a stereotypical dark green, and possessed eight heavy duty tires, as well as a mini-gun that was manned on the top. There were at least eight thieves aboard the vehicle, having freshly emerged from the primary branch of the Hero City bank with a small fortune. The freeway itself traveled along the rocky cliffs that overlooked the ocean, which would make it hard for even the trickiest hero to approach suddenly. "What's this!? The freeway seems to be merging into the off-ramp back into the city!" The announced exclaimed as blue sparks of electricity surrounded the road, the crunching sound of pavement rubbing against each other complimenting the motion of the road out of town combining with the road back into town. As a result, the vehicle had no choice but to follow the road in that direction. "We can only assume that The Editor is nearby!"

A few miles down the road later, the vehicle had entered the main city area. With the bright lights and limited driving space, the few civilians that were now walking around were clearly in danger. A little ways down the road, a young white haired boy stared down the speeding vehicle with his blue eyes. Just a little closer, and they would notice him. Sure enough, moments later the mini-gun turned ahead, and he could have sworn he had heard "Oh ****, it's Frostbite!", but it was far too late at that point. An energy overtook his left hand, and it morphed into a draconian parody of the human hand, complete with blue scales. All it took was for him to slam the ground with this hand, and an impenetrable wall of ice erupted from the ground, blocking any bullets, as well as effectively flipping the vehicle when it came into contact with the wall. The ice moved to encase the vehicle, and caught two of the thieves, but an explosion at the back of the truck confirmed something. They weren't all ordinary humans. One of the men walked free of the vehicle first, his body made of flame, while the other five ran out and split up into groups of two and scattered into different directions.

"...You can't go after them all. We can assume there's more than one NEXT in the group, as well..." That eerie voice from earlier filled Frostbite's ear. The boy waved his hand to indicate that he understood, and jumped to the roof of a nearby building. Maybe he'd see what the other heroes would do. he'd already caught two villains for himself, after all.


In a nearby alleyway, two of the thieves came across a man with glasses and pink hair, holding an old looking, red book. A blue scarf danced behind him in the breeze coming down from the main road, and he looked a little out of place with his fantasy attire which made him look like he was out of a story book. The two thieves had little time to react to the man as he pushed up his glasses and closed the open book, slamming his right hand into a gutter pipe dangling from a nearby wall. Almost instantaneously, blue sparks shot throughout the object and the metal began to crunch as the pipe shrunk and reformed into a pole with a large hammer head on top. In but an instance, he ran at the two and struck the first in the side. Surely had broken a rib or two as the man flew like a ragdoll into the wall, but as he swung at the second one he found the attack blocked. No, blocked wasn't really the word. His pole-hammer had been caught. "A strength-type NEXT, huh?" He murmured, realizing he had clearly underestimated his opponent. He wasn't allowed time to do much else as he suddenly found himself being lifted into the air by the weapon he had created. The Editor let go of his weapon just before being swung into the ground, and landed safely on his feet below. Almost like an instant reaction, he slammed his hand onto the wall beside him and the sparks traveled until they were beside the opponent, the wall erupting into a spike at the thief. A spike the thief easily blocked with his strength. "...Huh." Clearly, dealing with strength was a bit trickier with his power.


A girl watched from the sidelines of the conflict for now, the moon reflecting off her golden blond hair. He hadn't appeared yet, so she wasn't going to make a point to show up either. She wondered. Did that man know he'd be receiving a partner? A grin appeared on her face, revealing two sharper than normal canine teeth resting in her mouth. Two feline ears twitched as the wind changed direction. Life was going to get very interesting from now on.

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